into the darkness


yo i’m megha and loving urself is a long journey and it isn’t easy but i’m working on it and you all should too!! all of u are beautiful and valid, never forget that 

nurseydex captain america!au (bc both make me want to cry so why not???)

  • william j poindexter
  • irish immigrant living in brooklyn in the 1940′s
  • his father died when he was young and his mother worked two jobs in order to support him and his siblings but
  • then she got sick
  • dex put a lot of pressure on himself to provide for his family
  • his best friend nursey helped out when he could
  • let dex and his sisters sleep on his couch
  • spent any spare money he had on groceries
  • even tried to take dex out dancing in the hopes of distracting him
  • (nursey was always such a ladies man, everyone fell in love with his soft eyes and pretty words immediately)
  • (dex was always a little too or distracted by money and health and the war to really enjoy himself on dates)
  • (nursey was always a little too distracted by dex to enjoy the women he was on dates with)
  • hot headed, never back down dex, picking fights in back alleys
  • (nursey having to come save his ass)
  • nursey got drafted
  • dex was furious with himself
  • he tried time and time again to enlist
  • he knew it was better money and he couldn’t stand the idea of picking up scrap metal when there were men on the front lines lying down their lives
  • so when he got offered the chance to become a better soldier how could he say no?
  • William “Not A Perfect Man, But A Good Soldier” Poindexter 
  • tracking down the 107 across enemy lines just on the off chance that nursey might still be alive
  • nurseys face when he sees dex, his dex, upon waking him from his experimental drug induced sleep
  • (”dex?”)
  • only
  • it’s not really his dex anymore?
  • (”I thought you were dead”)
  • his shoulders are broader, his arms stronger, his jaw more square and…
  • “I thought you were smaller?”

Dark Impetus, from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Defeat the mysterious figure, but don’t forget to dodge roll!