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Premiering in 1919, “The Homesteader” is a now-lost silent black-and-white film. It is notable for being the first film directed by an African-American, Oscar Micheaux. It is also believed to be the first feature-length film to be made with African-American actors, by an African-American crew, for a primarily African-American audience.

The film itself is based on a novel by Micheaux of the same name, about a doomed interracial romance at a time when it was illegal in nearly all states for African-Americans and whites to marry. 

“Y’know, we could save some time by using the main background people for the audience cutaway.”

Ted the Animator: “Meaning?”

Carl the Animator: “Well, right after the shot of the creepy audience…”

Carl the Animator: “…the next frame, it can cut straight back to her, but with most of the same people!”

Carl the Animator: “Boom. Minimal re-drawing.”

Ted the Animator: “Yyyyeah, I don’t think that can stay in the movie.”

Carl the Animator: “What? Why?”

Ted the Animator: “As much as I admire efficiency… I’m not so big on teleportation.”

Carl the Animator: “There’s not that much.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, there’s Weird-Charlie-Brown-Shirt-Butt-Chin-Guy moving from back-left to front-right… Tan-Uniform-Guy stealing Creepy Grandpa’s drink… and the wall in front of them radically changing, all in a twelfth of a second.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, sure, but think of the valuable stuff we could work on with that saved time.”

Ted the Animator: “Like?”

Carl the Animator: “Like getting enchiladas.”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, looks like it’s staying in the movie.”


a/n: boy i had to write this before i went to work for a few hours, enjoy!

  • eddie is richie’s best friend and his crush. in his mind, he has dibs on eddie
  • he’s just.. yknow. a mess who don’t know how to voice this to eddie
  • so shit gets real when oc levi comes out of buck fucking nowhere and takes a liking to eddie
  • levi is a tall, lanky and annoying gay man who transferred to the school
  • richie pm
  • and he sits next to richie and eddie in history class and flirts?? nonstop?? with a blushing eddie
  • eddie’s not used to this (well he is bc richie does it but he just knows richie’s kidding right??)
  • and in richie’s mind he’s just like “hold tf up who do you think you are? nope”
  • anytime he walks by in the hall and sees levi talking to eddie he immediately walks up and says smth like “hey asshole with the dumb hair. hey eds.”
  • “he has hair just like you?? and don’t call me that.”
  • “hAHAHhaHA that’s funny anyways let me walk you to class eds”
  • and levi’s like “i was gonna walk him to class”
  • and then richie’s like “well not anymore you tall fuck!” and adds on a laugh bc he’s not actually being mean (yes he is)
  • and eddie’s just wide eyed and confused like wtf is going on??
  • AND THEN richie and levi makes eye contact and without words they both just understand what the other is saying
  • “game on”
  • anytime levi passes by them in the hall richie accidentally trips him. accidentally
  • levi just happens to always be there whenever richie goes to meet eddie after 7th period and even when richie wants to leave eddie insists they stay and talk to levi
  • “oh man levi… i heard you failed your quiz the other day. damn. sorry, dude. it must suck to be dumb and also have a small dick  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯“ “small?? nah, must be talking about yourself. i have to use two hands. *winks at eddie*” “*eyes twitches* you wouldn’t even stand a chance if we took our dicks out right now and measured them. my dick has done grea–”
  • “BEEP BEEP RICHIE! both of you shut the hell up” and eddie’s just hardcore blushing and trying to wrap his mind around what the fuck is happening
  • it goes on like this for a while - levi trying to make the moves on eddie and richie sHUTTING THAT SHIT DOWN BC NO
  • each attempt just ends with richie getting more fed up and levi opening his locker to find some nice gifts - used condoms, rotten food, pounds of paper mache.
  • lbr tho eventually eddie will have enough of this shit and just ask richie why he’s being weird abt levi
  • “he likes you.” “so?” “wait, did you know??” “uh yeah it’s kinda obvious and he told me” AND RICHIE’S HEAD JUST EXPLODES BC WHAT
  • and eddie’s just like “i told him i didn’t feel the same way because i like somebody else. even though this person is a dumbass.”
  • and richie just goes reD bc w o w and he’s finally like “so will you go out with me eds?” and ofc eddie says yes bc jesus christ richie finally
  • “well since that’s out of the way… can i punch levi in the face for trying to out-dick me? and yes.. i mean that in more than one way” *winks at eddie*