today’s testpunch is over!! highlights again:

  • Officially A Rib//bon Girl Main bc her jumps are rly good n useful. i love n support her
  • nin//jara is fun too! i feel kinda bad for not maining sp//ring man bc    u know, but,
  • found out how to beep in the menu. always be beepin (it’s l + r)
  • my highest coin streak was 43 bc i took a break in the middle, after that i got 37 so P Good Still
  • how do u change colors w/o there bein doubles
adhd moods
  • finding your keys/phone/wallet in the fridge
  • “huh i’ve been playing this game/reading this book/drawing since like noon i wonder what time it is” (it’s 2am)
  • cant do anything, too bored
  • stim until it hurts (and then probably do it some more)
  • things that are NOT supposed to be in your mouth ending up there
  • sitting still? Don’t Know Her.
  • eating paper or stickers at least once
  • reach IN to your local bin of rocks/marbles/beads/etc and you will find a Sensory Friend and Boy
I wish I could be close to you right now and put my arms around you.
—  Poets Love Her

judging based on how strong mikael & yousef’s reactions are compared to the rest of the squad’s, and how mutasim talks about even like he’s reciting what he knows about him from what he’s heard before, i feel pretty strongly that even/yousef/mikael was a trio before the rest of the boy squad was formed. that whatever the “thing that happened with even and mikael” must have had an impact on what ultimately caused them all to fall out, hence why yousef looks especially upset towards the end