into ring


Little dryad Willa and her friend Herbeart have tea. Herbeart’s favorite tea is chamomile, but his special favorite is the tea made from Willa’s flowers. They’re quite wonderful, and the rabbit knows this, that’s why he’s munching on them. The macaroons are actually mushrooms with faerie cheese in the middle.

current hobby: becoming progressively more petty as my mom continues to misgender me and not care
  • I asked her if I looked handsome and she paused and said “you’re cute”. I asked again, and the responses? “adorable” “beautiful” “good-looking” As soon as we get down to the car I look at dad and ask “am I handsome?” and he immediately says “yes you look handsome” while mom just stands there.
  • I made like forty 80s-text callout images about respecting pronouns and demolishing transphobia that are vague enough to not be blatantly about her but specific enough that she’ll see them and know. Every day I will post 2 or 3 of those images on Facebook for everyone to see. If she confronts me about it, I’ll start tagging her on every image.
  • Dad does his best to use “he” pronouns (and gets it right like half the time), and every time he does it when mom is around I can just feel her slightest hint of exasperation.
  • At dinner when grandma and grandpa were apologizing for messing up my pronouns (right after mom was visibly annoyed and told me to stop playing games when I corrected her), I proceeded to loudly express how much it means to me that they at least try and feel remorse when they get it wrong, and that makes me feel so safe and loved. And then I glanced at mom, back to them, and kept talking.