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I think all in comic con was a bit of a flop 😔 they all seemed bored and tired and disinterested, I know they are all probably exhausted but it's a shame. Casey was probably the one saving grace, and that MTV interview was cringe city

Ya it was pretty mellow. Also They’ve only read up until episode 5 so we didn’t really get any juicy spoilers. Casey was such a bundle of sunshine and on the bright side Lili looked like a goddess. 


Pics of Stephen from Second City (with bonus Steve Carell in the bottom two and Paul Dinello in the last one)

Tiger Dryer

@dazatsu-network ’s May Dazatsu Daze prompt: Rain (it could also work for after a day’s work too lmao)

There’s no real triggers apart from slight teasing, this fic is fluff in the literal and categorical sense~

The soft pitter patter of poetic precipation flirted down from clouds. A surprising occurrence, in the usually clear Yokohama. Atsushi poked his head out onto the balcony, flinching as a drop dropped onto his face. Looking out, the city was a grey haze, mellow, the water looking like a sea of ink.

He settled on the railing, the ink on his hands intermingling with the water as he watched his fingers go from smudged black to…slightly smaller smudged black. That’s what you get for working hard, Atsushi mused with a smile.

He wondered if Dazai was at home, or if he was settled in some teahouse, considering he didn’t notice the man there when he was doing his own paperwork. Atsushi always liked the rain, and he wondered if Dazai did in kind.

“Atsushi!” His eyes flickered open, looking back into the office, of which the source of the voice wasn’t to be found. He noticed that with the movement of his head, water flicked about, and it was raining heavier. The hand was washed of ink, and he felt damp. Atsushi looked down.

“They say that it’s going to be torrential! I might be able to drown myself just by lying on the street!” His voice surprisingly managed to carry through even in the audible weather, or maybe Atsushi had just gotten attuned to Dazai’s voice. “That really isn’t a good idea!” He tried to respond back, but to no avail, his voice was, funnily enough, drowned.

Atsushi ran frantically down the stairs, slipping a little, but finding no time to cling to a railing. His eyes were blurry, a mixture of blobby cement. “Dazai?” He calls out, before eventually finding that tan coat, scooping him up.

“Well, this is romantic, you came over so quickly.” Dazai chuckled, seemingly unperturbed in his arms. “Of course I did! You could’ve gotten sick or something!” “Like drowning?” Atsushi sighed, settling to go back to the cover of the Agency building.

“Okay, yes, like drowning.” He exhaled, looking out the door. “Here I was, thinking the rain would be a nice change…” “I don’t really like rain much myself.” Dazai hummed in thought, “Particularly when there’s no umbrellas and…” He walked up the stairs, “no one left.”

Atsushi groaned, settling his head against the wall. “The one time I didn’t bring an umbrella…” “Well, it can’t be too bad. You could always turn into a tiger and race back home?” Atsushi raised an eyebrow, “Yeah, a random white tiger running through town.” “Wouldn’t be the strangest thing.” A shrug. “Well, with your ability you wouldn’t be able to…” “To what?” “Ride me.” Dazai just pat his back, “I know, I know, there was no other wording choice.”

“You could call Kunikida…?” Atsushi asks, which only garners a sheepish smile. “Well the thing is, I have work I needed to do.” “You can’t be serious.” “You could do the tiger thing.” “I’m not just leaving you here!” “Aww, you care about me.” “Yes. Yes I do.” Atsushi puffs, before scooping him up.

“How come you’re carrying me?” Dazai raised an eyebrow. “You need to dry yourself off, and I’m not letting you roll off because of the water weight.” “You know me too well…” Dazai could only sigh in response, before allowing himself to be swept away by Atsushi.

There was no one there, and the two sat together as Dazai kept stopping and starting on scrawling in his work. Atsushi merely satisfied himself with observing the shadows cast along the office, the city lights giving a much more muffled beauty than its initial gray earlier. He glanced down at the paper beside him, stained before Dazai sighed and scrunched up the puttying mass, a soft collapse as it splashed into the garbage bin, to which he couldn’t help but suppress a “Nice” to.

Atsushi lifted the coat off his shoulders, causing Dazai to glance up. “What are you doing?” Atsushi set them aside, “You’re going to catch a cold if you don’t get changed.”

Dazai chuckled, trying to avoid shivers with laughter, “Are you asking me to strip? You’re so forward, and in the office too?”

“I didn’t mean it like that!” Atsushi rolled his eyes, “Besides, I don’t want you to get sick…”

“Oh? And how do you propose warming up?”

“I turned the heater on…”

“Well we’re probably going to freeze to death then…” Dazai mumbles nonchalantly.


“You didn’t know? To save power it’s on a timer.”

“L-Like right…” Atsushi folded his arms, as Dazai continued his work on a new, slightly less stained piece of paper until that ceasing whirl caused him to smirk smugly at the other. “I told you so…” He singsonged.

“Okay fine, we’ll have to…” Atsushi hummed in thought, before giving a hand. “Vest.”

Dazai raised an eyebrow, but relinquished it- with some difficulty.

“Get to work, I’ll have this warmed up soon.”

“You carry around a heater everywhere you go? I’m amazed.”

“Nope.” Atsushi slipped on the coat, the sleeves far too long for him.

“I can’t tell whether you look terrible or you look adorable.” Dazai snickered.

Atsushi rolled his eyes, before the sleeves managed to fit him. “Considering you’re ability, this is the next best thing…”

“Atsushi, I have no idea what you’re trying to-” An exponential amount of fluff appeared from inside the coat, Atsushi’s eyes having their tell tale glow. “Can you push the sleeves up? I don’t want to claw them apart or anything.”


“Scratch that, adorable it is.” He felt his heart warm just at the sight, slipping the sleeves up, careful not to touch Atsushi directly. “I have my own personal non-direct heater…”

“Don’t tell Fukuzawa, otherwise I may as well be a rug in winter…” Atsushi mumbled, feeling the damp coat slowly dry. “Okay, it’s warm now. If I don’t take this off I think I’ll have heatstroke…”

Dazai hugged him, wanting to get just a millisecond of the fluff, but to no avail (though a heated coat and his own relatively warm boyfriend was good enough). “I’ll never get that fluff…” A dejected murmur. “Fate is so cruel to me…”

Atsushi patted his back with a soft, “I know, I know…” and gave the coat back to him, “I’ll do the rest of your clothes now, so just wrap yourself in that. Do you want me to…are you okay to wrap your bandages?”

Dazai smiled, “I’ll be fine.”

Atsushi gave a soft smirk, poking him in the shoulder, “Just make sure you /actually/ do your work.”

“You can’t withhold warmth for work, that’s cruel!” Dazai exclaimed.

“Fine, I want you to do your work so we can stay here for the night with my tiger heated clothes without the lingering fear on procrastination, okay?” Atsushi smiled, pecking Dazai on the cheek.

Honestly how could he resist that?

And so the two sprawled across the floor draped in warmth, despite the cold night’s rainstorm.

Mellow Frames: Amethyst and Vidalia give Beach City Dating Advice

Longest Mellow Frames to date (though I got another long one planned called Beach City Arson). Glad I’m able to include so many crack ships in one comic (even ones that didn’t even really exist). 

End of June 2016, I (Alex/Bier) returned for my 2nd trip to NYC.

Things had changed quite dramatically since the first time visited. I had a boyfriend in New York City now! Everything was crazy, electric yet mellow at the same time! After a remarkably fun and grotesquely delicious dinner-party with Questlove and a lot of other celebrities (more details about that chapter saved for another post) we decided to take a walk in the warm breeze of the gentle summer night. After a while, we found ourselves standing in the middle of Brooklyn Bridge.

It was at this precise spot the above foto was taken where we started talking about the real shit. About having a closed or open relationship; about honesty; about the endless list of past hookups; about the scars in our hearts previous partners or other significant people left there; about all the inconveniences of having a long-distance relationship. Finances! Kids! Race! Sex! Expectations for the next 2,3, 5 years!

Then, silence. Cars driving over that bridge, completely muted.

Everything was said, we poured out our greatest fears on that Bridge, exposed ourselves in the most vulnerable way possible. By this vulnerability, we opened up in a way that would give the other the power to destroy each other with the blink of an eye. But instead we embraced each other.

That night, we crossed that bridge; into a radically new and different chapter of our lives. Together.

Steven, I’m saying this because I like you, stop becoming a jerk ass! Seriously, since the beginning of the Summer of Steven he has: 

A. Possessed Lars and tried to form a relationship with Sadie through him. 

B. Stole his dad’s car to get revenge on someone. 

C. Ruined Ronaldo’s relationship and has made no attempt to fix him (I’ll head cannon that he tried to fix it afterwards)

Seriously Steven, you got to stop this. On the other hand, it does give me material for Mellow Frames. 

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m, fenris?

M - When it rains/snows/storms

Minrathous, Seheron, Kirkwall – all warm climates with a sweltering sun, and air that hisses and sighs with heat. This is what he knows, and vehemently prefers, when faced with the alternative.

In this case, the alternative is Ferelden, known for two things: an over-abundance of mud, and a population of dogs to outnumber its people. But as far as Fenris can see, the only abundance of anything is the white, unpleasantly cold substance that has kept his wife in high spirits for the better part of their journey south.

His youngest sits on his hip, a solid and warm weight where everything else is cold. “Da,” she says. Then, points. “O.”

“Snow,” he agrees, with a sigh. “Yes.”

“Ma,” she says then, and he follows the line of her gaze towards where Hawke is trying – and succeeding – in shoving snow down her brother’s trousers. For his part, Carver is doing a good job yelling loud enough to attract every highway bandit in a mile’s radius, but neither of them seem to find the noise at all excessive.

Another sigh. “Yes, that is your mother. And your uncle.”

A snowball flies across the path, hitting Hawke square in the back of the head, and she whirls to find her son falling over himself with laughter.

“And your brother,” Fenris adds, and feels, suddenly, like a stranger in his own family. Nearly two decades in Kirkwall has not managed to knock the Fereldan from either of their bones. Even his eldest – born in the Anderfels, perhaps, but raised in Kirkwall, is romping through the snow like he was born in it.

A small touch of cold against his nose, and he looks up towards the grey skies, and the snowflakes drifting down.

“No,” his daughter says simply, tucking her face against his scarf, the brush of her dark hair prompting him to press his cheek against it. Then, as though uttering it with enough insistence will convince the weather to change its ways (and considering her heritage, the thought is not implausible) – “No.”

“My sincerest sympathies,” he agrees, gaze following his wife as she hoists their son up by his armpits, to toss him into the nearest snowbank. “What say you we go back home to Kirkwall, you and I?”

“Wall,” she agrees solemnly, and despite the snow seeping into his boots, Fenris finds a smile.

From across the path, Hawke looks up, scarf tangled with her hair and cheeks flushed from the cold, and her grin ten years younger. She’s so much more than her place of origin, but the frozen earth has turned something soft within her; has made mellow a countenance that the city has spent years hardening. It might just be nostalgia, but he doesn’t begrudge her this sliver of happiness, even if he can’t find it in himself to understand it.

And, “You will grow to love it,” he says, even knowing she can’t yet grasp the meaning of the words. But she is his, and this he knows, as she will one day realize –

That the things which at first seem inconceivable (a mage, the mother of his children; freedom, when he’d forgotten such a thing existed), might one day make all the sense in the world.
City Pop - mix 2

Some friends have been asking me for music recommendations lately, figured I’d share here as well.

These mixes are a great intro to city pop, a weird genre from the 1980’s inspired by the feeling or mood of living in a big city (particularly Tokyo) Definitely an easy listening genre, City Pop generally provides mellow (yet upbeat) jazz/funk fusion with the lofi electronic indicative of the time period. I’d say nearly 95% of the artists of this genre are Japanese.

City Pop is probably the most commonly sampled genre in Lofi hip hop, vaporware, and future funk, as it already lays down a fun beat, soft electronics, and dreamy vocals. (I can do another one of these for those genres in the future, if anyone is interested). If you enjoy City Pop but wished it was faster and more electronic, check out Vaporwave artists like Yung Bae and Saint Pepsi, or any of the future funk mixes out there, and if you want more chilled out and lofi (the kind that samples talking as opposed to singing) check out some of the 24/7 live lofi streams on YouTube (Ambition and Chilled Cow in particular).

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May I have a match up please? I am 167 cm tall with medium length black hair with magenta at the ends. I have brown eyes and love playing with makeup to make myself look more awake. My hobbies include trying a lot of different foods and taking walks by myself around the city. I'm a pretty mellow individual in general, but care a lot for close friends and family. I have a love for ballet. Thanks for being amazing!

I should be thanking you ! I ship you with Zen

  • You two are the aesthetic couple that is on everybody’s instagram feed. When is he not taking a selfie with you? It’s almost becoming an issue.
  • Walks around the city is way better with you. Zen use to do it to meet fans or for a morning jog but now he just wants to hold your hand and mindlessly amble along.
  • If you ever wanted to, he would be 1000% down to take you on a motorcycle ride so you could see all the lights and avoid the busy sidewalks.
  • Plus he gets to have you hold him tightly
  • Your dates usually are going to new restaurants that just open or visiting new stands around the city. Zen isn’t too daring with his food choices but he definitely won’t stop you from trying anything new.
  • Zen loves seeing how caring and loving to your friends and family. He is just so grateful to have someone with such a warm heart. He wishes there were more people like you in the world
  • When he isn’t at his own rehearsals, he is at your practices. He admires the hard work you put into moving with grace and beauty. Ballet is truly an art itself and you just hook him right in.

Gjon Mili     Billie Holiday Singing “Fine and Mellow,” New York City     1943

“My man don’t love me, treats me oh so mean

My man he don’t love me, treats me awful mean

He’s the lowest man that I’ve ever see

He wears high trimmed pants, stripes are really yellow

He wears high trimmed pants, stripes are really yellow

But when he starts in to love me he’s so fine and mellow

Love will make you drink and gamble, make you stay out all night long

Love will make you drink and gamble, make you stay out all night long

Love will make you do things that you know is wrong…”

–Billie Holiday


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