intimates affair

Do you ever think about Louis’ 21st birthday party and wonder who was in charge of planning it? How did they come up with the guest list? Who put Jonny on the fucking guest list? If it was Jay planning it, did she ask Louis to look over the invite list and Louis say “Add Jonny to this intimate, black tie affair, please!” 

Or was it Harry who did the guest list, who painstakingly compiled their family and friends, and thought to himself “Jonny should come to this.” 

Or, perhaps worst of all, did Jay collaborate with Harry on the guest list and they share family and friends who should be invited with each other? 

There weren’t that many people there. It was mostly close family and friends, and Harry’s childhood friend was included among Louis’ close family and friends. 

And not a single one of Eleanor’s friends or family were there.

dr-paladiknight  asked:

Aaah your last meta about The Hug got me thinking - we have all these great analyses of Keith's body language but let's talk about Shiro's too!! From Allura's POV, you can totally see that Shiro has curled his whole upper body around Keith, and his head is tilted down, like he's kissing Keith's temple or whispering in his ear and Keith just leans into that touch, and they maintain eye contact even after they pull apart. It's SO loving and intimate, I'll never get tired of it. _(:3 」∠)_

Oh yeah of course! You’re right there really should be more on Shiro. Alright, so–before the hug starts, Shiro and Keith were already standing apart from the rest of the group. And they both look pretty solemn too. Keith especially looks really upset, so I imagine they might’ve been talking about something heavy before that. But then they both clasp hands and come together, and you can see all the tension in Keith just melt away. 

Shiro doesn’t even think twice before transitioning easily from the handshake into the hug, and Keith seems to know exactly what’s coming. So this must be something they’re both very familiar with. After all, Keith tells the Arusian “I don’t usually hug strangers.” But Shiro’s not a stranger, so he and Keith have probably done this plenty of times before. 

And being that Shiro is more tactile and usually the one reaching out, I’m pretty sure he knew that Keith really needed this. So much happened in BOM, and I guess the writers didn’t have enough time to really do a whole big followup about it. But after everything that came crashing down, viewers would want to know where they stand. And the hug is a quick and easy way to establish that Keith absolutely still has Shiro’s unconditional love and support. Keith was definitely the one who needed that hug, and Shiro was right there to comfort him. 

In all honesty, it’s probably very cathartic for Shiro to hold Keith like this too. I mean, the last time we saw Shiro embracing him, Keith was badly injured. Shiro thought he was actually dying. And Shiro’s first instinct is to hold him, as if clinging to him tight enough will keep him grounded and safe. And given that it seems Shiro does the shoulder touch thing more than Keith, we can infer that physical reassurances are vital to him. He’s a bit more open with physical contact than Keith, and so he’s more prone to seeking out support and offering comfort in a tactile manner. 

And you’re right, the way they turn and nestle closer to one another is just really sweet. And it honestly does look like a kiss and I’ll probably never get over that. But anyway, going by how Keith’s arm trails further down Shiro’s back, it looks like he tugged him closer. You never see Shiro’s face during any of this, but it’s obvious from his body language–and Keith’s facial expressions–that this is a very loving and tender, heartfelt moment. Their casual intimacy with one another demonstrates just how close they really are. Especially considering Keith’s somewhat touch averse behavior. 

And you know, the thing about Shiro and Allura that’s very interesting is this distance that’s established between them. Shiro is always facing away from her and everyone else–his gaze is for Keith and Keith alone. No matter what angle you catch him at, his back is always to the camera. This reinforces this idea that the hug is very much a private, intimate affair. 

Now, when they pull away from each other, you can see Keith is smiling. But then Allura catches his eye and she turns away–unnerved by how tender and affectionate a galra can be, torn by her own turmoil of warring emotions, looking almost guilty that she was caught clearly staring. And you can see Keith looks so crestfallen at that, so hurt by her rejection when she breaks eye contact. And yet, Shiro never even notices Allura. Even after Keith is no longer focused on Shiro, what’s Shiro doing? That’s right–he’s looking at Keith. Even though the moment has passed, it’s clear who has Shiro’s undivided attention. 

And actually, this kinda reminds me of that time when Shiro looks at Keith really fondly in Across the Universe. But then the Green lion shows up, and of course that grabs Keith’s attention right away. But for Shiro it just…doesn’t. He’s still looking at Keith for a split-second before actually glancing up to see what’s got him so shocked. So yeah, it seems like Keith just has a lot of Shiro’s attention. 

So yeah, I think you can still infer enough from Shiro’s body language to know that the hug was just as important to him. 

Bruce: Proposes to Selina.

Me: Tries not to get my hopes up.

*5 minutes later*

Me: So they’ll need to sort out a wedding venue, will it be traditional in a church or a cathedral, or will they go outdoors, perhaps on Wayne Manors grounds or elsewhere, who’ll be the officiant, who’ll be Best Man: Clark or Dick, maybe a curveball with Alfred or Lucius, who’ll be the groomsmen and bridesmaids, the guest list, do they want a small intimate affair or a grand celebration of their union, do they invite Harley and Ivy (Ivy might be helpful, she could sort the flower arrangements if she promises to behave) the reception venue, who sits at what table, the honeymoon location, is Selina a wanted fugitive there or not?…

nightmares & daydreams // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles comforts Y/N when she can’t sleep & discovers that nightmares & daydreams may be equally as dangerous 

Requested: no

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N 

Warning: yes, mature language, themes & smut 


His fingers mindlessly played with her hair as her head rested in his lap. The glow from the television illuminated the room, as it was the only source of light in the pitch black house.

“You tired yet?” He yawned.

“No.” She hummed, struggling to keep her eyes open. Her eyes were heavy with sleep as she tried to pay attention to the blurring tv screen.

“Did you just lie to me?” He smirked, knowing that she was about to fall asleep at any moment.

“Maybe.” She shut her eyes softly as she snuggled closer onto his lap.

“Oh no you don’t.” He told her as he reached for the remote, bouncing his legs up and down startling her. “Don’t you start getting all comfortable now or else you won’t want get up and you’ll end up falling asleep on me again.”

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Make Up (Ethan)

It was 3:30 in the morning, the darkness outside haunted you as the thunderstorm outside raged on. You hadn’t slept in a week, hell you don’t even remember the last time you had eaten a decent meal. Ethan walked out of your life, what seemed like for good about two weeks ago. He had no explanation, he just said things weren’t working out and that he needed time for himself. It left you in almost a permanent state of shock and sadness. Things with E were great, beyond amazing if you wanted to be honest.

The spontaneous Target runs at 4 in the morning, date night every Friday where you both had a new idea each week, acting like two little school kids in love, it was truly something. You never thought someone would just up and walk away from all of that without an explanation. But he did and it broke you, mentally, emotionally and physically. Grayson tried to reach out to you numerous times, Cameron as well. Guess they wanted just as much of an explanation as you did. It was odd for everyone seeing Ethan walk away from what he described you as, “the best thing that has ever happened to him.”

You sat up slowly, not daring to think yourself into crying again. Unsure if you even had anymore tears to shed. Zombie walking to the bathroom you cut on the shower and shed your clothes, sliding inside and that’s when it started. The water works, your head completely hidden under the warm stream as you let it all out. Guess you did have more tears to cry. It just didn’t make sense, nothing made sense. Everywhere you went you were reminded of Ethan, even the scent of his body wash still lingered in your once shared shower.

You and Ethan even stepped out on a limb and bought your own place together. It wasn’t anything spectacular, just a studio apartment with a horrible 70′s paint job. You didn’t mind it, you both had so many plans to make this place into your own. Your home. But it’s been put on hold since he left and packed up his things, moving back in with Grayson and leaving you behind. After pulling yourself together and washing off your body you wrapped yourself in your robe and climbed back into the bed.

Jesus even the bed still had his scent lingering on it. Your lip trembled and you quickly shook your head, “Get it together.” Before you could pull the covers over your body to try and make yourself fall asleep, there was a knock on your door, well more like a pounding. It alarmed you no doubt, who the hell is here at 3 in the morning, pounding on the door like a crazed individual? Most likely your best friend who got shit faced at a party and needed somewhere to crash for the night and someone to nurse her hangover in the morning. Your friend knocked again and you groaned, “I’m coming, calm down.”

Opening the door you chuckled, the first real smile you had in a long time. “Girl, what did I tell you ab-” it was not in fact your friend, it was Ethan. You couldn’t believe he was actually standing here, in front of you. His hair was all over the place, eye bags prominent, and a remorseful look on his face. You were so tempted to pull him in for a kiss and a huge hug, but you had to keep your composure. “W-What are you doing here?” You finally choked out, your voice failing you and the sentence coming out hoarse.

He stood in silence before shoving his hands into his hoodie pocket, sighing. “I, uh, came to see you.” His eyes never left the floor as he spoke. It killed you knowing he couldn’t even look you in the eyes. “Why are you here to see me? Ethan you left me.” He leaned against the doorframe, finally looking up and meeting your eyes. Your knees came so close to locking together so you had to cross your legs at the ankles to keep from toppling over. “I know, dammit I know. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I love you so fucking much, I can’t believe I did something so stupid.”

Deciding not to give your nosey neighbors something else to listen in on, you pulled him in and shut the door quietly behind you. “Why did you leave?” Once again silence fell over the place, the only thing to be heard was the rumbling of the storm outside. Once again, he sighed, “Y/N, I honestly have no explanation for me leaving. It was a dumb, stupid thing to do. If I could take it back I would. I never meant to hurt you. I don’t want time for myself, I don’t want to live this life if you’re not by my side. Please please take me back, let me come home.”

You couldn’t believe the hold this man had on you but you couldn’t deny, seeing him here in front of you right now, begging for your forgiveness tugged at your heartstrings in ways you couldn’t explain. Without saying anything you hugged him, his arms instinctively grabbing you back and holding you so tight you feared you’d lose consciousness. “I love you so fucking much.” He whispered into your neck, lightly kissing the skin there. You dug your head into his hoodie, trying to discreetly wipe the tears away.

After a few minutes of hugging, he pulled back and cupped your face in his hands. “Let me make it up to you.” He leaned forward and kissed both your cheeks, your nose, forehead and chin before half smiling, “Please?” Without hesitation you nodded, closing the gap and kissing him. Thank god you were holding onto him because the kiss made you weak to your knees, literally. His tongue slid easily into your mouth, his hands sliding down your body to the front of your robe, undoing it with ease and letting it fall to the floor revealing your bare body underneath.

He sucked in a breath and pulled back to admire you, “Fuck.” Deciding to not let him have all the fun, you pulled off his hoodie and threw it behind him. He bit his lip and lifted his arms so you could pull off his shirt next. Your nails ran gently down his torso to his belt loops, undoing it and never taking your eyes off of him. He kissed you again and helped aid you in getting his pants and boxers off. “Here?” He asked, dipping down to pick you up, letting your legs wrap around his waist. “No. Bedroom.” Nodding he started the walk down the hall to your bedroom, lying you on the bed like a fine piece of china.

You couldn’t deny the reddening of your cheeks as he spread your legs and thank god it was dark in this room because he always loved to comment how easily he could make you blush. Moments passed before you felt kisses trailing down your belly to your sex, his tongue licking languidly up and down causing your back to arch and hand to reach for a fistful of his hair.  He shook his head back and forth and wrapped his lips around you and started sucking, knowing that trick always had your eyes rolling back.

“Ethaaaan.” You drawled out his name and whimpered, the storm still raging outside making this moment even more intimate. He moaned against you, his tongue beginning to flick your clit and you knew if he kept this up, you would be coming in no time. He licked, flicked and sucked at you until you got to the edge and pulled back. “You taste so sweet.” You pulled him down for a kiss, moaning when you tasted yourself on his tongue. Ethan didn’t want to admit it, but that was always his favorite part. Seeing how eager you were to taste yourself on his tongue.

“Ready for me, baby girl?” You whimpered out a short, “Yes” and that was all he needed. He stood by the bed, pulling you to the edge and smiling. Even though he couldn’t see you, he knew how ready you were. He stroked himself a few times before sliding in slowly, letting you feel every inch before he was fully seated. He stayed still for a second, because if he moved this intimate affair would be over quicker than it started. Once he was settled, he started to move back and forth slowly, your mouth dropping open to let out a series of moans.

“God, you feel so damn good.” He grunted out, turning his head so he could kiss your leg, his arms wrapped around your thighs so he could pick up his pace. Ethan let your moans fuel him to keep going, harder and faster. Your body jerked each time he fucked you harder and faster. The headboard started to hit the walls and the mattress squeaked underneath you. Maybe the headboard would chip the paint on the wall so you could urge Ethan to finally get a move on with redecorating this place.

He moved your legs and wrapped them around his waist, leaning over you and going back to his slow, grinding pace that had you letting out a series of whimpers in his ear. “God I love you so fucking much baby.” He whispered into your skin, lightly sucking and causing purple marks to arise on your body. “I-I love you too. Fuck.” You were coming to close to your release and by the way Ethan’s thrusts were getting sloppy and how heavy and labored his breathing got, you knew he was close too.

He angled his hips so he was hitting deeper and your moans got louder. “Ethan, I’m close.” “Me too baby, hang on, let’s come together.” With a nod you held out as long as you could before he bit down on your earlobe and groaned out a command to let go. Your mind went foggy as you came, him releasing with you was such a euphoric feeling. It was something you could never tire of. You both layed there, trying to catch your breath and just enjoying being in each other’s presence again.

Ethan was the first to move, slipping out of you and picking you up bridal style, placing you in the bed and covering you up, sliding in behind you and pulling you into his warm embrace. With a kiss to the back of your neck, he sighed happily. “I meant it when I said I was sorry and that I loved you. I’ll never stop loving someone like you. So, I’m free to come back home?” With another giggle, you nodded but then hesitated, “Under one condition?” He nodded, “I’ll do anything.” Turning a little you were lucky that the darkness was hiding your devilish smile.

“We have to go paint shopping to get this place more, homey feeling.”

With a deep chuckle, Ethan nodded, “Anything for my queen. Goodnight you goober.”

Stone Cold | 2

Jin tries to bring you out of ‘the funk’

pairing: hoseok x reader (ft namjoon)
genre: angst, eventual fluff, possible smut
word count: 5.5K


A/N: thank you so much for the response to the last chapter, I’m so happy it’s being well received!!! Also, thank you to @beth-is-trash for proof reading this again and again despite the fact we were on holiday!!! <3~~~

It had been exactly 1 month, 3 days and 8 hours since Hoseok walked out of your shared apartment. You had spent it doing nothing but laying in bed, eating, doing no work and thus eating through your savings and getting up occasionally to wander around your empty home.
Home. What a joke.
This place didn’t feel like home anymore. This time had made you realise that this was not your home. Hoseok was. And he was gone. Fallen out of love with you. Where did you go wrong? Prior to seeing him out with Jisoo the first time you had felt as if everything was normal, better than normal. Things were great.  Hoseok would come home with flowers or ice cream or a dvd you had been wanting to watch. You would be close, touching constantly. Hoseok would wake you up by pecking soft kisses all over your face and you would playfully toss a pillow at him, annoyed at being woken up. And now you wished for it.  You longed to wake up and find that this has all been a bad dream because there he was. In front of you. Poking your sides and making you squirm until you finally gave up on getting back to sleep. 

But Hoseok had told you he hadn’t been in love with you for a while. Was all of that closeness you had felt not all that long ago spurred on by his guilt of cheating?

Cheating. You swallowed a large lump that had been building up in your throat.  You couldn’t believe he had actually done it.
Thats not who he was. Or at least, not who you thought he was.

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Not Your Enemy

Pairing: Finn Bálor x Reader

Warnings: Arranged marriage, angst, language, brief graphic death (nightmare), emotional hurt/comfort, very lightly implied smut.

Word Count: 1317

Prompts: This one and this one

Song Inspiration: Not Your Enemy by Jesse McCartney (don’t judge - it just seemed fitting)

A/N: Hello hello! So yesterday, the amazing @deseraysmiththings posted these great writing prompts involving arranged marriage with the Demon King. I wrote a drabble for one that ultimately inspired this one-shot. I really hope you all like it.

Quick reminder for new readers just joining in (hi new readers!): normally, I write fics for Supernatural. However, I’m also a huge fan of WWE and love reading the works of that community as well. After reading some brilliant pieces from - and chatting with - the amazing @devitt-club, I got inspired to write a fic featuring one of my current favorites: Finn Bálor. So I’m new to the WWE fanfic crowd and couldn’t be more thankful for the love I’ve received so far.

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

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Pluto in the 5th House

Pluto is one of the most complex planets in astrology. It represents the emotional darkness within us, trauma, things we kept repressed, regeneration, empowerment, fear, transformation, rebirth. It has been labeled as a dark malefic planet, one capable of great damage and destruction since it’s discovery and use in modern astrology. Isabel Hickey describes Pluto as possessing a dual nature; “If he so chooses man can use the line of least resistance and bring himself destruction and misery. When dealing with this most powerful radiation with wisdom and reason, the Minerva aspect of Pluto is in evidence, and the end result is a big step forward for mankind.” Pluto operates on a soul level, the core of our being, and only functions on raw and true emotions. It is representative of the emotions and things we do not want to deal with, for they are too painful for us right now, is what we would say. Pluto hurts us first, bringing forth transformation within the self, and causes metaphorical death of the individual, a rebirth of the self, shedding anew into a being more powerful, wise, and experienced for the world again. In great contrast, the fifth house is the house ruled by Leo - the sign of self will, creativity, romance. The fifth house rules these as well; casual relationships, children, self expression, sex (not to be confused with the 8th house of [intimate] sex, for the fifth house is not intimate on such a soul level), romance, hobbies, interests, attraction, what brings us pleasure/happiness/joy. The fifth house is where we go when we’re enjoying ourselves and letting the self create, indulge in flings and be free.

Any planet in the fifth house is directly tied into the self expression of the chart holder. Some astrologers have compared it to that planet being conjunct the natal sun, because it is so tightly incorporated into the chart holder’s life. We bring our Self into everything we do, and the fifth house doesn’t work without the planet inside of it, it’s always being put to use. Pluto here adds a very magnetic twist to such a sunny house. Those with Pluto in the fifth house, darkness covering the light of the sun, an eclipse is formed. The seriousness of Pluto can overpower the desires of the fifth house; the chart holder may struggle by taking themselves and their loves too seriously, backfiring on themselves creating a struggle to even want to be creative at all. There can be compulsive and ritualistic tendencies when it comes to Pluto due to it’s obsessive nature. Pluto rules our repressed fears and hidden desires; there can be a fear of other’s taking credit for their own work/interests, or of those that are able to easily go after what they desire. There can be much up-tightness with this placement for the chart holder.

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Doppelgänger - Prologue

Genre: Doppelgänger AU, smut, angst, fantasy, fluff.

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Summary: Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

Previous Chapters: Prologue - ch 1 - ch 2

July 23rd, 2017, a dreaded day that marked the 2nd year anniversary of your late fiancés death. Having no choice but to live off this day as any other ordinary day for you had finally managed to get pick yourself up and try to move on.

With each passing day you found a new struggle to face and the new year wasn’t getting any better than the last. Given the significant time since the accident it was overdue for you to push your demons to the side and finally try to live once again.

But it didn’t feel right.

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anonymous asked:

how would a french kiss with each character would be?

Ooo! We got an ask very similar to this, so I merged it together. Hoped you like it apprentice!

- Asra: He’s quite versed with tongues. Meaning, he knows how to make you breathless and leave you wanting more. He likes to make you initiate, because the face you make is cute and priceless. He easily has the upper hand on you, and it’s really unfair. He likes his kisses to be sudden and overwhelming, than stop entirely. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say. He takes the proverb a bit too far.

- Julian: He’s a passionate lover, he falls in love quickly. However, he’s been on the run for quite some time, so it’s been a long time. That doesn’t mean he’s bad. He’s just eager to reciprocate, and kisses you too roughly, it’s very haphazard. He’s secreting dissecting and analyzing what makes your heart pound dangerously fast, pulling away when your running out of air before stopping you again. He’ll take care of you.

- Nadia: Kissing the Countess is an intimate and private affair. She’s not the type to flaunt her romance, so any kissing that you share is usually in the privacy of her chambers, away from any spectators or witnesses. She’s not the type to rush, going slowly and exploring what makes you both tick. She makes her kisses long and drawn out, the subtle passion of it all making your body flush. It’ll end up with you underneath her, and both of you out of breath.

- Portia: She is more adventurous regarding kissing, her daring nature and confidence shining through as she holds your face in her warm, rough hands. She’s the type to catch you off guard, and smirk back when she pulls away. She smiles when she kisses you, and the giggling under her breath is contagious. The laughter interrupts your conversation that is all tongue and no words. It’s sloppy, but endearing. She’ll make you remember it forever.

- Muriel: He is a cautious soul, he’ll tell you when he’s ready for that level of intimacy (it might take awhile). But he wouldn’t know where to begin, so you would have to tell him what you want. You want him to lean forward? Sure. Sit on his lap? If that is what you need. He needs your guidance and reassurance that everything that is happening is okay with you. He’s a fast learner though, he likes to hold you once he gets the hang of it. His hands and lips are rough, but the feeling is comforting and warm.

- Lucio: French kissing him is a wild ride. He burns too quickly (get it), and he may want to go too fast in the relationship. He’s all teeth and tongue, and you need him to slow down. Once you set a pace you are comfortable with, he’s actually quite good at kissing. The kissing is long, but he moves away from you to look at your face adoringly before moving in again. He likes to have his hands holding you everywhere, and it’s very touchy. He has impeccable stamina, so it’ll leave you dizzy every time.

- Admin Christmas (I’m back!!)


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If you want a fresh, crisp, hypnotizing scent of a mystical ocean world then go for Oasis. However, if you’re looking for a more sensual, intimate affair then go for Lodge. You can’t go wrong with either. Both scents are unisex but more on the masculine end of the spectrum. Very delicious. Like, very.

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Plus One

@stormflagflying  answered my shameless begging for a short fic prompt idea  – How about a Mollcroft fake relationship where Sherlock gets jealous?

So, here you go.  Currently unbeta’d, I’ll make corrections on and Ao3 once Lil’s had a chance to look it over.

Plus One

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”  Molly brushed her hand down the bodice of her dress once more. She’d been doing that a lot since she’d (reluctantly) put it on that evening.  It was far too expensive for her taste, far too figure hugging, far too everything.  She never should have let Mycroft’s assistant talk her into wearing it.

“Oh, no.  It’s a horrible idea.  One worthy of my brother.”  Mycroft took a deep breath, the kind that whistled ever so slightly as it was drawn past clenched teeth, and continue.  “Still, needs must.”

And people say Sherlock has no social skills, she thought.  “Doing you a favour, remember?”

“As if I could forget, Miss Hooper.”  He smiled down at her; and while it wasn’t quite as charming as one of Sherlock’s (the sincere ones, not the fake ones he used to try to pass off when he wanted something that first year or two), Molly could see how a person could find the elder Holmes brother attractive.  When he wasn’t being a complete tosser. 

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grimalkin iii (a scarred silver/omegaverse au adventure featuring kang daniel and panwink)

(image credit)

pairing: panwink, kang daniel x healer! reader
genre: fantasy, angst
summary: You’re on a mission to save Kang Daniel, but at what cost? warnings: some violence, major character death
(gratuitous panwink, tbh!! if it gets confusing, feel free to drop me an ask because i’ve gotten way too invested in this verse.)

GRIMALKIN: one  | two | three || untrouble

  • you open your eyes and find that you’re back at the top of the tower, your head on daniel’s chest
  • now you’re even more determined to do something to save him, to see that bright smile in the world of flesh and blood
  • you tell boa everything you’ve learned, and soon you discover the name of the stablehand who’d become daniel’s alpha
  • seongwu was an orphan who was adopted by a washerwoman at the castle 
  • he was trained to be a stablehand and practically grew up with daniel 
  • everyone thought daniel’s father would choose seongwu to lead his army but he chose daniel instead
  • six months ago he disappeared, but since daniel said nothing, neither did anyone else
  • he left behind an old shirt, one marked with his scent that boa can use to find him so long as he’s still on the same landmass
  • while she hunts for him, however, she puts you in charge of completing the blood pact among you, jihoon, and guanlin
  • “it’ll bind you to jihoon by guanlin’s power,” boa says as she helps you set up the ritual back at the boys’ cottage, and she adds, “your instinct will tell you what to do, but tell jihoon it begins with the words, ‘i swear to protect your omega by the blood that runs through my veins.’”
  • later, you’re talking to jihoon, but guanlin has his arms around jihoon and won’t let go
  • “hyung, you don’t have to do this,” guanlin says, his brow furrowed, “who knows what might happen in the future, especially if Y/N continues to be that witch’s apprentice?”
  • you ignore the fact that your mate talks about you as if you aren’t there, finishing the marks on the ground and listening to them speak 
  • “i have to,” jihoon says firmly, “especially because i dragged her into this mess in the first place.”
  • the three of you sit in silence until new moon comes, watching as daehwi, jinyoung, and woojin patrol around the cottage like sentinels
  • the blood pact is an intimate affair, and you clasp jihoon’s hand in yours, your mark pressed onto his palm, as you stand behind your alpha
  • gently, you arrange jihoon so he’s facing you, his chest pressed against guanlin’s chest, asking guanlin to bend his knees so the silver rune touches jihoon’s exposed shoulder
  • guanlin shudders when jihoon begins to speak, his breath warm against guanlin’s neck 
  • “i swear to protect your omega by the blood that runs through my veins,” jihoon murmurs, “i live as she lives and dies as she dies.”
  • and he slumps forward as if the energy has gone out of him
  • guanlin catches him easily, holding him up by the waist, and you see jihoon’s shoulder begin to glow
  • your palm, bare of any aconite oil, pulsates with a strange energy, and you feel something move from your hand to his
  • it’s like the breath’s been punched from your lungs, and you look to guanlin to see if he’s been affected
  • his eyes are drooping, but they’re focused on jihoon, and jihoon lifts his head to look guanlin in the eye, his expression tender
  • you all fall to the ground with a thud, your limbs like jelly, and woojin rushes in
  • “we’re alright,” you say weakly before falling into a deep sleep
  • you wake up to boa shaking you, the birds outside chirping
  • “i’ve found him,” she says, “but he knows i’m looking for him because he caught my scent.”
  • boa hands you a map and a vial of aconite oil, along with a dagger 
  • “you’ll need to slice at the rune on his neck and rub the aconite oil deep into the wound. that’ll sever the connection between them and give daniel his energy back,” she says, adding a warning, “but you, guanlin, and jihoon will have to be careful, as your bodies are weak, especially guanlin’s.”
  • “we’re not going with her,” guanlin says stubbornly, and boa makes a tsking noise
  • “would you risk letting your beta die?” she says, raising an eyebrow. “the words said during a blood pact are binding, and i’m sure he swore his and Y/N’s lives intertwined.”
  • guanlin trudges behind you as you and jihoon follow the map, but he would never let you two go alone
  • you’re a little over halfway there when the sun sets and you set up camp for the night
  • you take first watch, trying not to feel lonely when jihoon and guanlin fall into an easy sleep, guanlin’s arm thrown over jihoon’s shoulders
  • jihoon wakes up three hours later, and you curl up on your blanket and dream of a boy with a wide smile that makes his eyes crinkle, his laughter bright as the morning sun
  • you arrive at the spot boa marked on the map by late afternoon
  • it’s familiar, and you recognize it as the place where you saw daniel in his dreams
  • when you spot a man with three moles on his cheeks, the memory of daniel’s nearly lifeless body flashes before your eyes, and you don’t even think
  • you rush up to him, pulling out the dagger, but he sees you before you reach him
  • in front of you is the largest wolf you’ve seen in your life, and at his neck is a silver mark just like the one on daniel’s palm
  • you see red, and suddenly you’re moving quickly, pouncing on him 
  • you reach out to slice at his mark and realize that you’re no longer holding the dagger, instead swiping at him with grey paws
  • the sight of your body, suddenly transformed into that of a leopard, is jarring, and seongwu takes that moment of shock and uses it to slice at your belly, growling
  • you whimper, the pain coursing through your body
  • and jihoon shifts before your eyes, turning into a feral boar, its tusks large and terrifying
  • jihoon charges at seongwu and pushes him away, turning the wolf’s attention to him
  • you know a boar’s skin is thick, so any attack seongwu tries on jihoon will be less effective than he thinks
  • but guanlin doesn’t seem to know that
  • and he takes the vial of aconite oil, spreading it all over his hands and arms before placing the rest of it in his mouth
  • he transforms into a black wolf, jumping on seongwu and sending him against a tree
  • seongwu manages to bite guanlin’s arm, and though you can see it hurts guanlin greatly, he keeps his mouth shut, still trying to swipe at seongwu’s mark
  • guanlin manages to claw at seongwu’s neck, and he spits out the aconite oil, watching as seongwu’s pupils widen and he falls away, unconscious
  • his body seems to shrink as the seconds pass, but you and jihoon pay him no mind, your eyes on guanlin, who’s shifted back to his human form
  • guanlin is covered in wounds, and though you try to push energy through the your link, you can’t feel him there
  • jihoon carries guanlin on his back and the two of you rush back to the castle, not stopping even though your feline limbs grow tired
  • you return to find daniel alive and well, but for the moment, you cannot celebrate
  • daniel pulls you into his arms as you cry silently, watching as jihoon and the rest of the boys dig guanlin’s grave
  • “stupid boy, brave boy,” jihoon says, the earth beneath him turning dark as each tear falls
  • when guanlin is buried beneath the dirt, you stand in silence as boa murmurs holy words and each one says farewell 
  • jihoon goes last, mourning the death of his best friend, the one whom he never admitted he loved.
I Won’t Say I’m In Love Ch. 2

whoop chapter two is here

this intro is rushed bc im tired af. if u want a more detailed one then check out the ao3 link. 

anyways hope y’all enjoy

Summary: Marinette Dupain-Cheng is madly in love with Adrien Agreste who is Chat Noir who is madly in love with Ladybug who is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. After a sudden burst of confidence, the two decide to confess to their individual crushes, and both get rejected. Now Marinette and Chat Noir turn to each other for comfort- but soon realize they may be getting a little TOO close for comfort, and just end up trying to deny it, like the ridiculous losers they are.

Based on an animatic by @pepper-bottom, who you should most definitely check out! 

Words (in this chapter): 4k (hol y shit)

[AO3] [FFN]

Chapter 2 - Marinette Throws Herself Into The Fray

That night, Marinette laid on her bed, staring up at her ceiling, replaying the events from patrol over and over again in her head.

No matter how she thought about it- no matter how she framed it.

She still felt like a total jerk.

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Headcanon that Levi loves to be praised. But not by just anybody. By Eren. Loves to see Eren’s eyes light up every time he performs a difficult maneuver. It gets sort of ridiculous how many death defying moves Levi pulls just to see Eren amazed. And to of course hear that praise. However, it doesn’t stop at his use of 3DMG. It continues into more intimate affairs. Like Levi absolutely keening when Eren tells him how good he feels. How amazing he is. How much Eren loves him.

chocokaylarobin  asked:

Heyo!! I LOVE your blog and your headcanons! (I was kinda reluctant to write this bc I get nervous easily XD) But it's my birthday today and I was wondering if you had any birthday Headcanons for Josuke, Giorno, Jonathan and Joseph's S/O? Like what would they do for s/o birthday and how would they plan it? ( ´ ▽ ` )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!! *throws confetti at you*

Joseph is very enthusiastic about his s/o’s birthday! In general, he’s a very enthusiastic guy, and he does absolutely nothing by halves. He loves parties and any chance to have a good time - don’t expect Joseph to be low-key about his s/o’s birthday! He’ll try and organize a surprise party with absolutely everyone him and his s/o have ever met, and for once in his life he’ll manage to keep it a secret - it will probably be over the top, expensive, and exhausting, but he means well. Try and enjoy!

Jonathan is also enthusiastic about his s/o’s birthday, but his enthusiasm is a little less … exuberant than Joseph’s. He might not throw a party, but he’ll definitely remember and he’ll have things planned for them. Probably very sweet, romantic things - a nice walk through a park, a few heartfelt presents, a quiet night in at home. And lots of cuddling. Jonathan loves cuddling. 

Giorno’s plans are more romantic than anything else. He plans to stay at home, as much as he’d like to go out (his position means that he doesn’t want his s/o to be a target for anyone with nefarious intentions). He makes sure there’s a romantic candlelit dinner on the table, a selection of immaculately chosen (and probably very expensive gifts). He makes his s/o’s favourite flowers bloom for them. He’s charming. S/O is going to feel like royalty for their entire birthday. 

Josuke, too, is ENTHUSIASTIC. He’s still a little shy, though - he wants to make sure that his s/o’s birthday is absolutely perfect! He’s the kind to plan a party too - he really takes after his father - but it’s a slightly more intimate affair, probably at his place, with just his friends and people he knows his s/o would be glad to see. He’s scrimped and saved to afford the perfect presents for s/o, and probably has gone a little bit overboard in the gift-giving, but it’s worth it to see them smile!