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I admire how confident you are in your judgment of endgame Klance and it gives me hope but I reeeeeally don't wanna get my hopes up still since I never really had the best experience with otps. But Klance has so much potential if they do take the romantic route for those two it could play out so well. However speaking from an objective lens, their rival to friends to family dynamic is just as strong even if romance doesn't become a part of it. So romantic or not Klance is beautiful either way.

yeah! platonic klance would be the shit tbh??? i just want them to be close, they’re such a power couple (even platonic-wise)

and yeah, i know it’s dangerous for me to have my hopes up as high as they are and all, and i’m fully willing to accept that if i end up disappointed, i let myself get in too deep

but if it actually does become canon you can bet your ass i’ll be screaming “i called it” non stop for weeks on end :’D

TC - Teacher Crush

I was scrolling through facebook last night and then CJ’s profile popped up in my friend suggestions and my heart beat so fast and the most softest smile formed on my lips and I sat there looking at this picture for almost five minutes… What does that mean?



Jax: For what?

Shotty: *Picks Jax up and holds the close for drunken, determined effect*  


A visual continuation from this mind-boggling revelation:

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im a 13 year old who sexts with a 17 year old and i cant help but feel guilty about it but i also like it and i dont know what to do .. is it wrong?? im not really sure because they like reassure me thats it fine y'know? and theyre always there for me but i cant help but feel dirty and horrible do you have any advice?

first, im glad you came to me with this! a lot of young people never reach out, because issues like this are hard to talk about, and then they pay the price

the 17yo may not be an adult, but they are years older and it is very inappropriate and definitely not fine to be sexting with someone younger like that. even as a minor themselves, they have to be mindful of the age gap and the age of consent, which they clearly are not

don’t blame yourself! it’s not your fault, it’s them that should know better than to engage in sexting with someone much younger. they may be there for you otherwise, but surely you wouldn’t continue to sext with them if they didn’t offer a way to make you feel cared for and like it’s “worth it”

if you want to engage in sexting, that’s your call, but ideally wait a few years and/or find someone your age. nothing good ever comes out of age gaps like this that create a clear power imbalance

read through the inappropriate fandom adults and age gap tags. unfortunately it’s very common for kids to be taken advantage of by older people on the internet and it’s left many of us wishing we’d known better 

the best course of action would be to drop them out of your life. i wouldnt advise  staying friends with someone who saw nothing wrong with sexting you as a 13yo, even if it’s under the condition of no more sexting. you never know what they’re gonna come up with in the future and it’s better to stay away - block them if you can, no explanations are necessary if you feel like confronting them about it and explaining why you can no longer talk would make them guilt trip you and overall complicate the situation further

stay safe and do let me know what you decided to do and how it went!

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I feel like you shouldn't start dating with a 3+ year gap until you're at least in your 20s? Like I'm 17 right now and I can't even fathom dating a 14 or 20-year old what the hell (and my cousin's (17) boyfriend is turning 20 soon-ish I just don't understand why they're together he's in college and she's not even out of high school)

yeah, but ultimately the responsibility not to date younger people falls on the older person

there tends to be a difference in how we think about an age gap depending on the side we find ourselves on

typically, a 13yo will feel mature enough to hang out with older people and won’t see as much wrong with it, whereas as an older teenager you look at someone “just” two years younger and think “that is a child

it’s the older one’s responsibility to stay away from dating minors/people way younger and of their peers to draw attention to it

Do you ever start doing something, and then continue it not because it provides any enjoyment or serves any purpose but purely because it’s easier that figuring out what else to do?