into a million pieces)


Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together. I hope you use yours for good, because the only words you’ll regret more than the ones left unsaid are the ones you use to intentionally hurt someone.

Can we talk about the amount of shit Max has witnessed in just 4 days? She saw her best friend die so many times, Kate jump off a roof, a dead body, someone whom she admired & respected kill her best friend right in front of her, and on top of all of that she also had to deal with bullying AND the guilt she feels when she couldn’t stop something from happening with her powers. We still haven’t seen her break down because of all of this. She’s so strong…

The moment Max breaks, my heart is going to shatter into a million pieces.

have you ever wanted to hold someone’s hand so badly but you know you should not do that, so you just stop yourself while feeling your heart break into million pieces

I didn’t just break my promises. I threw them to the ground and shattered them into a million pieces. the same way that I’ve broken your heart one too many times before. over and over and over. and that’s my fault. telling you that it’ll be different this time. yet here you are, pillow soaked in tears, hollow heart, and nothing was ever different.

How can I miss you
When you were never what I needed

How can I hate you
When all you did was finally tell the truth

How can I love you
In a different non-romantic way

How can I forgive you
For wasting two years of my life

How can I forget you
When you made such a big impact

How can I want to talk to you
When you never ever talked to me

How can I still want to be friends
When my heart is still bleeding

How can I still need closure
When it’s been a few months

How can I love you
And hate you
And miss you
And forgive you
And not forget you
And regret you
And have all these leftover unnameable feelings
So long after you first crushed my heart into a million pieces?

I dont know where my heart is or what I want. I feel like my heart is all broken into a million pieces and like there’s no place for anyone to fit. I feel like I should leave everyone alone. I hurt everyone and everything I touch. I just want to kill myself I’m so sick of this.

I am so happy Liam didn’t just say the boys but listed each one so we know for sure he meant Zayn too I feel alive reborn my heart is going to shatter into a million pieces

“Do you love her?” She asked quietly, the words heavy on her rouged lips like they caused her pain.

“Her kisses are soft and sweet, I could kiss them all the day.” He answered with a lazy smile across his face.

“But do you love her?” She asked again. It came out stronger this time, as if she was prepared for his answer, even though she knew it could break her into a million jagged little pieces.

“She makes me smile, makes me forget how fucked up the world is.” He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. He envisioned her smile, her laugh, her soft voice whispering in his ear.

“You’re not answering my question. Do you fucking love her?” She all but shouted this time. She needed an answer, she needed something to give her closure.

“No goddammit. No.” He yelled, frustrated at the storm of a girl with the butterscotch hair. “No, I don’t fucking love her. She helps me forget, but she doesn’t drive me crazy. She doesn’t make me want to push her up against the wall and kiss her. We never argue. With her it’s easier than it ever was with us, I never fall asleep angry. She’s beautiful, and sweet, but perfect in every way.” He paused for a moment and watched his words bring tears to the eyes of the beautiful soul stood opposite him.

“But she’s not you.” He continued. “I don’t love her. How can I when I’m so stupidly, insatiably, completely and utterly in love with you. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

—  Excerpts from the Book I’ll Never Write #2
Even though you crushed my heart info a million pieces, I still think of you and what could have been and yet I still feel like it’s my fault.

When I was 15 I thought I was in love
I wrapped myself around a man who was made of needles and found comfort in the pain that it brought
Motel rooms scare me now, but back then they made me think of home
I used to read my poetry out loud to him and he would never ask me what it meant (and I thought: if this isn’t love, then what is?)
He took me on road trips to heaven, only making quick gas station stops to pick up cigarettes and scratch offs
He always made sure my pupils were small. Always made sure my wings were on tight so I could fly.
Oh god…
I’m full of so many things that I’m dying to spit out but wouldn’t dare. 
So, I’ll just leave it at this:
One night I watched as the stars burned out and the moon broke into a million little pieces and I cried because I couldn’t stop it…
I couldn’t stop it

Okay, but Winry Rockbell is so important. Winry should be praised for her strength in Fullmetal Alchemist - she’s probably one of the strongest characters in the series, despite, or well especially, because she doesn’t use alchemy.

Alchemy throughout the series is used by characters as a coping mechanism and a solution for problems otherwise thought unsolvable. Vase shattered into a million tiny pieces? Solved. War? Bring in some alchemists and no one stands a chance. Your mom is dead? Want to bring her back? Not guaranteed, but if you want to try, the option is there.  Sure, when Ed and Al use human transmutation it back fires and everything is worse, but - as a whole, alchemy is used to fix things.

Winry does not have that luxury. When her parents die she does not even have the skills to attempt to transmute them. When Ed and Al are torn to shreds, she can’t draw a circle and make it better. Neither can Ed. She is completely helpless to the hand she has been dealt, and as a child, trauma like this can be the start of an adulthood riddled with questions and anxiety.

But, Winry does find a way. While there are many things that Winry cannot change, she cannot fix - she does find something she can do. She builds automail. Automail gives her the tools to make a difference - she is a main reason that Edward is able to continue life with the ease he does, and the strength to combat the forces which seek to take life from them. It’s almost a mirror to Scar’s brother’s sacrifice when one really looks carefully. Winry is Ed’s Arm. Winry is the catalyst for change.

In FMA we’re initially invited to use alchemy as our own coping mechanism in the fantasy. However, if one pays attention, automail is the metaphorical statement that we should rely on our own strength and the power of our loved ones to make changes in our lives. Even Ed declares it when he laments over not being able to save Nina - he’s just an ordinary human. When we are powerless, we can’t just clap and fix everything - but, if we take time and focus, we can build our own strength. With such focus we can also determine if things are capable of change. We learn the limit of our power and when it is time to ask for help. We’re all ordinary humans, after all. We should all try to be more like Winry.

When Britney Spears got naked and covered herself in sequins for Toxic, she was nominated for Best Music Video. When Emily Ratajkowski got naked next to Robin Thicke in Blurred Lines, he was nominated for Best Music Video. When Miley Cyrus stripped off and broke a million health and safety rules by riding a piece of construction equipment, she wasn’t just nominated for Best Music Video of the Year - she won it. All of the above videos have been controversial, but they were acknowledged by the industry for their impact nevertheless.

But as soon as Nicki Minaj - whose black body deviates from Caucasian beauty standards - dares to own her own culture and dance in a similarly provocative fashion, it’s glossed over and relegated to sideline categories of ‘female’ and ‘hip hop’. Meanwhile, white artists who adopt black culture as their own (*cough* Miley Cyrus *cough*) continue to reap professional awards. And it’s time to stop pretending that that’s OK.

After all, at the 2015 Grammy Awards, every singer nominated for Best New Artist or Record Of The Year was white. Similarly, music companies such as Pandora, Live Nation, Apple, Spotify, AEG, Warner Music Group, SXSW, Clear Channel Communications, and Universal Music Group are all lead by teams of predominantly white executives. And for an art form that’s supposed to be breaking down barriers rather than building them up, that doesn’t seem good enough, does it?
—  The truth about racism in the music industry | Marie Claire

today, my parents literally broke my heart, i told them the fact that i want to buy 1989 sweater from but they rejected me instantly. okay, it’s fine but then, they questioned me, “do you think she knows your name?”

I defended, “yes, she is following me on tumblr and liked my post, by any means, she might know me.. i mean she knows me!” Yes, i defended naturally, yup i’m winning, i hope taylorswift knows me yaa!! But then my parents answered, “Her management team you fool.”

Come on can you imagine this has nearly broke my heart, shattered into millions pieces. How could they do so to me? Taylor, I really wish you could prove my parents wrong. You are handling your own account.

My parents are reluctant to listen to my explanations. I hope they’ll understand this in future.

Love you,