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Um, hey. I don't know how to say this without sounding rude so I'll apologise in advance. But you don't get to choose whether or not other people are triggered by your posts. They can't choose to not look at something if they haven't seen it yet - at least if it's not tagged. I'm glad that you're accepting your body (Which is beautiful btw) but you have to be aware of the damage that you could be doing by showing that. You've been in that hell - don't trap your followers in it. Thank you 🌹

listen dude i am not going to bring myself down by constantly being reminded to tag pictures of myself as self harm. it’s a personal subject to me, i don’t want to be reminded of it every time i try to literally live my life, i absolutely don’t want it showing up in fucking tags & search results, and that’s that.

i am TELLING YOU how it is:

im gonna post pictures of myself on my blog

for reasons i keep fucking explaining to yall i am not going to be tagging pictures of myself where my old scars are visible as “self harm” or “trigger warning”

thats it thats how it fucking is. if youre so high risk to yourself that seeing out of context scars is a threat to your wellbeing, you can click the ‘unfollow’ button and never see that ever again! thanks & if i get one more fucking ask like this im deleting i swear to god this is not the fucking topic yall


Il était une fois l’espace (Once Upon a Time… Space) was a French animated sci-fi series from 1982, and one of my first TV memories.

The show had an educational side: it explained concepts such as the rings of Saturn, or black holes. Well, that flew right over my head, I just wanted aliens and monsters—but things did stick however, and whenever you see sci-fi stuff on my blog, it’s partly because of this TV show.

Whenever I’m bored I sometimes talk like Maestro (4th image, right), who had this wobbly old man’s voice.

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Hi Virgil ! So nice to talk with you at last ! I was wondering. You made a flight once with Alan to blow a comet ( that damn Fishler ) but did you ever went visit John in TB5, meaning a trip into space ? Keep up the courageous work ( all of you ) You're all my heroes - um especially you :) You sure must be proud of your siblings. Take care.

“Heh, hey there! Boy, that’s really kind of you. And, yeah, I am–I’m very proud.”

“As for your question, I’ve been up a few times when John needed some help. The space elevator isn’t nearly as exciting as going in Thunderbird 3 though.”

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Hi! Any quest ideas for the Page of Space in the Land of Constellations and Frogs??


You are the Page of Space on your planet, the Land of Constellations and Frogs (LOCAF).

Lights flash overhead illuminating the night. Some are stars, twinkling in the far reaches of Space, but others are more localized to your planet. Some take the forms of mighty hunters, their arrows shooting across the horizon and pointing to distant treasure and grandeur. Others are animals of immeasurable scale galloping and otherwise running towards battles. You see them all, the constellations changing constantly above, and you look for guidance. For now you simply need a task, a mission, a reason to grow further. You find it in a strange image of a frog, hopping away from you and your home, and so you follow its path. During your trek, the stars reorganize themselves to more accurately display the frog’s location, but it doesn’t take long to find it resting in a hole in the ground. You pick it up, and the stars show you your next mission: a magnificent frog comprised of all the stars in the area and posed like a sort of god. Your job is to use the information supplied by the planet’s constellations to follow their will and eventually breed the Genesis Frog on the Land of Constellations and Frogs.

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Can you analyze a Seer of Time?

due to popular demand, time to get not only cracking, but crackalackin, laskdfj. 

alright, the basics. seers are impatient, always wanting to jump right in on knowing what the fuck shit means right in that instant, when that just aint how shit goes. everything demands patience. and lots of it. they start off l o o k i n g like they know what all their aspect is about, but they know jack of shit bout fuck in regards to it. theyre just riding by the seat of their pants and spouting the first horseshit that comes to mind if we being honest here, and we are. 
time is about patterns, white noise, music, repetition, predictability. endings, destiny, fate, and all sorts of other mystical mumbo jumbo about death ties into time too. the general aesthetic for time is Red, warm colors and mechanical stuff. probably just me being a time player, but i find it soothing. time also is about keeping some sort of cool exterior. just managing to stay calm under pressure, ya know?

now, a seer of time starts off their journey through life acting like they know EVERYTHING about death, the afterlife, patterns, music, predictability, endings, whatever it is that fits into their theme and time’s, they are acting like the absolute S H I T. in reality, they the biggest dumbass to have ever walked the planet and tried to explain a thing. “hahahahahha, YEAH I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU DIE. CAUSE, FUCKIN UH YOU SEE…” then they go on a five hour long rant about how when you die, youre born again but this time youre shat out of a build a bear stuffing machine and take on a life in a toy story movie. this seer is so fucking good with words, that you actually leave believing them though. why? because time has that effect on people. time is the aspect of bullshit extraordinaire, i say as i have a blog dedicated to bullshitting godtier stuff. 

this seer h a t es having to go through the process of actually learning what the afterlife is like because a) theyre crackpot theories will be proved wrong undoubtedly and b) that shit sounds horrifying. you know how people get to the afterlife right? they fucking DIE, BITCH. of course, this is just one example. say were talking about what makes a good song and the hypothesis was “get a tambourine and hold it as close to a goat as you can while you record and wait til its ready to burp then go fucking nuts and tambourine your heart out.” but now, this guys gotta learn how to ac tu a lly make music? hell nah. that shit takes effort and actual talent. too much work for this seers lazy, absurdist ass. 

once all this battle finally gets done though, theyre fucking ridiculously smart and can dumb anything down to layman’s terms in an instant. like, hol y fuc,k bro. have you ever had a really good doctor who can go from talking complete gibberish with another doctor one sec then dumb it down to actual english the next so you can understand it? thats what the seer of time is capable of when fully realized. it takes work because theyre stubborn. theyre down to earth as hell and that chill exterior is what helps them make up hilarious similes and metaphors that makes riddles understandable. 

now, in a session, a seer of time would start off getting everyone killed left and right, up and down, horizontal and vertical, not to mention any other way i fucking missed. all because they took their bullshitting game too far and didnt realize people would actually listen to their advice and jump off a cliff with the idea of it distracting all their enemies in one swoop and saving the session. yall better get everyone godtier fast or else you guys shit out of fucking luck and the game is dead. once the uphill battle is done that i mentioned above, you guys will have someone who can solve all the riddles the sprites come up with, all the shit the denizens say, out shit any game construct in an instant because this guy has the riddle solving skills of every great genius in all of history times ten. 

as for interpersonal stuff, most would probably get a kick out of them at first because i mean, some of the stuff they say is funny, but after awhile, it gets tiring hearing the compulsive lying they constantly do to keep up appearances. people would wonder “is this guy making this up or are they just rea lly this fucking stupid?” and youd have someone whod hit the nail right on the head with “its probably both, man.”

a fun little thing i drew to cope with season 4 klance withdrawal

yknow what’s just bullshit to the max??? having to re-capture ur space hamster in me3. why was he down in the cargo bay instead of his cage in shepard’s cabin. who’s the irresponsible baboon who not only removed all the lovingly-arranged model spaceships from their display case and scattered them around the ship, but RELEASED A LIVING ANIMAL FROM ITS HABITAT AND LET IT FEND FOR ITSELF ON A SPACESHIP FOR SIX MONTHS!!!!!!! who are they hackett!!!!! i want names!!!!!

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