intj video

  • INTJ: *plays Dragon Age: Inquisition for the first time*
  • INTJ: *runs around the Emerald Graves*
  • INTJ: ...just sneeeeak past the giants, sneeak past the giants, sneeeak-
  • INTP: Ah, wait, your next mission is over there!
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTJ: mean...
  • INTJ: mean right next to the giant?
  • INTP: Yep.
  • INTJ: ...I'm not ... particularly keen on fighting a giant?
  • INTP: *laughs* Well, it seems like you'll have to. Kill the bandits? Kill the giant.
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTJ: *noise of disapproval*
  • INTP: *laughs* C'mon, be brave! You're ridiculously OP anyway!
  • INTJ: *turns around, serious face*
  • INTJ: Sidequests.
  • INTJ: Are.
  • INTJ: Important.
  • INTJ: Sidequests.
  • INTJ: Need.
  • INTJ: To be.
  • INTJ: Finished.
  • INTP: *laughs* Yes, yes! But you need to prioritise!
  • INTP: I mean, /I/ thought I was a completionist, but look at you, doing every sidequest in the bloody Hinterlands before leaving.
  • INTJ: I-, wha-, I mean, they needed my help! There was a marker on the map! Now the map is perfect and pristine.
  • INTP: *snorts*
  • INTJ: Anyway.
  • INTJ: I don't want to fight a giant:
  • INTJ: ...maybe the bandits will attack it if I wait long enough?
  • INTP: Hm?
  • INTP:, I don't think the game is programmed that way. Look, they're standing so close to each other but nothing is happening.
  • INTJ: True. Anyway, I need a better read on the situation. I'll just sneak up to this rock and then check out his level in tactical mode.
  • INTP: *flashback to just barging in with a huge grin, staff a-blazing*
  • INTP: Yeah. Yeah, good idea.
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTJ: Okay, so...
  • INTJ: ...wait...
  • INTJ: ...they ARE attacking the giant!
  • INTP: What, no way!?
  • INTJ: Look!
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP:
  • INTJ: Damn.
  • INTP: Are they dealing it any damage?
  • INTJ: Wait, let me zoom in...
  • INTJ: Yeah, they actually are. Look, it's lost a third already.
  • INTP: That reminds me of that one Dragon vs Giant fight on the Storm Coast. That was so awesome.
  • INTJ: Yeah, it was! I just stood there like in a dream.
  • INTP: Same! Then I went down and collected the giant's remains so I got the codex entry way early.
  • INTJ: Oh, that's clever, I didn't do that.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTJ: ...they're still going at it.
  • INTP: They sure are.
  • INTJ: It's a bit sad, isn't it? Because the giant doesn't really defend itself.
  • INTP: Yeah. It's more like a slaughter than a fight.
  • INTJ: ...ah, it's gonna die any moment.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...WAIT.
  • INTJ: What?
  • INTP: If you attack now, don't you think you'll get all the experience?
  • INTJ: So you think I should step in now?
  • INTP: Yeah, before it dies.
  • INTJ: *grins* Worth a try.
  • INTJ: *runs forward, defeats giant with one blow, gets all the experience and defeats bandits within a few seconds*
  • INTP: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTP:
  • INTJ: ...I can't believe we just did that.
  • INTP: was such a good idea to let the bandits attack it.
  • INTJ: ...but it would have been worthless if you hadn't thought of stepping in at the last moment.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTP: ...together, we're like one (1) full brain.
  • INTJ: *laughs* I'll drink some water to that.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTP: ...can you also give me some? My heart is still racing.
  • INTJ: Mine too!
  • Both: *laugh in disbelief*
Mbti types when they study in library

Stay concentrated on book until they end daily study program: ISTJ, ISFJ, INFJ, ESTJ, ENTJ
During break, they check messages or social network notification: ESFJ, ENFJ
Take notes, but they ends writing or drawing their own thing: ISFP, INFP
Listen to music to concentrate on study, but they end up knowing the song: ESFP, ENFP
Go to library to study but at the end they do something else: ESTP, ENTP, ISTP
Start taking notes on laptop, and end playing games or watching video: INTP, INTJ

anonymous asked:

what are intj's attracted to in a person? what turns them away?

I think that this video by BluSkyLine is pretty accurate. At least I can really relate to a lot of her points… I personally also made a list a while back. Just to figure out for myself what I value and what I need in any relationship really. After this personal thought process I ended up with the following list of things in no particular order:

  • Freedom
  • Depth in conversations / intelligence
  • Pleasant surprises with new topics and inspirations every once in a while
  • Genuine care for what I have to say
  • Honesty
  • Open-mindedness
  • Respect
  • A feeling of being safe to fully be myself
  • Challenges for my thoughts and mind
  • The other person telling me honestly what he/she is feeling (also towards me) because I’m not good at guessing this shit apparently

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INTP sees INTJ flatmate with headphones, taking quick notes at 1 am. He approaches.

INTP (curious): What are you doing?

INTJ: *Pauses a video about cognitive functions*.

INTJ: Taking my hobbies way too seriously I guess.

INTP: *Mid laughs and turns his computer on*.

INTJ: Isn’t it time to sleep?

INTP: Do I look like I have a sleeping schedule?

INTJ: Guess not. Oh Zeus, we are such freaks.

INTP: What? No. Just you.

INTJ: Of course, Mr. “I’m about to play computer games after practicing maths at 1am”.

INTP: That’s normal.

INTJ: Only in this house.

How Each Type Procrasinates

Leaves EVERYTHING last minute. SOMEHOW drinks 10,000 gallons of coffee and manages to finish everything and gets an average or above average grade…. *HOW THE FUCK*: ENFP, ESFP, ENTP

‘’Okay, YOU CAN DO THIS. Just focus on the task. NEED. TO. FOCUS.’’ somehow ends up with 19 tabs and most of them are pictures of cute cats licking mangos….. : INFP, INTP, ISTP

Just searches up surf and skateboards stuff. Manages to get the task done the day before, does OK on the task…. : ESTP, ESFJ

Researches unrelated facts for a few hours, then gets the shit done: INTJ, ISTJ

Searches some cat videos here and there. Manages to get everything done a few days before deadline: INFJ, ENFJ


The Types React to Trump’s win

ESTJ: Dismayed at seeing people of their ethnic group vote for him on TV

ISTJ: Profound sense of shame 

ISFJ: *cries for the safety of their friends*

ESFJ: *Announces will to help anyone who need it*

ISTP: Exhaustedly shakes their head at all the stupid

ESTP: Jokes about hoping for an assassination

ESFP: Packs bags to move abroad

ISFP: *speechless from the horrificness off it all* *in a glass case of emotion*

INFP: Unfollow me if you had any hand in this!

INFJ: *tears our hair over the socioplitical implications and all the hate in the world*

ENFJ:  *writes an essay explaining how this happened and wha’s important now*

ENFP: *talking in their ‘serious’ voice exclusively* *Angrily Dissapointed Disbelief*

ENTP: *Apocalypse references galore* *covers dread with angry mockery*

ENTJ: “You fuckers brought this onto yourselves!” *calmly puts their investments elsewhere*

INTP: *laughts at the surreality as they struggle to process their internal screaming*

INTJ: *Obsessively watches politics videos to guage the situation* (I should probably go check on him after writing this)

Reasons why an MBTI type wouldn't sleep at night

ENFJ: unstoppable search for people who is willing to listen the complains enfj has and also wanting to listen others problems - not being able to stop thinking about the problem.

ENFP: sending links of cute animal videos to everyone at the point of spamming (and also memes)

ISFJ: watching sad Netflix movies/series

ISTJ: regrets to much a mistake, makes istj unable to sleep

INFP: comforts people in the middle of the night and then wrights down on their personal diary about their own issues

ISTP: video games

INTJ: hours of research of specific topic and then just stares at the ceiling connecting dots

INFJ: would seem they are trying to get a master in stalking. Then wrights down about their significant other in their diary.

ESFJ: hours talking to friends about celebrity gossips

ENTP: starts arguing about something and ends up discussing another (apparently “related”) topic

ESTP: plays video games with friends getting drunk with beer and then goes out to the street with them

ENTJ: plans things for the rest of the week and imagines their life in 10 years

ISFP: listens to music and searches for songs that isfp never heard before

INTP: wasn’t going to sleep anyway. Watches YouTube videos on scientific related topics and ends up reading about the one intp is more interested on

ESTJ: studies and organizes a party at the same time

ESFP: is partying

Warning: stereotypes

MBTI as Video Games

INTJ: A harsh puzzle game that repeatedly insults you for completing it wrong….it’s Portal.

INFJ: A Tell Tale style game of choices that no matter what you do everyone will die and it’ll be all your fault.

ISTJ: An assassination game where your job is to kill silently and cleanly….with a clearly too short time limit.

ISTP: A racing game where you build your own car out of the wreckage of the last race.

INTP: A metaphysical exploration adventure game..set in the fourth dimension.

INFP: A story driven game about a person who’s life has turn sour and wants to commit suicide. Has 29 endings. All end in suicide.

ISFJ: Who’s your Daddy except the Dad has already baby proofed the entire house.

ISFP: A game where you can almost create whatever you desire, but something will always be a little bit off or unavailable.

ENTJ: Civilization except the only way to win is a complete dictatorial takeover of everything ever. No rules. Except the ones you make.

ENFJ: A Sims game except nobody can seem to function without you and everyone has several major issues. So a normal Sims game.

ESTJ: A business centered Idle game where all the options are already unlocked, all the upgrades gotten and everything is running at perfect efficiency.

ESTP: Grand Theft Auto where you already start out with a 5 star cop level.

ENTP: A multiplayer game where you have to convince another person that your incorrect fact is the only obvious logical answer. The more stupid the fact the more points.

ENFP: A platformer with no enemies, just sunshine rainbows and lollipops.

ESFJ: Yandere Simulator except without the murder. All that matters is the reputation meter.

ESFP: A series of minigames set at a party. Includes beer pong, volleyball, dancing, and trying to drunkenly stumble home.

  • Me (INTJ): *playing a video game* Ugh, I hate this person, she's just like, "I'm the smartest person ever, I remember everything I've ever learned and could defend this whole village with my magic all by myself."
  • Sister (INFP): But isn't that what you're like?
  • Me (INTJ): Well, yeah, but I'm not annoying about it.
  • Sister (INFP): ... *gives me that look*

hello there! i’m here to introduce myself as a new blog in the studyblr community!

  • i’m anna. 19 years old and studying in the usa! i attend the university of washington.
  • i go by she/her pronouns and i’m a proud member of the lgbt+ community! i’m biromantic and asexual.
  • my blog is named electroniics because starting this fall i’m studying electrical engineering. i’ve finally been accepted into my major which i am so so excited about!!!
  • i actually already have a studyblr: @studyblrstudent and a langblr: @mochiilang and i’ve been in the studyblr community since 2014! i felt that i should make a separate dedicated blog to document me finishing my degree and focusing heavily on the stemblr side of the community. i’ll still be active on those accounts, i’ll just post more personal and engineering-related posts here. plus i’ll be able to follow my favorite studyblrs all over again!!
  • i had this set up as a sideblog then moved it to it’s own blog because i would like to be able to follow people and ask questions via this account– so if you’ve seen this before, that’s why.
  • it should take me 2 years to receive my bachelors of science and then 1 more year to get my masters degree. i’m considering getting my phd but i’ve yet to decide~  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • i’m self-studying the japanese language and will be studying abroad in the summer of 2018 to japan. i’m hoping i can do can exchange with the engineering department or even just learn at a language school. i’m so stoked!!!
  • i’m still awaiting on my acceptance into the main campus program! if i do not get in, i will be studying at the university of washington branch campus. i’ll be living in the seattle area no matter what!
  • this fall i will be taking advanced multivariable calculus (yuck) and a few specific engineering courses.
  • i’m also an infj/intj, an anime/manga/video game addict, loves cats, green tea and hot cocoa drinker, and an all around major introvert.

i’m excited to join the community. i have too many studyblrs that i enjoy. here are a few that have inspired me constantly: 

@engineersthoughts @ohlookimstudying @studylustre @sprouht-studies @marias-studyblr @studentgineering @studying-engineering @caffeinatedcraziness @staticsandstationery @fuckstudy @academla @theunderagelawyer @tbhstudying 

also every single studyblr. every person i have met is incredibly kind, passionate, and makes our community a better place!

also, if you’re a studyblr then please like/reblog this so i can start following you!!! thank you! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ