intimidating shout

Natural 1s

The newest member of my student pathfinder group just rolled his first critical failure today.  He was looking for a book about celestial beings, so I had him roll a Knowledge Religion check.  I told him he found a decent looking book entitled “On Various Angels”.  As soon as he got out of town, I informed him that the book he bought was actually called “On Various Angles” and was all about geometry.

He was pretty upset, so I explained to him that failure is occasionally a part of the game and that everyone has to deal with it.  Then I had the other players tell him about their most memorable crit fails, and this is what they each said:

Barbarian: I once failed an Intimidate Check.  Instead of shouting “I AM THE BADDEST BARBARIAN” I shouted “I AM THE BIGGEST BABY!”

Druid: I failed a Perception check so badly that I accidentally walked face first into the barbarian’s armpit and passed out from the smell.

Fighter: I once shot myself in the foot.  With a poisoned arrow.

Rogue: I once fell in love with an illusion that was made by an Aboleth.

Sorcerer: I was on guard duty and got so distracted I accidentally burned myself.  And then we were attacked by wolves. (Important Context: The sorcerer is naturally fire resistant, so this one was almost impressive).

Wizard: There’s a reason I just got a new familiar.

I’m playing DnD tonight as Brawn Connery: A Halfling Bard with +5 intimidation.

I just shouted at a dude and made him run away then I cast inspiration on him so he’ll go and change his life for the better. instead of being a criminal.