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Natsu…. And everything became SILENT again ( its arms were around her neck ; it was there ; please don’t suffocate her ). She didn’t know what to say – it was all meant for his health, for his LIFE ( or was it so ; is it the truth ? )I didn’t mean— But hush. She wasn’t allowed to TALK anymore. She didn’t need him to be angry for silence; she would shut herself up. Her words are UNNECESSARY, yet her arms never leave – they only tighten ( do not cry ; cannot cry ; not allowed to cry ). It was not COMFORT, it was not the best, but she would be there for him. Just like how she had stayed by him all the while. How she had given up her outside life for his bedside ( but he wouldn’t know that )

Sam finishing up a 36cm globe in Prussian Blue

Continuing on with #GlobeFacts

In 1997, the Malaysian state of Kelantan decreed that the lights would be kept on in all movie cinemas in order to deter people from kissing and cuddling

The Sultanate of Kedah on the Malay Peninsula is one of the oldest in the world, established in A.D. 1136

One of the indigenous fruits found in Malaysia is the pomelo (Citrus maxima), which is the largest citrus fruit in the world

It can reach the size of a small football and weighs from 2.2–6.7 lbs

Found in 1991, Perak Man is the oldest (about 11,000 years old) and the only complete human skeleton to be found in Peninsular Malaysia

Some buildings in Malaysia do not have a fourth floor. They are replaced by “3A” as the sound of four (sì) is similar to the sound of death in Chinese (sĭ)

Petronas is the only Malaysian company in the Fortune Global 500

One of the most profitable companies in the world, it accounted for about a third of the Malaysian government’s estimated RM 183 billion (US $55 billion) revenue in 2011.

Malaysia has nine distinct royal families, or hereditary state rulers, the highest number in the world

The Malaysian king (Yang di-Pertuan Agong) is elected from these for a 5-year term as ceremonial head of state

Bario, in Sarawak’s Kelabit Highlands, is the most isolated settlement in Malaysia, There are no roads in this remote corner and everything has to be transported by airplane

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