Nami’s List of Glamour Spells

A long organized list of all of my glamour spells by purpose.


💖 Charm (Pokemon Inspired) A spell to improve your charms and flirting
💖 Eye Catching Glamour Spell a spell to catch the attention of that special someone
💖 Honey Gatherer (Pokemon Inspired) to encourage others to compliment you
💖 “Kiss the Girl” Glamour Spell to encourage a consenting person to kiss you
💖 Siren’s Lipstick Spell make others hold onto every word you speak and be captivated by your voice
💖 Spiderclaw (Totally Spies Inspired) grab the desire and attention of others
💖 Words of Honey Glamour Spell to make your compliments be taken to heart and brighten another’s day


💖 Beauty Sleep Sachet Glamour wake up feeling beautiful
💖 Eye Catching Glamour Spell a spell to catch the attention of that special someone
💖 Fairy Aura (Pokemon Inspired) to bring your inner beauty out to the surface
💖  Glamour Chants for Beauty
💖  “I’m Hot Damn” Fire Charm for Attracting Attention spell to attract attention to your fiery beauty
💖 Mermaid’s Bath Spell a spell to promote your beauty and bring it out
💖 Milk Drink (Pokemon Inspired) promote beauty
💖 Pink Sugar Heart Spell (Mini Moon Inspired) a spell to promote cuteness and radiance


💖 Cherry Lip Bomb (Totally Spies Inspired) to bring confidence in your voice and to overcome vocal obstacles
💖 “I’m Hot Damn” Fire Charm for Attracting Attention spell to attract attention to your fiery beauty
💖 Red Hot Lozenge (Totally Spies Inspired) makes your words more feiry and intimidating
💖 Siren’s Lipstick Spell make others hold onto every word you speak and be captivated by your voice


💖 Honesty Lip Scrub Spell to help yourself to speak the truth


💖 Red Hot Lozenge (Totally Spies Inspired) makes your words more fiery and intimidating


💖 Blur (Pathfinder Inspired) to go unnoticed by others 
💖 Chameleon Eye Shadow (Totally Spies Inspired) a spell to evade unwanted attention from others
💖 Invisibility (Pathfinder Inspired) spell to go unnoticed and travel unseen 

*All from my digital and physical grimoires; all spells were written by me.

The Zodiac Signs Trying to Make Somebody Uncomfortable/Intimidate Somone

Stands very close and doesn’t break eye contact while blinking rarely: Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius

Is very loud and attracts attention, very ‘touchy-feely’/is weird and asks strange questions: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Pisces

Combines the two or uses a different method: Virgo, Sagittarius

Why the Zodiac Signs Would Be Good in a Business/As a Boss

Aries: They are good at assessing others’ strengths and weaknesses and would be able to use this ability to their advantage.

Taurus: They would be good at tracking small changes that could be utilized to improve the business.

Gemini: They would be able to look at different business offers and consider them all carefully, without getting too excited over one and choosing it before looking at others.

Cancer: They would know when it is be wise to explore different options, but they also when to hold back and stay careful.

Leo: A Leo boss would be charming enough to have employees both willing and happy to do as they say.

Virgo: A Virgo would be dedicated to making the business as successful as possible, and thus would be willing to fire unhelpful employees, without regard to personal preferences.

Libra: They are unbiased and would be able to promote capable employees into positions of power, after making sure that they are able to do the job.

Scorpio: They wouldn’t back down or succumb to intimidation tactics when making a deal with another business.

Sagittarius: They would be able to quickly assess what should be done in the case of an emergency and are willing to make changes to solve a problem.

Capricorn: Their apparent confidence, their ambition, and their perseverance would be inspiring to employees.

Aquarius: They are organized and would be able to prevent business matters from stressing them out and getting to their head.

Pisces: Their creativity would be an asset, as they would come up with new ideas to replace older methods that are no longer helpful/of use.

Red Hot Throat Lozenge (Totally Spies Inspired)

A spell to bring intensity to your words and make them more intimidating to those who hear them.

You Will Need: 

  • Cinnamon Flavored Gum or Candy
  • Red Candle


  1. Light your red candle and place it before you.
  2. Unwrap your gum or candle and hold it in your hand looking at it. “Red hot heat, make my words fire.” Repeat this a few times before putting candy or gum into mouth
  3. Suck/chew on candy/gum focusing on the burn it leaves in your mouth, like fire. The heat of it traveling down your throat to where your voice resides and how that too begins to heat and glow like a fire.
  4. Once candy is nearly gone (or gum is near out of flavor) blow out the candle and watch the flame as you do. Imagine that the smoke leaving it is leaving your mouth.
  5. If needed throw out your gum at this point or finish your candy. Picture your words like fire leaving your mouth afterwards when you wish them to be more intense and intimidating
Quilava’s Flames of Intimidation Spell (Pokemon Inspired)

“ Before battle, it turns its back on its opponent to demonstrate how ferociously its fire blazes.” -Pokedex Entry

A glamour enchantment spell to make you look more ferocious and intimidating to others.

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You Will Need:

🔥 Red Candle
🔥 Rosemary
🔥 Bay Leaf
🔥 Red Marker
🔥 Sigil for Intimidation or the word “intimidate”
🔥 Burn safe bowl or plate
🔥 Piece of Jewelry to enchant


🔥 Light your red candle near your fire safe bowl

🔥 In your bowl add a small amount of dried rosemary to its bottom

🔥 On your bay leaf using your red marker draw your sigil or write the word “intimidate” on it. “Like the pokemon of fire Quilava, I wish to be surrounded in flames of red, to show others I am not one to pester, and keep them at bay with dread.” Then kiss your bay leaf focusing on this desire. Visualize yourself surrounded by a red fiery aura as others keep their distance from you.

🔥 Light your bay leaf with the candle and carefully place it into your bowl of dried rosemary. Watch it burn until only ash is left

🔥 Take your piece of jewelry and lay it into the ashes once they cool enough to be safe to do this. Visualize the source of your fiery aura being this piece of jewelry. “Surround me with flames and fire, to intimidate others is my desire!” repeat this as necessary.

🔥 Once you are satisfied brush off the ashes left on your piece of jewelry carefully. Blow out your candle to end the spell

🔥 You may store these ashes to use for other spells such as making black salt if you desire though charge them near the red candle for a few minutes longer if you wish to do this. Or you can dispose of them (properly)

Note: Keep salt or sand near you in case the fire flares up during the burning process. Make sure you are practicing proper fire safety. 


Ramsay Bolton

Intimidation, smut, love

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Request: “More Ramsay from game of thrones please. A different side to the one you see on the show would be great, maybe that around you he’s actually sweet and caring but you worry about him and get intimidated. He tells you that it’s just because he wants to protect you from people like him. Maybe proposes and finished with smut? 😉😉 thank you so much for your writing 😘😘😘😘😘”

Word count: 871

gif is not mine.

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Lilithmon’s Wicked Beauty Glamour Spell

“It confounds its opponents with its bewitchingly lovely appearance and dark beauty.”

A glamour spell to appear beautiful, mysterious, dark and captivating.

You Will Need:

💜 Eyeliner of Choice
💜 Purple Candles
💜 Black Candles
💜 Purple or Dark Eye Shadow
💜 Rose Quartz
💜 Garnet
💜 Mirror
💜 Piece of Chocolate (preferably dark chocolate)


💜 Get your items together in front of the mirror you will be working with. Light you candles. You may use whatever number you desire just try to have at least one of each of the two colors. Be sure to keep them out of the way of where you will be working and possibly leaning forward to prevent burns and other undesirable accidents.

💜 Place your rose quartz and garnet near your candles to further fill the room with the aura of beauty, seduction and secret darkness

💜 Do your eye make using your eyeliner and eye shadow as you desire. Personally, I would recommend bold eye liner for this glamour and smokey eyes but do what feels right for you and works with your eye/face shape. As you do your make up visualize mysterious, beautiful captivating eyes wearing the make up you are applying. How their gaze draws others in and captures their attention. How they a beautiful but have an edge of mystery and almost danger to them, keeping others from getting too close. Keep this image in your mind as you finish up your eye make up.

💜 Once satisfied with your eye make up, while staring at yourself in the mirror pick up your piece of dark chocolate

💜 “Like eyes of a serpent in the night, I am lovely and charming but with a bit of a bite. Those who see me are struck by my beauty, but they dare not touch for they feel my radiated might. Like chocolate dark and bitter, I am beautiful, lovely and wicked.”

💜 Eat the piece of dark chocolate after saying this as a way to close the spell and give yourself an extra boost of seduction and energy for the spell. Continue on with your routine and know that you are wickedly beautiful

Crusch Karsten’s Wind Indication Charm & Glamour

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[Image: GIF of Crusch Karsten from Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. She has donned her armor and brandishes her sword while delivering a speech. Felix Argyle and Wilhelm Van Astrea stand at her side in a large castle chamber.]

In the anime Re:Zero, the supporting character Crusch Karsten is gifted with the ability of Wind Indication. This allows her to read even the most subtle of winds to detect otherwise invisible things, including others’ dishonesty and other veiled emotions. Such a gift makes her a force to be reckoned with at the negotiations table.

This spell seeks to mimic her power, as well as channel Karsten’s commanding yet enthralling personality. It aids its caster in decrypting others’ speech and body language, especially when vague; discerning between truth and lies; and being assertive and persuasive in one’s own words and actions.  


  • sachet or materials for similar pouch; spell container
  • Queen of Swords card from a Tarot deck / OR queen chess piece; archetypal representation
  • fake feathers; symbol of air element
  • sodalite; for speech, perception, & aid in conflict
  • carnelian; for confidence, social situations, & willpower
  • hematite; for focus, logic, & trust
  • head of a dandelion with seeds; symbol of air element
  • (optional) paper & writing utensil
  • (optional) your voice


1. On a day with a light breeze, go outdoors and establish a workspace, laying out your materials. Take care with the dandelion; it’s important that it has most of its seeds still attached.

2. Arrange the fake feathers and stones around the Tarot card or chess piece as you see fit. I suggest placing the hematite on the top of the card to resemble a raised sword.

3. Take some time to observe the wind around you. Listen to the whispers it lures out of tree leaves. Be the audience to the dance it leads with the flowers. Pay keen attention to the scents it whisks under your nose. Feel the tickle that comes as it tugs at your skin. See if you can’t predict where the gale will pick up next.

4. As you increase your sensitivity to the wind, think on any circumstances that may have led you to needing this spell. You can lay your hands on the Tarot card or chess piece if this helps you to focus. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Whose words slip out of your grasp and leave you confused? 
  • Who blurs truth and lie with a tone drenched in sarcasm? 
  • Who needs convincing? 
  • Why do you need to amplify your voice like this?

5. When you feel ready, recite the following chant. You may do this mentally, verbally, or in writing.

Let me correct you on one thing.
I can tell if you throw a feint.
The wind breaks your facade,
It tells if you’re a fraud,
And aids me in reading between each line.

Let me correct you on one thing.
There’s truth in my speech and doings.
The wind shows my resolve,
It clears away all qualms,
And leaves no room for misunderstanding.

Let me correct you on one thing.
I am the victor of this Game.

6. Once you’re done with the chant, focus on your goal(s) and send the dandelion seeds off on the breeze. You can dislodge them however you see fit. 

7. Gather the feathers and stones – and any stray dandelion seeds that may’ve stuck around – and put them in the sachet. If you used the chess piece, you can add that as well. 

8. Carry the sachet on your person for it to take effect. If you must recharge it, tie it up securely somewhere on a windy day for the breeze to empower it.

Verbal Brainwashing
  • Intimidation - Implying that your failure to comply with all demands or to adopt all the abuser’s attitudes or beliefs will result in severe consequences. 
  • Indoctrination - Repeatedly implanting messages contrary to your presently held values or beliefs. 
  • Discrediting - Belittling your “outside” family and friends who disagree with the abuser. 
  • Degrading - Engaging in name calling, insults, ridicule, and humiliation. 
  • Labeling - Claiming that your thoughts are childish, stupid or crazy.

“They do not speak peaceably, but devise false accusations against those who live quietly in the land.” Psalm 35:20

New Hotch Fanfic! Enjoy, lovelies! Reblog, love, share, comment. Whatever! I’m on Wattpad! dreamer9511❤️

And, this picture, again, because he’s hot. *Intimidation*

Reid and Emily had been taken hostage by a cult that they had gone to investigate after receiving a call from a fifteen year old girl about an older man having inappropriate relations with underage girls. We had set up a tent right outside of the gates, far enough out that we wouldn’t get hurt. This was getting out of hand, and we were losing leverage against them. They had already found out that one of them was an FBI agent, and Emily took the heat of it by telling them it was just her. They were in the middle of beating her for lying to them when Derek threw his headphones down and walked off.

I went to catch up with him. “Hey, she’s strong. She’ll get through this, okay?” I put my hand on his arm, and he jerked away. “How can you tell me that she’s gonna be okay, huh? How do you know that!” His response made me take a step back. I knew he was worried, but it still made tears prick at my eyes. I quickly blinked them away and turned my head from him. “Baby girl….I’m sorry…” he said, coming over and wrapping me in a hug. “It’s fine, Derek…really,” I told him, burying my head in his shoulder. I was glad to have him around, he was like an older, very protective, brother. “Derek. You’re squishing me,” I said, pulling back. He chuckled and let go of me. I turned to look at him, “We’ll get them back. We’ll get through this, okay?” He smiled and walked back to Hotch and Rossi.

Just then, the state Attorney General pulled up and I inwardly sighed. This can’t be good. He stalked over to where I was standing. “What in the hell is going on here?” He demanded, practically yelling in my face. “We received a call, and we’re taking care of it,” I said, calmly. I hated this kind of confrontation, it just about brought on an anxiety attack. Thankfully, I had never actually had one, but I had been on the verge a few times. “I can see that.” He yelled, walking over to where the equipment was set up. If he decided to mess with anything or make any rash decisions, we’d all be in for mess. “Sir, you can’t go over there, this is a federal investigation, and I’m under strict orders from my unit chief,” I said, practically bounding after him. “I don’t give a damn about your orders, little girl. Who the hell do you think you are?” He growled, backing me relentlessly into the corner of the tent. “I’m the Attorney General of this state, and I demand to know why I wasn’t told the FBI was bringing undercover agents into my jurisdiction!”

I really wanted to slap the dude now, but I probably looked like I was about to cry. See, one thing I hated about myself was that when I got really pissed off, I cried. Don’t ask me why. Now, I was silently praying that the tears that were threatening to surface would hold off for a while longer. Not only was I below this man in position, but I was also a woman. I continuously had to prove myself in situations like this. I also despise getting yelled at. I don’t care if you are angry with me, if you are pointing out my faults, reprimanding me, whatever, just do not yell at me. I heard a voice come from behind the General. “The only thing that you’re in a position to command is a lawyer.” I averted my eyes from the General to see Hotch coming to my rescue. “Who the hell are you?” the General questioned.

Oh dear Lord, here we go. He just questioned Hotch. “I’m Aaron Hotchner, Unit Chief. I’m the guy who’s gonna tell the Attorney General of the United States whether to charge you with obstructing a federal investigation or negligent homicide.” Oh. Well, then. He wasn’t even talking to me, and I felt my knees go weak, for more reasons than one. “And,” Hotch continued, “don’t you ever talk to my agent like that again, much less a lady. She is one of the best agents we have, and you are in no position to talk to her like that, do I make myself clear?” My heart melted. He had come to my rescue. “You can’t talk to me like that,” he countered. This guy just wasn’t getting the picture. Clearly, he had no idea who he was dealing with. Hotch got in his face, staring him down. “Get off my crime scene,” Hotch growled.

The scene that played out in front of me was nothing compared to the look Hotch was giving this guy. I almost felt bad for him, but, then again, he did yell at me, and called me ‘little girl’. The guy backed down after figuring out that Hotch wasn’t going to. He went and got into his car and drove off. Hotch came over to me, where I was still planted firmly into the ground. “Are you okay?” Hotch asked, putting his hand on my upper arm. I was zoned out, but broke from my reverie at his touch. “Yeah…I’m fine, Hotch.” My voice waivered, telling him otherwise. He raised an eyebrow at me. “Really, Hotch. I’m fine. I just-” “Don’t like getting yelled at,” he finished for me, “I know.”

I gave him a look of confusion. “How’d ya know?” I asked, not really thinking that he’d answer, and not particularly needing an answer, either. “Your body language,” he started, “When he raised his voice, your breathing increased, and you took small steps back. When he didn’t relent, you stared him straight in the face, hoping he would. Though you didn’t directly show it, you wanted to cry, but you didn’t want him to think of you as weak,” he stated, like it was the most boring conversation in the world. I blinked a couple of times. “Do you?” I asked quietly, looking at the ground. “Do I what?” He asked, stepping closer to me. “Think I’m weak…” I said, my voice trailing off, and I chanced glancing up at him. “Of course not. Why would I? You prove yourself every day on this team, and not once have you let us down. I have no reason to think you’re weak. You cry when you’re mad. Some people do. It’s just a natural reflex. I know you can handle yourself, I just don’t like people talking to you like that.” His voice was low and soft, as if he was afraid talking too loudly would break me. I smiled up at him, softly. “Thanks, Hotch,” I said, putting my hand on his arm. “Of course,” he said, and gave me one of his rare small smiles, as he walked back to Rossi. I took in a deep breath.

Now, it was time to help save Reid and Emily.