into the eye

~~~100 Followers Gift~~~

Yay, I reached 100 followers! Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me! Let me tell you some embarassing words (*´∀`*). These eyes may seem to be odd in some ways but I had my reasons for creating them. As you can see, the eyes reflect the planets of our beloved solar system. The reason I used them is simple: We are all on the same planet and in the same universe. We are one big family and every living being is a wonderful being, who should be loved and respected.

So, cut a long story short - This gift is a sign for respect. Enjoy every single day, stop the hate and spread some love ♥.

The eyes can be found in the facepaint category. Available for all genders and all ages, plus vampires and aliens.

Download: SimFileShare (no -open in a new tab if the link doesn’t work-

I tested the file in the game, but if there are any problems feel free to send me a message!