intoxicated teenagers


Women Who Kill

Natasha Johnson

After drinking whisky, vodka and wine, heavily intoxicated teenagers, Natasha Johnson and Megan Hope, went armed to the home of Christopher Chapman in Blyth, England, on the 19th of April 2011. Chapman was stabbed to death.

It’s claimed Johnson had a heated argument with one of Chapman’s friends prior to the murder.

Johnson claimed “he impaled himself when he forced us to leave”.

In 2011, Natasha Johnson was sentenced to 15 years


Anon prompt: “omg! I love your imagines! could you pretty please doone where jughead and the reader are at a party and juggie gets drunk and sings sex by the 1975 an then in the morning wakes up and doesnt remember dooing it? please!”

A/N: Sure can, sorry I didn’t post this last night :-( 

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Quiet- Zach Dempsey Smut-Part 1

this is my first time trying to write smut so i’m sorry if this is bad even though it doesn’t mention smut yet :/ 

 -warnings: rape (sorta), swearing

 -maybe smut in part 2? 

 The loud yet rhythmic sounds of the trashy pop music blared through speakers throughout the house. Drunks danced closely against each other without a care in the world, while the others who were still sober, chugged down mass amounts of alcohol so they too could join in. I stood taking it all in, leaning against a wall in the corner and watched as all of the intoxicated teenagers partied without realizing how shitty they would all feel the morning after.

 “And here is your drink.” Zach smiled and slightly swayed over, holding out a glass that was obviously filled with beer. I gladly took it and gave him a ‘thank you’ before taking down almost the entire drink at once.

“Slow your roll there (Y/N), you wouldn’t believe how long it took to get one and I don’t feel like walking back to get another.” He joked and leaned up against the wall looking down to me and I chuckled in response.

“I’ve never heard of a line for drinks at one of Jeff’s famous parties?” I questioned jokingly and nudged him lightly.

 “Yeah… well, he put Jensen in charge of drinks and he barely knows what alcohol is. Guess he thought it’d help him get a girl and actually talk to her.” Zach shrugged and I lightly slapped his arm giggling at his joke.

“So, would you like to sit down and join the rest of the team or continue to just stand here in the corner?” Zach asked raising an eyebrow and even though I would’ve rather stayed where I was, I knew Zach wanted us to go sit down with the rest of the basketball players and their girlfriends.

 “Alright, if you insist.” I played sarcastically and we both walked over and took a seat between Justin Foley and Bryce Walker.

“Glad you guys finally came over.” Justin joked and elbowed Zach. We all talked and joked throughout the course of the party. As Justin was telling a story about one of their basketball trips I could feel a hand slither onto my thigh. I looked up to Zach to see him staring daggers at Bryce who I now noticed was scooting closer to me. I leaned in closer to Zach and I could feel him take a deep breath of relief. 

“Well I don’t know about you guys, but this party has gone to trash and the only people left are us and the trashy drunks still hoping to get some. So, I say we all go to my place while my parents are gone.” Bryce exclaimed clapping his hands together and practically jumping up earning cheers of approval from everyone else. Zach looked down at me and I could read his face knowing that he didn’t have a good feeling about going. I nodded to him as if to say it’d be alright.

 “Zach you coming?” Marcus asked standing up from the couch and following the rest of the group.

 “Yeah, I’ll meet you guys there.” Zach grinned at him trying to hide his worry.

 —– Once we reached Bryce’s house Zach and I walked in, Zach with a tight grip around my waist.

“Aye, it’s about time you made it, what took you so long?” Bryce chuckled and handed Zach a drink.

 “Doesn’t matter, we’re here now.” Zach joked and held up his drink and everyone agreed loudly. We all sat out back by Bryce’s pool and one by one, people left until it was just Bryce, Zach, Justin, and me. Justin and Zach were playing around and tackling one another while I sat on the couch on my phone and Bryce sat across from me trying to make conversation with the two boys.

 “Keep that up and you both are going to end up in the pool.” Bryce chuckled taking another sip of his drink. And as if planned Zach threw Justin off of him and he stumbled back into the pool, but not before grabbing onto Zach and pulling him in as well.

“Well, look who was right.” Bryce stood up and walked up to the side of the pool.

“You two go upstairs and change, pretty sure you guys left clothes here from the last time you stayed here,” Bryce informed them and they both scrambled out of the cold water and back into the house. I could hear footsteps grow closer and the fabric of the couch sink down next to me.

“So you and Zach? How long has that been going on?” Bryce asked leaning back against the couch.

“About 5 months now,” I answered not bothering to look up. Once again I felt the tingling feeling of a hand against my thigh but this time it was different. I looked up to Bryce whose eyes were dark and staring down at me.

“Bryce… what are you doing?” I asked timidly, my voice shaking.

“I just wanted to let you know that you look really good tonight.” He whispered in my ear, his hot breath making me pull back. He began to pepper kisses along my neck and his hand moved higher up my leg. I immediately tried to push him off but that only caused him to put more pressure on my as he used his other hand to sneak under my shirt.

“Bryce please stop,” I said quietly sniffling.

 “Come on, let’s just have some fun.” He smiled and licked a stripe down my neck. By now hot tears were trailing down my face as I attempted to kick him off. My muscles were straining as I used every bit of effort to throw him off and just when I was about to give up a ray of hope shined through.

 “Hey! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I heard Zach’s voice cut through, loud and angry. Bryce looked up at him and tried to explain but still yet to remove his hands.

“Get off of her man!” Justin yelled, running through the door while slipping a shirt over his head. Zach picked Bryce up by the collar of his shirt and threw him off the couch.

 “Bro, she wanted it, you don’t think I’d do that if she didn’t. Come on man she was practically begging for-” Bryce rambled on and scrambled up to his feet.

“No shut the fuck up.” Zach cut him off and pushed him back.

“The fuck are you going to do, huh Dempsey?” Bryce asked taking a step closer to him and balling up his fists.

“Fuck off Walker.” Zach spat at him and walked off, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me to his car. Once he closed the door I couldn’t stop from breaking down. Zach gently rubbed my back and carefully intertwined his hand with mine.

 “Don’t worry, I will make sure he doesn’t touch you ever again,” Zach whispered to me and softly pressed his lips against my cheek. Zach turned the car into drive and headed off in the direction of my house.

 “Zach, can I stay at your house tonight… I just don’t want to be alone right now.” I said quietly and he nodded as well as grabbing my hand and rubbing his thumb on my knuckles, driving past my house and turning right to his place. When we reached his home, he led me up to his room.

“Will your parent’s mind?” I asked softly as he closed his bedroom door. 

“No, but they’re not home tonight anyways so it’s okay.” He replied moving to his dresser. “Here.” Zach said pulling out a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie to change into. I quickly changed into the oversized sweats. As I changed I could feel eyes on my and I turned to see Zach who was now shirtless and wearing sweatpants. He swayed over and looked at my arms which had bruises freckled across them now. Instead of saying anything he simply kissed my lips slowly. We both climbed into bed and I carefully laid my head against his chest. Zach’s arms were wrapped around tightly and I smiled softly feeling safe in his arms.

“I promise, I won’t ever let anything happen to you again,” Zach muttered into my hair and kissed the top of my head. And with that, I was able to fall asleep to the quiet yet rhythmic sound of his heartbeat.

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too late - newt x reader

Prompt: Hey, I think your writing is amazing! Can I request and imagine where Newt and Reader had a thing back when they were in Hogwarts. But after Newt got expelled he left her and never said anything to her again. They meet again during the whole events in New York and she’s already married. She’s angry at Newt but she’s still in love with him. Something like that! I’m not good at explaining I just want angst. Thanks!

Warnings: So Much Angst

so this is also inspired by this song so I included a sprinkling of the relevant lyrics in no particular order!! Enjoy!


[ I miss you when I can’t sleep
  Or right after coffee
  Or right when I can’t eat          ]

There was something so wonderful and comforting about the way you felt around Newt.

There was nothing you would change, you thought to yourself, as you sat sleepily in his arms, the two of you nestled under the bleachers in the Quidditch stadium. It was your go-to spot for late night shenanigans. For you and Newt, ‘shenanigans’ usually meant cuddling and sharing your thoughts in the odd hours of the morning, your conversation roaming and your guards down. There was something about Newt that made you feel as though you didn’t have to censor what you wanted to say. You could speak freely and with complete honesty, and that made you feel completely liberated. Besides, you were often the sort of tired that made you act just a little drunk, and all things considered your filter was completely out the window. The two of you treasured these nights, savoring the closeness and the company, curled up on a blanket and tangled in each other’s arms. Sometimes, your lips would press shyly to his, and the two of you would spend hours pressed against each other, kissing and kissing and throwing conversation to the wind. Other times, his fingers would simply brush idly over your skin, and the two of you would just enjoy the warm comfort the other provided. But your favorite and the most common were the nights when the two of you would talk for hours and hours until you had to go back to your common rooms, and this was one of those nights.

You lay pressed to his chest, his arm curled protectively around your waist and his nose nestled into the back of your neck. Your legs were tangled with his much longer ones, and your back was up against his stomach and chest. The two of you fit perfectly, like a jigsaw puzzle, and the thought made you smile. You placed a hand over one of his, feeling his heartbeat quicken against your back as you traced patterns lightly onto his skin. “Hey Newt?” you breathed, and you felt him shift.

“Hm?” he murmured into your neck, making you shiver as his warm breath ghosted over your skin.

“Do you ever think about the future?” you asked, somewhat nervously, and you felt him tense. Your stomach did a flip. You were usually fine talking to him about anything, but this topic terrified you to no end.

“You mean after Hogwarts?” he murmured, opening his hand and stretching out his fingers to lace them with yours. “Of course,”

You felt your heartbeat quicken. “Well… what do you think about? What do you see there?”

He squeezed your hand affectionately. “Well,” he mumbled, nestling further into the crook of your neck. You tilted your head to allow him access, and he pressed a soft kiss to your pulse. “I’d like for you to be there,” he said sheepishly, as though you might be frightened or unhappy with his response. You let go of his hand and rolled over to face him, your nose brushing against his and your hands resting on his chest. You could see a dim outline of him, your eyes adjusted to the dark, and you hoped he could see your smile.

“I’d like to be there,” you replied, equally shy.

You knew that he was aware of your smile, because his lips were on yours in a moment and he had to have felt it.

Your heart fluttered and you leaned into the kiss, feeling dreamlike, intoxicated. You were both teenagers, young and in love, even though the two of you were ignorant to the world and ignorant to the realities of love and relationships. You hadn’t been alive long enough to realize that life never went as planned, no matter how confident you were in the plans, but in the moment that was the furthest thing from your mind. You, at age sixteen, were convinced that this was how things were meant to be. It was love, right? The sort of love people sang about or wrote down in novels, the love of the century, the only thing that mattered in that moment and the most important thing that would ever happened to either of you. That was how it felt, and you thought you knew everything there was to know about relationships. You both thought that you were experts, and that you were both so unbelievably lucky to have stumbled upon your soulmate this early in life

God, were you wrong.

[ I miss you in my front seat
  Still got sand in my sweaters
  From nights we don’t remember ]


Queenie’s hand shot forward, gripping a frame that sat on Newt’s counter and studying it intently. “Newt,” she said, looking excited. “It’s such a small world, who woulda’ guessed you knew-” She looked up, catching his expression and obviously his thoughts as well, and the excitement dropped from her face.

He glanced at the photograph in her hands, fidgeting slightly. “It was a long time ago,” he mumbled, dropping his gaze to his hands. He looked back up at Queenie, suddenly hopeful. “So you knew her? You knew (y/n)?”

Queenie smiled gently. “Of course, she works at MACUSA!” Her smile drooped a little as she picked up on a few of the thoughts that were whipping through his head. “No, honey, I’m sorry. She hasn’t mentioned you,” she murmured, looking down at the picture of you. It was definitely you, even though it was clearly taken a long while ago. It looked as though Newt had been the one taking the photo, as the setting was casual and you didn’t appear to be posing. You had a scarf draped around your neck, and your hair was much longer than it was now, messy and not at all the professionally pinned style you usually wore nowadays. You were clad in Hogwarts robes that seemed just a little too big, and you looked a whole lot younger. You laughed at the camera, your nose wrinkling and your head tilting back as you flung your hand in front of your face, playfully camera shy. Queenie smiled at the photo. It was unusual seeing you so young, and so happy. She only ever saw you briefly at the office, and you always seemed to have an air of seriousness and professionalism about you.

She looked at Newt, troubled, studying his face and unintentionally picking up on his thoughts. They were dwelling on you now, and she could feel the sadness and bittersweet nostalgia that tainted the memories for him now. He was picturing you, and to her it was a vague picture that seemed very unlike you. To him, you were excitable and bright-eyed, and she felt his thoughts linger on the way your skin felt brushing his, the sound of your laugh, and the soft press of his lips on yours. These weren’t the sort of thoughts that were usually accompanied with the wrench of sweet sadness that Queenie could feel in Newt. “What happened?” She murmured.

He didn’t have to respond, but he smiled sadly and shook his head. “Nothing,” he said nervously, clearly uncomfortable and trying to get her to drop the subject entirely.

His thoughts betrayed him, and Queenie got the urge to run over and comfort the man, but she stayed put. “Oh, honey,” she murmured.

His head snapped up, his face somewhere between uncomfortable and distraught. “Please, just-” he mumbled. “I’d prefer if you stayed out of my head,”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” she replied apologetically, eyes swimming with pity. She could feel how uncomfortable he was, and she felt terrible, but she really wanted to help. She hesitated, then opened her mouth to say something before Jacob came over and interrupted their conversation. She didn’t address it again that evening, but every so often she picked up a brief flicker of you in Newt’s thoughts. One feeling that overwhelmed the others in his head was guilt, and she wanted desperately to console him, but she didn’t dare overstep her boundaries any further.


[ Always missing people that I shouldn’t be missing ]

It felt wonderful to hold his hand in yours as you, Newt, and Leta wandered through Hogsmeade together. He was warm and soft, and you smiled to yourself. Leta walked on the other side of you, and the two of you were involved in a casual chat. You were quite the trio, though you felt terrible when Leta had to be the third wheel, so you did everything you could to include her in your conversations and activities. She had been Newt’s friend before you had met him in your Herbology class in your second year, and you felt sometimes as though you were intruding on their friendship, but she seemed to like you well enough.

Secretly, you were craving some alone time with your best friend, so when Leta said she was going to go shopping for a new quill, you were thrilled. She disappeared into a little shop full of school supplies, and you tugged Newt out of the cold snow and into the welcoming little cafe.

The two of you had ordered coffees and pastries, and you particularly had way too much fun with the whipped cream it was served with. He ended up with some in his hair, and he was staring at you with mock-annoyance that quickly melted to amusement as he reached over swiftly to dab some onto your nose. It was one of your favorite memories for a while, and sometimes you actually thought of that look on his face to summon your patronus. It was the sort of memory that you’d conjure up without realizing when your thoughts would wander, and someone else would clear their throat and ask you what in the world you were smiling about.

Much to your dismay, all of the treasured memories of him had taken an oddly abrupt transition from pleasant to painful.

[ Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges 
         just to create some distance               ]


[ I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing ]

“Ms. (y/l/n)?” your secretary’s voice snapped you from your thoughts, and you looked up from the morning cup of coffee you had been stirring sugar absent-mindedly into for the last minute. “Sweetie, are you okay? You look awful tired, do you need to run home and rest? I could just-”

“Thank you, but I’ll be fine,” you said, smiling and waving the young woman out of your office. Little did you know, this was a bad start to an even worse day.

You were called out to assist in the cleanup after all the damage Creedence the Obscurus had done, and as you made your way around town, carefully repairing buildings and muggle cars with flicks of your wand just about the last person you were expecting to see caught your eye across the street. You had heard, of course, about the man with the suitcase full of magical creatures and the havoc they had probably wreaked on the city, but you hadn’t ever picked up the man’s name and as you saw him making his way down the street with a case in hand, everything made perfect sense.

Cleanup forgotten, you set your shoulders, determined, and strode over to the man. He was walking along with two women you recognized, Tina and Queenie Goldstein, and Queenie saw you before anyone else. Her eyes grew a little wide, and she stopped in her tracks, gripping Newt’s sleeve and murmuring “Newt, honey,” in his ear.

He stopped as well, and when his eyes met yours you felt a painful jab in your chest. His features were achingly familiar, but clearly older. He was still lanky, but it suited him more and was no longer awkward. His hair hadn’t changed a bit, but his chin was unshaven and you could see lines etched into his skin. He had always had the smile lines on the corners of his mouth, you thought fondly, but now it seemed as though all of his features were shadowed, more defined, and you spent a moment just studying his face.

He did the same, marveling at the features that were so familiar and yet so much more mature than the ones in the photograph he kept. Your hair was pinned back professionally, and you stood at your full height, no longer slouching. You looked tired, and all he wanted to do was step forward and hold you in his arms, showering you with kisses and apologies and a million other gestures that would make you forgive him for what he had done.

“Newt Scamander,” was all you could muster, your eyes troubled and your heart heavy. He wouldn’t maintain eye contact, but smiled.

“Hello (y/n),” he replied meekly.

You felt tears welling up in your eyes as you heard his voice. It was such a lovely voice, though deeper and more adult now. You swallowed hard, but couldn’t banish the lump in your throat. “Merlin’s Beard, Newt,” you choked out, and Queenie excused herself, dragging Tina along with her. “I pictured you in my future, but I sure as hell didn’t picture you like this.”

He looked up at you through his messy hair, and you noticed with a pang that his hair hadn’t changed. Always a mess, always in his eyes, and always the same shade of light brown that greatly resembled cinnamon. “I know,” he replied, his gaze filled with guilt.

“You knew where I lived. You knew where you could send an owl. You didn’t have to explain yourself, or give me a detailed account of why you were expelled, but you could have at least written one measly little letter just to tell me you were okay. I didn’t know what to think. I wrote to your house and all I got was a letter telling me you’d left,” you could feel the tears brimming in your eyes.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t want to hear from me anymore,” he replied lamely.

“Well, you couldn’t have been more wrong. You broke my heart, Newt. I didn’t know what to do. Nobody would talk to me, Leta included, so I breezed through Hogwarts and as soon as I graduated I moved here. I couldn’t stay, it hurt too much to see all these things around that reminded me of you, that reminded me that I wasn’t worth a single letter,” you rambled, spilling everything you had internalized for so long.

He looked taken aback, his eyes wide and his shoulders drooping. He averted his gaze. “You were worth far more than that, which is why I couldn’t send you anything. I figured it would be in your best interest to move on and forget about me and all I had done.”

Your eyes blazed. “I didn’t care what you had done. I just wanted you,” you murmured, feeling like you were sixteen again, tears running down your cheeks as you watched him go without a goodbye, without even a glance in your direction, without offering you any sort of closure. It all came rushing back, and you buried your face in your hands.

“(y/n), don’t-” he placed his hand gently on your arm, but he observed with a pang a wedding ring glittering on the ring finger of your left hand. A heavy weight settled in his chest. “Don’t cry,”

You allowed the contact, and secretly you were yearning for more. You hadn’t ever stopped loving him, and you didn’t think you ever would. Nobody would take you seriously, chiding you that it was just ‘puppy love’ and that you would move on when you found the right person, but you never truly did. You loved your husband, and you were incredibly loyal to him, but he wasn’t Newt.

You pulled your shaky hands away from your face, and he reached up slowly to wipe some of the tears away. “It’s too late for that,” you said quietly, lip trembling. “At least sixteen years too late,”


[ I hate you, I love you,
  I hate that I love you
  Don’t want to but I can’t put 
         nobody else above you ]

Jealousy (Audrey/Reader)

not requested, i just love audrey and i’ve been watching bex on the killing soo that prompted this aggressive imagine :-)

reader and her gf audrey are at a party and someone gets too comfortable w the reader


“I’m gonna go look for Audrey!” You shouted to a drunk Noah who was lying his head on Riley’s lap.

He gave you a thumbs up before closing his eyes, “I got him, don’t worry, go look for Audrey!” Riley reassured you after noticing you worriedly glancing at Noah.

Giving her a smile, you made your way through the sweaty bodies in search of your girlfriend.

“Y/N, hey!” Brooke shouted from her position on the kitchen island, Jake standing in front of her.

“Hey, have you guys seen Audrey anywhere?” You asked.

“I saw her go outside a while ago, might wanna check there?” Jake suggested.


Walking out onto the porch, you were immediately hit with the potent smell of weed.

Just what you guys needed, a bunch of intoxicated and high teenagers that you had to kick out in a few hours.

After asking a bunch of other people, you were finally pointed in the direction of where Audrey sat with Emma and some other people from school.

Audrey looked around the yard and when her gaze finally landed on you, she flashed you one of her adorable smiles which you returned.

Before you could even make a move towards her, somebody gripped your wrist, making you stop.

Your girlfriend shot you a confused look as you turned around and came face to face with the most annoying boy on campus, Michael.

This boy literally did not understand the meaning of the word no, he knew you were with Audrey yet he continued to bother you on a daily basis.

“Babe! I didn’t know you’d be here!” He slurred, an obvious sign that he was under the influence.

You struggled to get out of his grip, “Let me go or i’ll have Jake kick your ass again.” You threatened.

A couple weeks ago, he wouldn’t let you exit the school building and you thought you were done for since it was after school and the building was practically empty, but Jake came to your rescue and literally knocked him out.

Guess he didn’t learn.

“Michael, I swear-”

“Hey! She said to let her go!” Your girlfriend growled from behind you.

Audrey quickly pulled you out of Michael’s grip and to her side before glaring at him, “You just don’t know when to quit, do you?”

By this time a crowd had formed around you three and anxiously awaited his response.

Michael chuckled but immediately stopped when Jake slapped a hand on his shoulder, “It’s time for you to go.”

Jake and Noah escorted him out as you wrapped your arms around Audrey.

“You alright?” She asked.

Nodding, you pulled away, “I just don’t wanna be here anymore.”

“Of course, let’s go.” Audrey kept one arm around you as you two made your way through the house.

After a short and silent drive to your house, it was finally time to say goodnight.

“I’ll call you before I go to bed?” You asked as you leaned in to peck her lips.

Audrey nodded, “Goodnight, beautiful.”

“Night babe.” You mumbled as you got out of the car.

Before going into the house, you turned to see Audrey wave before she drove off.

Your girlfriend really was the best.

I’m not that kind of girl - Chapter 1

Cameron Dallas Fanfic.  

Word count: 1′778

A/N: Everyone in this story is around 17/18 yrs old. It’s summer break before their senior year.

It was kinda late already. But I still texted a good friend of mine talking about how cruel life is. After a while we managed to change to a lighter topic.

Luke: So what are you doing after graduation?

Y/N: I don’t know yet I still have to find a university or better said a major for starters haha

Luke: Same old Y/N. Never knows what she wants hahaha

Y/N: Shut up Luke. whatever Imma go to bed. Bye sucker :)

Luke: Fuck off dumbhead. Sleep tight 

Luke was one of my closest friends. I had the guts to talk to him about literally everything. Which I don’t do often. Whatever. I started to get ready for bed when I got yet another text.

Sam: Yo wanna hang out?

Y/N: Now? I mean I could sneak out but I really have to get up early tomorrow. You know I got that damn appointment.

Sam: Come on. There’s a party.. Josh told me about it… 

Y/N: who’s party though? You know I don’t want to be near Kian.

Sam: idk some new dude apparently.. haven’t heard of him. But he’s gonna go to our school. That’s what Josh told me.

Y/N: whatever. fuck tomorrow I’m gonna meet ya in 30, alright?

Sam: nasty girl. Sure I’ll be at the same spot as always.

I really wanted to get out of this house. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment rather early. What so ever I was meeting my girl Sam. She’s so chill. I love her to the moon and back. I really do. 

Luke, Sam and I have been friends since kindergarten. We all go to the same school. We all have more or less the same friends. Which are probably gonna be at the party too. 

I went to my closet to find a nice outfit. I didn’t feel like wearing a dress so I took out a grey grungy looking shirt and some black hot pants. I left my hair open. Luckily I haven’t taken my makeup of yet so I didn’t have to do it again. I grabbed my white Chucks and got dressed. I took my phone to see if Sam was already there. No texts, so she’s probably on her way. I slowly opened my window and climbed out onto the branch that was growing right in front of the window. I somehow managed to find my way down. Hopefully no one saw or heard me

Sam: Yooo I’m here. Where you at?

I walked to the front of my house and saw Sam’s car on the other side of the street, right next to the driveway of my beloved neighbors. I hated our neighbors they were always complaining about everyone on the street. I sprinted to her car and got in. She already sat there smiling at me. „Let’s get started than!“ Sam shouted. She started the car and took me to this strangers house. „How do you know where that guy lives though?“ I questioned her. „As I told you Josh told me about this dudes party and send me the address. He also said that you should come too because he doesn’t want things to be awkward.“ Sam stated. 

You may ask what would be awkward? Well, a few months ago I broke up with my boyfriend Kian. He was just being a douche and it took me too long to realize, whatsoever Kian and Josh are good friends. I haven’t talked to Josh ever since the break-up although we were good friends. But Sam told you Kian wouldn’t be there and I hoped she was right because I really didn’t want anything to do with him anymore.

„Alright. I just really don’t want to meet Kian. But forget about Kian and Josh. How have you been? Haven’t heard from you in few a days. Have you been hanging out with Ethan?“ I said totally innocent. „Shut up Y/N. You know damn well that I have been at my grandmas. Also Ethan is gonna be here too and he said he wants to talk. I guess he just wants a hit and run again. He ain’t in it to win me. Just quick fucks.“ Sam became more quiet at the end. Sad how she’s so pessimistic. „Come on! It’s gonna be great. I bet you he wants more. Who wouldn’t want more from you? I can’t get enough from you!“ I laughed through the whole last part and it made Sam smile. „You’re so dumb.“ She said finally. She stopped the car and gave me a look. „Lets just have some fun. Please try to keep it short with Ethan I don’t wanna hang out all by myself.“ 

„Don’t worry Y/N. You won’t even realize that I was gone. Let’s go.“ I got out the car and made my way towards the loud booming music. The air was already filled with the sent of liquor. There were a few friends of ours smoking outside the house. After some short greetings with them Sam and I went into the house, where we of course immediately bumped into Josh. 

„Who do we have here? A stranger and a quite familiar face!“ He joked around. „Not funny Josh. You know I’m not a stranger.“ I said quite annoyed. As Sam and him started to talk about non sense I looked around the house. Lots of intoxicated teenagers either humping each other or eating off their faces. It was like a wild jungle. 

I decided to leave the two alone. I found your way to the kitchen where the liquor was being poured. I just took a shot of tequila aware that I couldn’t be bothered with a hangover tomorrow. 

As I left the kitchen I saw an all too familiar face. Kian was there. No no no no no Why the heck is he here. The only thing I could do is go up the stairs. As long as it meant not to meet Kian I’d do anything. I went up and there were not as many people. No one paid attention to me as I was looking for an empty room. Down the hall I saw a door it wasn’t closed so I guessed no one was in there. I just sneaked in there and closed it after I entered. Immediately I took my phone out to text Sam.

        WHAT DO I DO??
        I’M IN SOME ROOM

Suddenly I heard a toilet flush. God damn I just need a few seconds alone to sort out what to do! The door opened and enlightened the room. I was sat on the bed. „Eh… Hi?“ A male voice said. I didn’t even move I just stared into nothing. „Are you okay?“ I was still thinking not giving any responds.

 He started moving towards me. I heard how the steps got closer to me. He sat next to me. „You know, actually you can’t be in this room.“ he whispered. I turned to look who the fuck would tell me what to do. „You know, I don’t actually care.“ I whispered back with a fake smile. He chuckled. „I think we haven’t met yet. I’m Cameron. This is my room.“ He said with a smile. He reached his hand out. „Why so polite?“ I laughed. He was kinda cute though.

„So you can actually talk! What’s your name?“ He said still smiling like an idiot. He was probably way too drunk. „My name’s Y/N.“ I took his hand and shook it in hopes to be left alone. „So are you going to stay in my room or do I have to drag you out of here? Cuz I ain’t feeling like cleaning up if you throw up in here.“ He said really slowly. I looked around his room and got up. „I am not drunk. Just to make things clear.“ I smiled at him and left the room.

I walked down the stairs and made my way through the crowd until I reached the door. As soon as I was outside I took my phone and tried to reach Sam. Nothing. „Where the hell is she?“ I said more to myself than actually asking anyone. 

„Who are you looking for?“ I heard someone say behind me. Cameron, he must have followed me. „It doesn’t matter.. I-I have to get home.“ I managed to say. He was quite intimidating. „I could give you a ride, I haven’t had a lot to drink. Actually nothing.“ I was surprised. Why would he do that? He doesn’t even know you, I debated with myself. 

I looked at my phone realizing that Sam didn’t answer any calls or texts …and I should get home. „I mean… Isn’t it your party, shouldn’t you stay here?“ I asked him. „Yeah it is but I don’t think that you’re alright, that’s why I followed you downstairs. Also no one will realize I’m gone. The only people I know are Josh and…“ Oh god please don’t say it „Some other dude. I think his name was Kian. I know Luke too, but he’s not here anyway. Do you know any of them?“ So he knows pretty much the closest people to me, well two of my closest friends. „Actually all three of them. But … well if you don’t mind, I won’t mind either if you give me a ride home” I forced a smile. He smiled back at me, he seemed relieved. 

As we started walking towards what looked like his car, we got interrupted. „YO CAMERON. YOU FOUND YOURSELF A LITTLE SOMETHING HUH?!“ Someone shouted. Oh no. As Cameron turned around to see who it was, I knew damn well who would shout something like that. „SHUT UP KIAN!“ Cameron shouted back at him and than looked at me. „Sorry. They like to make fun of me.“ 

I didn’t look at him just walked towards his car. „YO CAM WAIT A SEC. I NEED A RIDE TOO!“ Hell no. NO NO NO. I’ll just walk. „Cameron I.. I uhm I’m just gonna walk home. It’s not even that far.“ I stuttered. He gave me a look of confusion. „No. It’s Alright. I.. I don’t mind driving you. I mean I’ll drop off Kian anyway. Where do you need to go?“ He said and before I knew Kian was there too. „Sup, I haven’t seen you all night.“ They did this bro hug thing. „And who is this little one.“ He asked and turned to look at me. His face went blank after he realized who I was.

Next Chapter

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I often recall,

quite vividly, the first night I spent with her. Our bodies entwined and enclosed by a flimsy tent packed too full with intoxicated teenagers. Our words drowned by the wind of an early spring. I knew then and I say it now that I spoke only to her. The soft pressure of her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest brought such comfort as I unraveled the years. Her eyes glistened and I pulled her close as the scars were torn open, made fresh for her to see the wounds that had shaped me. I spoke of the stars in the sky and the vastness of the empty spaces. The rolls we all must play to maintain the balance. I spoke to her as a man and she took in stride the significance of my confessions. As dawn broke the tension she took me in her hands. She whispered my salvation and I saw a glimpse of Elysium. It’s resplendent light guiding me always back to her.



Jack Gilinsky

The streetlights flicker dimly, casting an eerie glow onto the stark asphalt. The air outside is calm and undisturbed. If someone were to walk down the street the only sound would be the patter of their feet on the pavement. A somber sentiment radiates throughout the landscape. It’s quite amazing how deceiving the external picture can be.In the basement of one of the houses on the street, a much different vibe lingers in the air.

The smoke is so thick it gives a slight gray hue to everything in his field of vision. The base of the music pulsates straight through his chest, vibrating against his rib cage. He brings a blunt to his lips, inhaling like he has done a thousand times before. The smoke fills his lungs quickly before he exhales in a steady stream.

“That’s weak!” Sam laughs loudly, punching him in the arm.
“Yeah? What do you got then?” Jack fires back.
“Watch this,” Sam says, cockiness dripping off his words.

Sam takes the blunt from Jack’s grasp and puts it between his lips in one swift movement. He hollows out his cheeks and sucks in sharply. He then lets out three short puffs, producing three rings of smoke. Sam sits back and admires his work. A triumphant grin curves his mouth.

“Wow you’re so cool. Teach me your ways,” Jack says sarcastically, rolling his eyes.
“You’re both lame if you ask me,” Jack Johnson interjects. 
“Good thing we didn’t ask you,” Sam replies, blowing smoke in Johnson’s face.
“Don’t be a dick,” Johnson fans the smoke cloud surrounding him.
“You are what you eat,” Jack smirks.
“Nasty. Fuck off, man,” Sam grimaces.
“You started this,dipshit,” Johnson reminds him. 
Sam rolls his eyes and vacates his spot on the couch, a trail of smoke following close behind. His tall figure soon disappears up the stairs. 

The graduation party is as alive as ever. Masses of intoxicated teenagers sway to the music leaking out of the speakers. They’ll undoubtedly suffer from massive hangovers in the morning, but they don’t care because they’re high off the mentality that they’re graduates who can do whatever the fuck they want. 

Apart from the sea of dancing bodies that seems to move as one entity, a girl sits at the bar area. She slides a slender glass half filled with an amber liquid around with her finger tips. Her gaze looks distracted. Jack recognizes her as the girl who sat in front of him in psychology. She transferred to West Side halfway through the year. The reason for her abrupt appearance was never explained. In fact, there is little that anyone knows about her for sure. The few things about her that are indisputably clear are, one, she is top of the class, and two, she can be found at parties drinking and smoking with West Side’s best. 
The good-girl-bad-girl persona that is her sole characterization has proven to intrigue everyone.

Jack finds himself approaching her figure. Her lips are pursed in concentration, giving her the appearance of being deep in thought. Her hair is pushed off her shoulders so it flows down her back in soft waves that resemble curtains being stirred by a soft breeze. Everything about her is intoxicatingly beautiful. She delicately brings the glass to her lips and takes a sip. The burning sensation in her throat makes her smile. Jack slides onto the stool next to her, twirling the blunt with his fingers.

“You really are the stoner that everyone says you are,” she muses, not turning to look at him.
“You really are as elusive as everyone says you are,” Jack counters.
“Now where’s the fun in everyone pigeon holing you into a single archetype,” she turns her piercing eyes to look directly at him. 
The eye contact sends shivers throughout his entire body.
“I didn’t know you were friends with Mack. Or talked to him or whatever.”
“You say that like that you have reason to know anything about me at all.”
Jack puts his hands up as if to say ‘fair enough’.
“What are you doing at a party sitting by yourself?” he inquires out of genuine curiosity. 
“Thinking,” she states.
“How can you think over all the noise?” he asks incredulously. 
“How can you think when it’s quiet? When there’s no noise all your thoughts scream for attention all at once, making it near impossible to distinguish one from another. But when it’s loud I find that the most important thoughts find a way to be heard above all the noise while the trivial ones get lost in the sound,” she explains.

Jack stares at her with thoughtful eyes, letting her words sink in. He can almost feel what she said seeping into his skin and running through his veins, lighting him up in the most curious way. It’s nonsense, and yet he cannot find a flaw in her reasoning. The way she thinks is not the way in which most are accustomed to. 

“I’ve never looked at it that way before,” he finally responds.
“Most people don’t,” she shrugs indifferently. 
“But you do,” he keeps his eyes trained on hers.
A small smile plays at her lips as she brings the glass to her lips, arching an eyebrow.
“It’s getting hard to breathe with all the smoke. I’m going outside,” she hops off the stool, “You can join me if you’d like.”
Jack nods, abandoning his stool to follow her fleeting figure.

They lay on their backs in the grass. A blunt exchanges between two hands, one small and delicate, the other large and rough. They pass it back and forth for awhile, few words being spoken. The cool night breeze chases the excess smoke out of their lungs only for them to pollute themselves as quickly as they had been cleansed. 

“And here I thought alcohol was your poison of choice,” Jack teases lightly.
“I like all kinds of poison. I don’t limit myself to one type of destruction,” she responds. 

She shifts to place her hands behind her head, the hem of her tank top rising to expose the skin of her lower abdomen. Jack notices letters in black script curving and dancing across the top of her right hip bone. The ink spells out ‘Vivire Est Vincere’. 

“What’s it mean?” Jack whispers quietly, reaching his fingers out to trace the words.
She shivers slightly at the feeling of his skin on hers.
“To live is to conquer,” she answers, watching his fingers brush over the tattoo. 
“Why’d you get it?” he wonders aloud.
“It’s a reminder for the way I want to live my life. Too many people are infatuated with the idea of becoming extraordinary. They want to be something grand so they’ll be remembered on a large scale. That’s not a realistic goal. You can’t gage your life on big accomplishments. Surviving every day , simply being alive, is an accomplishment, and that should be enough. But for some people it’s not. I don’t want to be one of those people." 
"To live is to conquer,” Jack repeats in understanding. 
“The desire to be significant is insatiable, and it’ll destroy you if you let it,” she mutters bitterly.
“What are you getting at?”
“Nothing,” she relaxes.

Jack retracts his hand and sits up to look around. They walked pretty far out into the yard. No one else is around and he just can see the lights from the house. The moon casts shadows over everything in its path. The blades of grass appear to have knife like points on their ends, and the distance in front of them is nothing but black and slightly lighter shades of black. Something about his surroundings makes him feel like his mind is disconnected from his body. Or maybe that’s just the weed talking.

“Does that not freak you out?” Jack nods to the void space that seems to engulf them.
“To what are you referring?” she asks, sitting upright.
“The darkness. The vast nothingness.”
She shakes her head no.
“I’ve never understood why people are so afraid of the dark. It’s the daytime that they should really be afraid of. You can hide in the dark, but once the sun comes up all your scars and secrets reflect off your skin like luminescent tattoos. If you ask me, exposure is worse than the unknown,” she says nonchalantly. 

He ogles at her for what feels like the millionth time tonight. She has all the words in the world and he suddenly has none. Something about her sucked all the breath from his lungs, all the thoughts from his head. Somehow she had managed to become even more mysterious than she was as a stranger. Every part of him craves to know more. 

The effects of the drug makes everything seem cloudy. He wants to ask her more questions. He wants to break down who she is. He wants to know what everyone else wonders about but never bothers to ask, but he can’t think straight enough to come up with a cohesive string of words. In this moment all he can think about  is the intense voracity to know what her lips taste like.

Without a second thought, he slides his hand to cup her cheek and presses his lips to hers. She jerks in surprise but doesn’t push him away. Had she been sober she might have had the common sense to recoil, but instead she does the opposite. She fists her hands in his light T-shirt to pull him closer. His lips move against hers languidly in a way that she will never be able to un feel. His mouth on hers makes her feel a little less hollow. She knows this is selfish, but she can’t stop. 

“This is a bad idea,” She breathes against his lips.
“I don’t care,” he continues to kiss her.
“You should,” she runs her hand through his dark hair.
“We’re hidden in the dark,” his lips find a sweet spot on her neck.
“The sun will come up eventually.”
“But for now it’s just you, me, and the void,” he references the desolate environment.
She nudges his chin to bring his lips back to hers.
“You, me, and the void.”

Part 2

The better kisser (a Bad boy! Luke Hemmings imagine)

mrshemmings26 :Hello!Can u do one where luke is the bad boy at school and he kinda hates me but at a party we are at a game of truth or dare and stuff happens between him and I?

Masterlist l~l Work in progress

Entering your room, you placed your bag near the door and shrugged your jacket off your shoulders, quickly throwing it on the office chair.  Eyeing the bed, you headed towards it and opening your arms you fell on top of it, embracing the comfortable cushions and the soft blanket.
Grabbing a pillow, you brought it underneath your head and pulled the covers over your chilled body. Your eyes closed slowly, your breathing slowed down and your tired body fell into a deep slumber.
Two hours later, your eyelids fluttered open and your hand dipped into your back pocket to retrieve a vibrating phone. Squinting your eyes at the screen, you saw the name ‘Ann’ printed boldly in the middle and you swiped right.
“Yello?” You mumbled, your voice groggy from sleep after you pressed the phone to your ear. The other hand was massaging your refreshed orbs, taking the crust that had formed in the process.
“Hey, Y/N. What are you up to?” Ann asked, her cheerful tone bringing a small smile on your face.
“Nothing much. Was taking a nap. But it’s a good thing that you woke me up, or else I would have probably slept till tomorrow.” You paused, yawning loudly and Ann laughed. “I have to get started on that English assignment too.” You continued and threw the covers off, an icy shiver traveling thru your body, making your skin prickle.
“Oh, come on, Y/N! It’s Friday! Are you really going to spend your entire weekend doing homework? Again?”  Ann said disapprovingly and you chuckled, flipping yourself on your stomach and propping your head on your hand, the elbows pressing into the fluffy pillow.
“Well, it’s not like I have anything better to do!” You responded, faking indignation and your legs started swinging back and forth.
“And that’s why I called. You surely heard that there will be a party tonight. And Max and I were wondering if you wouldn’t like to tag along?” Ann asked hopefully and you could practically see her big doe eyes widening even more.
“Be the third well again, huh…” You laughed out loud and the tan girl at the other end giggled.
“So, is it at Luke’s house? Because you know I am not ‘allowed’ at Luke’s parties.”  You said dryly, remembering the time when Luke threw you out of his house right when you were dancing with a boy in your year, saying, and you quote, that ‘teacher’s pets should stick to homework and kissing the teacher’s ass.”
“No! No, no, no.  It’s at Calum’s place. “Ann quickly added, the incident flashing before her eyes as well.  You snickered, shaking your head and rubbing your face lightly.
“How is that any better?” You asked sarcasm laced into your voice and bitterness radiating from your scrunched up nose and heavy frown.
“It is. Calum doesn’t hate you. Plus, Michael is going to be there.”  Ann said, putting an accent on the second name and smiling wickedly, a knowing glint sparkling in her eyes.
“Pfff, girl, you know I don’t like Michael anymore.” You chuckled and you were glad Ann wasn’t there to see the red blush staining your cheeks. Although you really were over Michael, you couldn’t help but blush when somebody brought up your previous infatuation with the boy, which you knew from first grade.
“Ahaa, tell that to whoever believes you.” Ann teased, and you pouted, clicking your tongue a few times.
“So, you coming?” The girl asked one last time and your frown turned into a smile.
“Pick me up at 9.” You answered, making kissing sounds into the phone, before hanging up. Staring a few moments at your school bag, you contemplated if you should get some tasks out of your way before starting to get ready.
But seeing that you had 3 hours to get ready, and you felt like dolling up today, you shook your head and called your dad to inform him about the party. The conversation was brief and after you said your goodbyes, you quickly jumped into the shower, to freshen up and shave.
With only a towel covering your body, you paced in front of your wardrobe, sprinkling water drops on the hardwood floor. Flickering hangers to the side, you finally decided on a red dress that you just bought, and after you laid it on your bed, you proceeded into drying and styling your hair and putting on makeup the best you could.
Careful not to ruin your make-up or stain your garment, you dressed up. Looking in the mirror, you smirked at the modern symmetrical cuts covering your upper chest and the ones baring your waist, as you smoothed the flaring skirt.
A honk was heard outside and you jumped a little, before snapping your head towards the window. Grabbing a purse, a leather jacket and putting on your black pumps, you trotted out of your house and got into the back seat of an old Nissan, greeting the pair of lovers in front.
Ann turned around in her seat, and ignoring Max’s bickering about safety, she complimented you on the outfit chosen, gushing about the hair and perfectly done make-up. You laughed and observed the sleek jeans and her silky shirt, returning the compliments wholeheartedly.
The drive wasn’t long since the Hood family lived rather close to you. But as expected, the near vicinity of the house was filled with cars, so Max had to drop you off in front of the house while he went to look for a parking spot.
The music was booming, making the windows tremble and light was oozing from each crevice of the house, except a few rooms upstairs that were probably ‘occupied’. Teenagers and half empty beer cans were littering the front lawn, and the cobbled path to the building was stained with alcohol and soda.
Entering the house, you immediately spotted Mali Koa’s tall frame, leaning against a wall near the stairs with a red cup cradled in one of her hand, carefully observing the teenagers around her.
Patting Ann’s shoulder, you pointed a finger towards the tan woman, and Ann nodded, understanding that you wanted to go and talk with your senior and friend. She shoved her thumb towards the kitchen, signaling that she will be there, and you gave her an ok, before moving on to Mali.
Approaching the young woman, you saw her eyes lighting up when they fell on you. Placing her cup on a nearby piece of furniture, she opened her arms and embraced you tightly, asking you how things were going and letting her coal like eyes skim over your body.
You smiled and leaned closer, bringing your face closer to hers and beginning a conversation that you would have preferred to be unfolding in a more quiet environment.
Not even 10 minutes into your conversation, Calum appeared, followed closely by Michael, and threw his arm over his sister’s shoulder. Mali threw her little brother a disapproving stare and shook her head in a scolding manner, annoyed that she got interrupted right when she was relating a funny story about one of her professors.
“Hey, Y/N. Glad to see you could come!” Calum shouted, his voice covering the music briefly, before getting lost in the ocean of sound.
“Yea, I figured I need a break.” You said, not struggling at all to be made heard by the two boys. You didn’t knew if Calum understood you or not, but he nodded and his arm dropped from his sister’s shoulder.
“Good, good. Well, have fun. And I’ll make sure Luke won’t see you.” Calum shouted, only mouthing the last part, but reading his lips, you understood and furrowed your brows in annoyance. Opening your mouth to say that you would gladly leave if not welcomed, Michael quickly interrupted you by inching closer and sneaking his arms around your bare waist.
“Don’t mind them.” Michael whispered into your ear and a deep red blotched your foundation covered skin, making it radiate heat.
“Hey, want to dance?” Michael’s hand detached from your waist, but his hand grabbed yours and pulled you slightly towards the living room. You shrugged, throwing Mali a questioning look and the tan woman nodded enthusiastically, fluttering her hand towards the dancing area.
Throwing Michael a toothy grin, you allowed him to drag you in the middle of a group of intoxicated grinding teenagers and his arms came round your waist, making you move with him.
You continuously talked about different subjects, Michael making funny faces and joking about the teachers and you felt a pang of nostalgia hit you, remembering how close you guys were before he befriended Luke.
“Hey, Y/N?” Michael asked, his eyes fixed on a point above your head.
“Yea?” You responded, your head raising slightly to look at him better and his green orbs settled on your face, a smug smirk adorning his face.
“Don’t be shocked.” He suddenly said, before lowering his head down, stopping mere millimeters away from your lips. Your eyes widened and you wanted to back off, but Mike quickly whispered you not to.
“Bite your lips.” He ordered and after he saw your lip being sucked between two rows of teeth, he did the same.
A few seconds passed and Michael straightened his back, looking at the exact same spot from before and let out a sardonic crackle. Turning around, you saw Luke pinned on the stairs, his lean body decorated by the famous leather jacket, with tattoos peeking from the collar of his shirt and hands clutching the wooden rail tightly.
Your eyes connected with his baby blue ones and even from this distance you were able to notice the anger swirling around, darkening them intensely. His orbs fell on your cherry lips and he clenched his jaw, chewing the gums, before turning around briskly, stepping down the stairs and fleeing the house through the front door.
“What’s with him?” you asked Michael, who just shrugged his shoulders, a silly grin still stretched across his face. Biting your lip in confusion, you gazed at the front door once more, before shrugging your shoulders and heading towards the kitchen in hope to find Ann.
But neither Ann nor Max could be found in the kitchen. Sighing, you poured some coke into a red cup, and getting your phone out, you texted your friend, telling her that you were heading home.
Sipping from your drink three more times, you placed it on the counter and exited through the back door. The garden was kept in darkness in order to stop people from ruining Joy’s precious flower beds, but people, mostly couples still ventured outside, hoping to find a  bit of privacy.
Illuminating your path with your phone, you walked carefully till you reached the side of the garden, where the green grass was divided from the cemented pavement by a small picket fence. Throwing a leg over it, you managed to get on the paved side that was lighted by street lamps.
Taking a few steps forward, a cold voice stopped you dead in your tracks. You clenched your purse, your ears perked up and your eyes skimmed the surrounding area, struggling to see in the darkness.
“Leaving so soon? And here I thought you were having fun.” A puff of smoke came from the shadows of a solitary tree and Luke stepped forward into the light, holding a cigarette limply in his hand.
“Yes…I’m feeling tired.” You said, taking in the shadows elongating on his sculptured face and the awkward position he kept his cigarette in.
Luke took the cig to his lips and inhaled the smoke deep into his lungs one more time, before crouching down to squish the bud on the cold pavement. He looked up from his position, and you had to admit you liked seeing Luke down at your feet.
“Well, if you wouldn’t mind, I have places to be.” You snickered, and continued walking.
“Like Michael’s bed, for example?”  Luke’s voice boomed from behind and you whipped your head towards him, widening your eyes.
The blonde stood now tall and proud, his lips fixed in a thigh line and his eyes blazing with something different than anger, but akin to it. Your breath came in short, heavy puffs and your heart pounded in your chest, almost as if it wanted to get away from your body and finally, you  understood why Luke was so feared and respected in your school.
You stayed silent, and obviously, that wasn’t the response Luke was waiting for.  He scoffed and seeing him inching closer, you backed away. But the boy was faster than you and he easily caught up, his hand shooting out and grabbing your wrist.
“Answer me! Are you… are you heading over at Michael’s?” Luke licked his lower lip, his pink tongue bumping the piercing and making it glister in the poorly illuminated street.
“So what if I am?” You asked smugly, a smile twisting your lips upwards in defiance. “It’s none of your business anyw-…”  you couldn’t continue, because Luke’s lips crashed onto yours.
Your immediate reaction was to pull away, but the blonde’s hand cupped your cheek, holding you in place. His lips mashed against yours, and although you remained impassive at first, the softness of his lips contrasted by the hard piercing made you lose yourself in the feeling.
The reaction was slow are first, but Luke was stubborn, and sensing just the slight movement he increased his fervor.  You moaned when Luke dragged his teeth over your lower hip, and the blonde smiled triumphal, not breaking the kiss.
Furrowing your eyebrows and not liking the advantage he had, you began to move your lips sensuously, slowing down the kiss at a pace you felt comfortable with. Snaking your hands in Luke’s hair, you pulled harshly and when he gasped, your tongue traced his lower lip, earning an immediate moan.
His hands slipped on your bare hips, and his touch, so different than Michael’s, burned your skin, making a shiver shake your body from head to toe. He brought you closer to his body, your chest pressing deliciously to his and his thumbs rubbed small circles on your skin.
His pink muscle darted out of his mouth and caressed your lips, hoping that you would open up to him. And you did. Your tongues met in a battle for dominance that you won, only because you tugged Luke’s hair again. Licking his piercing, you taunted him, asking him to come and play again, and he gladly accepted.
Your tongues met again, twisting together and rubbing each other. Moans escaped from both of you, but you no longer cared.  You felt intoxicated by the feeling of Luke’s lips on yours, of his fingers digging into your flesh, of your body, pressed tightly against his and unconsciously, you realized that you might actually like him.
“I-it is my business…because, because… I’m the one who likes you! “ Luke said, finally breaking the kiss. his hair sticking out and his lips glisten and red. He licked his lips, a nervous habit that you remarked and he quickly let you go,  trying to regain his composure.
“And I’m a way better kisser that Michael” He said finally, stepping away and with one last glance he disappeared into the shadows, leaving you speechless.
Shaking your head, you laughed and looked after him a few seconds, before continuing your trip home. Now this was definitely not another boring Friday night.

Ok, this is not exactly a truth or dare game, but I have seen that idea in some other fanfics and I thought that I should change it up a little. So here is jealous, bad boy Luke and a mischievous Michael. I hope you liked it, review are always welcomed and I hope you are having a great day/night!

Just Another Day

Today is your last day of rotation in the SICU; and we’re sharing two patients.

Mrs M is 29 years old, she came to us yesterday, s/p MVA, s/p craniotomy. You were there today when she became unresponsive, and part of the team who revived her. You placed a central line to her right subclavian, in the process unintentionally nicking her lung. I was there when your attending surgeon explained to you, “it happens,” and I was there while you inserted a chest tube to counteract the error, you didn’t skip a beat, although I could read the devastation on your face, and slight tremor in your hand when you turned away. I stood by you, as support, when you admitted the event to the family. A known complication, but these words are of little solace even to you, right now.  I stood close to you, as we worked on our patient who went into complete heart block, respiratory arrest, then cardiac arrest, and I stood by you in support when your attending said it was time to give up, there was no coming back from the cascade of injuries and events. I listened as you argued to be more aggressive. I share your despair, as she is young, and this shouldn’t have happened, but you are human, you made a human mistake - one you would remember for the rest of your career, and although these words are of little value, the insight and memory of your mistake will one day save another patient, and help guide another resident as they are inserting a central line.  However, these words may seem empty, right now.

But you see, you were also responsible for Ms. D is a 19 year old patient, who was in the next room to Mrs M. You were the resident on call earlier this morning when she was admitted for DXM overdose, and you saw her as a consult in the ER. In a roomful of doctors who were about to write her off as an intoxicated partying teenager, you noticed an ever so slight droop to her smile, and you looked beyond the intake of substances to see that her slurred speech was a serious warning sign You argued with the ER attending who was ready to turf her to rehab once her stomach was pumped. You advocated for a patient who presented with confusion, dizziness, blurred vision all commonly seen in DXM overdose, but you also advocated for a young girl who seemed to have no one else in  her corner to think outside the box. You fought for her to be admitted to the ICU when everyone else laughed at you, laughed at the waste of bed, but you fought it anyway. You didn’t gloat when the CT came back positive for stroke, but you saw her through the embolectomy that would eventually lead her to the SICU.  I stood with you as you managed her carefully, subtleties of bedside care that couldn’t be taught in any book, or any medical college.  At the end of the day she is smiling a full even smile,  her family is here, after a long trip across the country.  She is speaking, her voice very soft, but she isn’t confused any longer. She tells us that she has been experiencing odd intermittent floating sensations in her eyes, and numbness to right side for some time, but she was a sophomore in college, and she had taken the DXM to escape the peculiarities of her body, and devastation of a tough semester in school. I stood next to you, as you listened patiently to her story, and you explained to her that the embolectomy was successful, and she would likely go home in a few days, no neurological deficits.

I stood by you today, as you experienced the cataclysmic effects of a mistake, and I stood by you as you saved a life.

People often call caregivers heroes, yet we don’t often look at the lives we’ve impacted, but the ones behind the scenes that suffered at our hands, the impact tearing us apart, the impact guiding our practice with the patients we see beyond that mistake. We don’t think of ourselves as heroes, we’re just trying to make the best clinical decisions on any given day, and learn from the devastations & the patients who are eternally etched into our hearts.

 - A letter to an extraordinary Surgical Resident,  on an ordinary day. 

confessions of a wallflower | michael clifford

note: due to complications (because tumblr’s being a lil shit rn), this had to be reuploaded (twice!!!). sorry for any inconveniences but it’s posted once again so i hope everything turns out alright

a/n: rewatched one of my favourite films so i was inspired to make this imagine, which i hope you guys like as much as i do.

disclaimer: so this is actually very loosely inspired by the film perks of being a wallflower. the storyline isn’t similar, but in the terms of michael being a wallflower. aND THIS IS RLY SAD AT FIRST!! so if you don’t like angst, don’t read this. and this is also rlyyyyyy long (as most of my imagines are).

summary: where the reader, who associates herself with the popular crowd in school meets a loner boy named michael at a big, friday night party. she immediately finds herself intrigued by him, determined to get to know him without overstepping her boundaries.

“i can’t speak to you.”
“and why’s that?”
“i don’t deserve to.”
“that’s not true.”
“yes it is. i don’t deserve
to have anything good happen to me.”
“you, michael clifford, deserve the world.”

request for part two,
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A wallflower - 1. someone who is a type of loner that can be very shy and who is not close with other individuals. When they attend group gatherings, they may choose or feel the need to blend in and remain silent.

2. a person who, because of shyness, unpopularity, or lack of a partner, remains at the side at a party or dance.

Michael Clifford was the known to be the biggest wallflower that ever ceased to exist in this world - at least that’s what students at his school thought. Despite having three close friends, he was still labeled a wallflower because he didn’t associate himself with anyone else other than the same three people. And not to mention, but Michael absolutely hated school parties. Despised, detested. Whichever word could be used to express how much he hated those high school celebrations. He had only been to a select few of them, and every time he had went, he had been glued to the wall, never socializing with what felt like the hundreds of students that attended.

He promised himself he was never going to attend another one, but when his best friends, Calum and Ashton decided to throw one this Friday night, he couldn’t back out. Even Luke, who wasn’t too much of a party animal was extremely psyched to go. He didn’t understand how he managed to stay such good friends with those three boys. Always going out, wether it was a small outing, or a raving party. Whatever it was, he never went. He preferred to have just the same three people come over and play video games in his living room, and order an extra large pizza to fuel their hunger. And his friends never complained, they loved how laid back Michael was. But there were certain days where they didn’t just want to be restricted to his living room for their weekend nights.

Calum and Ashton begged, and pleaded, and begged again, just to make sure Michael would come to their party. Those boys were extremely liked at school, so when everyone said they were showing up, there was no denying that this really meant everyone. And Michael could not have dreaded anything more than he did with this upcoming party.

“Calum, do I still have to go?” he asked his best friend as the tanned boy rolled his eyes. “Yes, you do.” he stated firmly. “Mikey, this is gonna be the party of the year, you can’t miss out.” he added with a heavy sigh. “Oh I’m sure you’ll be just fine without me.” Michael exclaimed. “Please, Mikey. Come.” Calum pleaded, his lips curling into a pout.

He let out a sigh before nodding his head, complying to Calum’s wishes despite his unease with the whole situation.

Truthfully, Michael was really scared. It was so out of his comfort zone to be around all those social people when he himself could not have been anything more than the most introverted person there was to live. He felt like he just couldn’t click with other students like his best friends could so easily do. He felt like he couldn’t find anyone else he connected with and could provide him the friendship only Calum, Ashton and Luke could provide. In all honesty, Michael was only shy because he felt like he didn’t deserve to have a voice among all these people. He felt so little compared to them, never feeling comfortable enough to hang around them for long periods of time.

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