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sam not getting any major costume/aesthetic changes for iw reminds me of those times on the ANTM makeover episodes where tyra is like “im gonna leave u just how u are bc ur perfect already ✨✨✨✨💕” like that makes perfect sense

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Hey I hope this isn't weird but I check your ao3 account almost daily for new Spider-Man fics or just any updates in general. I LOVE how you write peter and just the general angsty, beat-the-cutie vibe you got going in a lot your fics. I'm so desperate for new material to read (no pressure on you!!!). Are there any fic or author recs you could give me?? Anything at all, seriously I'm NOT picky. I trust whatever you'd recommend!

I have a fic recs tag here! And I’ve been getting back into Spider-Man fics, so here, have some recs:

  • Overload by ImBadWithWords - When Peter first put on the suit, he knew there would be risks. He knew there would be danger. He had thought he was ready. He wasn’t.
  • what would tony stark do? by IntrovertedOwl - Peter wears Iron Man tees to school. Tony finds out.
  • the wrath of may by Nokomis - Aunt May decides it’s time to have a serious talk with Tony Stark about Peter’s internship.
  • The More You Know by Nokomis - Peter’s first post-mission Avengers hang out goes about as well as one would expect.
  • Motivational State by HallowHolmes (WIP) - It’s not like food grew on trees. Well some of it did, but money didn’t and besides that, there aren’t many trees in New York, and anyways-  Peter Parker is constantly hungry. It’s kind of a problem.
  • In Your Corner by asterisms - Five adults who try to be the reasonable authority figure Peter needs in his life post-homecoming and one who was there all along.
  • a little gray area (where I can keep you safe) by DivineProjectZero- Peter thinks he doesn’t need to be protected. (Some adults disagree.)
  • Trust Falls by garamonder - Even after the Avengers reunite, Peter harbors doubts about his place on the team.
  • critical hit by drewgon - Peter is hurt. Badly. But there are some secrets that must be kept, even from his makeshift family – some identities he can never reveal.
  • Once a Loser, Always a Loser by  sameuspegasus - Why can no one else see what Flash sees when he looks at Peter? They’re so blinded by his puppy-dog eyes and his brilliant brain that they don’t notice the things that Peter does. The lying. The neglect of commitments. The secrets and disappearances and attention-seeking claims of being mentored by a tech genius. But Flash notices. And tries to tell people.AKA Flash bullies Peter because he’s jealous

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I have decided on the names and genders of the children in the new single dad au, and it’s kind of like I reversed the original one. Chuuya’s child is a three year old boy named Aoi, and Dazai’s child is a newborn baby girl named Hana.

[Little tidbits about the children below the cut.]

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i think my favorite part in any given tim minchin song is is during the pope song with the heritage orchestra where he’s got what looks like the entire brass section yelling “FUCKER” 

Squip Squad: At the mall headcanons

-As soon as they pull up, Chloe and Brooke are already out of the car. They don’t even wait for the van to come to a full stop, they just hop out.

-By the time everyone else gets out, the mall duo are already inside waiting for the rest of them.

-The squip squad usually sticks together for the most part, but sometimes some stores will draw parts of them inside. Oops.

-Brooke and Chloe have to stop themselves from going into every single clothes store. They always fail at it..

-Jenna isn’t much of a shopping girl, but she does have a soft spot for Hot Topic.

-Nobody knows about it though. She’ll just sneak away from the group unspotted and gets back without anyone noticing she was gone. Jenna the stealthy ninja.

-Christine loves Barnes and Nobles too much for her own good. And every time she enters she promises herself not to buy anything. Yet, she walks away with at least two books.

-There’s this little sports store Jake used to go to all time with his dad. Whenever the group passes by, he has to look away.

-Rich knows about this. So whenever the squip squad grows nearer to it, he’ll distract Jake with a joke or two before they pass by.

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