into everlasting fire


Setherial - Into Everlasting Fire

From album: Lords of the Nightrealm 


“The Forest of Blåkulla”
(Album: Into Everlasting Fire DEMO, 1995)

A hermit declared with evident satisfaction that “God will punish all atheists. They will burn in everlasting fire.”

Obviously upset, the Staretz St Silouan said: “Tell me, supposing you went to paradise, and there you looked down and saw someone burning in hell fire, would you feel happy?”

“It can’t be helped. It would be their own fault,” said the hermit.

The Staretz St Silouan answered him in a sorrowful countenance: “Love could not bear that,” he said. “We must pray for all.”


There is a fire in me,
burning as I’m dancing
a passion in my soul,
passion everlasting.
You forgot as I smile,
You forgot as I sang,
the creature I’ve become–
the creature I became.
I dance around you
as I cast my spell,
you’ve remembered
I’m half goddess,
forgotten I’m half hell.

—  thegirlwiththezippertattoo

Great blessings belong to those who show mercy to others. Mercy will be given to them.

How can we withhold what God has freely given us without second thought. A merciful attitude comes from knowing how vast the forgiveness God has given us, It is seeing God face to face and saying, “Lord, i will forgive because this transgression is nothing compared to all the sins that you have forgiven me.”

A unmerciful attitude comes from a prideful attitude of being above God. it is taking the judgment seat that is for God only. 

Forgiveness is seen on the Cross. God gave us His Son so that we will not face His judgment and be thrown into everlasting fire. He gave us a way to be saved.

A merciful God cannot have an unmerciful children. That can’t be! For those who abide in Him will bear the fruit of the Spirit.

-January 5, 2017 / 5:28 pm

Boulder Beach – Otter Point, Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine, September 2004

We have to dig our own gold.

Or pan for it.

It is our place to search out

The treasure hard to find.

No one can hand it to us,

Much less tell us about it,

Explaining it to us,

Even in great detail,

Outlining it for us,

Defining it,

Describing it,

Quoting the saints,

And the sacred texts,

And the wise, old, masters

Telling us to take their word for it,

Perhaps threatening us with the Everlasting Fires of Hell

If we don’t.

We can’t.

There are no shortcuts,

Or easy routes,

Or fast tracks to glory land.

Joseph Campbell said it:

“The treasure you seek

Is in the depths of the cave you most don’t want to enter.”

And we have to go there,

Enter, and descend into the depths.

Oh father! Titan Eagle upon the enigmatic skyline
Oh light!
Oh glory! For such prayer ´twas said unto me
Thou! - Child! Thy name be holy, deliver us from the abyss
I ascend! I ascend! The stairs of three steps, diverse in color alike.
Arise! Arise! She spoke to me…with a glance in her eye unlike all.
Salvation! Before me…hell below and hell above
“Glory be to the father”, with the sun so dark in the sky
Followed by the whitest of roses,whose light, immaculate as the stars
Listen to the shivering voices of angelic lies, singing the songs of sin.
For I have seen
For I have felt
For I have witnessed the end
This is the enigma, The greatest falsehood of man
The black blood on the altar, unified with the rustle of wings above, creating a
synopsis of the falling grace and the mockery of god
I see it now!
For I have witnessed the precursor garden
The primal sin
The everlasting null
The infinite fires of redemption
The three deaths, lined up in my path
So now come see the gate of the void is now forever opened
I´ ve been guided through the fires and my everlasting soul is now scourged
For I have leaped
For I have died
For I am all !