into the shadows we fall

“Looks like your knight in shining armor has come to rescue my little frost spirit, shall we give him a show?”

Just a little sketch of a ‘what if’ scenario that’s been in my head for a while. This is my idea of what would have happened if Augus had delivered Jack to the Nightmare king after he had his fun with him…….I’m sure this is right before Gwyn rescues him and everything is happier…yes….everything will be fine.

I might clean this up and do something real with it later, but I’m sort of late for work right now. oops :D

as always, a larger version can be seen on Pixiv: if this link works :D

I drew art for Into the Shadows We Fall…I am drawing too much Jack Frost, I am afraid I might have a problem. I literally did nothing today except eat, pee, and draw this. I promise I’ll stop drawing Jack Frost when people stop writing AWESOME FANFICTION ABOUT HIM HNNNRG.

I really like drawing wounds and blood and chapter 6 had plenty of that so I decided to just. Draw as much as I could. Hah. Not sure how much I like that depiction of the Nain Rouge. o 3o Or Makara for that matter. But damn I like that peacock train and crown.

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((also go read not-poignant’s fics do it do it, you might be hurt and broken but you won’t be sorry!!))

Author Claudia Gray (who previously wrote the Star Wars book Lost Stars) told USAToday that family is a major theme in Bloodline, and that for the daughter of Darth Vader, “In this book, we find out just how far Vader’s shadow falls.”

Star Wars: Bloodline will be released on May 3rd.

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Black Shadow was trying to slow himself up a bit, just so Sixshot could keep up, but he found himself going a little faster than intended regardless. The excitement of a chase had caused Black Shadow to speed up. Part of it was instinct. Part of it was programming. And another part of it was just… that it had been a while since he’s last had this kind of fun.

“Yeah, yeah I’ll take the blame!” He shouted back, “Just don’t trip or fall offline and we’ll be fine!” Black Shadow darted down the hall and then rounded a sharp corner. Quickly he ducked into the nearest room.

The phase sixer searched around for an adequate hiding space and once he found a closet large enough he shoved himself in there. Black Shadow didn’t want to make Sixshot run for too long after all – and he also wanted to test his tracking senses.

Black Shadow had always figured that bots with beast modes had better tracking abilities than most and considering how much becoming a super warrior had enhanced Black Shadow’s own tracking ability…. he figured Sixshot would be able to find him soon enough.

Also there might have been a part of him that just wanted to play a little hide and seek…

A snort, then another call out. “No promises!”

It wasn’t long before Sixshot found himself having to slow down - too many HUD alerts to ignore, especially the one about his pump pressure. No way was he going to burst any more major lines again and end up leaking all over the hallway.

Mentally waving the alerts away, he scowled and shifted focus from his running to his senses. Black Shadow’s pedesteps had fallen off as he rounded the corner. Hmm. Just in case (or more like, so he didn’t pass out), Sixshot paused and checked for an ambush before turning, then took his time sniffing his way along to find his mischievous brother in arms.

Without his mask, his sense of smell was intensified, so it was easy enough to figure out where Shady had deviated and ducked into a room. Not that the mech smelled particularly strongly, but it was a scent Sixshot was highly familiar with. Then it took all of a klik to figure out Black Shadow was in the closet, but… it couldn’t be this simple, could it?

Sixshot decided he wouldn’t let it be. Silently he hid himself away, ready to jump on Black Shadow as soon as he came out of the closet.

A panicked ping, then a comm. ::Shady I - my hip joint - I’m not sure what just happened, but I need you back here, there’s too much energon -::

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Sounds like you may need an intervention with yourself love. Life is just too damn short to let ourselves be suspect to people who haven't faced their own shadows and only bring us down, no matter if we fall for them. Spend some more time with your soul. You're beautiful and strong and deserve somebody who will bring those qualities to be even stronger.

Arww, thank you so much. What a lovely message & I know you’re right!

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I feel like I'm falling, long gone from here, right out of my head. You don't have to tell me, you don't have to show me, I'm already there. We're running through meadows, we're melting like shadows, we're falling like leaves into buckets of laughter. The world ceases to be, dancing around us, as we lose ourselves in smiles and hands, touches, and mouths.

is this a song? or did you just write this? This is really good…

Love can manifest itself in a multitude of facets. It can be long lasting, or it can be as fleeting as warm summer air that caresses your cheek in June, until Octobers rolls in and along with the foliage it bids you adieu.
Love can be as bright as the sun at high noon, or life’s short-term apology for the dark times manifesting ahead. It is there to continue to test our capacity to handle loss, to test our boundaries, to find our strengths. It is the universe’s anthropological study of just how many cracks must be laid until we shatter, until we fall back into our own shadow and no longer remember how to cross back into the light.

But what love is not for is to save us.

At least not all on its own. What is important with all variances of love, is whether or not it awakens a desire in us to save ourselves. Love is equivalent to being handed a match to illuminate the dark caverns deep with in you, and then developing the instinct to shelter the flame from the wind when your body feels like a storm.

 by a.m.s.

1am thoughts

I learned that I have a heart because you ripped it out of my chest and showed it to me, your hand dripping in blood.

We fall in love with shadows, with silhouettes, with reflections, with smells left behind, with parts of the whole but never the whole; we have no capacity to love the whole, we can only grab the slivers.

I want to say variations of the word “love” over and over again so that it loses its meaning; so that it can no longer hurt me.

Lets take a look at light - April 16, 2015

No light without shadow, no shadow with out light. Shadow is a cast, a blockage of light. Light can be dim, light can be strong. Shadow can be transparent with a tinted colour, through the light on a a plastic. So is it a shadow, there is light amongst it. There is a blockage of the light, yet it still creepy through into the safety of the shadow. Balance, but there is none. At night, there is light on the moon and a shadow is simply dark in the dark. In the desert, there is light, too much of it. Shadow provides some protection. Place of light is place of thirst, place of death. Shadow is what they seek. Are they shadow or light hunters. In the desert they must die looking for the dark despite being light hunters. For every shadow we fall into there is a light that creates it. Light, the good, or so they say, it what creates the dark. Dark does not create light. Dark is so much easier to find, a shelter. Eyes adjust in the shadow in the dark. Eyes can see with only a little light. Many can live happily in complete darkness. For them, It isn’t dark. They don’t see a constant shadow among the blinding blind black. Black can make things better. Senses heightened, adrenaline running, excitement that can never be seen in the light. Isn’t the light supposed to expose? To shine on objects hidden in the dark. But are hidden, it is better to be in the dark much more comfortable. Children are sometimes afraid of the dark, they still think the light is safety instead of naked exposure. Lights in the eyes are more painful and blinding then a dark closet. Eyes don’t adjust to light burning retinas. Interrogations, thats what bright lights come to mind. Harsh unsurvivable deserts, witnessing horror, seeing imperfections that only light reveals to us. The mysteries of the deep ocean of our own world lives absolute darkness. only tipped on predators is only so they can kill for their food. Light is good, isn’t it? Light makes you stand out on stage, vulnerable for attack of others. In the wings, watching safe and sound, blanked in security. Shadow and light. Shadow and candle light. Light is only beautiful when dangerous. In the dark, pitch dark, fantastic sharp edges of deadly bolts stab the atmosphere. Of course, the light blinds. And the jagged light kills living trees and living people. Light stops the heart. Light is unnatural and allows you to made to take risks. Risks that can end badly. You don’t build fires in the jungle, you are hunted and the light will get you caught and killed. It is the heat you want but the price is exposure of light. Then, you cannot eat for the light is deadly. Wait, sleep during the day, travel to your destination at night, while the dark is a shadow that protects you. Always has and always will. You can be seen and you can travel where you please in intense shadow. light is short ranged, this makes it weak. It is easily obstructed by shallow dense matter. The light is deadly light the lightning, It burns skin, causes sores, blisters and heightens death. Death is dark and death is scary, just like children are afraid of the dark. But death brings relief, stops pain. Every night we must close our eyes, and if we don’t we cant function, cant survive. The night is the time where we have fun. Where memories are made and memorable memories are created. The dark is a signal for us to start. The dark brings a lot, yet the light the next day is painful. As well as sound and sudden movement yet the light can not be discounted. Light doesn’t protect from hurt, as they say, as people believe. light doesn’t stop stabbings, fights, death, car crashings, school shootings, fires. Where is the promised protection that light said it can block. The night never lies, the shadow is a simple one. Trust the shadow, Light lies, light is no better if you don’t believe me thats its worse. More dangerous. Shadows are cool and comfortaing. Stay in the shadow, I do.

round and round we go
around the shadows
watching spirits fall
collapsing to the ground

crippling desires
spiraling children’s laughter
upwards and forward
into the sky below

saying something, meaning nothing
like is life filled with spires
of feelings of despair and abject hweeeee