into the blue 2: the reef


1. Coconut Octopus (Amphioctopus marginatus)
2. Blue-ringed Octopus (genus Hapalochlaena)
3. Blanket Octopus (genus Tremoctopus)
4. Mimic Octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus)
5. Dumbo Octopus (genus Grimpoteuthis)
6. Caribbean Reef Octopus (Octopus briareus)
7. Giant Pacific Octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini)
8. Larger Pacific Striped Octopus (Octopus sp)
9. Casper Octopus (species unidentified)
10. Caribbean Two-spot Octopus (Octopus hummelincki)

lana del rey in 2012: blue jeans, girls and nostalgia, angsty sad sad pretty when you cry, no one understands bc im a sad girl money power cocaine sad sad old money and racetracks nostalgia sad ultraviolence it’s a cRUEL WORLD

lana in 2017: WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE WORLD AND SPREAD TRUTH & LOVE AND ACTIVISM. It’s a blessing 2 be young and in love and I’m so happy wE need to change the wORLD WE CAN DO IT!!!!! CORAL REEFS R DYING. down w/trump. Love.

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 20: Coral Reefs (2 of 2)

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.”

This is the first biome post that I have made in over a year, so I’m really excited for this post! I’m sorry for the inactivity, but I’m back, so here we go!

This is actually the second coral reefs post, and you can find the first one here, and that post was uploaded two years ago today! In the last post, I had mentioned how there are four main types of coral reefs: fringing, barrier, atolls, and patch reefs. Since this is my first post since Sun and Moon was released I am going to try to focus my analysis more on the fringing coral reefs around Hawaii, the region that Alola is based off of.

The Hawaiian coral reefs stretch for 2000 km, and account for more than 85% of the reef systems in the United States. With more than a quarter of all of the fish, plant, and invertebrate species in the Hawaiian coral reefs being endemic to Hawaii, there is a huge diversity of life that can’t be found anywhere else. This may explain the unusual designs that many Alolan Pokémon have, and maybe I can shed some light on how their morphological and anatomical traits have evolved to help them in Alola, like so many species in Hawaii have traits that help them survive.

Let’s get started!

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Welcome Home Pt.2

Magnus had his arms wrapped firmly around his waist, his hands pulling him as close to his body as he could get him.

“God, I missed you.” Alec breathed between kisses. His hands reefed off Magnus’ jacket and he allowed his arms to fall to his sides so it slid from him in a soft pool at the their feet. He headed for the buttons on his shirt next.

“this is taking too long.” Magnus complained and with a snap and a short burst of blue sparks, both of their shirts disappeared.

“I like the way you think, Babe.” Alec said, and headed for his neck, seeking the pulse point that he knew would drive Magnus wild. Magnus tilted his head to give him better access to it and then made a purring sort of noise in his throat as he felt his boyfriend’s  mouth hit the spot he needed.  Alec gave a soft snort of laughter against Magnus’ skin.

‘Are you purring? Seriously? Already?” he asked him, but when he lifted his head and saw those two glowing amber eyes looking back at him he knew he was done for. He drew in a breath and crashed his mouth back to Magnus’ and then started fumbling with his belt buckle and the button on his pants.

Magnus was doing the same thing to him and he heard the heavy thud of his gear belt as it dropped to the floor. He undid the button of his jeans but before he went for the zipper he ran his palm over the hard bulge behind it. Alec gave deep growl and Magnus could feel its vibrations going through his own chest.

“I didn’t think Nephilim could make noises like that. You’ve been spending too much time with those werewolves again.” he said, his voice low and deep.

“Only Nephilim with hot warlock boyfriends can do it. I won’t do it again if you don’t want me too.” Alec was trailing kisses down his jaw line, making it almost impossible for him to think straight.

“don’t you dare stop it.” Magnus growled back, and Alec gave a small laugh before going back to his lips. He had managed to get Magnus’ button and zipper undone and was trying to pull the tight fitting material down over his slim hips.

“Why do you have to wear such tight pants, you’re making things difficult.” Alec complained. Magnus gave a click of his fingers once more and the clothing disappeared along with his boots.

“all better? I can stop wearing them if don’t like them.” Magnus hinted, hooking his fingers into the belt loops off Alec’s jeans and giving them a hard yank down so they fell about his ankles.

“You don’t have to go that far.” He said, running his hands over his muscled chest and abs. He pried off his own boots and then stepped out of his jeans before grabbing Magnus’ hand and leading him to the bed. The covers were bunched up and messy.

“Really, my love, when was the last time you made your bed?” Magnus asked as they stood near the end, hands and mouths busy with each other.

“Is it gonna stop you from laying with me in it?” Alec asked him.

“No way in hell.”

They fell heavily together onto its surface too preoccupied with each other to take it easy. Alec smiled when he heard a muffled cry.

“Sorry Babe, didn’t mean to hurt you, I just really want you.”  Alec nuzzled into Magnus’ neck.

“Ah, I hate to tell you this but that wasn’t me.” Magnus replied and Alec stilled, bringing his head up to frown down at him questionly. They both startled when they felt movement right next to them before hearing something fall to the floor with a thud.

“What the………” Alec started to say before Magnus used his magic to turn on the bedside lamp.

Simon Lewis was trying to scramble to his feet from the floor wearing only his underwear. His pale vampire skin glowing whitely in the dim light of the lamp but his face was actually a pale pink.  Magnus and Alec froze in shock.

“Well, Alexander, this is a surprise I thought at the worse that you might keep a teddy bear in here or something but a whole vampire?” Magnus asked.

“I…..I….I’m really sorry, guys….. oh God, don’t kill me, please? Well technically I’m already dead but please don’t. I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt you but…….” He stammered.

“So, what? You thought hiding under the bed covers was a good idea? What in the name of the angel are you doing in here anyway?” Alec barked at him, as he moved off Magnus, grabbing at the blankets to cover them both.

“I got here earlier today to wait for Izzy but it got late and I got tired so I thought I’d catch a short nap before you got back. I had no idea you’d be coming in here.” Simon was hastily trying to put on his clothes but was tangling himself in the material.  Magnus gave a small snort of impatience and snapped his fingers to dress the startled vampire. Simon gave a jump but then headed for the door.

“I’ll go now then. Sorry guys didn’t mean to intrude. Hey Magnus, nice underwear by the way.” He grinned as he headed out the door. As the door closed behind him, Alec frowned back at Magnus.

“I had no idea vampires could blush like that.” Magnus said thoughtfully.

“Don’t change the subject, what did he mean about your underwear?” Magnus leaned over to him and kissed him, smiling back at him. He flipped over onto his stomach. Alec looked down at his butt and stifled a laugh. The words, ‘property of A. Lightwood” was printed across the material. Alec gave Magnus’  rounded butt cheek a  playful pinch.

“They were supposed to of been a welcome home present.” Magnus told him.

“They still are. I love you Magnus Bane.” He told him.

“I love you too, A. lightwood.” And with a laugh they wrapped themselves up in each other.            



The fish from the new Finding Dory movie, the blue tang, is in danger.

With the new movie coming out, everyone and their kid is going to want a blue tang. Clown fish sales SKYROCKETED in 2003, when the original movie Finding Nemo was released. Unlike the blue tang, clownfish can be bred in tanks, are a more easy saltwater fish to care for, only needing 4 gallons per clownfish, and an anemone.

The blue tang CANNOT BE TANK BRED. They are captured live from the ocean, which can be damaging to the coral reefs.

The blue tang gets HUGE, and eventually you’ll need a tank the size of your couch to accommodate it.

The blue tang gets SICK. VERY EASY.

“In order to create an environment at home large enough for a Blue Tang to grow, swim, hide, and thrive, your family would need to invest up to $1,000 in a 180-gallon saltwater aquarium. That’s an aquarium over 6 feet long, 2 feet wide, 2 feet tall, filled with water and weighing nearly one ton! Plus, Blue Tangs require a significant level of saltwater expertise and dedication to properly care for, often culminating after years of experience. Therefore, we do not recommend Blue Tangs for beginners.” -

Do NOT get a blue tang, SERIOUSLY. If you are well equipped, an experienced saltwater fish owner, I mean go for it, but don’t get them as your child’s pet. They will be bored of it in a week anyway, and the fish will probably die. There’s tons of Finding Dory merchandise (shirts, bags, stuffed animals, seriously they have everything) to buy yourself or your child.


Pinnoctopus sp. from Okinawa. We found these guys near Hamamoto/ Motobu living in the seagrass beds alongside Abdopus acculeatus octopuses. These guys have a very limited color range (white to red) sometimes the white spots appear blue due to iridiophores. They are not easily kept in aquariums. After we took a small DNA voucher, we released them. Here, they were mating in the bucket. We never had any Pinnocopus lay eggs in an aquarium, but we have seen specimens larger than 2 Kg, so these were probably too young to be fertile.

i got tagged by @adhdphysicist !!!

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Name: percy

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Sexual Orientation: gray-ace panromantic and polyamarous

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Favorite Season: summer

Favorite Book Series: uuh anything in riordanverse except hoo n toa tbh

Favorite Fictional Character: hm. carter kane, jason grace, annabeth chase and alex fierro are all amazing and i love them

Favorite Flower: dont have one tbh

Favorite Scent: freshly baked choc chip cookies OR my aunts mutton curry (or her brinjol sambal..)

Favorite Color: blue

Favorite Animal: black tipped reef shark

Favorite Band: green day

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: coffee mixed w/ hot chocolate

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Sometimes, I forget how awesome Belize is

Here are 20 reasons why Belize is awesome:

  1. Second longest Barrier Reef in the World and the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere 
  2. The Great Blue Hole
  3. Largest Forest Cover in Central America
  4. Only English Speaking Country in Central America
  5. Xunantunich Archeological Reserve
  6. Caye Caulker and San Pedro
  7. Tutsi Ideal
  8. Kick Down Fried Chicken
  9. Victoria Peak
  10. Actun Tunichil Muknal Archeological Reserve
  11. Placencia and Tuti Fruti Ice Cream
  12. Orange Walk tacos
  13. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
  14. Sunny & Tan Bun and Happy Cow Cheese
  15. B E A C H E S
  16. Rice and Beans
  17. Kriol 
  18. 6 districts, 2 cities, 7 towns
  19. Summer type weather year round [ Wet and Dry Season]
  20. Spanish Lookout and Western Diaries Ice Cream
5 Things Tag Thing.

Hello guys! :)
So one of my favorite blogs, @tvrnbvckle , tagged me to do this and you guys know hardly nothing about me so I thought why not?

5 things you’ll find in my bag:
- 2 mini notebooks since I tend to get ideas when i’m away from home.
- 3 mechanical pencils (pink, blue, and yellow)
- Driver’s permit
- A tube of chocolate flavored chapstick with Iron Man on it.
- 5 small crystals (rose quartz, quartz, agate,amethyst, bloodstone)

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
- A hunk of rose quarts
- 6 Kylo Ren dolls (2 plush, 2 Pops, and 2 action figures)
- A huge Funko Pop collection
- A poster with reef sharks above my bed.
- A picture of me and my mom when we met AdamTheWoo,

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
- Move to Sweden
- Travel the world.
- Dance with a professional.
- Draw a realistic portrait.
- Write a novel.

5 things that make me feel happy:
- Dancing
- Watching wrestling.
- Talking with my mom.
- AdamTheWoo vlogs
- Ed Sheeran

5 things I’m currently into:
- Wrestling
- 80s Movies
- Wwe Champions
- Stranger Things
- Star Wars

5 things on my to do list:
- Try out for my schools wrestling team
- Draw one picture everyday. (I drew Mustafa yesterday! :) )
- Actually meet Kade
- Touch Dean Ambrose (I almost got to Friday but alas)
- Get more into NJPW

Okay so, i’m supposed to tag 15 people, but I don’t know that many people on here so i’ll tag as many as I can.

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Blue Reef

Light Puerto Rican Rum - 2 oz

Lime Juice - 1 ½ oz

Blue Curaçao - 1 ½ oz

Galliano - ½ oz

Shake everything with ice cubes and strain into a snifter filled with crushed ice.

From Beachbum Berry’s “Grog Log”. Unfortunately no information about the inventor was given.

It’s another blue drink that’s actually delicious; generally speaking, none of the drinks picked out by Mr. Jeff Berry are too bad.

This is a quite a mild drink with a dry base; pronounced lime and orange flavours; the Galliano adds that very needed extra sweetness as well as a beautiful anise and vanilla finish. The drink would have been very boring without it.

psychedelicmoose  asked:

Do you have any suggestions for good ocean documentaries? Thanks! :)

Yep! :)


  • Wildest Arctic
  • Mission Blue
  • The Blue Planet
  • Planet Ocean
  • The Whale



Anti Captivity Documentaries


I’ve had lots of questions about how I fit so many animals, or how things are kept. So I decided to take some pictures to share!

This is my bedroom, I have tanks in the kitchen and living room, as well as the pond+some mice+ turkey jerky (ball python) downstairs but they were not included.

Feel free to share your pet space too, if you want!

List of things under the cut!

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Anon asked what the Techeuns are, and what they were doing with Mara in the latest trailer Bungie streamed for us.
I’ll answer what the Techeuns are in the ask answer. The latter, I’ll try to provide more information. A bit of fact, a bit of speculation.
Fact: Mara does use Techeuns to channel special powers. For example, when she wishes to speak to the Awoken telepathically, she can do so, with the help of the Techeuns. The following is taken from Grimoire card GHOST FRAGMENT: THE REEF 2 (Places, The Astroid Belt).

“Mara raised her hand. At once the Techeuns gathered around her. “Shall we try again, My Queen?” said Sedia.

Mara slid off her throne. “Yes.”

The Techeuns’ jewel-like augments flashed as they circled around her. Mara closed her eyes. A hum rose from the Techeuns, the notes fracturing into harmonies as, from the shadows, hundreds of tiny blue sparks burst to life before her. “

So far, that we know for sure, the Techeuns have 2 abilities. One of them offers telepathy to Queen Mara. The other ability was demonstrated during The Reef Wars, when they created an illusion to scare off The Wolves. You can read about that from the Grimoire card WANTED: PIRSIS, PALLAS-BANE (Enemies, Fallen Hunted).

“Working with the Techeuns and the Crows, they created an enormous visual illusion of the Harbingers, making it seem as if the Queen had finally decided to cut her losses and destroy the asteroid. It worked—the false Harbingers so scared the Wolf fleet that they broke ranks.”


I think what we saw in the trailer was a new ability we didn’t know about. If you look at the screencaps, which I posted in the order as presented in the video, they first show Mara and the Techeuns channeling some sort of energy. Then we see the same kind of energy that is channeling from the Techeun’s hands appear around several meteoroids that are in front of their vessel.
Then, later in the video, we see a couple of objects that look like meteoroids that are lit up like the magic they summoned, being shot out at the Dreadnaught.
It’s after that when we see Mara’s eyes turn back to normal, and then faint.
So I think this is a third ability. Telekinesis of some sort.
The Techeuns channel the ability, Mara wills how it is used?

Other opinions are welcome!


Monster High Cards. Great Scarrier Reef

by tanaka_joker on flickr

  • # 77-1 Frankie Stein. Great Scarrier Reef. Glowsome Ghoulfish
  • # 77-2 Lagoona Blue. Great Scarrier Reef. Glowsome Ghoulfish
  • # 77-3 Toralei. Great Scarrier Reef. Glowsome Ghoulfish
  • # 77-4 Posea Reef. Great Scarrier Reef. Down Under Ghouls
  • # 77-5 Kala Mer'ri. Great Scarrier Reef. Down Under Ghouls
  • # 77-6 Peri and Pearl Serpentine. Great Scarrier Reef. Down Under Ghouls
Cameron Imagine

Hey can you write something about being Nash and Hayes’s older sister and Cam falls in love with you??

It was the perfect morning; the 6am sun just rising, creating blankets of pink, red, yellow, orange and blue; the waves were glassy, mimicking my every move. I was sitting on my board when I hear a splash come from behind me. “Oh, hey Cam.” I say. Cameron is my little brother Nash’s best friend. Cameron and I are in the same age group, except he’s a few months older. Like, exactly 2 months. “Hey, Y/N. How the waves been?” “Pretty frequent. The reef has been an cruel. Wait for every 3rd wave, then wide it out.” He nodded, apprehensive. About 2 hours in of riding waves and splashing Cam, we decide to go get breakfast. We don’t bother shower, but instead reapply deodorant and some scented spray. I scrunched my hair, put on some high-waisted denim shorts and a killer floral tube-top that did wonders for my tan and crazy curves. I was just sliding on my flip-flops when my little brother pulled up in his ‘57 pick up. “Need a ride?” Cameron and I put our boards in the back and squeeze in.

1 Hour Later

We finally found a restaurant with decent prices and amazing food. Don’t bother asking what I got. Strangely, Nash decided to leave, looking pointedly at Cameron. Cameron blushed, but I brushed it off. When Cameron and I were seated, we began to blow the straw wrappings at each other.
“Y/N,” Cam says.
“I uh… I need to tell you something…”
“Whats that?” I asked, reading the menu. He cleared his throat and I looked up. Cams face was literally candy apple red.
“I’ve uh… I’ve loved you since day one… And I know you don’t feel the same way-”
“No listen. I know you don’t feel the same way. You’re perfect. You have this amazing smile, and beautiful bright eyes. You make me laugh when no one even realizes I’m upset-” That’s when everything changed. That’s when I held his face, looked into his eyes, and pressed my lips upon his delicate ones. I loved Cam since this whole MAGCON thing to 26MGMT. He’s so sweet, how could anyone not love him? I pulled away and whispered, “I love you, too Cameron Dallas.”


For those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring couldn’t be a more welcome sight! We hope our 350+ followers feel the same way! This giveaway’s theme is spring.


  • Must be following familiarmatchmaking
  • Maximum 1 prize per person
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  • Giveaway will end April 30 at midnight EST (9 PM FR time). Any reblogs after that will not be counted.


Good prize has been unlocked - all prizes now come with 20 points of all types of food.

Pick of the following (3 winners)

  • Pack 1: Green Thumb - Amaranth Moth, Luna Mith, Emerald Webwing, Dryad, Leafy Moth, and Strangler
  • Pack 2: April Showers Bring May Flowers - Lightning Sprite, Storm Seeker, and Poisonous Toridae
  • Pack 3: GIVE WINTER BACK - Frostbite Hummingbird, Winter Wolf, Bluefin Charger, and Snowfall Elk
  • Pack 4: The Birds and The “B”s - Wildwood Owl, Bluemoon Aviar, Blackwing Croaker, and Bamboo Phytocat
  • Pack 5: The Gardeners - Bramble Guardian, Crimson Reef Snail, Longneck Skirmisher, and Parasitic Fungus (360 followers)
  • Pack 6: Witty name goes here - one of Demure’s Scalebelly hatchlings, Scaleback, Iridescent Scaleback, Mire Crate —- GOOD PRIZE — (375 followers)
  • Pack 7: Sunshine and Blue Sky - Sunspot Clouddancer, Southmarsh Podid, River Muck, and Peacock Scorpion (380 followers)
  • Pack 8: Spring Colours - Carmine Serthis, Heartred Croaker, Red-Breasted Hainu, and Venomous Toridae (390 followers)


  • Pack 9: — ULTRA PRIZE (400 followers)—