Installation project by Intolight uses Kinect depth cameras to control both physical and virtual spaces through movement and gestures:

Imagine you could turn on or dim the light in your room without touching a single switch. Imagine a coffee machine reacting as you approach it. Imagine your stereo would adjust its volume to the way you move. With DX11.Pointcloud intolight created a cutting-edge computational tool for finding meaning in space. It allows us to finely detect and track physical objects or bodies in 3D space, interpreting them as ever-changing clouds of three-dimensional pixels.

This technology can enhance the user experience in many fields of application, ranging from game design and education to advertising and marketing. It enables us to use the presence or movement of humans or objects in many fields, with interactive art and design leading the way. It even helped us create a virtual, location-independent music instrument which you can catch a glimpse of towards the end of our video.

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[H/T: @defteriminarkayuzu ]