5sos Imagine - Cheater [Calum] [Part Two] [Requested]

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Hi so I’m the person who asked to make the cheater imagine. Could you please do a part two? (But I still don’t forgive him though, if that’s fine with you)


Of course, love! I just kind of came up with this idea, since you said you didn’t want to forgive him, so hopefully this is alright with you. I tried. Enjoy, love! So sorry that it took so long!! xx

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At first, your and Calum’s breakup caused a bit of stir in the fandom. You used to be seen with him all the time, in pictures and on occasional TwitCams and on Vines that they’d post. And then suddenly, you disappeared, and Calum seemed to be a little more jumpy lately. Snapping at the boys and being quieter than usual in interviews and overall just not acting like himself.

You tried to ignore your ex-boyfriend and his band as best as you could, but it was hard with their constantly increasing global success. It was as if he followed you, wherever you went, to always remind you of how he treated you. And even though months had gone by since the day he’d shown up on your door, you were still upset about his “mistake,” and you still struggled with it, daily.

That night, your friend was trying to convince you to go on a date with a guy she knew. 

“He’s a doctor,” She winked. “A hot doctor.” Your friend had been talking about him all night, putting him up on some angelic pedestal, as if that’d make you want to go on this date. “And, best part, he did comedy in uni! Comedy! He was a stand-up comic! He’s obviously going to be hilarious, and you don’t have to worry about him being one of those boring, dry, doctors that know too much about the endocrine system for their own good." 

You grunted in response, making your way back to the couch as a rerun of Desperate Housewives was on.

"This’ll be good for you, (Y/N).” Your friend’s tone softened as she said this, taking a seat beside you and running her hands through your hair soothingly. “I can’t keep watching you be so upset about Calum. You need to get back out there. Please, do this? For me?" 

You turned to see her expression - big mistake. She was pulling her best pout, that’d she’d been perfecting ever since she was a child, wrapping her family all around her finger to always get what she wanted. 

"Fine,” You groaned. “I’ll do it.” You really had no interest in the ex-comic-turned-doctor, but you would do it for your friend. She was right; it had been months since you’d been on a date. Months since you’d even considered dating again after Calum. Maybe it would be good for you to just meet the guy and see what he was like. You’re not marrying him.

It’s just a date.


The ex-comic-turned-doctor, whose name was actually Drew, turned out to be quite a nice guy, actually. He was polite and chivalrous and all things gentleman, even pulling your chair out for you and holding the door open. It made you feel silly to be treated so daintily, but it was nice nonetheless.

“I’m sorry you were put up to this,” Drew laughed. “Honestly, I’m surprised people still go on blind dates.” He laughed.

“Well,” You shrugged. “Why not, right?” You decided not to tell him that you truthfully hadn’t wanted to go, that you’d much rather be at home with Chinese takeaway and reality TV and not on a date with some guy you’d never met. “And you’re a doctor, right?” You asked, trying to spark up a conversation so you wouldn’t have to sit in an awkward silence.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “I work for a free clinic, actually, a little ways outside of London.” He smiled. “I love it, really. Some people seem to think that working in a free clinic is a pain, but, I find that the people there are the most interesting. Everyone has a story, you know?” He smiled, and you had to physically stop yourself from drooling over this guy, the way he made you forget about everything around you and just focus on him, like the two of you were alone, even though you were in a very crowded, public, restaurant.

As time went on, you found yourself intised by this guy. He talked avidly about the free clinic, and to be honest, you didn’t want him to stop. The way his eyes lit up as he mentioned a little girl he was treating the other day for a broken wrist, the way his mouth curled into a smile as he talked about all the people he’d met, his overall attitude towards his love for his career - you loved it. You’d never met someone so optimistic and just oozing happiness. You wanted to listen to him talk forever. 

He even listened to you as well, when you spoke about your major in uni. He listened when you talked about your interest in art and music and literature, he listened when you talked about how unsure you were for the future despite being in uni. He listened. Never before had you met a guy that really, honestly, listened

He was funny, too. Your friend wasn’t kidding. He joked about his past in comedy, admitting that he certainly was not the best comic in Cambridge but he certainly tried and made a valiant effort. 

“I made 250 quid one night,” He nodded, taking a sip from his drink. “I swear it was because they all felt bad for me." 

You were losing track of time, and track of everything around you as you and Drew had been sitting at that restaurant for nearly two hours. The hostess had to kindly ask you to leave to make room for more patrons before you realised such a long period of time had passed.

"I really enjoyed tonight, love.” Drew sheepishly but his hands in his pockets as he stood at the front door of your flat. It was that awkward ‘do-we-kiss-even-though-we-just-met’ kind of moment, and you decided that you would just go for it. 

You kissed him.

It felt wonderful, really. You hadn’t really known how lonely you’d been until you spent a night with Drew, the amazing doctor that could do no wrong. The kiss was soft, and beautiful, and everything a kiss should be. You practically melted into his arms, and you’d never felt so pathetic over a boy. Even with Calum, it wasn’t this effortless. There was always something wrong, something that needed to be fixed. He was always out, recording and drinking, and you were always studying, and fights always ensued. Neither of you were truly happy, but you’d fallen into a routine. You and Calum had been together so long that you’d just gotten used to being with each other, and just ignored your issues as a couple. Nothing was every totally right with the two of you, and it was a wonder to you how you made it last as long as you did. Memories of Calum brought back that bitter taste in your mouth, and you slowly pulled away from the kiss and felt yourself blush as you looked up at him, embarrassed to be thinking of your ex while you kissed another man.

“Let’s do this again sometime, it was fun." 

"It was,” You nodded. “I’ll, um, I’ll ring you. Definitely." 

"Good,” He whispered, pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek before saying goodbye and leaving in his car. 

You entered into your flat only to find your friend squealing with delight as she stepped away from the window blinds. 

“You were not seriously spying on me, were you?” You groaned as she jumped up and door like you were teenagers again, begging for details and how it went. 

“You guys were gone for nearly two hours! That has to be a good sign! Did you like him? I saw you guys kiss. Was it good? Are you going to see him again? Where’d he take you? I saw he walked you back; isn’t he the nicest guy, ever?!" 

"Calm down!” You laughed. “It went well, he was nice, and funny, and I will definitely be seeing him again.” You blushed as you admitted this, and your friend continued to fangirl and scream with delight at her extraordinary match-making skills.

It wasn’t until later that night, when you were scrolling through your phone aimlessly that you realised something was up. After deciding to be more mature a few nights ago you decided to not intentionally isolate yourself from your ex, because it’s not like you ever could, and frankly, you were proud of him, and all his achievements. 

Then, you saw it. 

The entire fandom was in an uproar because of the picture of you and Drew kissing. Quite a few members of the fandom still shipped you and your ex-boyfriend together, quite actively, and by reading their hilarious tweets you could see they were a tad upset about you moving on. 

Your phone ringing on the nightstand beside you broke you from your trance.

You read the number at the top, and your heart started to sink. Unfortunately, you had that number memorised to heart.

“Calum,” You answered.

“(Y/N),” He said.

Neither of you said anything for a little while. There was just the sound of each other breathing through the line. It was surprisingly quiet where he was. You recalled that every time you called him whilst he was on tour it was always loud; it didn’t matter where he was or what time it was. It was always, always loud. To hear him in silence felt strange to you.

“So, um,” He coughed. “I, uh.”

“What do you want?” You asked, although you were disappointed with your tone of voice, it hadn’t come out as angry as you wanted it to. It was shaky, and quivered with each syllable.

“I saw the picture, of you and that guy.” He admitted, and you could almost hear the sound of his heart starting to crack.

“Drew.” You answered him. “He’s a doctor.”

“A doctor,” Calum sighed.

More silence.

“He’s better for you than I’ll ever be,” Calum whispered.

“He’s better than you ever were.” You spat in response, although after the words fell from your mouth you instantly regretted them; that wasn’t fair to him. You dated Calum for two years, and you’d only been on one date with this guy.

“Probably,” Calum laughed, heartlessly. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

“Me too,” You said.

“I hope he’s there for you, (Y/N). I hope he’s everything that I wasn’t. I hope he’s everything, you want.”

“I don’t know yet,” You answered honestly, “if he is everything I want. But I hope so, too.”

“You deserve it.” He said. “I’m sorry, for all the shit I put you through.”

“I put you through shit, too.”

“I deserved it,” He whispered. “I was always gone…I wasn’t there for you.”

“You did what you could,” You countered. “It’s a shame it wasn’t enough.”

“Yeah,” He exhaled. “A real shame.”

“Goodbye, Calum.”

“Bye, (Y/N).” He sighed. “I’m sorry.”

And then the line went dead.


I hope you liked it, love! <3

have a wonderful day/night, wherever you are, lil lovelies <3