into the shadows we fall

“Looks like your knight in shining armor has come to rescue my little frost spirit, shall we give him a show?”

Just a little sketch of a ‘what if’ scenario that’s been in my head for a while. This is my idea of what would have happened if Augus had delivered Jack to the Nightmare king after he had his fun with him…….I’m sure this is right before Gwyn rescues him and everything is happier…yes….everything will be fine.

I might clean this up and do something real with it later, but I’m sort of late for work right now. oops :D

as always, a larger version can be seen on Pixiv: if this link works :D

I drew art for Into the Shadows We Fall…I am drawing too much Jack Frost, I am afraid I might have a problem. I literally did nothing today except eat, pee, and draw this. I promise I’ll stop drawing Jack Frost when people stop writing AWESOME FANFICTION ABOUT HIM HNNNRG.

I really like drawing wounds and blood and chapter 6 had plenty of that so I decided to just. Draw as much as I could. Hah. Not sure how much I like that depiction of the Nain Rouge. o 3o Or Makara for that matter. But damn I like that peacock train and crown.

(hint: if you look at this on my blog and click it you can fullview it)

((also go read not-poignant’s fics do it do it, you might be hurt and broken but you won’t be sorry!!))

The quietest of quiet things

You come and go. The doors swing closed
ever more gently, almost without a shudder.
Of all who move through the quiet houses,
You are the quietest.
We become so accustomed to you,
we no longer look up
when your shadow falls over
the book we are reading
and makes it glow.
Rilke, from The Book of Hours

Distraction is the mistaken impression that everything you are drawn to has something to offer. It confuses mindless engagement with real satisfaction. The things that draw us away from ourselves, from the present moment, from the quiet presence, beckon with a promise of something greater “out there.” But when we lose the thread and wander away from the present moment, instead of feeling more full and connected, we more often find ourselves feeling lonely and still hungry. It is a world of distraction,but it is also a world of quiet presence, permeated with a deeper silence. The quiet presence is always here, faithfully and quietly calling us to attention and into relationship with itself. It is the light on the book that makes it glow. It is the woman who smiled back, it is the sun coming up like a hymn after it set like a fist. Wendell Berry described the quiet presence as a hidden singer, “a small bird that calls and waits and calls again.” It calls quietly, you have to pay attention. You have to leave your smart phone in your pocket, resist checking it on the sly for email or texts. It calls you back even when you find you have lost the thread. It is patient and calls, and waits, and calls again. It does not matter if you lose the thread a thousand times. The quiet presence didn’t go anywhere, you did. And so it calls, and waits for you to notice the way the light is coming in from the window, how it is illuminating the book as it sits in your lap.

Carrie Newcomer

We live in the shadow of the Fall
But the Cross says these are all
Places where grace is soon to be so amazing
They may be unfulfilled
They may be unrestored
But when anything that’s
Shattered is laid before the Lord
Just watch and see
It will not be unredeemed


Cadence Kid - XTC

Director - Malorie Folino
Cinematographer - Alex Lake

Hold on to the light, shadows on the wall.
Dancing in the night, spinning till we fall.
Lost inside a dream, can you hear my call?
Silently we scream “I want to lose, I want to lose control”
Close my eyes and I’ll drift away,
beyond the horizon is where we’ll stay.
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy

This life without you, colored black and white.
Every thing was dull but now I’m not afraid of light.
Close my eyes and I’ll drift away,
beyond the horizon is where will stay.
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy

Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy
Your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy

Co-Owners Wanted!

We are a brand new roleplaying group looking for at least two co-owners to help out! If you love the series Shadow Falls by C.C. Hunter, or The Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong and you are interested in helping out? 

Then please do me a huge favor and fill out this form, and submit it.

If you have any questions? Please do not be afraid to ask and I will be more than happy to answer them!

Pursuant to my last post… here’s a day in the life snapshot of how I read fanfiction.

Over breakfast today I read “My Contributions To Quicksand Week” by @bowlingforgerbils, and over lunch break I’ll be tackling Chapter 7 of “Into Shadows We Fall” by @not-poignant.

I have a chapter of “Another Name For Fear” by @thewasandshouldbeking slated to be read next, either for dinner break or before bed, and when I need to cleanse my palate of angst, I will dip into “Coffee and Fruit Snacks” by @bunnimew.

All different flavours to keep my brain busy.

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Write down the first ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping, no cheating), then write down your favorite lyrics from each one and tag five people to do the same.

(Damn it, I’ve had to look up most of them because they are not quite my favorite songs)

1. Age of Shadows (Ayreon)

We never saw this coming
Pride comes before a fall
We never heeded the warnings
Buried deep within us all

2. Nine Wave Maidens (Leaves’ Eyes)

Calling the waves
Playing in the shallows

3. Daylight Lucidity (Delain)

You hold the key of what I need
Unlock the door that will reveal

4. Minor Heaven (Tarja)

Light a way for me to walk on
from the ashes to the sky

5. Home Again (Anneke Van Giersbergen)

The stormy day is here today
To guide me back home

6. You’ve Got The Love (Florence and the Machine)

Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air

7. Crystal Gazing (Mike Oldfield)

Pictures from the night, would you be my guide?
What you talk about on the other side?

8. Misery’s Crown (Dark Tranquility)

I gave up all for nothing
I tried my best
And failed
There’s a thousand million reasons
Never to share again 

9. Ach, ich fühl’s (from The Magic Flute, sung by Diana Damrau)

So wird Ruh im Tode sein

10. Victoria (Krypteria)

Here it is, your one moment in time, make them remember your name

Tear it up, this is your time to shine

Now scream as loud as you can: Victoria!

tag dump! characters/ships.


when there is just too much hair falling off as I showered

after suffering from sickness, after sickness, after sickness

only managing to catch some sleep in the morning after waking up constantly at night

I realised that I have became someone else.

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Dancing in the Shadows

As darkness falls upon us, sorrow pulls at our hearts.
We are cast into the shadows by loneliness and regret.
Our only hope is that the sun will rise for the morning but until then there is only darkness.
With heavy hearts and aching bodies, we dance.

We dance for the fear of no tomorrow.
We dance to feel better.
We dance to forget the pains of the past.

We dance in the shadows of what we believe creates our happiness and sense of belonging.
But what we can’t see is that
We dance to make our own light.

The light comes from with in and radiates out
Creating illusions of sorrow, shadows.
But when we move gracefully across the floor in seamless actions it’s as if the light had been there all along.

When all hope is lost and darkness falls upon you, don’t forget only you can on the light.