If I could tell her
Tell her everything I see
If I could tell her
How she’s everything to me
But we’re a million worlds apart
And I don’t know how I would even start.

If I Could Tell Her, from Dear Evan Hansen

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I clicked at the "into the new world" video seven hours ago. Ever since, I've watched every single performance of that song, rehearsals and edits of the girls harmonizing. After this little obsession, I've moved to Jessica (because her voice was flawless) and she really is a Goddess. I can't stop now, simply can't stop.

Into The New World is Girls’ Generation most iconic (and debut) song.

So happy that a lot of you are getting into Jessica Godsica (YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!11!!!1!), so for those of you who haven’t ~yet~ she’s the singing Goddess with the bow in the video above.

Not only this song is Girls’ Generation signature song (to be honest it’s not their most famous song) but also it’s actually become a protest song in Korea.

This is actually cute and powerful (the song has a great message) and I’m really happy that korean people chose this song to protest in a peaceful yet powerful way.

You rock people.