Part 7

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  2,018

Author’s Note:  I wrote a solid 6.5K words toward this story on my last day off here, so please enjoy! As always please let me know what you think, I love hearing from you <3 (Also, I think I solved the tag problem? Let me know.)

Cyrillic Key:   Выпьем за то, чтобы у нас всегда был повод для праздника! - May we always have a reason to party!

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Huffing out a nervous breath, you inspected yourself one last time in the mirror in Scotty’s quarters. All of your clothes were still in his closet, so instead of opting to take them all back to your temporary quarters, you chose instead to bring a few garments in at a time and try them on.

Your taste changed drastically since before you joined Starfleet, apparently. Before you tended for clothes that disguised more of your bodily flaws, but the new you, the hypothetical you, liked to flaunt what she had.

Turning around, you cocked your head to the side and tried to decide if the back view of this dress was what you were going for or not.

The dress was the swingiest that you could find; in fact, it was the only one without a tapered skirt. It flowed around your knees enough that you felt that your hips were somewhat camouflaged, but it had no arms and you couldn’t find any camisoles or the like in your collection, so you opted to just rough it. It was either this or that skin-tight number that had full sleeves and much shorter skirt.

Stepping out of the bathroom, you carefully tucked your folded clothes away where you found them, acutely aware of Scotty standing in front of the window looking out over the planet with a tumbler of Scotch in his hand.

“How do I look?” you ventured, carefully stepping forward. You winced, afraid of the answer.

Scotty turned slightly and his eyes softened around the edges.

“I always loved that one,” he said quietly. “You look great.”

You twitched a smile and wound around the couch to stand next to him. Scotty wore one of his insanely patterned shirts, one with multi-coloured, miniscule florets all over it. He looked relaxed and you weren’t sure if it was the lack of uniform or the alcohol.

“Wanna drink?” Scotty offered, taking a sip of his.

“I’ll wait until we’re planetside,” you decided, looking down at the beautiful globe below. The sun was setting on the area you were headed for and the sea on the edge of the continent glowed vermillion in the star’s wake. “Is it alright if I’m nervous?”

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anyways, seeing as its autumn now i shall give you all a kokona outside in ze cold, and im once again experimenting with brushes, dont know how long this phase is gonna last but well see i guess? and yes, kokona haruka, the girl form the yandere game, i like her :3

so ye enjoy 

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(rp starter =) ) On a windy night, in a dark alley of New York City. Two turtle tots hug each in a empty dumpster trying to sleep. "I-Ima me cold" the younger turtle tot says "im cold too ze-ze" the older one says when suddenly they hear a noise and both start to shake in fear "M-monster!" the young one 'ze-ze' hugs 'ima' his older sister scared.

Leo heard shaking in a dumpster and walked over and opened the lid

Lego House Part Five || What If: Baby || Mitch and Darcy

When Mitch had come home from work, he had asked if ze had any of hir pregnancy books left. It was a bit of a surprise; ze hadn’t looked at them in a long time. They were collecting dust in one of their bookshelves upstairs. Ze hadn’t thought about reading them this time around. Ze remembered them so well from the last time and remembered what to expect every week or so that ze didn’t really needed to read them again.

Darcy gave a couple of the books to him. Mitch sat at the dinner table reading while ze worked on making dinner. He seemed fascinated. Darcy had told him as much as ze could when ze was pregnant with Gabby, but there was something’s ze left out because they were just too….ze didn’t think Mitch would want to hear them.

Back then, ze didn’t like complaining much, either. Some of the things seemed so little that Darcy didn’t need to mention them. Ze would tell him about the heart burn and the leg cramps, those types of things so they could both look up things to help. Ze ended up drinking water like crazy and avoiding foods that had even a hint of hot spices in it.

Other things ze didn’t want to mention. They would sound a bit weird to him. Things like vaginal discharge, constipation, and that one time ze had a cold in the spring and sneezed so hard ze peed hirself a little. Darcy hopes Mitch never finds out about that. He’d probably tease hir just like hir mom did, who had been there. 

No Room In The Inn | AU

Coldness. That’s all ze felt. The body caging such a strong force of nature was numb from mottled toes to matted hair. It was all paralyzingly dark. Isolating. Lonely.

A sudden flash of pain went up the prone spine until a scream was ripped from dry lips. All around the young child was the intensified sound of roaring winds to feed the generator that had slowed down just moments before the request was administered. That’s what ze had been told at the age of 12 when zirs arms were first strapped down to the restraint table and feet were broken to make escape impossible. The child of 15 was here to power the lab because ze was a freak of genetics. The scientists above were still busy trying to find and isolate the anomaly that caused such powers. Ze was mutated into something more than human. Something worthy of punishment; a monster.

Once, ages before, ze had been called Pai. A happy child who felt no pain… But no longer were such memories haunting the child’s head. It had been too long in the freezing dark to remember a family or any detail of what happened before the present. Pai didn’t know how long ze had been here. Too long. An eternity. Too long.…

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BUT WHAT IF harry is the witch-in-training librarian with a penchant for having inside jokes with temperamental 500 year old tomes. and liam is the Regular who comes in looking for books on goat care a lot and harry is v enamored bc obvs this cute lil goat carer is an unknowing regular Regular. he giggles with his whole body! he wears pants! he has a watch!! 

so harry’s been keeping the book whispering to a minimum, ordering all the stacks to be on their best behavior, trying to be gentle with this darling Regular while also sighing at his very lovely, well shaped back.

naturally, one day zayn wanders out from the observatory hiccuping blue like, “i’m divorcing niall and louis.”

“no, you aren’t,” harry says, tickling a novel on modern satanism to get it to sneeze off its dust.

“i could,” zayn hiccups and then looks over harry’s shoulder, “oh hey, payno. how’s the necromancy today?”

and harry squawks and maybe a few feathers floof out of zir hair.


harry turns to see liam’s shoulders shaking a bit, eyes nearly lost to crinkles, boot cut jeans and a belt, for odin’s sake. he looks so normal.

“shhh,” liam stage whispers to zayn, “harry is wooing me like Regulars do.”

zayn hiccups a laugh. harry glares at them both and then conjures a raincloud to try half-heartedly drown them both.

it’s not all that bad though, harry thinks, watching the two of them gasp and curse at the cold. now ze and liam can try flirting for real. harry has a few tons of jack-o-lantern mushroom incense that might do the trick nicely. also, liam looks excellent soaked. harry is a genius.

Something Great || What if: Star, Part Four || Mitch and Darcy

“Okay, I know you like the guy but I’m sure it’s not worth risking your health over.” Claire was brushing her hair in the mirror and watching Darcy in the refection. Ze had caught someone’s cold in the last few days. It’s the fall and ze is always getting sick off and on. It’s hir allergies and the cold and rainy weather.

Soon it was going to officially be winter. It was going to be Thanksgiving next week and ze wasn’t looking forward to it. Ze was going to see Tessa, John and Maisie but the rest of hir family…it was like a train wreck. Half of the family would get drunk and yell at each other. Ze would take Maisie up to hir room so they didn’t have to deal with it.

It was Mitch’s concert at the school tonight. Ze’d been talking to him when he was able to. That’d text each other at least once a day and be able to talk on the phone, skype of face time every once and a while. Mitch was having a great time and ze had homework to keep hir busy. Hopefully his next break will be in the summer.

“It’s a free concert,” Darcy says and Claire rolls her eyes at the reference, “I wouldn’t pass that up.” It’s mainly been sleeping too much, which is normal with school, and headaches and nauseous. Ze couldn’t miss any school, not this early in the year. It would go away soon enough.

“Alright,” Claire set the brush down on her counter, “but if you feel worse during the concert, I’m dragging your ass out of there and taking you back to your dorm.”

“Yeah, deal.” Darcy takes hir hand and pulls hir up from the head. Mitch said he wanted to meet Claire after the concert and ze’s kept that a secret. Ze wants to surprise her. Ze promised Mitch she wasn’t a crazy fan. There were going to be some there and they won’t be on the floor like they were going to be.

They told her mom they were leaving and then were out the door.