So my blog just hit 3 years and 800 followers. I know that’s not much to some of you, but to this old hag who has nothing to contribute, it’s a lot! 

So I just wanted to say thank you very much!

Special thanks to special friends that have made me feel welcome from the very beginning. @thedameloves, @intowhiteness, @euphorbic, @widgenstain, @letosatie @theelaborationsofabadliar, @butterynutjob, @chase820!

And to newer friends! @pr0paganda, @candycherik,  @messedupmcavoyer@mustangsally78, @avengeful-bunny, @l-p-r-o-c-k, @clickthefrog, @jensmishapie@msmiamimiwritesfic

And to all the friends I didn’t name!