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you know, i used to be pretty sympathetic when it came to gabriel and his parenting and his motives as a villain. I wouldnt excuse his choices for neither of those things of course but I would understand them, more or less.

until today’s episode.

gabriel made the conscious choice of going after his own son under the excuse of being akumatised while being fully in control of everything he was doing. gabriel ignored how frightened his son could have been, or how he could have ended up hurt. gabriel manipulated him into believing that he was upset enough for a supervillain to take control of him, and adrien probably blames himself for that.

gabriel is a bad person. that is perfectly fine on its own, but i want him as far away as possible from adrien asap

inktober 2017 - 21

Klark, queen of the ice nation, from “the white queen running” by @entirelytookeen

Ok, but imagine this...

(say this happens sometime after keith joins the group again)

Lance and Hunk are talking about love advice and feelings again, and at the end Hunk just goes “Man, it must be a lot, loving someone. Being in love.” And Keith just happens to be nearby and hears what Hunk says, and scoffs, “Aren’t they the same? Why does there have to be two different terms for the same thing?”

Lance then butts in and says “Uhhh no? They’re completely different and the difference matters.” Then this hopeless romantic gets all passionate and probably says something along the lines of: “Anyone can say they love something or someone, it’s a choice. But being in love isn’t something you can easily control. Sometimes you fall in love for the silliest and most random reasons and you can’t see beyond reason because, well, you’re in love. It’s senseless, it’s weird and you never know who it will be. Sometimes you don’t even realise you’ve fallen in love until you’ve reached the very bottom.” But even after his passionate little speech, and Hunk’s knowing look, Keith, this clueless, clueless boy, just shrugs and says he still doesn’t get why there has to be a difference between the two. But then Lance goes, “You never know mullet, it could be important one day ;)”

It isn’t until later after the team comes back from a tiring mission, that someone cracks a joke or does something to lighten the mood and Lance just laughs, head thrown back, brilliant blue eyes sparkling and smiles wide. Keith then kinda stops, stares and just goes “…oh.” Hunk, noticing his friend go still next to him, asks what’s wrong. And Keith, with the most fondest fucking look on his face (you know, that look), not once taking his eyes off Lance, says quietly, “I think I get it now. I think I get the difference.”

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Kinda ironic that Alex instantly pulls Kelley away from injured Mal because the trainers needed space to check her, but when Kelley was injured during her 100th cap Alex was right next to her and only gave the trainers space after hovering for minutes

Alex during Mal’s injury:

vs Alex during Kelley’s injury:

the end of 2017 seems to be the time that a lot of wc fans are making sideblogs and drawing out their warriors ocs and their original clans and to that i honestly have to say: IM SO HAPPY!!!!! it’s so so neat and cool to see all the effort people are putting in to their original clans and the amount of work and time people are willing to spend to expand on their original characters!!!!

ur all out there creating an original universe in wc and i honestly couldnt be happier, ur all doing something really cool and all ur hard work is paying off!!!!!

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Hi, do you know if I'm allowed to post AKF or You Are Not Alone stuff on RedBubble if I very clearly write in the description that I'm not associated with the original campaign?


i’m putting this in loud big bold all caps letters not necessarily for you, but for others as well. if you see these designs anywhere else other than their original campaign site, you need to report them.

the difference between AKF and YANA merch is that these things were done for charity. no one kept the proceeds. these were made for important causes, not personal gain. putting these designs up not only puts you at risk, but completely destroys the original idea of the campaigns.

anon, you’re a clever person, and i’m sure you can come up with new designs. please respect what these original campaigns’ messages stood for. don’t pull a hot topic and think, “people like these words on spn things. we should sell it!”

I say: #6
  • You: Keeping up with the Kardashians
  • Me, an intellectual: Keeping up with the Hollands

Asra: *says Julian is no good for anyone*

Nadia: *calls Julian a dastardly roach*

Lucio: *was possibly murdered by Julian*