highlights from my three years working at panera

  • customer pooping on the floor
  • pulling a stag beetle out of an old woman’s hair
  • two employees started dating and had a blow-out fight in the parking lot before work at least once a week
  • employee cutting her finger practically off because she jammed her arm in the bagel slicer
  • catering coordinator fucking the GM in the basement
  • man claiming he didn’t have a panera card because a friend stole all his rewards cards while he was in a coma for a year
  • the turkish opera singer who worked in the kitchen for a summer
  • disheveled man offering “voodoo therapy” in the dining room to guests as they walk in
  • tiny dominican lesbian stole the girlfriends of two different male employees

pokemontalksback  asked:

You stand at WhoLock's door, trembling just a bit. It's been a few days since you'd last seen him, and the bruises on your neck are still visible and... uncomfortable to say the very least. You'd decided to cover your neck with a big scarf so WhoLock wouldn't have to see, but you found yourself nearly incapable of actually knocking on the door... But you really need to check on him, no matter how scared you are. You straighten your back out and knock on the door.

You hear a knock on the door… lovely.. just what you needed. Let’s see.. who would you know at this time of that hieght…. possibly … creatures… or one of the homestucks? One way to find out, hopefully there won’t be too much of a paradox here. You walk over and pull the door open, yup one of the Homestucks.

WL: before you aSk any iDiotic queStionS, yeS i’m WHolock, no i’m from tHe future, yeS i’m very Different, He HaS regenerateD WitH in an 11 yearS time Span. WHy am i Here? anon probably, tHey tenD toWarDS trouble. no i can’t tell you mucH of your future becauSe i Have ruleS i Still folloW by, anD i’m a piSSant tHat loSeS memory for a time at Some point after rengeneration. noW WHat can i Do for you? …. Well juDging from your intinial concern before you face filleD WitH SHock an confuSion, i’D Say you Were Here for me, eSpecially Since i preSume tHiS iS after grimDark HappeneD….. WHy tHe Scarf? … no Wait, neverminD, Don’t anSWer tHat. noW tHat i’ve tolD you tHat, Do you Still neeD SometHing?