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JESUS CHRIST, HAJRUNDIN HAS A PAST WITH LINLIN. Oda better build something with this!

THIS! ^^^^

I’m so happy I got to see my boy Hajrudin again so soon (even if it’s just his child self)!

I don’t know why, but I loved him in Dressrosa for some reason.

I’d love to see Hajrudin appear out of nowhere and save the day, but Oda maybe plans to make Linlin and him meet each other later in the story. Who knows.

I’m also happy to see Oimo and Kashi again, waiting for Dorry and Broggy to finish their duel and come back.

Thanks for the ask!

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I liked what Oda did with Mother Caramel's design. Sure, as a young woman, he went for the same thing as always, but as and old woman her design actually looks somehow appropriated for a woman her age (even if a little young), which is saying a lot, considering Shakky's existence

Shakky’s existence baffles me, to be honest. She must be at least 60 and she still looks like she’s in her late 30s or early 40s. I’m starting to think she found the Fountain of Youth or something of the sort, because her youthful appearance is not normal.

As for Mother Carmel’s design, Oda went for the Robin/Viola style for her younger self and he took the Gloriosa AKA Elder Nyon route for her older self. I do agree that her current appearance suits her age and I’m happy for it. 

I can’t say the same for her extremely lenient ways when it comes to handling Linlin, though.

Thanks for the ask!

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Could we get Human Prince Sidon flirting with link 😄😄 please

You don’t…you don’t wanna go for a ride, do you?
We could get out of the palace, see the world.
- *Is it safe?*
- Sure, do you trust me?
- *What?*
- Do you trust me?
- *Yes…*

Yes, i put Link/Jasmine phrase on * because i totally love mute link ahah

An Aladdin AU would not have a lot of sense since Sidon is the real prince but…. Idk, this scene inspire me ahah i hope you like it

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What IS Linlin, though? The chapter referred to her as human, and her parents seemed normal enough. Yet she's as big as a Giant, and seemingly monstrously strong and invulnerable from 5 years old age

That, my dear Anon, is a mystery.

I admit I thought Big Mom was going to be a giantess or a half-giant, at least. I never expected her to be a “regular” human, much less for her to have average-sized parents.

I mean, people have compared this to Shirahoshi’s size, who is even bigger than King Neptune himself, but we know fishfolk and merefolk genetics work differently, as Den explained on Fishman Island (One Piece chapter 616Anniversary of Revenge”), so she might have some sort of gigantic ancestor, which is where she got her size from.

Big Mom, on the other hand, I’m clueless as to what caused her to be so huge. People are saying she was experimented on or something, because we were already told that the Government has been trying to create artificial giants for years, if not centuries. So that might be an explanation yet I somehow doubt it, because Oda’s decided to skip those 5 years since Linlin was born and go straight to the time she was abandoned in Elbaf. IF she had been experimented on, I think he would have made a point to tell us and not skip it like he’s done.

I’m really at a loss here.

Thanks for the ask!

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I clicked at the "into the new world" video seven hours ago. Ever since, I've watched every single performance of that song, rehearsals and edits of the girls harmonizing. After this little obsession, I've moved to Jessica (because her voice was flawless) and she really is a Goddess. I can't stop now, simply can't stop.

Into The New World is Girls’ Generation most iconic (and debut) song.

So happy that a lot of you are getting into Jessica Godsica (YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!11!!!1!), so for those of you who haven’t ~yet~ she’s the singing Goddess with the bow in the video above.

Not only this song is Girls’ Generation signature song (to be honest it’s not their most famous song) but also it’s actually become a protest song in Korea.

This is actually cute and powerful (the song has a great message) and I’m really happy that korean people chose this song to protest in a peaceful yet powerful way.

You rock people.


Into the New World is so iconic that it’s breaking gender barriers