Pour m'endormir, elle redessine avec son doigt chacun de mes tatouages. À tel point que je suis intiment persuadée que c'est en fait elle qui a marqué ma peau ainsi. Pour toujours.

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Hello! I was wondering if i could get how the hosts would react to being caught by another host while being intiment with their s/o

~oooohohihoho shiz, mind if I throw in who catches them?

Tamaki: He was lost in his partner’ slips, their body hovering over him as he gripped their hips a little tighter, sinking deeper into their heated lip lock.
When he felt his partner gasp and pull away he was confused…. Till he looked towards the now ajar door and a very shocked Haruhi in the doorway.
“G-GET OUT!” he shouted
“UGH GROSS! Lock the door next time, senpai!!!”
He’d turn into a blubbering mess on the verge of tears,
“Haruhi shouldn’t see daddy like this..”
Earning a hit on the shoulder from his s/o for not locking the damn door.

Kyoya: Grinning as his partner pulled his shirt off his shoulders, he’d waste no time in returning the favor. Seated with them strattling his waist, his hands slowly made their way under the fabric and up their sides, feather-light fingers giving them shivers. He stopped when he heard footsteps outside the door.
“Don’t come in.” He ordered
“Kyoya? I needed to see if that cute girl from last week requested me again, I think I got her number wrong…” Tamaki twisted the door handle.
“I said don’t !!!”
“But Kyoya? Is this a bad time?”
His partner smirked as they began their assault on his neck.
“V-very,” grimacing as he lost his composure, “leave!”

Honey: things got a lot more heated than he expected when his s/o painted a whip-cream moustache on him and licked it off. It lead to other whip cream creations on other body parts being licked off as well, and as Honey began to draw a heart out on his partners stomach, the door opened with a creak, startling him and his partner.
“Oh….my….” Kaoru froze.
“UWAH! Kaoru-chan please don’t tell…” Honey gave his best puppy eyes.
“I’m about to tell everyone about your kink.”
“K-Kaoru-chan no!!!! I beg you!”
“Hmmm, then bake me one of those strawberry cheesecakes you always bring to lunch.”
“Yes Kaoru-chan…”
“And no whipcream.”

Mori: He had his partner trapped between his strong arms against the wall, assaulting their neck with nips and kisses, thinking they were safe and alone.
He froze at Haruhi’s voice. His partner hid their face in the crook of his neck and he slouched a bit more.
“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, senpai! It’s normal for couples to do this, not normal to get caught I guess but I’m kinda proud you aren’t too shy to not do this!”
As Haruhi continued to lecture about couples, Mori’s s/o darted their own assault on his neck, making him ball his fists.
“Please leave, I have business to take care of.”

Hikaru: after a what seemed innocent play fight, he found himself pinning his s/o onto the the couch, hands pinning their wrists down and he ground down on their hips with his, in sync with their kisses. He was getting more riled up as he swallowed their small moans.
“Hey who knew the music room had a spare room? We could use this to expand when we have big themes! Or store props! Outfits! Pianos! Hikaru making out with his pa- HIKARU MAKING OUT WITH HIS-”
“GET OUT BOSS!” He threw the pillow the closest pillow at the shouting Tamaki, letting his forehead drop onto his s/o’s.
“I’m sorry about him… Let me make it up to you~…”

Kaoru: Movie night couldn’t be going better. With the tv being ignored in the background, Kaoru busied himself with lavishing his partner’s neck with light kisses and slow licks, hands following the path of their back down to their butt, squeezing. Humming at their squeak, he smirked thinking he was doing his job well.
That was until they pulled away, he frowned and took in their petrified expression. Following their eyes he found Hikaru leaning on the doorframe.
“C'mon brother, I thought you had better moves than that.”
“H-Hikaru get out!!!!”
“Alright alright! But remember, safety first!”
“Sigh…” He rested his head on his giggling s/o’s shoulder. “I am so sorry. Where were we~?”

Haruhi: She was losing herself in this kiss, her legs feeling weaker as she cupped her partner’s face, trying somehow to get them closer, taste them more. Allowing them to pick her up, she wrapped her arms around their neck.
“Haru-chan? That’s not how you piggy-back someone…”
Jumping off her partner in embarrassment she frantically waved her arms, “n-no! I know that Honey! But please, give us some privacy?”
“Oh! Okay~!” Honey skipped off as if nothing happened.
“Shut it.” She scolded her smirking partner as she pulled in for another kiss.

(YAUMMM I got carried away I’m so sorry!!!)

Love Passage

The lights low. If your presence is a feeling watch her heart glow. That is your guidance in the dark with her you might grow. Nothing starts big initially it’s micro. Not material not trying to be a light show she’d rather cherish things that make her smile the one that’s bright. Grab her from behind appreciate her - good mornings and good nights. Let your love run loose, let your hugs hold tight. Don’t let your wrongs out do your rights don’t give her reasons to question authenticity. A spontaneous kind of love for her but exercise simplicity. Love gives you that feeling when you touch like electricity. Don’t shock her with a lie, don’t defy, just realize that’s she’s your oxygen she’s keeping you alive so the least you can do is try. Clear your throat so you can swallow your pride and anything that’s not important keep it to the side. Keep on the outside surround yourself with love like a moat you got each other so with any weather together you can cope. Keep your faith, keep your hope, stay together take an oath you’re no longer one remember you are both, you are two yet your are one this is true, you have won, you can conquer you can flourish, as together you will be nourished.