Ways to cheer up the types

suggested by an anon awhile ago….sorry it’s so late. it got lost… :)

  • ENFP: They’re really curious, why not ask them something deep? Get them interested in something. 
  • INFP: Offer them support. Make sure they know that they’re not useless.
  • ENFJ: Surprise them. They’re always trying to make the right choices, why not make some fun ones with them.
  • INFJ: Netflix. Watch a show with them. Help them take their mind off things for a second.
  • ENTP: Let them take you on an adventure.
  • INTP: Ask them if they know about anything cool. (odds are, you’ll get an earful of astrophysics, but they’ll appreciate your interest)
  • ENTJ: Do what they say for once. They’re probably trying to help you. You don’t always have to argue with them.
  • INTJ: Leave them alone/ don’t bother them. They like their alone time.
  • ESFP: Get excited with them. Be ready to have fun.
  • ISFP: Ask them about how they’re feeling. Let them vent.
  • ESTP: Challenge the sun to a fight with them. Let them win.
  • ISTP: Let them live. Maybe offer to help them on their latest adventure. Whatever that might be.
  • ESFJ: Bring some people. Play truth or dare. Socialize. Vent.
  • ISFJ: Make them aware of how important they are to you.
  • ESTJ: Like ENTJ, listen to what they’re saying. They’re only trying to help. And hey, they’re not so intimidating once you get to know them.
  • ISTJ: Give them a break. That’s all they need. 
MBTI Onion Articles
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Why must every villain be an INTJ?

Every type has the potential to be a bad guy.

Not to mention how many opportunities we’re missing by not bothering to have the other types as villains.

Imagine a silly ENFP villain who keeps getting sidetracked when she’s trying to explain her devious plans and constantly goes off topic, and can’t stick to one scheme because she sees so many possibilities for destruction.

Imagine an ENTP villain who invents a million different kinds of wacko malevolent machines meticulously designed to destroy you– unless of course you’re that one person who makes the less-used Fe kick in and he battles with his own guilt, until he inevitably settles on finding a way to program the machines to avoid JUST you.

Imagine a villainous ESFP who enthusiastically steals nice things to fill her home with– only to get caught each time due to poor planning before inevitably getting out of it each time by befriending whoever catches her.

Imagine a disillusioned ISTJ villain who’s somehow become convinced that whatever he is doing is right simply because it’s the way things have always been done and is actually a pretty cool dude under the surface– once he opens his eyes.


I’m tired of INTJs being the only one who can get typed as a villain, and besides we have to admit– if all villains were INTJs, would the villains be failing so often? No. INTJs prefer to work behind the scenes, meticulously planning for all possible scenarios, never making their intention obvious. If they were going to play bad guy they would make sure they do it right.

God forbid any villain actually be an INTJ– if so, we are doomed.

MBTI types as good sitcoms

INTJ: The Big Bang Theory
INFJ: 30 Rock
INFP: Community
ISFP: The Office
ISTJ: Arrested Development 
ISFJ:  How I Met Your Mother
INTP: The Simpsons
ENTJ: Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia 
ESFP:  Modern Family
ESTJ: Parks And Recreation 
ENTP: Friends 
ENFP: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 
ESFJ: Full House
ESTP: Seinfeld 
ENFJ: New Girl
ISTP: Fraiser

anonymous asked:

INTJs have you been called old? As in people think you are older than you are? I am 22. People think I am 26 lol. I am amused by how they play it out like "oh you just have a way with words, your gait, your eyes, etc." but yeah I think they are just trying to play it out xD. But idk other INTJs got this?

For me personally I’ve only felt older than I am. When being surrounded by people my age I sometimes got the feeling that my goals and my future and my thought process wasn’t the same. People almost never guess my age… So I don’t know if they would think I’m older. But I did have a friend (who’s a couple of years older than I am) tell me that I seem older than I actually am because of the words I say and how I express my thoughts…

And now this one goes out to you guys again! Leave a comment if you can relate!



Musings of an INTJ female.

It has come to my attention that a stereotypical INTJ has no personality, no emotion, and no ability to have a sense of humor.

All of that is bullshit, and here is why.
We have personality, we just pick and choose when to show it. We are in fact, likely immature deep down, so we hide that in order to not come off as looking incompetent. It’s a fear of ours to not be taken seriously. If we choose to speak to you, then listen, because it’s amazing that we even noticed you in the first place let alone opened our mouth for you.

We have emotion, however it is weak. We don’t feel first on a situation, we analyze it and try to fit it into our own conception. If we cant, then we simply throw away or disregard all irrelevant data and stick purely to facts.

We hate when others ask a ton of questions that don’t relate to a subject we are trying to convey. Please don’t repeat yourself. If we’re repeating ourselves, it’s either because we are doubting that you are paying attention to what we are saying, or because you tried to change the subject and we zoned out.

We do have a sense of humor, but it’s our own personal sense of humor. If we don’t find something funny, we will likely say that it’s stupid or childish, either that or just keep a straight face.

We fall in love hard. We don’t give a crap about people 95% of the time, so if we fall for you, it’s going to be hard and likely obsessive.

When we are doing something that you don’t approve of or enjoy,
fucking tell us thank you.

We are not going to sit around wasting time trying to figure out what the fuck you want from us. We will likely just say “whatever” and go on doing our own thing.

If anyone had any questions, feel free to ask me. I’ll be more than happy to extend knowledge of my type to you.

Each Myers Briggs (MBTI) Type in a Zombie Apocalypse

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INFJ- They would have already been mentally prepared for the onslaught. They would have read something that peaked their Ni into figuring out this would occur, but nobody listens to them. They will seek refuge immediately and make peace with the situation.

ENFJ- Try to command everyone together in a loving and safe environment. They will work to protect the ones they love and probably survive for a long time doing so. Eventually they will find themselves the victim of an enemy attack, not related to zombies at all.

INFP- They will be completely unprepared for the attack and be one of the earliest ones to become bitten. If they survive the first initial attacks, they will get bitten because they are too lost in their imagination to see the zombie coming.

ENFP- They will fall in love during the zombie-apocalypse and make the ultimate romantic sacrifice.

INTP- They will become excited at first, since they have been preparing their entire lives for such an occurrence. They will later realize that their skills would be best put to use discovering the ultimate cure to zombie-ism.

ENTP- They will gregariously charge into the situation. They will make strategic plans to fend off the attacks. They are also prepared to push away newcomers if they seem untrustworthy.

INTJ- They will be expecting this just like the INFJ. But unless they hide in their underground bunker in time, they won’t fair quite as well.

ENTJ- They will inevitably trample over everyone to become the headstrong leader. They wouldn’t give much consideration to the collateral damage that occurred to get them into command, or what they will have to do to “protect” their people.

ISTP- They will wisely find a scientist and protect them from the zombies, in hopes of discovering a cure.

ESTP- They will quickly adapt to the constant zombie attacks. They will combat the zombies like a full on Rambo.

ISFP- They will tap into their Se and find themselves almost as badass as the ISTP.

ESFP- They will continuously ransack the alcohol supply, and end up getting themselves eaten because they are too loud.

ISFJ- They will spend their time trying to cook for everyone and make sure that the zombie fighters were well fed. They will spend most of their time inside and protected.

ESFJ- They will be eaten by a zombie, because they are protecting someone they love (who is clearly being stupid and not paying attention).

ISTJ- They will find a set of duties to be fulfilled in their new post-apocalyptic world. If they survive the first wave of attacks that is.

ESTJ- They will take on a role enforcing attitude in hopes of keeping a chain of command. Resorting to their military or cop training.

anonymous asked:

INTJ here to break the stereotype: I don't like chess. It's too rigidly set up, and like many strategy boardgames, it's just about running through mathematical possibility. What I prefer is games like Civilization which are centered around information control and long-term planning, not just the sort of linear structure in chess. Alrighty here comes the flame