You know…I’ve always heard how women get paid less than men for doing the same exact job, but I’ve never had to go through that experience until today.

I was an office assistant for an engineering company during the entire summer. I worked either 4 or 5 days every week and did whatever they needed me to do.

Going into the semester they told me that if I found someone to replace me, I would have more intern responsibilities and that I would be doing more engineering work.

Within a week I found a replacement and he gets hired. When I was training him today, we got to talking about whether or not I like the company. I told him I like that I get paid $12 an hour because it’s more than minimum wage and plus the company is great. He kinda made a weird face like he knew something. I asked him what was up and he responded with oh that’s not what our boss offered me. I said better or worse than I’m getting paid? He told me he’s getting $15 an hour.

The guy that I found to replace me had no prior experience in engineering and is a student just like me. The only thing different was that he had other work experience prior to working at our company but does not relate to engineering.

The new assistant is a white male, and good looking and I’m confident that that’s the only reason he’s getting paid more than I am. Strictly because he’s a male. He isn’t even working full time like I was during the summer.

This right here is why I need feminism. There should not be a wage gap. I deserve to get paid the same as him or even more now because I am a step above him.


Professor Janice Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa discusses the lack of empathy for men in western culture. Excellent stuff, if I had the money I’d have it in every ad break on every TV station for the next 10 years.

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“Wasn’t that she didn’t need us. Just that we had forgotten what we were, with all that fear. Her cannon lit the way, but the Blessing carved a path. For a while, we were…Pack. That unity forced us to remember what we stood to lose. And when we reached the City walls, when we were safe, no one cared.

It didn’t matter.  We remembered ourselves. We remembered our shield-brothers. And we remembered how to fight. Will you remember, when the time comes? Will you remember the beauty of the new dawn?”

[End recording]

- Cryptarch Records // Twilight Gap // Anonymous Journal
Ellen DeGeneres Launches New GapKids Clothes That Challenge Gender Stereotypes
Ellen DeGeneres' new offering at GapKids features clothes for 'every girl.'

“Ellen DeGeneres is already well known for eschewing traditional gender stereotypes. Now the lesbian comedian has announced GapKids x ED, a new collection for Gap Kids that is for every girl no matter “whether they skateboard or dance, wear dresses or jeans, build forts or paint rainbows, or everything in between.”

Featuring more gender neutral colors like beige, grey, brown, and green, the line features uplifting slogans like “Be your own hero.” One popular top bears a quotation from William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream: “And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

“We focus so much on our differences and that is creating a lot of chaos and negativity and bullying in the world,” DeGeneres says in a promotional video for the clothes. “And I think that if we focus on what we all have in common which is ‘we all just want to be happy’ that would be a lot better.”

Read the full piece and watch the video here