intoxication nation

When will people realise that logic resides on the left?

The tragedy of Grenfell Tower in the UK reveals that austerity kills
The hurricanes in the US reveal that we cannot afford to ignore the scientific evidence for climate change
The gross economic inequality reveals that the false Capitalist idealism of meritocracy only serves the privileged
The policing of the Black Rights march compared to that of the White Supremacists reveals the insidiousness of racism that so many have fought to overcome
Again and again neoliberalism and globalised capitalism prove to be inefficient and detrimental to the planet

Trump is sending the USA down a very dangerous path, and other world leaders, including Theresa May in the UK, aren’t much better. Yet why are the Right still seen as the rational, logical and most economically efficient political leniency when again and again they are proved to be the opposite?

The Leftists are the ones who are looking towards a more stable future for everyone. The Right are intoxicated with Nationalism, monetary greed, racism, sexism, bigotry, and power.

When will the world realise?