into the pit of snk never to return

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Hello, sorry for bothering, I'm just interested in some things. Firstly, I'd like to say that your posts which are dedicated to SNK are really good written. Secondly, I'd be happy if you answer my silly question. What do you think will happen with Ymir and Historia? I know it may sound stupid as they both are about to die. I'm really glad that in " SNK Readthrough: Volume 12 Part 14" you represented Ymir as Goddess, not Historia.

Hi anon, I didn’t represent Ymir as a Goddess - she called herself that! But I agree with the assessment. She’s a Goddess :)

I’ve never believed that Ymir and Historia would find happiness together. This is Isayama. It will be tragic. One of them will sacrifice their life for the other.

Ymir has already sacrificed her life for Krista once. In Castle Utgard she loved Krista enough to hurl herself over a wall and into a pit of Titans. All she asked in return was that Krista start using her real identity.

I don’t know if you’ve read Chapter 65 or not, but my latest theory on what will happen to them is tied to it. I’ll put those thoughts below the read more if you are interested.

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