Intimidating Starters (Good for Villain Muses)
  • "Speak up! Use your tongue before I cut it off!"
  • "What a fool you are, approaching me?"
  • "Preposterous! Absurd! What is wrong with you, fool?!"
  • "I can see you. Don't think you can hide that easily."
  • "Is that all you've got? Pathetic."
  • "I'm sorry, but I don't see any reason why I should hear you out, first."
  • "Well well, if it isn't __. Come to be defeated again, have you?"
  • "If you say one more word, I'll slit your damn throat."
  • "Bow down to me."
  • "Do not resist my power, let it consume you."
  • "I'll make quick work of you."
  • "What did you say! Underestimating me? ME?? You really are stupid!"
  • "If you don't meet my wishes, you'll have a very nasty surprise."

anonymous asked:

What MBTI types are the most intimidating to meet? I know an ENTP who is really friendly but also very selective about who she spends time on and she always comes off as kind of a badass as a result and I was wondering if that lines up with your opinion (also props to you for being so amazingly patient and thoughtful with your answers, thank you!)

Thank you for being super sweet <3

If the type isn’t putting up pretenses, this is a list of the types from most to least intimidating to meet

  1. ENTJ
  2. INTJ
  3. INFJ
  4. ISTP
  5. ENTP
  6. ESTP
  7. ESFP
  8. ESTJ
  9. ISTJ
  10. ENFJ
  11. INTP
  12. ISFP
  13. ENFP
  14. INFP
  15. ESFJ
  16. ISFJ

ENFJs, ESTPs, ENTPs, ESFJs, ESTJs, ENFPs, and ESFPs who are also enneagram 3s are much, much higher on the list