Women of the world are getting angry.

First we had the women of poland taking to the streets to stop their government from placing further restrictions on abortion.

Then Argentinian women marched and demonstrated against the brutal femicide in their country, with women all over Latin America, including Chilean president Bachelet, and even Spain expressing solidarity.

And we have women in Iceland staging a walkout from work 14% early to protest the wage gap, calling bullshit on their economists telling them to ‘just wait 50 more years for equal pay"

I am always proud to be a woman, but this past week I have been especially proud.

Age Gaps.

Nicholas Wilde, age 17. Judith Hopps, age 9. Just a passing greeting, and then they’re out of each other’s lives for 15 years…

Nick was a grunge teen and no one can convince me otherwise–he listened to Nirvana and REM and wore excess amounts of plaid and loitered and drove his mother insane when he would rip up his pants.

Judy baby in overalls. That is all. <3