[Junior] Distraction

New series: In your arms


“Oppa!” Making your way from the living room to your shared bedroom with Jinyoung, you call out for him while the dark brown haired boy is leaning against the headboard, a novel in his hands.

“Hm? Come here, baby.” His eyes meet yours, a sweet smile lingers on his lips before he reaches his arms out to welcome you. You quickly grant his wish (also yours), crawling on bed like a little kitty to him, nuzzling your face into his chest, which earns a giggle from your beloved boyfriend.

“What’re you reading?” You ask as Jinyoung snakes an arm around your shoulders to pull you further into him and holds his book with both hands.

He kisses your hair softly. “How about I read some quotes for you and you make a guess? I saw you read this one at the library.”

“I did?” Resting your chin on Jinyoung’s shoulder, you look at him curiously, making him chuckle. “Hm, what do I get from this?”

“What does my girlfriend want then?” Jinyoung smiles, connecting your forehead while looking into your eyes as if searching for an answer which he has already known.

“I wonder~” You play along, tilting your head lightly and rubbing your chin with your thumb and index finger. “You. I want you, oppa!”

Jinyoung’s smile grows wider. “Then you’d better get the title right~ and tsk tsk, no peeking!” As you lean forward trying to read the title beforehand, the charming boy of yours has already lifted the novel above and placed it behind your head.

When you rest your cheek back on Jinyoung’s chest, legs tangling with his, he knows that’s the cue for starting reading. “… I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff—I mean if they’re running and they don’t look where they’re going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That’s all I’d do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all…”

While Jinyoung is reading, you try your best to wreck your brain to search for any piece of information left in your memory about this book he’s interested in. You’ve never really a fan of books, novels – definitely not. If you are to read, then it’s because of your boyfriend; no kind of assignments can ever force you to concentrate on pages of words and words. Obviously, Jinyoung likes the part he is reading, which you know by now thanks to him that’s chapter 22, but you, on the other hand, are drifting off to sleep. Lifting your gaze up a bit in attempt to just simply stay awake, you almost instantly fail, your eyelids can’t resist the urge to crash down. Hey, who can blame you? You are staying in the safest, most comfy cocoon in the world – your boyfriend Jinyoung’s arms. Having his warm body heat engulfed yours and his angelic voice caressed your ears, how can you not fall asleep?

“Okay, maybe I’ll find out the title in dreamland. I’ll see you there, oppa…” You trail off, draping your arms around Jinyoung’s waist to snuggle into him as the boy lets out a small sigh of contentment. You’re always good at distracting him from reading, from the first time you two met to now. He’s never complained, though, except for the annoying first met experience. Recalling that time when you literally grabbed his hair to attract his attention in a freaking public library, Jinyoung bursts out a soft laugh before shaking his head lightly. He then closes the book, putting it on the night stand. Kissing your forehead lovingly, Jinyoung gently places you into a more comfortable position, not half sitting half leaning but fully lying on bed with him. Jinyoung carefully pulls the blanket up to keep you warm while adjusting your body so that you will fit perfectly in his embrace again.

“Oppa, I want you,” your mumbling in your sleep makes Jinyoung beam, his twinkle eyes lock on you for a while in pure adoration before he proceeds to kiss your lips, your nose, your forehead.

“I’m all yours. Night night, baby. I love you.”


A/N: Those quotes are in The Catcher In The Rye by J. D. Salinger, which is one of many books Jinyoung has read irl

beccadaisy asked:

(Be My Boyfriend I'll Pay You by Volo on ao3 im literal trash) Yeah i always dig the dave pays karkat but me being me I was literally climbing a fucking rock face when "what if it was the other way around"

YEAH. that one. its a good one. 

oh my gosh tho like,,, like,, my pink haired karkat is so sexually aggressive dave just fucking melts into this submissive puddle around him, like he cant even help himself. imagine karkat just fkn coming right up 2 him, right in his personal space, even pulls him down so theyre closer to eye level, like hey. be my fake boyfriend so i can get through these next couple red carpet events without people bitching and moaning and trying to come on my arm


jihope during the red bullet in malaysia (06/06/15)