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disney making lefou [villain, comedic relief] gay for gaston [straight, physically and verbally abusive to him] and acting as if the world should be greatful for it is so disrepectful to howard ashman’s legacy, life and work that i’m actually appalled like i am actually repulsed by this news

A geography and history refresher, in the wake of Irma and Maria

I am really appalled by comments that I’ve seen about us coming to the aid of Puerto Rico, which has been brutally ravaged back-to-back by hurricanes Irma and Maria - comments about how they don’t deserve our “foreign” aid, they send too many “illegals” and “refugees” here…

So, I thought it would be worthwhile to share the following:

⭕ Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory! Therefore, they are not a “foreign” land.
⭕ Puerto Rico is not a U.S. territory by our virtue and goodwill - we took control of Puerto Rico in a war with Spain.
⭕ All Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. Not a single person born on Puerto Rican soil, is “illegal.”
⭕ Puerto Ricans were made U.S. citizens by the U.S. Congress - despite Puerto Rican protests - in the 1910s, which meant that Puerto Rican men were subsequently drafted into World War I.
⭕ Puerto Rico has **ZERO** voting representation in Congress - therefore, they cannot vote on things like the budget (which includes hurricane relief), whether or not to go to war, etc.
⭕ Puerto Ricans are not Mexican.
⭕ Puerto Rico is an island - and therefore, they don’t share ANY border with the contiguous United States. This makes “Build That Wall” chants sound even more stupid and vile.

Let’s not spite our fellow countrymen and women, just because their native tongue isn’t English. 🇵🇷

I am appalled and disheartened this morning to see people who claim to be Hellenic polytheists on tumblr posting their support for White Supremacists, and condemning those who oppose their hateful agenda.  

Hellenic polytheism stands for 

  • Eusebia - reverence and duty toward the Gods
  • Arete - striving to live to one’s fullest potential
  • Hagneia - moral purity
  • Sophia - wisdom and understanding
  • Sophrosune - self-control
  • Xenia - hospitality, generosity and courtesy

There is no place for hate in Hellenic polytheism. 

it’s such a numbing experience writing about the killings of shia Muslims because I find myself trying to extract sympathy from Muslims who have none. I make it a point to mention those murdered were civilians, that the majority were children, and that all were from besieged towns. And then I catch myself like ‘am I really begging people to feel pained by this news?? Shouldn’t this already break their hearts?? Shouldn’t this be enough to make them weep?’

It’s very clear that the deaths of shia Muslims means very little, if anything at all, to the Ummah. Unless the deaths can be used to further Muslims in the west, they do not matter.

I am appalled at how little the recent attack on shia civilians has touched the popular bloggers on this website who are so vocal about crimes in Syria–their silence is significant. Their lack of desire to talk about this is significant.

GOT7 Reaction To Their S/O Having An Ultimate Bias That Isn’t Them

Request: Got7 reaction to finding out that another member is their s/o ULTIMATE bias @imrav3n

A/n: I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating a lot, I hope to update more during the summer though!~Joy


“Wait what do you mean Jaebum is your ultimate bias? What does he have that I don’t?” He would ask, clearly hurt from hearing that he wasn’t your ultimate bias.


Jackson picks up a dictionary, aggressively turning pages and then opens his mouth “I am appalled that my girlfriend, Y/n L/n, has disgusting taste in biases and would rather have a monkey named Yugyeom as their bias than a godly sculpted man like me!”   


Starts laughing “that’s great honey, I understand why” but inside Jaebum is dead inside and is slowly dying even more after hearing that.


Jinyoung would be so disgusted after hearing that Jackson was your ultimate bias, “ew, who is this? Are you even my girlfriend? Why am I dating someone who has such horrible taste in Biases when I’m right here?” 


“Oh okay, I’ll try harder next time so you’ll like me more.” Youngjae would say, now very upset because he always tries to impress you but he wouldn’t be too hung over it.


After you told Bambam that your ultimate bias was Mark he started to get offended and shouted “GROSS!” Throwing a slipper to hit Mark in the head.


“Why do you like Youngjae? I can dance!” He would whine.

“I like his singing” 

“I can sing too!”

“Fine, I like his hair!”



fangirling over a manga in the middle of a murder investigation

Can’t Remember to Forget You | i

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1172

Warnings: Language? but none (yet)

A/N: SURPRISE (AGAIN)! Since I’ve had you all waiting on the edge of your seats for this, here’s your first taste of crtfy!! I hope this lives up to your expectations even thought its shitty af (Blade assures me its not but we know how I am) and please, let me know what you think!! 

crtfy masterlist

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if yuuri sees “dry clean only” on an article of clothing he either 1) doesn’t buy it or 2) machine-washes it anyway. victor on the other hand has four different kinds of laundry soaps for different garment types. he carefully hand washes sweaters (that could be dry cleaned but don’t have to be) as one of many self-care rituals. when he is in a bad brain place it helps him turn his thoughts off in a way that isn’t self-destructive and when he is in a good brain place it’s calming.

yuuri tosses his sweaters into the washing machine. victor is aghast. “it’s not as if i’m going to put them in the dryer, victor. i know that’s bad.” victor relaxes, partially, until forty minutes later when yuuri is hanging them to dry. on hangers.

“this is appalling,” victor says, taking them off the hangers. “i am appalled,” he says, rearranging them to dry flat.


Last month I was approached by beautifullights to beta a finnpoe fic. The premise of the fic was that Poe is a POW and Finn is a former child soldier, they meet some years after their respective traumas, and they help each other heal. Now at first I thought it was interesting due to the obvious parallels to both Finn and Poe’s respective experiences in canon, though I was very aware that due to the subject matter it could go really wrong really fast. So I kept that in mind as I agreed to beta the fic. At first, during Poe’s part, it was mostly okay. I had some hope there. It was after Finn was introduced that it all went to shit.

These are screenshots of the email I sent beautifullights with my analysis of exactly how fucked up the fic was. Now I’m gonna be talking way less academic and less polite here than in the analysis, because I was so shocked at the amount of racism in the fic that I just went into academic mode to deal. Now that I’ve had time to process it though, I realize I really should have cussed them out because the racism in the fic is disgusting and inexcusable.

Some highlights of the racist shit that happens in the fic (in no particular order):

  • Essentially torture porn of Poe during his time in captivity as a POW.
  • Poe is a crybaby who relies on Finn to take care of him way more than he takes care of Finn.
  • During two of his panic attacks, Finn physically assaults both Poe and his foster mom.
    • After assaulting his foster mom, Finn runs away and the foster mom calls the cops after him.
    • The white cop who finds Finn pulls a “Not All Cops” to Finn’s foster mom after he brings Finn home.
  • During a blackface scene, Poe freaks out to prove how Not Racist he is while Finn brushes it off as not that big of a deal.
  • Rey plays with Kare’s hair.
  • Finn briefly fantasizes about killing people at several points.
    • At one point, a baby.
  • Finn lectures his homophobic African friend about why homosexuality is okay in the most condescending way.
  • The way Finn and Poe address their sex life makes Finn out to be some sexual monster.
  • The focus on their sex life also leads to the conclusion that Poe is finally able to move on with his PTSD with the power of Finn’s Magical Dick.

… Among other things but you get the picture. 

I am physically disgusted and appalled at the bastardization that is this writing. The fucking gall to claim to love a pairing consisting of two gorgeous black and latino men yet treat them this way is a pitiful display of the racism that plagues both the fandom and the author. I write at the end of the email that I hope the author has luck with their writing, but now that I’ve had time to process I take it back. I hope the author never picks up a pen or writes another word on their keyboard again. I hope this fandom and especially my fellow black and brown fans never have to read the pathetic excuse of a fic I read. I hope that the black and brown star wars fans don’t have to suffer even more racial slurs and disgusting stereotypes as a response to this critique.

So if you happen to like beautifullights or their fics, you might as well stamp Fetishizing Racist on your forehead. Because that is what this author and all their friends and all their fans are.

You wanna come hide on anon and yell at me? I’ll save you the trouble with my response - 

Kiss my brown ass.

I’ve Always Loved You. (Tom Holland.)

Requested – Yes. Sorry, that it took me five hundred years.  

Prompt – You are Harrison’s little sister and you confess to Tom that you have always loved him.

Warning – Somewhat angsty, but the majority is fluff.

Words – 1,475. 


Confession. That word scares humans on a daily basis because it can have a positive or negative outcome. People like to take their chances, but the probability of it going their way is slim. Nonetheless, individuals do it anyways because the result could be the one the person wants. Everyone just has to be optimistic and never stop believing that anything can happen.

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All Too Well | Pt. 9

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 7,428
Author’s Note: I know I said part 9 would be the last one of the series, BUT after going through the outline and actually writing out the story, I decided to cut the last part into 2!!


Out of all the boys in Bangtan, everyone has always assumed that Yoongi would be the individual most likely to think problems through before attacking them with the full force of a bullet train. He elects to care about very little things in his life, but when he chose to express personal interest in a situation it’s guaranteed that he would put his entire being into ensuring its success. Given that he’s very careful about what to put his heart into, it’s constantly assumed that Yoongi would at least have the common sense to analyze the positive and negatives of his placement before diving in.

But, then again, he’s never really had much of a filter when it comes to you. You would always be that exception, the only tangible object in Yoongi’s life that he could never so neatly observe from an apathetic standpoint. It’s as if his head could never get screwed on straight enough to see reason because the thought of you is enough to make him see stars in the best way possible—and that concept is terrifying beyond belief.

You’ve always been different in every singular aspect and nothing at its very core could change that, and that very difference is what drives Yoongi out the door. All that calm and collected composure had been unraveling from the moment everyone landed back in Korea, or maybe even in the time frame before that, and the cold hard truth that things might not be the same when you returned eats at his nerves. He doesn’t think twice to grab his keys, his bag, literally anything he could get his hands on as he swings open the door of the dormitory.

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