@abbyfelicity1 is right. It is disgusting that the women got 3 minutes on a 3 hour show. I stress it. 3 MUTHAFUCKING HOURS OF RAW AND THE RAW WOMENS DIVISION GOT 3 MINUTES. What the hell was that? They couldn’t tell a story. It was a clusterfuck. The division is bad as it is with bad storytelling but 3 minutes. And the sad thing is this division has great talent: Alexa Bliss as the heel conniving heel champion, Sasha as the popular favorite of the women’s division as the BOSS, Mickie James as the six time women’s champion veteran, Bayley as the huggable underdog, Nia Jax as the dominant powerhouse, Alicia as the crazy unstable woman, and Dana Brooke as the overlook women. These women arent being given the capability to tell a great match or story. These women has a lot of talent and its a shame that WWE doesn’t have faith in them to give them ten or twenty minutes. They deserve and earned better