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modernmonkeymind  asked:

Hey LY, how do you define spirituality/spiritual? I've seen you use the words before, but I don't think I've ever seen you give a definition.

Definitions by their nature impose limitations and draw lines in the sand where there need be none. What I offer is therefore solely my opinion. 

Spirituality is the opposite of superstition. It is the sincere inquiry into the nature of our felt existence. What is this

The world as we know it is a superstition. The person as we know it is a superstition. By superstition, I mean that they are shaped and defined by ideas we have unquestionably taken to be just as real and true as gravity. 

Spirituality is not about self-help, although it will improve our functionality in the human world. Spirituality is not about magic, astrology, astral projection, miracles, and all that, although that can be fun and have its place in our journey to awakening. 

In itself, spirituality is about awakening from the dream of the optical illusion created by consciousness as it is filtered through the brain. That optical illusion is what creates the sense of separateness and individuation.

Coincidentally, this awakening from illusion is also accompanied with great bliss, clarity, and peace that do not belong to the body and so do not depend on the body, mind, or worldly circumstances. 

I would say the primary element of spirituality is that awakening. 

The secondary repercussions of awakening and journeying to awakening are a better life and a better world. 

Just my two cents. 

Namaste :)

I made a planchette! Thanks to the person who suggested that I put the ouija board under glass! I found a glass frame almost exactly the right size for it and the planchette moves across it really smoothly.

I added a lace border that I think I might replace with something nicer. I ripped that one off a tin of sweets and it only just covers the edges and got a little torn 😞

I’m going to start making another one! This time in spring colours 🌷 pastel greens and pinks and yellows. Instead of the bat it will be a butterfly and instead of the graveyard and skeleton it will be a rose garden on a hill and posies with a picket fence 🌼  

I’m having a lot of fun drawing it up and I’ll show it to you guys once I’m finished!  💕


Okay so basically I have a DIY video (there’s plenty more but these are bomb looking) on how to make your OWN wand ! Wands online & at stores can be $20+, & I know that isn’t always affordable for people… So I wanted to share the idea of MAKING your own wand! I’ve seen tutorials for wands that require simple items like chop sticks, a hot glue gun & spray paint. This video has other great ideas as well. I hope this helps if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want YOUR OWN WAND!!:D 🐍🐍