THE HNK PV IS OUT AND IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What if all my bois would be a gang? This will be interesting! 
I also draw them in this way so you all can see who is the tallest and bla bla bla ;D 

There was a real story on that one of my friend really thought first that Jamba is a smurf….


Maegor writes into law multiple sanctions against the Faith in an attempt to finally put an end to their rebellion. Holy men are no longer permitted to bear arms, and those who speak out against Maegor’s restrictions will be harshly punished. He also offers gold dragons for the scalps of Warrior’s Sons and silver stags for the scalps of Poor Fellows.


The attraction features 7 original songs sung by Mater and performed by a Disneyland Park favorite, Billy Hill & the Hillbillies.

Where’s Mater? He’s tucked away in his shed where he’s singing and operating his ingenious improvised jukebox—made out of discarded oil drums, hubcaps, hoods, horns, mufflers and other assorted auto parts.

cookiejar-raider  asked:

So what if a space player's land, didn't have frogs on it? In other words, what if they had to find the frogs, somewhere else in the game or pull a frog from space itself? What if their lands title didn't have anything to do with frogs? Primarily thinking of a knight of space.

Hmmmmm… well from what we know from canon, every Space player’s land is a Land of ___ and Frogs. If their land had no frogs, then the session would be impossible to win. If they have a Rogue/Thief of Void teammate or some other person in the game who can conjure frogs from nothing. If there were none, maybe they could use a Time player to go back in time to Earth/Alternia/wherever your story takes place and grab them while the Space player used the frog breeding machinery. Perhaps a Space player who can scan all of Paradox Space for frogs that have been scattered all over, but that doesn’t sound much like the quest for a Knight of Space.

In the end, it’s up to you to figure out how well the land can fit into your session and if you can find a reason for it being that way. The easy thing to do is to keep the land’s standard naming conventions, but no one ever got anywhere by playing it safe.

Good luck!