into the woods is the best even if our theatre director hates it

Usually I take these Tumblr selfies 3.2 thousand times before liking one, but meh, here I am! 

In a photo and on Tumblr. 

With a solid zit on my face, but that’s neither here nor there. 

What’s here is that I just used my Fitbit for the first time today and holy moly, it’s so cool.   My brother-in-law was traveling for a few days, and as I helped out a lot with Lily for a few days, he asked me what I wanted as a gift to say thank you, and I chose a Fitbit.   I can totally see how they get addictive.  Do you have Fitbit? Should we be friends? I haven’t quite figured out how to “compete” yet, but definitely want to join some walking competitions. 

Christmas is in full swing, despite not feeling that Christmasy yet.  I’ve had so many people over to my Christmas-blinged-out apartment lately, that it’s hard to keep track.  Tomorrow I have about 15 people coming over for a shingdig, so yea…  lots to do for that. 

In other news I have been power organizing lately. I mean seriously containers-label-making-giving-away-throwing-out organizing. It’s refreshing, and has made me feel a lot better about life in general.  Also what’s made me feel better, getting a vacuum cleaner for my 31st birthday. My apartment is all wood so I’ve always swept, swiffered, and mopped, but the vacuum cleaner has changed my life (especially as I have radiators), and I am loving my apartment these days. 

Every drawer and cupboard in my apartment is organized now, and in easy-to-find labelled containers. Heaven!

(This photo is not staged at all, which is lucky because you can see my sweet sweet new vacuum cleaner bottom left). 

Technically I’m off work right now until the New Year, but I have a fair bit to do at work, so I think I may go into the office this week - y’know, to get ahead and start the New Year on top of things.  Work has been good - lots of festivities with birthdays and Christmas and we had a *huge* presentation last Monday in an effort to raise money, and WAHOO *first pump,* we did. Which is especially awesome knowing that going into the Christmas break.  We also did a gingerbread house competition at work and my team… NAILED IT. 

Or Christmas party had a magical spread. Cue the song, “So this is heaven”

And a magical Christmas in the city view. 

I have a date next Wednesday. With a guy that I am looking forward to meeting. But we’re totally at the we’ve-spoken-too-much-pre-meeting-and-now-have-expectations thing. Ugh.  Not too sure yet what we’re going to do, perhaps the Toronto Christmas market. Or ice-skating.  Amazingly, I’m not too nervous… yet.

Every part of my body hates online dating and every night I battle with myself not to just delete it all. But…  I have become convinced that online dating is a numbers game, and the time and effort needs to be put in to get anywhere. Right now I’m on (are ya ready?!): Bumble, Tinder, OKCupid, EHarmony.  Yup. That’s a lot of profiles and a lot of men and a lot of time.  So far OkCupid (which is free) has been the best one. Tinder is snappy (which I like), Eharmony sucks, and Bumble (like Tinder, but girls message first) I am convinced it’s filled with fake profiles. The guys on it all look like models, and then at my last Project Sunshine meeting guy friends said the same of girls. 

Speaking of Project Sunshine, we had our last 2015 meeting last Monday. I’m on the “Young Patrons Circle” area of Projects Sunshine, which is young professionals trying to raise money for the charity, but for this meeting head office was there, and they want to shake things up by asking that each member raise $1,000 over the year. Umm, yea. This didn’t sit that well for me, as last year I was the Co-Chair, and holy batman ballz, it was SO time consuming, so then to raise money to be on the committee, well yea… Anwyho, I voiced my concerns quite boldly, and seemed to get a lot of support, but it’s still up in limbo the structure for next year. When everyone went for drinks after the meeting, they cheered to me which made me happy, and then someone also mentioned I should be the Director next year, which I think I just may… we shall see. 

Project Sunshine also gave me this Christmas gift, which I absolutely love: 

Oh, before I forget *pats self on back* for Christmas gift tags this year I made ornaments for friends. 

They were a stupid amount of work, but I’m happy with how they came out, and they seem to be a hit. Here’s the one my sister made me: 

I saw the Phantom of the Opera on Thursday. *slow bloody clap*  I had never seen it before and actually didn’t even know the story, but bravo. Truthfully I am a ballet > theatre type of girl. (True story, I cried during Swan Lake when she died, because the dancing was just that beautiful.) But the Phantom was fantastic - the set, the quadruple threats - acting, opera, singing, and acting, I just can’t even, it was SO good.  

What else?  Christmas, work, apartment, dating, organizing, project sunshine.  I feel like I’ve covered nearly everything. Except, oh weight (NEVER GETS OLD)… Weight. 

Weight Watchers changed their program. Hmm. HMM. I’m trying, I really am, but it’s sooooo much harder on this new system.  What I always thought was *wonderful* about WW was that it allowed you to still live your life. Don’t mind if I do grab a 3 point chocolate popsicle, but now that popsicle is 7 - 9pts, which is a HUGE chunk when you get 28.  Hmm. HMMM. My weight is still hovering within the same three or four pounds. But let’s be honest: I’m also half assing it. 

OHHHHHH! Guess what! I signed up for a 12 week bootcamp starting January 5th. It’s for beginners, and nothing too dramatic, and for woman only. It’s twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday, and I think it’s exactly what I need. 

Also, I signed up for the Harry Spring  5 miler (8k) on Saturday April 9, 2016. A RACE YOU GUYS!! I think 8km goal is a nice one for me, as I’m SOOOO unfit right now, so it allows me to start small. 

And, this is exciting, there is a very strong chance I will actually be doing that hike I spoke about in my previous post, the Tour du Mont Blanc hike. So you can just colour me excited for that. 

I’m sure I’m missing lots of things, as life has been busy and crazy and wonderful and lazy, but I feel like I’ve noted it all. Happy Festive Sunday my friends. 


SO! Thanks to a short convo with keyofnik and my natural inclinations towards cracky crossovers and being FOREVER A DRAMA KID, I’m just going to go ahead and DO THE THING -


Now we already got a bit of a glimpse at the possible dynamics of this scenario from one of my all-time favorite Sailor Moon episodes, the one in the R “filler” arc where everyone and Ail and An are involved in a production of Snow White (seriously if you have not rewatched this one in a while you need to do it - it is gold from beginning to end and the birthplace of a billion thunderrack/“TALENT” jokes). But I’m here to go ALL THE WAY. My premises - everyone is just somehow involved in the drama club, because Sailor Moon is now not a magical girl show about fighting evil but a slice-of-life comedy about a high school drama club, and everyone is whatever damn age I want them to be for my purposes here. So where are our girls in this place?

-Usagi acts in a remarkably similar way to aforementioned episode. As I once wrote, Usagi sees her whole life as “Cinderella” and you bet your odangos this extends to the drama club. Usagi is an actress because let’s face it, not to indulge in any bad theatre stereotypes (… mostly), the girl does not have the discipline for any kind of tech role (yeah making pretty dresses sounds like lots of fun until you actually TRY to do that). And more importantly, the theatre is the best way for Usagi to live out ALL of her wildest romantic fantasies as the romantic leading lady. Unfortunately, nobody else seems to have the same vision that Usagi does and she is constantly cast in supporting comic or villain roles ALWAYS as an old woman. USAGI HATES IT. But she can be surprisingly tenacious when she gets an idea in her head, so she keeps trying out anyway. She’s a bit of a mess in rehearsals because she can never remember her lines but at showtime her ad-libs work and she gets a lot of laughs. If Usagi were actually happy with these parts and applied herself she could be a stunning comedienne, BUT SHE IS  A *PRINCESS* DAMMIT, so she will never stop reaching for that elusive leading role.

-Ami is the stage manager. AND SHE’S GREAT AT IT. Really. If anyone in this cast can take the hugely thankless and challenging role as stage manager and actually succeed and enjoy it, it would be Mizuno Ami. Ami would lack the inclination to be on the stage, and it is her relative lack of ego and temper that helps her do well as a stage manager whereas most of the others wouldn’t last a rehearsal without scripts getting angrily thrown everywhere. Really such a role offers wonderful development for Ami, as this allows her the perfect opportunity to become less shy and more assertive. But really - the girl is organized as all hell, would immediately learn all the intricacies of the show and its blocking, is all too willing to do the grunt work of line rehearsals and tech set-up, and would absolutely be the person you want calling the cues during the show itself.

I also like the idea that Ami’s artistic desires would lead to her wanting to write an original play to produce. Weirdly, I think she’d end up an excellent writing partner with Rei. Ami has creative desires, but is not naturally gifted in that area. And Rei of course wants to do EVERYTHING. So I see Ami bringing the basic ideas and Rei punching them up and refining them.

-Speaking of Rei, much like in the canon Rei’s got a steep learning curve ahead of her when she starts out on how to work with people. If anything she’s going to have to do it EVEN FASTER here, because Rei begins by dooming herself to SPECTACULAR FAILURE of wanting to do EVERYTHING herself. And as most people who have done theatre at one point or another can tell you, theatre is one of the most collaborative artforms out there and trying to take on everything will chew you up and spit you out. OH BUT HINO REI WILL WRITE HER OWN SHOW, *AND* DIRECT IT, *AND* PLAY THE LEAD ROLE, *AND* BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THE DESIGN - so I think we can see Rei crashing and burning pretty fast here. Luckily Rei learns quickly, and decides that if she can’t be the best doing everything then she will pick one thing and be the best at that. That one thing is of course, DIRECTOR. Yes, Rei has shown an inclination for the spotlight before, but I think her natural leadership tendencies and desire for control would lead her to to want this role even more (I mean imagine her as an actor having to take direction from SOMEONE ELSE. THE MIND BOGGLES). Rei is generally a pretty good, if not touchy-feely, director who won’t let a single detail slide (again, her and Ami make a good team - Rei will ream them all out after a bad rehearsal, then Ami will soothe them enough so that they all don’t go home hating themselves). She can be troublesome when directing her own written work as her perfectionism will get in the way of her admitting what is actually practical or feasible - again I see stage director/writing partner Ami being a huge help in convincing Rei that something that can *actually* be done is preferable to an impossible vision.

-Makoto is easy enough - costume designer! In fact Mako’s probably one of the best costume designers you could have. She’s got the talent, but more importantly, she’s not a complainer, works well with others, and is more than willing to put in long hours of sewing when said costumes are destroyed immediately after the first dress rehearsal. She’s also good to have around during set building time as she knows the basics of toolwork and her strength makes lugging around wood a far quicker task than normal (everyone else is mostly preoccupied with keeping Usagi unhurt/out of trouble). Generally Mako is basically the techie cheerleader, who genuinely loves everyone and is wholly lacking in the actors/techies tension - everyone loves having Mako help dress them and do hair and makeup before the show. The dressing rooms are spotless and supplied with freshly baked goods under Mako’s care.

-Minako. Come on, what else is she going to be? Minako is a fucking STAR. Rather than being jealous, Usagi idolizes Minako and wants to be like her and Minako just EATS IT UP. Drama or comedy, Minako is your girl (even if she is a bit … erm …  *too* enthusiastic in dramas sometimes unless you’re hoping for high camp). Minako wouldn’t be caught dead in a backstage role. When the part captures her interest Minako devotes herself to it 110% but if the script or part fails to fully engage her she can get undisciplined and coast (Minako loves being on the stage and getting attention after all! Her visions of fame generally do not include the “long hours of rehearsal” part). So in such instances she can be a big problem child at rehearsal, leading to a good number of screaming matches between her and Rei (imagine Minako and Rei disagreeing on a bit of blocking. IMAGINE. Everyone just ducks for cover eventually). Rei is truly full-on tsundere for Minako here because she is SUCH A PAIN TO DEAL WITH but at showtime the audience LOVES HER. Oh how being Rei is suffering.

-Mamoru is there and he is always on stage whether he wants to be or not. It doesn’t matter if Mamoru doesn’t have a big interest in theatre because Usagi or Rei or SOMEBODY will drag him there because WE NEED A GUY and will end up there no matter how wooden he actually is onstage (as someone who spent her high school and college drama times at Catholic schools that were technically co-ed but where boys where decidedly in the minority, this scenario is not only possible but rather familiar). In the right role however, Mamoru will shine. If he gets to do flowery speeches about JUSTICE and LOVE and maybe do a bit of swashbuckling then he is in his ELEMENT. So Mamoru will relish period pieces but will be kinda lost onstage in anything else. It goes without saying that whoever ends up as his romantic opposite will be INTENSELY WATCHED by our resident ninja-Usagi.

-Chibi Usa is still young in this scenario but she will show up from time to time whenever a script demands a child part they can’t cast as a high schooler. She’ll enjoy herself and apply herself well but Rei will have her hands full keeping her and Usagi away from each other during rehearsals.

-Hotaru gets dragged along sometimes by Chibi Usa/goes to cheer her on. She gets approached by the others for the chance to go onstage but she’s not comfortable with all the attention. I see her getting taken in by the techies (Mako would be great for this) and she eventually ends up as a stagehand who’s happy to be a part of it while not being onstage and happy to watch Chibi Usa from the sidelines.

-Haruka is STILL a hot upperclassman that everyone has the hots for and still mostly busy being a jock, but every now and then she’ll participate in a production and have a MAJOR ROLE because HELLO THERE LEADING OTOKOYAKU (Naoko didn’t base her on Takarazuka actresses for nothing after all). She steals the spotlight, she has fun, everyone loves her, what more is there to say?

-Well, if Haruka gets up on that stage every now and then then surely Michiru must not be far behind right? Actually, I’m inclined to say not really. Michiru is far more artistically inclined than Haruka, and I have no doubt she holds a great appreciation for theatre as an artform, I don’t see her as needing to be onstage so much. She’s already quite devoted to her craft as a musician and a painter, she’s only got so much to spread around. Rather, when Haruka joins in I see her volunteering her musical talent in the pit orchestra for any musical productions, and for lack of anyone better there, will eventually take over as the music director. However, if she really does want to spend that much more time with Haruka (and its getting a bit hard for her to ignore all that flirting that goes on in rehearsals … ) then Michiru will audition, land a big role and be a huge success. See, I think if Michiru decided she wanted to do so, out of everyone she would by far have the most successful career as a stage actress (for all that Minako wants fame, she envisions herself as an idol and movie star which suits her more than live theatre I think). She’d have the natural talent in spades (Michiru is already extremely practiced at putting on a front) as well as the discipline for the practice, she’s gorgeous, she oozes charisma, and if anything her slight coldness and detachment helps in making her a larger-than-life ideal on the stage. Again, that’s if she wants to do that. I think Michiru is pretty happy with her artistic life as it is though.

-Setsuna well fuck if I know. I want to say faculty advisor? Maybe she’s the producer, financing all of Rei’s wildest stage visions and only Ami ever thinks to ask her where she gets all this money to put into high school shows of all things and she never gets a straight answer.

And there’s plenty of room to throw the various villains in there - COMPETING WITH USAGI FOR LEADING ROLES *AND* ROMANCE!!! but fuck me this thing is long enough as it is, good lord never encourage me on these AUs.