Hate crime maps reveal the most prejudiced places in America

At least 6,593 hate crimes occurred in 2012, according to hate crime data compiled by the University of Michigan.

The maps below reveal where different groups are most likely to be victims of hate crimes. Each county is colored based on its hate crime rate, the number of hate crimes per 100,000 residents in 2012. The worst offenders and their hate crime rates are called out in each map.

We’re looking at you Boise county.

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Just to make things clear

Guys, not every girl is interested in you. Deal with it.

Girls, not every guy is interested in you. Deal with it.

Guys, not every homosexual male is interested in you.

Girls, not every homosexual female is interested in you.

Guys, homosexual females will not be swayed with the right “persuasion.”

Girls, homosexual males will not be swayed with the right “persuasion.”

Guys, homosexual females were not hurt by a man.

Girls, homosexual females are not “attention whores”.

Guys, homosexual males are not a “threat to your masculinity”.

Girls, homosexual males are not pets to aspire to have as your “fashionable gay best friend.”

Everyone, homosexual male does not mean they are feminine.

Everyone, homosexual female does not mean they are “butch”.

Everyone, bisexuals are NOT defined by who they are currently in a relationship with. They are still bisexual.

Everyone, asexual spectrum does not mean frigid.

Everyone, aromantic spectrum does not mean they use people.

Everyone, pansexual does not mean interested in EVERYONE.

Everyone, heterosexual does not mean intolerant, prejudiced, or “right”.

These things also do not mean someone is NOT one of these things. The point is that when a trait of an individual is generalized to an entire group, the generalization is wrong, no matter how widely believed it is.

I almost hate to even post this picture because it’s disgusting, but I’m making a point: I see folks on tumblr trying to play the moral equivalency game and saying that Christians are actually the most hateful and intolerant, and that Charlie Hebdo was asking for retaliation because they had no right to be disrespectful and bigoted toward someone’s faith. But how many Christian extremists tried gun him down for stuff like this? And how much of this moral outrage was happening when cartoons like this were posted? Oh, that’s right, it’s only wrong to make fun of other people’s faith if they aren’t Christian. Get off your high horse, tumblr. You couldn’t actually care less about religious mockery in general.

Colorado baker stands by his beliefs, will no longer sell wedding cakes to anyone, gay or straight

It’s what the intolerant gay activist mob wanted.  When Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig decided to sue the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Colorado because he refused to bake them a cake for their wedding, they weren’t really looking for a cake.  They were looking to punish a man for his religious beliefs.  

It looks like they got their way, but owner Jack Phillips isn’t backing away from his beliefs, even if it ends up costing him his business.

from Washington Examiner:

Wedding cakes are no longer on the menu at Lakewood, Colo.-based Masterpiece Cake Shop.

Owner Jack Phillips will stop offering wedding cake services in the wake of a ruling that his shop must sell cakes for same-sex wedding ceremonies, despite his religious objections.

The ordeal began in 2012 when Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig solicited a cake for their wedding from Phillips’ shop. They were turned down by Phillips, who has been a Christian for 35 years and whose religious convictions do not permit him to endorse same-sex weddings. At the time, Phillips told the men “I’ll make you birthday cakes, shower cakes, sell you cookies and brownies, I just don’t make cake for same-sex weddings.“

The couple responded with an obscene hand gesture (courtesy of Mullins) and an airing of grievances over Facebook. "It was the most awkward, surreal, very brief encounter,” Mullins said. “We got up to leave, and to be totally honest, I said, ‘F*** you and your homophobic cake shop.’ And I may or may not have flipped him off.”

They then took their case to the Colorado civil rights commission, claiming unlawful discrimination.

The commission — composed of three Democrats, three unaffiliated members and one Republican — agreed by affirming the decision of administrative law judge Robert N. Spencer, who ruled against Masterpiece Cakes.

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We’ve covered this before.  Nobody’s rights are violated when a person refuses to bake a cake.  The couple was free to choose another baker, but Jack Phillips wasn’t free to choose new customers.  Instead, he’s saying goodbye to a substantial portion of his business.  

This is story is about intolerance, the intolerance of activists against Jack Phillips’ beliefs. Sadly, the bullies won. 

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Hate-filled intolerance mob gloat about Truett Cathy's death on Twitter

The intolerance mob is so predictable.  They claim that they want tolerance for all people, but it’s simply not true.  They cannot tolerate anybody like Truett Cathy.  Although Chick-fil-a never discriminated against gays, the intolerance mob seethes with hate for Cathy because he donated to causes that affirmed his Biblical values on marriage and sexuality. 

For the intolerance mob, the death of somebody who disagreed with them is time to gloat, and that’s what they’re doing today.  

(Profanity warning…obviously)

Twitchy is collecting more of these.  Again, it’s important to remember what the issue at hand is.  Truett Cathy did not discriminate against gays.  Chick-fil-a serves anybody who walks through the door.  Chick-fil-a has gay employees.  But no, the intolerance mob rejoices about his death because he believed in something. 

It’s ironic that they spread such vitriol in the name of “tolerance.”  Just read the tweets, and it’s not hard to see: they’re the least tolerant people out there.

Thought for the day

Religious conservatives are constantly hating on LGBTQIA+ people for not conforming to their mythical gender rules about who to love.


Intolerance is the scourge of society, not love in any of its endless variations.

Heart source

My dad and I got into an argument last night because I’m white and my boyfriend isn’t. He says he “doesn’t believe in interracial anything”. He keeps telling me that I’m being stupid and childish, that one day I’ll “grow up and realize”, that my relationship is WRONG.