Desert Places


“Okay, but why aren’t you still freaking out?” Hunk asked, looking at Pidge incredulously.  “Keith is an alien! A furry, fuzzy alien!”

Lance sniggered at the description even as Keith scowled. Rather than intimidating, Keith looked petulant with the added crossed arms.  Lance suppressed his laughter and cleared his throat.

“Well, I mean, I’m an alien too, so…”  He trailed off.  When Pidge and Hunk turned to look at him, he let his human form drop.  Pointed ears and blue facial markings revealed themselves.

Hunk’s eyes widened even further while Pidge breathed out a “whoa”.

Lance and Keith have made a new home on Earth, but Lance still finds himself drawn to Altea.

Part 2 of the with their empty spaces series 

Rating: T

Relationship(s): Klance

Word Count: 1875

Status: Complete

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taylor is that girl from school who’s super super pretty and seems intimidating from the outside looking in because of how pretty she is and how people seem to gravitate towards her and she always has everyone laughing or enthralled in some story she’s telling and it makes you nervous to interact with her but then she sees you in the hallway one day and she gives you a little wave and is like “hey!!!!” and says your name and you’re completely taken by surprise because there’s no way SHE knows what your name is because she’s just so untouchable but it turns out she’s so genuinely kind that she not only knows what your name is but she also knows that your dog that you’ve had your entire life passed away last week and you’re trying to convince your parents to get a new one, specifically a beagle, but she thinks you should just get a kitten.


heya! so ive never done something like this before, but im selling some character designs i have no use for but still like, and i dont want them sitting idle in my brain so i want to give em to someone who will make good use of them!

theyre $10 each! first come first serve. only one character per person. DM me if interested.

JANET: sweet and sincere glass doll made from a Martini glass.

UZI: radical rhythm rider who can only move if music is playing, and can only go as fast as the rhythm.

OTTAVIO: charming magician puppet who uses his magic to be able to walk without strings.

GENIVIVE: a candy demon disguised as a grumpy and bratty little girl. (UNAVIABLABLE).

NETA: a beautiful divine protector of nature with a voice akin to nails on a chalkboard. (UNAVAILABLE).

RHODANTHA: an aloof flower fairy who uses water-witching magic to intimidate those around her.

AVERY: a rambunctious carny girl who makes a living as the “avian girl” circus act. (ON HOLD).

WENDELL: a moody and edgy fox teenager who skips school frequently.

LOLO: an eccentric poisonous dart frog who loves nothing more than surfing and shorelines.

LIMONCELLO: a timid and anxious young man who is completely made of gelatin.

Haikyuu!! Job Interviews
Haikyuu!! Job Interviews

Interviewer: Ok Mr Sugawara tell me about your biggest strength
Suga: I can lift Daichi on one shoulder and Asahi on the other at the same time
Interviewer: I don’t know who that is but I’m intimidated and a little turned on. You’re hired
Suga: Thank you

Interview: Kozume, what would you say is your biggest weakness?
Kenma: Lev
Interview: Excuse me?
Kenma: Haiba Lev
Interview: You’ll have to elaborate
Kenma: Nekoma is a team that fights in unison and Lev is not good enough to work in a team yet
Interview: This interview is about you, Kozume
Kenma: You asked me about my biggest weakness and it’s Lev

Interview: Nishinoya, give me an example of a time you worked well in a team
Noya: Well there was this one time that me and my second year buds were walking home from school and we saw this abandoned building because we took a detour. So we saw it was locked, so we worked together to boost me up on to the roof, break the glass, climb in bust open the door from the inside so we could explore.
Interview: Sir that’s illegal
Noya: But it worked

Interview: Hinata you wrote on your CV an extensive guide on how to get better at volleyball
Hinata: Yes sir
Interview: Do you know what a CV is, Hinata
Hinata: A curriculum! Daichi told me. Don’t you wanna teach your kids how to play volleyball?
Interview: First of all, no I don’t want to teach my children how to play volleyball from a man who lists ‘routinely fighting your boyfriend’ as a bonding exercise. Second of all, how did you get to this interview? Who invited you here
Hinata: I needed an invitation?
Interview: Excuse me

Me: I don’t think Mark’s ever really been scary or intimidating despite his voice and body being a perfect combo to doing that


Me: Oh… yeah… it’s rare but when it happens ooh boy I have never seen a scarier man then Mark.

Context: The party just failed a long series of Intimidation checks on a cultist they were interrogating. At one point the Paladin had to make a Dex save to dodge a glob of spit from the cultist.

Later, the Cleric needs to make a Dex save for the same reason.

Cleric: “I willingly fail. I take it.”
DM: “You take a big fat glob of spit to the face.”
Cleric: “I use Shape Water to send it back into his face.”
DM: “….roll Intimidate.”
(rolls 14)
DM: “That one got to him a little. He wasn’t prepared for that one.”

fictional-portal  asked:

dare i ask....what is critical role?

oh boy, okay, so THIS IS GONNA BE LONG, HEADS UP

Critical Role is a series on Twitch produced by Geek & Sundry where (famous) voice actors Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Taliesin Jaffe, Marisha Ray, Liam O’Brien, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel and Matthew Mercer play Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes there are guests players and they are all always AMAZING.

They are all very close friends (some are spouses and married) and had this D&D campaign even before it started being broadcasted. Matthew is the Dungeon Master. Everyone is always in-character during the games, thanks to their talent, the voices and acting and RP is TOP NOTCH and you cry and laugh a lot.

The episodes can be up to 4 hours long sometimes, and there is 110 episodes so far (roughly the same length as a TV show with 7 seasons). It’s very intimidating, but you can also just listen to it and not watch them.. although (and i’m not even biased when I say that) watching Laura Bailey react to everything is like, one of the best thing about CR. Also the physical acting is sometimes important! The show is being uploaded in podcast form tho!

It’s broadcasted every Thursdays on Twitch, and then the episodes are added to Youtube on Mondays.

Who’s in the Party aka Vox Machina (some things will be left unsaid to avoid spoilers):

Vex’ahlia (Vex) played by Laura Bailey *harp music*

Half-Elf Ranger. Went from Neutral Good to Chaotic Neutral, and currently is Chaotic Good. Vax’s twin sister. She has a bear named Trinket whom she loves more than anything in the whole world (tie with Vax, probably). She winks a lot and flirts with everybody. SHE LOVES MONEY. A good person but sometimes does questionable things like lying and stealing. Self-worth issues. Lowkey bisexual, only kinda confirmed off-screen.

Vax’ildan (Vax) played by Liam O’Brien

Half-Elf Rogue. Chaotic Good. resident emo boy, but also a Soft Boy. Vex’s twin brother. Very emotional. A bit obsessed with Death. Depressed. Loves to prank Grog, and would die (literally) for his twin sister. Bros with Grog and Scanlan. Loves to braid hair. An actual bird. Canon bisexual.

Grog Strongjaw played by Travis Willingham

Goliath Barbarian. Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral? VERY TALL. Has an intelligence of 6. Pike’s best friend. Thinks water is poison (but not anymore, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT). The cutest murder machine. Fighting is like yoga for him. LOVES women and brothels. Also ale.

Pike Trickfoot played by Ashley Johnson

Gnome Cleric. Chaotic Good. The Mom friend. Grog’s best friend. Loves the goddess of Light and Healing, Sarenrae, whom she is a cleric of. She will swing her holy mace in your face if you threaten her friends. An actual angel?? Played by an actual angel? Plays only when she isn’t busy on the set of Blindspot.

Keyleth played by Marisha Ray

Half-Elf druid. Neutral Good. Percy’s best friend. Basically The Avatar. Most powerful member of the party. Vox Machina’s moral compass, she is 90% of their impulse control. Very wise but very socially awkward. (Spoilers) She jumped off a cliff, turned into a goldfish and died that one time. She’s okay tho. She loves the twins. She loves all of her friends tbh. Gets arrested a lot??. Scared about her future. Lowkey bisexual, kinda confirmed off-screen.

Lord Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III (Percy) played by Taliesin Jaffe

Human Gunslinger (Fighter). Neutral Good. Keyleth’s best friend. A little bit haunted. Obsessed with contracts and demons tbh. THE SMARTEST BOY. Build a lot of impressive stuff. Sometimes he makes jewelry for the party out of sea shells or dragon scales. Talks fancy. Loves explosions. Has PTSD.

Scanlan Shorthalt played by Sam Riegel

Gnome Bard. Neutral Good or Chaotic good? Unsure. Probably Chaotic Good. Bros with Vax and Grog. Really fancies Pike. A player. Has a lot of issues but hides behind humor. The funniest and most talented. Is often naked. Very loyal. A complex character. He doesn’t like Trinket. Canonically not Straight. Probably Pan??

Taryon Darrington (Tary) played by Sam Riegel (for a while)

Human Alchemist. Alignment?? He’s a good boy. A REAL DIVA. Rich. Super smart. Has an automaton named Doty who writes down his adventures. Vex’s best friend. Bros with Percy. His arc was brief but he started as a pompous brat and ended being a soft and loyal member. Scared easily. Loves being an adventurer. Canonically very gay.

Beloved NPCs, played by Matthew Mercer (but only some of them because Matt plays over 100+ NPCs)

  • SHAUN GILMORE. Human. The prettiest and (canonically) gayest shopkeeper in all the lands. Actually an incredibly powerful sorcerer. Had a crush on Vax and vice versa.
  • Allura Vysoren. Human. Very graceful and smart. Amazing arcanist (wizard). Vox Machina’s number one emergency contact tbh. She loves Kima, in a gay way. Canonically bisexual.
  • Lady Kima of Vord. Halfling Paladin. She serves the deity Bahamut, The Platinum Dragon. Small but will kick everyone’s ass.  Sassy. Will kill you if you prank her. Butch Icon. Loves Allura very much. Canonically very gay.

/!\ SPOILERY NPCs /!\ :

  • J’mon Sa Ord. Nonbinary. SO ELEGANT. Barefoot at all times. Kind of tired of Vox Machina’s shit, but is still fond of them nonetheless. Spoilers x1000: Actually a (good) Dragon. The coolest sovereign. I’m in love.
  • Cassandra De Rolo. Human. Percy’s sister. Is running a kingdom while her brother is out and about shooting at bad dragons. NEEDS A FUCKING NAP. LET HER SLEEP, MATT.

Characters came and went (Tiberius Stormwind played by Orion Acaba for example) and some guests come back more often than the others, but this is getting way too long so let’s stop here.

Honestly, CR is the best thing I’ve ever watched. I never laugh as much as I do in front of a TV as I do in front of CR. Same for surprise and tears and stress and everything a show can make you feel. It’s truly something else.

“What is Critical Role” video. A good and fun recap.

You can watch Critical Role HERE

Good luck!

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