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This is really weird but what do you think Selina and Bruce smell like? What kind of perfume would they wear?

Hello anon!  That’s not weird at all.  I have an idea.  Here you go!

Bruce is very sensitive to smell.  This day, he can vividly recall his parents’ scent.  His mother always smelled floral and feminine while his father smelled masculine and musk.  After their deaths, Bruce clung to them as tightly as he could.  He preserved everything of theirs.  When their scent diminished with time, he locked their bedroom doors forever.  To trigger their memory, Bruce continues his father’s legacy by using the exact same products he used.

Anything Bruce uses was his dad’s favorite.  He uses the same brands his dad used.  That comes down to his dad’s preferred shaving gel, cologne, etc…Bruce either gets it delivered or has Alfred pick it up for him (let’s be honest.  Bruce HATES shopping).  Thomas Wayne had several brands of colognes he used (all gifts from Martha), but Martha loved Armani (refined and elegant) and Yves Saint Laurent (sophistication).  Bruce updates to the latest scent with the times, but he continues to use the same two brands.  When it comes to grooming habits, he adopted his dad’s routine.  Before the Wayne murders, Thomas and Bruce bonded over Thomas’ daily routine.  Thomas noticed Bruce was curious, so he made sure to include him in everything he could.  

When Selina came along, everything changed for Bruce.  He was suddenly aware of everything about himself and his girlfriend.  One of his favorite quirks about Selina is that she absolutely adores his scent.  Every time he took a shower, Selina would bury her nose in his chest, his middle back, or his neck (it’s her favorite since it’s his weak spot).  

She loves the naturally masculine scent of Bruce.  He smells of earth.  Selina has often referred to him smelling like sandalwood, which she loves.   Because of this, Selina bought Bruce Armani Pour Homme, which mixes citrus scents of jasmine and lavender (Selina swears the scent calms her down) with spices such as cinnamon and coriander.  The cologne has a base of sandalwood, which is a natural and instant turn-on for Selina.  She believes the scent mixes well with his natural scent.

Bruce loves Selina’s scent.  He relates it to jasmine, which is very fitting considering it is also nicknamed “Queen of the night,” and cultivated in Egypt. It is a powerful smell Bruce considers heavy and seductive.  Selina’s specific scent is one of the first things Bruce noticed about her, and it’s forever ingrained in his memory.  He considers it exceptionally feminine and intoxicating.  It evokes the feeling of peace and tranquility, which calms Bruce’s nerves.

Thanks to Alfred’s suggestion, Bruce once bought Selina Acqua Di Gioia Jasmine.  It’s an Armani brand (of course), but Selina loves it.  She wears it on special occasions because she’s such a tease.

Selina has an extensive collection of perfumes (all for “special” occasions).  Her favorite is Chanel No 5.  It was the perfume she was wearing when she met Batman.

Because Pamela is currently rehabilitating, she works for monetary compensation in botany, essential oils, etc. Selina went to her upon finding out Bruce’s beloved scents he adopted from his father.  He has no idea, but many of the soaps Selina gives to him is of sandalwood.  Selina’s soaps (and etc,) are a “special blend” that enhances her natural scent.  Maybe that’s why Bruce is nearly obsessed with her scent.  Maybe not :).

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Just saw your 'I love you' post. Gaaaaawd! I LOVE those two! Was wondering if you could help me out, there's a scene I keep remembering, but I can't seem to place it, whether it was in the books or just a fic lol, but it's a scene where C/J are in a lean to or something and he's asking if she wants a baby, she says no but she loves him. It isn't on your list so just wondering if I'm imagining things or did that happen at some point?

Hi anon - it’s a scene from The Fiery Cross.

For context: Jamie and Claire have come into possession of a baby who is all alone in the world, abandoned by her mother and no father in sight. Being in such close proximity to this baby reminds Claire of when she carried Brianna - and Faith - and she gets to thinking about how Jamie never saw her hold either of their children.

Jamie is acutely aware of this. He is also aware that he and Claire have come across a newborn who is clearly in need - and, as they have so many times before, he is prepared to take this child into his family.

“If ye want the child, Claire, I will take her, and manage whatever comes.”

If I wanted her. I could feel the soft weight of the child, sleeping on my breast. I had forgotten the intoxication of motherhood for years; pushed aside the memory of the feelings of exaltation, exhaustion, panic, delight. Having Germain and Jemmy and Joan nearby, though, had reminded me vividly.

“And manage whatever comes.” Here Jamie makes clear that he wants what Claire wants. If she wants the child, he’ll raise it as his own - like he did with Fergus, and Marsali, and (later) Fannie.

Especially because he so wants to give Claire the gift of motherhood.

“For my sake,” he said firmly, addressing the air in front of him as though it were a tribunal, “I dinna want ye to bear another child. I wouldna risk your loss, Sassenach,” he said, his voice suddenly husky. “Not for a dozen bairns. I’ve daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, grandchildren—weans enough.”

He looked at me directly then, and spoke softly.

“But I’ve no life but you, Claire.”

He swallowed audibly, and went on, eyes fixed on mine.

“I did think, though … if ye do want another child … perhaps I could still give ye one.”

Here Jamie plainly shows Claire - admits to her, for the first time ever - that he feels…inadequate, or guilty that he couldn’t have given her more children during their younger years. So he will do whatever it takes to give her more. In whatever way he can.

Because he loves her so deeply. Always puts her first.

And Claire knows this. It takes her breath away.

And reminds her that she doesn’t need to care for another child - not at this point in her life. She’s been there and done that. That phase of her life is other.

She needs to remind Jamie that she doesn’t resent him, or feel bad, that they weren’t able to conceive more children.

And she needs to remind him just how deeply she admires and appreciates him, and his selflessness, and his sacrifices.

I knew. As a mother, I had the lightness now of effort complete, honor satisfied. Mission accomplished.

I leaned my forehead against his chest and spoke into the shadowed cloth above his heart.

“No,” I said softly. “But, Jamie … I so love you.”

What could go wrong?

We were all at a casino. I stuck with Reid and JJ. Morgan was with Garcia and Prentiss. Hotch and Rossi disappeared deep into the game room. As we walked around, we spotted the bar and ordered a few drinks.
“It’s on me, guys.” I state over the noise.
“No way!” Reid shouts as he takes yet another shot, his fourth of the night. “I shall not rest until you’ve received every cent!”
“Calm down with the alcohol, Spence,” warned JJ.
“NEVER!” He screamed as he gulped down another shot.
“Gosh, Spencer. I’ve never seen this side of you.” I said, laughing.
“Do you like it?” He asked, shifting closer to me with an eyebrow raised. I doubled over laughing. He frowned and JJ soon left to find Emily. “Soooooo…” Reid said, breaking the silence, struggling to keep his balance.
“Poker?” I suggested.
“Yeah.” I walked over to one of those virtual poker games. He followed, stumbling with every step. After about an hour, Reid won over 3,000 dollars.
“Wow.” I stared at him in awe. “How do you do that? Especially like this.”
“It’s just simple mathematics based in statistics. I can… show you my method.” He smirked and winked, some sort of Casanova.
“Yeah, that’d be great.” I laughed.

~~~~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~~~~

After about a hour of him showing me his poker mathematics theories and tricks, I finally got the hang of it. I played a game alone and I felt his eyes on me, watching my every move, my every tap of the screen. I had trouble for a little while, losing every bet 10 times in a row. I suddenly felt his chest against my back.
“Here. Let me help you out there.” He picked up my hand and rested it on the table beside the screen. He proceeded to draw cards and make higher bets.
“Straight flush.” He whispered to himself. I stared at him and his every move. His finger strokes playing cards and his eyes darting left and right, thinking about his next move. He looks so adorable in deep thought. When I looked up from the screen, I caught him looking at me. He blushed and continued to earn hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.
“See. I want to do that.”
“I just probably have that special touch.” He winked at me and kept playing. He was still positioned behind me, his chest closely pressed on my back. His presence felt nice. He looked curiously at me as though he could see my thoughts were somewhere else.
“Are you alright?” He looked genuinely concerned, as if he could feel my train of thought leaving the station. I snapped back into reality. He was looking at me curiously. Studying me?
“I’m fine. I was just, erm, thinking.” I quickly confessed.
“About me?” He laughed.
“What? No. Why do you say that?” I panicked, the sweat probably pouring down like a rainstorm.
“You don’t remember what you just said? Statistically women are presented with taking greater affect to alcohol than men, including memory blackouts and any feeling of sickness post-intoxication.”
“Thanks, Wikipedia. What did I say?”
“That, erm, that I look cute when I’m in deep thought.” He said, with a slight blush.
“Shit, I said that out loud?” He laughed and nodded. “Nice one, (y/n).”
“It’s fine. I could say the same for you.” He smiled at me, gently placing his hand on my shoulder, stroking his fingers down my arm. I looked away, trying to conceal the spread of a blush on my face.
“Erm, what time is it?” I ask, trying to avoid eye contact. I reach for his phone and notice it is 11:47. “Maybe we should go look for the rest of the team.” I suggested, about to get up, when he placed his hand onto mine.
“Or. We could stay here. And just talk. No rambling. I promise.” He said with a smile.
“But, the team. They’ll be looking for us and-” He proceeded to dramatically shush me, a finger to my lips.
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I smile and give in to his gesture. I mean, what could wrong?