Cam!Couple Oneshot

“I’ve got an idea,” he paused as he watched Y/N’s eyes catch his, her eyebrows raised, “I mean, I used t’do it before we started datin’ I swear. Only before. But it got me a bit o’cash that I needed and it paid the bills for a bit, ’n I know you probably won’t like it but it did work f’me and I reckon it’d work better if we did it as a couple,”

“For god’s sake Harry, just spit it out,”

“Live sex, live porn, whatever y’wanna call it.”


Harry and Y/N are struggling UNI students and are looking for a better and easier way to make some money.

word count: 3.6k

rated: nsfw 

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Speaking of music and violence - how about some Xena?

This summer I started watching XWP and it’s just about taken over my life (and sketchbook). I recently watched the episode ‘Intimate Stranger’ and loved the parallels the guys over at @xenawarriorpodcast drew between the Xena/Callisto bodyswap and the Faith/Buffy bodyswap in This Year’s Girl/Who Are You episodes of BtVS.

So I’ve re-imagined the scene as if Callisto had a similar device to Faith’s fancy hand-held gizmo to implement her body-switch with Xena. Cue some cute(?) hand-grabbing and wide-eyed looks of confusion and not-quite-shock as the transformation culminates in a smirking Xena-llisto. 

Anyone remotely interested In XWP should definitely head on over to @xenawarriorpodcast for excellent in-depth character studies as well as lexicon-expanding discussion on directorial/filming/editing techniques that once you notice you can’t stop noticing …

Charming II

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Sehun, prince!AU

Chapters: (1) / (2) / …


Looks can be deceiving. Oh Sehun is far from being a prince charming.

Belonging is a strong and inevitable feeling that exists in human nature. Coming to an unfamiliar environment I had high hopes to find that belongingness. To wed a prince for the purpose of my country.

Yet all of my hopes were scattered all in the first fifteen minutes of my arrival at the court of my fiancé.

He has already decided to be hostile without even knowing me. Without ever interacting with me. So while having tea with the entire Oh family and me and my mother, I wonder… what must I have done to have made him disapprove of me?

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BTS: S/O Has To Do A Sex Scene For A Film

(I wasn’t exactly sure whether you wanted their reaction to their s/o telling them about it, or actually doing it in front of them, but I just made it to where she’s telling them. I hope you like it anon! (((: Very slight angst, slight smut, a lot of fluff. Enjoy c:)


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✧ — ░ under the cut, you’ll find just a little more than #135 connection ideas because i’m tired of doing the same plot over and over again (i’m looking @ you, bandom. if one more person tells me they’re ‘up for anything’ but have no ideas i’ll scream). this list was made with band rps in mind, but can easily work for any rp. in my opinion, each of these ideas stand strong on their own but can become more interesting if certain ones are combined. please like/reblog if you find this list useful!!  

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One never knows when one has had enough. To become conscious is to be alienated. Perhaps the price of survival or the penitence for alienation is to never reach satisfaction. Does one experience this feeding frenzy because Reality cannot be hunted down or recovered?
—  Breyten Breytenbach, from “Knowing Is Always a Function of Grammar,” Intimate Stranger (Archipelago Books, 2009)
Forget everything you know about love

Husbands!Jikook, 10k of angsty crack + fluff fluff fluff 

For we cannot love something we do not remember, but maybe forgetting was the solution to all of Jungkook’s problems.

A/N: From this request; hope you like it!

A left, another left, a right, and then a left. Or was it left, right, left, left?

Jungkook doesn’t have time to worry about that as he races down the hall, each tick of the clocks in the hospital, each quickening beat of his heart feeling like it might be the last. Like it might be too late.

Room two twenty-four, two twenty-five… screw it.

Jungkook bursts through the door a millisecond before he could process that it was indeed the correct number, but is given confirmation by the figure seemingly drowning beneath the white sheets.

He was pale. An IV drip attached to one arm. There were a few patches of faint yellow from the bruising. But amidst the faint beeping in the background and the smell of disinfectants much too strong, he was still the same Jimin that Jungkook had always known.

“Jimin—” Jungkook cuts himself off, part of him afraid that he’d regret whatever tumbled out of his mouth in such a distraught state, and the other part of him not even knowing what to say.

Jimin, I’m so sorry…please don’t hate me.

Jungkook keeps his head bowed, avoiding the look of hatred that he expected from his husband.


But as he looks up and sees that strangely empty look in Jimin’s eyes, he knows that something isn’t quite right.

“Jimin? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” A pause that feels much too long. “Sorry, um, could you tell me who you are?” he asks, eyebrows furrowed and lips curling down into a frown. “Were you someone important to me?”

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little red riding hood (1/2)

little red riding hood (½)
dom!hoseok x reader // M (smut) // 3233
You better not be wearing anything under that coat when you get here. Or you’re not coming tonight.

warnings: orgasm denial, mild dom and exhibitionist themes, name calling, dirty talk? i’m not sure what to warn about, oh! flashing too.

a/n: hello, this is my first ever smut piece and it’s written for my baby sister @kpopscenariostho​, who has turned me into hoseok trash in the span of four months. this is torn in two~ this is just part one so may the good lord hold you as you swim through this trashy thing. it’s also supposed to be a friends with benefits!au but now im not so sure if it is anymore?! BUT YES, i hope you enjoy and please be gentle with me, it’s my first time uwu

i would like to thank @beansuga, @justanemptydream, @mint-tape, and @apandasmind for listening to me screech about this over and over again. and @minyoongittaemune for going through the first actual draft and giving me notes. :* love y’all. you’re the best i can’t believe you deal with my weird ass all the time~

PS I wrote this to BTS’s Danger so may it also ruin your soul. Have a Danger Era Hoseok too.

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First time I saw this scene, I was like “whoa, totally looks like Xena is going for a kiss there”. Then I was like “wait, Xena doesn’t really do the face-to-face hugs.”

Then I figured that this is Hudson playing Xena. So she probably played the hug the way she thought Xena would hug Gabrielle.