Mind blown whilst reading more of the theory underlying my lab.

“Lets examine what is going on in the chaos game. Information from the roll of the die is random. The system has no idea where it is going, until the dice is rolled. Forecasting the direction of the system is impossible. Yet, once the system receives information, it is processed according to internal, deterministic rules. The result is a limited range of possibilities, but the number of possibilities is infinite.”

NCT 127 beating the energy gap! (LIMITLESS VERSION)

Inspired by @thirsty-for-jae‘s beat the energy gap videos so I made this one for you!! Hope it’s alright hahahaha!

If you don’t know the audio is, this is from the latest Milo Commercial in from Philippines!

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anonymous asked:

Do you think wage discrimination still exist with women? despite it being illegal since the 60s?

That’s a really odd way of putting it.

Try it this way.

“Do you think drug use still exist? despite it being illegal since the 60s?”

Just making something illegal doesn’t stop it. And obviously there are still morons who engage in this.  I myself was once told by a boss to a hire a man full time“because he is a man and has a responsibility to put food on the table” (this occurred in 2014, the line should be said in a heavy accent, and I did what I had originally planned to do which was hire him part time, I no longer work there…and in case you’re really wondering it’s harder than you think to actually report this to the government if you’re not the victim.  If you’re not the victim they don’t seem to care, trust me I called.)

But the real question is not “does it still exist?”  The question should be “does it still exist to a large degree?” Because a few outliers should not be taken as a general rule. 

The idea that men make more than women is a gross distortion of the truth. It’s only true if you ignore all relevant detail.  It’s like saying that people in their 40’s make more than people in their 20’s and blaming age discrimination.  Factually the wage gap is true, but it ignores all the relevant reasons as to why it’s true.

Did you know that women in their 20’s make more money than their male counterparts in the same field?

Did you know that when you correct for experience and education and the job then women of any age earn more? (See Thomas Sowell’s book Economic Facts and Fallacies for more on this) It’s just that women take these large swaths of time off from their careers…the Obama administration can find no explanation but sexism for the time women take off from their jobs.

Since women in their 20′s are making more than men in their 20′s, actually if you had equal work for equal pay it means most men should be making more…hmmm…..oh wait because we’ve put in card check and unfair practices at the federal labor board everyone will be in a unions with a few year whether they want to be or not.  Thus we will all be getting paid the same, irrespective of education, work, merit, seniority or skill.

Or consider the fact that 93% of all workplace fatalities are men.  Did anyone want to talk about workplace equality for this?  Or did anyone want to consider this suggest that men are statistically taking more dangerous jobs which pay more for the risk, thus accounting for the discrepancy between wages when you consider ALL MEN and ALL WOMEN.

Yes when you consider all men to all women men make more.  But when you look at the same job for two people with the same education and years of experience, women make more.

Women you want to make more?  Take jobs that pay more and don’t take off time to have children.  That’s all you have to do, value income more than a job you may enjoy and value income more than having a family. Statistically that’s all you have to do and you will make more than your male counterparts.  You don’t need legislation.

Also even with the very little that does occur do we need laws like the Lilly Lebbetter Act?  Nope.  We need laws that make it so discrimination has to be something public and thus the people who might discriminate will (A) be cowards and make the choice to not make their hate public and (B) since they’ve bought in to making the choice they will likely not go against it (psychologically once you choose to conform you are consistent in that choice) and © put in real punishments for violations of that as described in my suggestion for real anti-discrimination laws.

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