intoxication nation

I’m writing this History of Music Theory summary paper and I’m on my 2nd glass of wine and I don’t have any snacks. Why am I so incompetent in pre-planning my snacks. I already ate dinner but I swear to god this paper is the most god damn tedious thing I’ve ever written. I better get an A because I’m already 6 pages in, non-double spaced. He wants 10-11 double spaced.

dear diary

Today started out like. any other day but soon took a turn for the worst. you will never bekiebeb the day I’ve had. first I won a kit of money at high stakes poker but then diary, I opened a bag if pretzels that was infested by wasps. oh the pain oh the horror oh the wasps. oh how I wish that my beard was not so full that they could nest in it. but with a beard so full the ladies have no choice but to flock to my my yard. nay, into my outstretched arms. someday the world will appreciate my rugged mountain manliness. today is not that day. but on the plus side Claire and Jess are wonderful and they they think I’m super cool and we will all go to a spiritual adventure in India.

anonymous asked:

Well hello thar. Three facts about yourself that make you who you are?


1. I smile. A lot. I laugh at dumb things. I love kids cartoons. Little quirks about another person’s personality make me smile.

2. I have a desire to be happy. No matter what it takes. Working my ass off included.

3. I try my best to stay positive and hopeful. It’s not always easy, but totally worth it.

4. (Though you didn’t ask.) I care a lot about others that I relate to. I like people to trust me. It’s important.