BTS: S/O Has To Do A Sex Scene For A Film

(I wasn’t exactly sure whether you wanted their reaction to their s/o telling them about it, or actually doing it in front of them, but I just made it to where she’s telling them. I hope you like it anon! (((: Very slight angst, slight smut, a lot of fluff. Enjoy c:)


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Forget everything you know about love

Husbands!Jikook, 10k of angsty crack + fluff fluff fluff 

For we cannot love something we do not remember, but maybe forgetting was the solution to all of Jungkook’s problems.

A/N: From this request; hope you like it!

A left, another left, a right, and then a left. Or was it left, right, left, left?

Jungkook doesn’t have time to worry about that as he races down the hall, each tick of the clocks in the hospital, each quickening beat of his heart feeling like it might be the last. Like it might be too late.

Room two twenty-four, two twenty-five… screw it.

Jungkook bursts through the door a millisecond before he could process that it was indeed the correct number, but is given confirmation by the figure seemingly drowning beneath the white sheets.

He was pale. An IV drip attached to one arm. There were a few patches of faint yellow from the bruising. But amidst the faint beeping in the background and the smell of disinfectants much too strong, he was still the same Jimin that Jungkook had always known.

“Jimin—” Jungkook cuts himself off, part of him afraid that he’d regret whatever tumbled out of his mouth in such a distraught state, and the other part of him not even knowing what to say.

Jimin, I’m so sorry…please don’t hate me.

Jungkook keeps his head bowed, avoiding the look of hatred that he expected from his husband.


But as he looks up and sees that strangely empty look in Jimin’s eyes, he knows that something isn’t quite right.

“Jimin? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” A pause that feels much too long. “Sorry, um, could you tell me who you are?” he asks, eyebrows furrowed and lips curling down into a frown. “Were you someone important to me?”

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First time I saw this scene, I was like “whoa, totally looks like Xena is going for a kiss there”. Then I was like “wait, Xena doesn’t really do the face-to-face hugs.”

Then I figured that this is Hudson playing Xena. So she probably played the hug the way she thought Xena would hug Gabrielle. 


Hey guys, long time in the making, but finally done…kind of poorly done though, but anyway here is my other fic rec master post that I’ve promissed. Just full warning before you guys go check the fics, this time I couldn’t read through the stories again, so it’s an even more mixed list. Like there’s all types of fics here so pay attention to the tags that authors let in the fics pages for any possible triger warnings. I also tried to put only finished works, so it’s possible that I make another post again, maybe after the jl comes out, who knows. Make sure to check out the first archive…if you want of course.

Find Me If You Can by FictionalKnight (Northern_Star)

Sandalwood and Ozone by Mithen     

Bath Time by skund               

Give My Regards/Another Yearby Merfilly              

Needyand the sequel Wake Up Call by twinsarein       

Whatever It Takesby amphitrite                

Spicy Peppers And Lush Tomatoesby BradyGirl_12        

A Spoonful of Sun by tmelange          

Before This Dance is Through by RileyC               

One Night in Gotham by RileyC                

Freaky (Fifth-Dimensional) Friday by Mithen

Kryptonian’s Best Friend by BradyGirl_12

Victorian Ladies, Elephants, Bulldogs, And The 1939 World’s Fairby BradyGirl_12                

Christmas in Smallville by Trista_zevkia

Tea And Gingerbread by BradyGirl_12              

“When The Moon Hits Your Eye…” by BradyGirl_12               

Understanding by adelaide_rain                

In Case You Were Wondering by RileyC                

The New Frontier I: The Usual Place by BradyGirl_12          

Unneeded by Mithen                

Swoons to a Waltz by AngelZash        

A Prelude to Discipline by dracoqueen22                

That Which We Call a Roseby arysteia                

Stripes by aintitnifty                

Admissionsby AiyokuSama                

Love in the Dairy Aisle (or, Why Batman Doesn’t Do Fights)by FabulaRasa                

Saying the Words (or, Why Batman Doesn’t Do Birthdays) by FabulaRasa

Birthday Gifts by Bekkoni                

Super/Batsby Trxz                

Musings on Empty Calories… and Various Other Subjects by BuckinghamAlice                

It’s Not Time to Worry Yetby simplifyingforces (vigorousplasmids)                

Bruises by FabulaRasa                

Strangers When We Meet by Trista_zevkia               

Focal Fetish by LuciferxDamien                

Any Way You Want It by BuckinghamAlice                

You Tend to do That to Me by Evilpixie                

Partial by whiteroses77               

Intrigue by whiteroses77                

Coming Together by Trista_zevkia

Fatal Flaw by holycheerbatman                

The Power Not to Do by Mithen               

Echo by whiteroses77                

Anteros by whiteroses77

Made To Be Broken by Trista_zevkia 

The Start of Something Good by batsy_rocks                       

As Sure As The Sun Does Burn by agberts               

Tales of the Tiger Tamer by foxyk

The Mentalist and The Mistletoe by Trista_zevkia                

Action and Re-Actionby Mithen               

Hush, Hush by FreshPrincessofCheyne                

When the Hummingbirds Return by Emanium               

Bruised and Scarred by Lopithecus                

The Professional Touch by Lopithecus                

Your Guardian Angel by FreshPrincessofCheyne               

Shadows of the Heart by Saranghae       

Seven by FreshPrincessofCheyne                

Loop by Onyxim                

Decision by Malory2               

Show Me Nowby Magnetism_bind                

when love was blind by figure8       

Charmed Princeby Lopithecus                    

Batman’s Worldwide Taxi Serviceby crypt_mirror                

Cherry Chapstick by FreshPrincessofCheyne                

Code of Ethics by manic_intent

Let Me Hear Youby Onyxim                

Intoxicating by Aniel_H                

The Farthest Shore by manic_intent                

two years in the making by knoxoursavior                

Written in the Stars (Etched on Your Chest) by maccabird_23

Begging for Mercy by Mithen                

The Many Uses of Kryptonian Liquid Geo by crypt_mirror     

Intrepid by EllenD

Identification by Onki                

Could I Have This Dance by Pandamomochan                

let’s do the time warp (again) by SerpentineJ

Take It by saltedpin                

Sometimes, Always, Neverby Steals_Thyme (Liodain)     

i tried my bestby mitzvah (Melting)               

Morning Comes by vesper_house

intimate strangers by distortopia                

Good Mistake by VoileOui                

Only Humanby saltedpin               

Learning to Deserve You by ceemobster                

I Hurt Myself Today by Aniel_H                

Something About Clark by Alexicon                

fingers walk your thigh (breathe my love) by knoxoursavior   

Countdown to Absolute by ceemobster

Maybe by Lopithecus 

What I’ve Lost by Lopithecus                

An Open Eye by Steals_Thyme (Liodain)                

Let it all out by AdelvinaGaarder                

Making the Headlines by Crosses_and_Qoutes        

Vogue Le Magazine by metropolisjournal (TKodami)           

A Sleepless Night in the City by RileyC                

Inconsolable by roseandtiger                

Asking Out by  ashdeniesreality                

Meta-Analysis by crypt_mirror                

Until The Next Pie, Until The Next Tombstone by awakencordy                

These Things Happen To Other People by A_M_Kelley         

Wicked Game by Rymeesh               

Can I by Onyxim               

The Other Explanation by thedevilchicken 

Love, Changing Tenses by susiecarter 

and the wildflowers on his grave by metropolisjournal (TKodami) 

Art of Persuasion by whiteroses77

Let It Snow by cadkitten                

Restby mitzvah (Melting) 

Encounter by Ischa

Take a rest by Lady_Monochromic                

Bad Hot Chocolate is Always Wasted by krysiebee                

Inside and Out by Evilpixie                

Seeing Bruce Wayne by Evilpixie                

Trick of the Trade by saraid

In the Hothouse by whiteroses77                
little red riding hood (1/2)

little red riding hood (½)
dom!hoseok x reader // M (smut) // 3233
You better not be wearing anything under that coat when you get here. Or you’re not coming tonight.

warnings: orgasm denial, mild dom and exhibitionist themes, name calling, dirty talk? i’m not sure what to warn about, oh! flashing too.

a/n: hello, this is my first ever smut piece and it’s written for my baby sister @kpopscenariostho​, who has turned me into hoseok trash in the span of four months. this is torn in two~ this is just part one so may the good lord hold you as you swim through this trashy thing. it’s also supposed to be a friends with benefits!au but now im not so sure if it is anymore?! BUT YES, i hope you enjoy and please be gentle with me, it’s my first time uwu

i would like to thank @beansuga, @justanemptydream, @mint-tape, and @apandasmind for listening to me screech about this over and over again. and @minyoongittaemune for going through the first actual draft and giving me notes. :* love y’all. you’re the best i can’t believe you deal with my weird ass all the time~

PS I wrote this to BTS’s Danger so may it also ruin your soul. Have a Danger Era Hoseok too.

Originally posted by notjhope

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Wider [EruRi]

I think this tweet is hilarious, so uh, I wrote this. 

Levi dislikes going to the dentist, except… well, guess who his dentist is this time. Rather cavity inducing fluff. As always, it’s on Ao3.

Levi hated the dentist’s.  

He hated doctor’s appointments with the same ferocity, for that matter.  It wasn’t a phobia, per say; he wasn’t afraid of needles or pain.  It was that strange hands prodding at his body made his skin crawl and the overly clean scent of latex and disinfectant reminded him of the germs squirming, unseen, across the counters.  Foreign hands, foreign germs, all over his body, leaving marks he couldn’t see and had to scrub away blindly.

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the2psaremydrug  asked:

How would the 2ps react if they crash into a car, and just as they got out a girl (around their age) comes out apologizing and crying their eyes out?

Oh shit waddup fam

The way I interpreted this ask, it wasn’t a very serious accident

Please tell me if I’m wrong

2P Italy: *sighs and reaches out for her hand* sweetheart, shhhh, it’s alright, stop your crying now…..*pulls her into a hug that is way too intimate for two strangers who just crashed their cars*

2P Germany: *starts to grin* awH BABE YOU SO CUTE COME HERE LET ME LOVE YOU *picks her up off the ground and hugs them* IT’S OKAY TOOTSIE ROLL, I’M NOT HURT….are you? OH JESUS CHRIST EATING A PINEAPPLE ARE YOU OKAY!??!?!?!? DO I NEED TO GET YOU TO THE HARSPITARL? *acts really weird and melodramatic until she starts laughing*

“harspitarl” omfg what am I doing with my life

It’s a fucking hospital I mean seriously

2P Japan: *thrusts a tissue in her direction* you’re in public, stop crying. *inner Kuro: OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS BITCH—– I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD—– MY BRAND NEW FUCKING TOYOTA—- *

2P Romano: awhhhhh are you kidding me bish this is my brand new Ferarri…. Stop crying, you’re gonna ruin your pretty little face….. awh girl you’re lucky you’re so cute or I would call my baby bro and he would make your life hell…. Pfffft come here sweetie, shhhh, shhhhhh….. *hugs them and whispers a mix of comforting and mildly threatening phrases*

2P Prussia: I-It’s okay?!??! Stop crying p-please…..I’m not hurt or anything….Y-you’re okay too, right? *stands there awkwardly patting her shoulder until she stops crying*

2P France: *gives her a tissue* stop crying, it wasn’t that bad. Both of our cars are only dented a little. Calm down. *gets back in his car and nyooms away*

2P America: awh dollface stop crying! Come on, it’s okay *walks her over to a nearby bench and sits down with her, holding her hand* shhh, it’s fine, really….I’m not hurt, and, uh, my car was getting pretty old anyway….shhhh, come on, let me see you smile! I bet you look amazing when you smile!

2P Canada: *stares at her, occasionally mumbles “would you please just calm down,” eventually goes back in his car and comes back out with a tissue to give her, basically he just stays as quiet as possible*

2P England: GOSH DIDDLY DARN POPPET ARE YOU HURT OH MY GOODNESS OH DEAR OH LORD MERCY ME IT’S ALRIGHT I HAVE A FIRST AID KIT IN MY CAR JUST HOLD ON FOR ONE MOMENT *she soon stops crying because tbh it’s pretty funny to watch a guy with pink hair and purple short-shorts blushing and blinking really hard while he tries to figure out how to get a band-aid out of the package*

2P China: awhhhhhhhh kittennnn come on don’t cry *throws his arms around her and starts planting kisses all over her face* it’s okay babe, everything’s alright….. you’re not hurt, are you? awh sweetie shhhh it’s okay

2P Russia: Please stop your crying. Here, I think I have a tissue in here somewhere…. You don’t appear to be very hurt….. I promise my insurance company can take care of all of this. *goes on for like 26 minutes about the amazing car insurance plan he got and how he’s certain everything will turn out alright*

                      ✧ — ░ under the cut, you’ll find just a little more than #135 connection ideas because i’m tired of doing the same plot over and over again (i’m looking @ you, bandom. if one more person tells me they’re ‘up for anything’ but have no ideas i’ll scream). this list was made with band rps in mind, but can easily work for any rp. in my opinion, each of these ideas stand strong on their own but can become more interesting if certain ones are combined. please like/reblog if you find this list useful!!  

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anonymous asked:

Idk if you've answered this before, but I've seen your posts about Anidala parenting headcanons for each parent/twin combination, so I was wondering if you have any for an Obianidala family- Obi-Wan parenting headcanons for Luke and Leia? (Personally I headcanon that while Luke is super super close with Padmé and Leia with Anakin, Obi-Wan is the firm second favorite for both of them and he's happy with that.)

Obi-Wan has no memory of his parents. He knows that they were farmers on Stewjon, that his father could pilot high speed land speeders, that his mother is where he gets his red hair, and that they had at least one other child before he was born. He knows that his mother died first, taken by a disease that Obi-Wan was inoculated against within moments of being accepted into the temple, and that his father died in some kind of mechanical accident. He has no idea when either of them died and he doesn’t even know his sibling’s name.

 Holding Leia in his arms, her little hand curled around his finger, he finds himself wondering about his parents for the first time ever. Where they as frightened as he is right now when they held their first child? When they held him, what was that like?

 Leia blinks her eyes and her little mind reaches out for his, curious and filled with simple love, and it’s so easy to wrap his affection around her until her mind recedes. He leans over her to give her the smallest of kisses, careful of his beard against her soft skin, and settles her back into the crib next to her brother, Luke.

 He has no idea what he is doing. No experience with children, much less infants, and for some reason Padme and Anakin trust him with the most important things in their lives, other than each other. They just think that he’ll learn as they do, that he can be a good father, and their faith in him, while humbling and appreciated, is also daunting and nerve wrecking. It was bad enough when it was just the three of them, when it was just him trying to fumble along with expressing his emotions, but now there are children involved and he is going to ruin everything.

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Aquarius and friendships: What it means ♒️

There’s this stigma surrounding Aquarians and friendships that they are everyone’s friend. Parents, siblings, acquaintances, lovers…are all friends. In part it is true. Aquarians love to befriend individuals and love to ‘collect’ people from different cultural backgrounds, lifestyles, genders and ages. But as amicable as they may seem, they’re actually pretty picky when it comes to true friendships.

To the outsider it may seem that Aquarians are friends with everyone. They’re friendly with anyone they come across, as long as you’re not a total douchebag so wrapped up in your own self-important stench, then the Aquarian won’t grimace at the thought of your sight. But that’s where the difference comes in. *Notice I used the word, friendly*. They are nice to people and love to interact with anyone. It’s part of their charm. But as open as an Aquarian might seem, spilling intimate details to total strangers, that’s all they’ll ever be… strangers. They’ll never be part of their collective, quality, inner circle. They’ll be kept at bay.

This is where many partners and friends fail to understand. You might call them your ‘friend’ but an Aquarian might label you just an 'acquaintance’. Sure you will catch an Aquarian with a hint of vulnerability but that doesn’t make you special. In fact, Aquarians have this capability of being vulnerable to strangers more so than to their close friends or even lovers. Causing a rift if not resentment from their partners.

So why does an Aquarian act so bizarre? It’s quite hard to explain. As Aquarians sometimes fail to understand the things they do. But, part of it stems from fear. They’re afraid to open up their hearts to one person all together. So they’ll reveal certain insecurities, key details of their most intimate thoughts and feelings to a stranger, because they know that that’s all they’ll ever be. A stranger doesn’t outwardly judge you, they mostly listen and try to understand you because they do not know you.

A friend on the other hand can be so judgmental and bias, due to their ability to be influenced by emotions rather than logic, so they seek outward validation even if it’s just to vent out their emotions. Because no one truly takes the time to fully understand an Aquarian, and honestly one can’t blame them after all Aquarians are hard to figure out, their codes are never ending forever changing but their emotions are quite simple.

They ask for sensitivity and an unbiased perspective on the matter. But most are so quick to jump to conclusions, lash out, and 'beat down’ our Aquarian. So when an Aquarian experiences this, they will pull back, and never seek out that person as a confidante. They will be labeled on a chart based on the level of trust our Aquarius has scored them on.

Say what? Yup. Aquarius tests people especially those closest to them to see where you score on their level of trust. Using a Russian Matryoshka doll version circle of ring levels within his or her group of friends and loved ones, at the center is the Aquarian’s heart. The other rings representing the level of trust she embeds on a friend. The closer you get to the center, the closer you are to his heart, the closer you are to his heart, the nearer you are to his mind, body, and soul.

Most Aquarius will keep their 'friends’ on the outer rings; these are the people who they label acquaintances, passerby, or strangers. Friends who are much more than just acquaintances and beyond the formalities will be in the mid outer region, as well as some family members. Mid region will be loved ones who the Aquarian will go out of their way for. People who they have a special place but are not trustworthy enough to reveal certain details of their lives. As the circle encloses and reaches the center, you will find less and less individuals, but these people have passed the threshold and have earned a certain level of trust. This is where Aquarians will begin to reveal more intimate details about their life. But usually because most people can’t be trusted with the key that holds the lock to their hearts, they will trust key individuals with certain truths. You will find a sister who is her backbone and who she can trust with her career fears and life goals. A best friend who is her second reason of logic and mind. Another friend who is her emotional pillow when she just needs that blanket of support. And so on.

The one at the center or the ring outside the center is usually reserved only for her partner and soulmate. He can jump from the center to the outer ring to the center again (this can apply to other loved ones in the other rings as well). Depending on the fluctuating moods and hurt the Aquarian experiences. He will have the key to her heart only to have it taken away when she’s having an emotional tantrum. He will have full on access to her thoughts, mind, and heart if he takes good care of the treasure that’s inside of it. But if he screws up, she will permanently revoke and expel her lover to the outside trenches of her heart and ring, wishing to get back in into her heart. But once you lose the Aquarians trust, you will never fully gain it back again.

[Red vs Blue] Body Electric

Title: Body Electric

Rating: NC-17 

Pairing: Epsilon/Washington

Warnings: Sex, AI mental stimulation type sex. It is however 100% consensual and kind of fluffy.

Summary: Epsilon and Washington have never really been able to talk, but they sure as hell can feel and Epsilon is determined to use that to make up for everything that he can’t say.

“I can feel you getting impatient,” Carolina says.

Epsilon projects his hologram, shoulders slumped and he kicks his feet awkwardly. “Sorry C.”

He can feel the warm curl of her amusement, even if he can’t see her face when she’s wearing the helmet. “It’s alright Epsilon. Go ahead.”

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There’s only one way to end this cycle of hatred, and it’s through love and forgiveness.

Xena Parallels (8 - ?)

Callisto and Xena’s diverging paths are elegantly mirrored in 2x07 “Intimate Stranger.” Callisto’s path of vengeance leads to her destruction as she is confronted and slowly mobbed by her ghostly victims in a scene that feels like something out of Night of the Living Dead. Meanwhile Xena is accepted and embraced by Gabrielle and Cyrene, and then enfolded by all of the villagers from her hometown of Amphipolis in a warm human circle of love and forgiveness. 

New Revised Rules of Taras

Taras’ Rules


Hello. As many of you know, there have been some major changes with in the pack. Bucky and Natasha are now Alpha Lycans and the others have chosen other supernatural creatures. But, as for Taras, he was created by myself as a merman, and I cannot see him being anything else. So a merman he will remain. The only change that is now in affect is that Taras is now an OMEGA Merman. Things will be explained in the following revised rules list. Thank you!!

• Revised Rules • Posted June 14, 2017 •

1. First and foremost, this is an ADULT ROLEPLAYING blog. There will be explicit sexual material and I will not be held responsible for any underage viewers. It is against the law and if found out YOU WILL BE BLOCKED IMMEDIATELY. I am not going to jail because you cannot wait until you are 18. That is the law in my country. Please be respectful of my wishes.

2. I will not tolerate any negativity or the spreading of hatred or pettiness on my blog. If any anonymous hate messages are sent to me, I WILL NOT RESPOND. AND THAT URL AND ENTIRE ADDRESS WILL BE BLOCKED. This is meant to be fun, an attempt to create an escape from reality; we do not need any drama, spite, jealousy, or hatred spreading around to poison the pack.

3. Unlike the former pod, there are no claims in this pack. @alpha-bucky-barnes and @alpha-natalia-romanova are the Alpha Leaders. Taras is one of the guardians of the pack. And Taras is an Omega. Omegas are the caretakers of the pack, they look after their alphas and help them through their ruts. Omegas do go in heat and the Alphas will destroy anything that gets close to their Omegas in heat, so tread carefully.

4. Please kindly remember that I have a family, responsibilites, ongoing roleplays with a number of people, and another blog where I post fanfiction and the like. If you send me an ask, message, or a submission and I do not answer right away, it is because I am absent from tumblr, speaking with other people, or busy answering other things. The way that tumblr mobile is created (from where I do most of my tumblring), the asks are completely separate from the messages, so if I am answering asks and you send me messages, I will not see the messages until I back out of my inbox, so it may take me a while to see your message or vice versa. The last thing I want is to make anyone feel neglected or any less important than anyone else so please, please be patient. I will get to you when I can. If I do not answer an ask within 24 hours, please feel free to resend the ask. If nothing after that, I probably did not receive it or have been absent from the site. Please do not send in the same ask multiple times after the first two, send me a message if you think tumblr is eating it.

5. Taras is a fictional character. I am proud of the way his popularity has grown, but please remember this. He DOES NOT EXIST. There is a happily married person behind this character and they do not wish to enter into any relationships. I am more than happy to provide love and care and humor at any time. But please, do not be jealous of each other, we are all family.

6. As for sexual roleplay, I honestly am not comfortable with having my character in an intimate role with a stranger. Nor am I comfortable with people trying to butter me up just for the sake of sleeping with Taras. If you want to create a friendship with me, I more than welcome it. But please know that I will only have Taras be intimate with those whom I have a deep and trusting relationship with. So, if you’re here to get laid I suggest, dearest, that you look elsewhere. I’ve been burnt by too many people, so that is how it needs to be.

7. Boundaries are as such: Treat Taras as you would treat any other person you would in real life. Do not touch him without his permission. That includes, but not limited to: caressing, licking, grabbing any body part, grinding against, kissing, etc. That is sexual harassment and I will take it very personally. YOU WILL BE REPRIMANDED AND BLOCKED IF YOU HARASS MY CHARACTER. SCREENSHOTS WILL BE TAKEN AND THE WHOLE PACK WILL KNOW THE REASONS BEHIND MY ACTIONS. That shit will not fly here.

8. I have absolutely no problem roleplaying in asks. I fact, I encourage it! If I feel like I am interested in continuing the story in depth, I will ask for it to be continued in private messaging. PLEASE START ROLEPLAY THROUGH ASKS, unless we are already established in private messaging.

9. Please, again, remember that this is not real life, that Taras is just a character, not your boyfriend or lover, do not expect him to pay more attention to you than anyone else in this pack. Most of us are polyamorous, which means having multiple partners, so if you have a problem with that, I’m sorry love, but you are with the wrong group of people. If you come at me with jealousy or attempt to manipulate or control me, you will be reported to @alpha-bucky-barnes with screenshots as proof. He will most likely block you if you harass this blog, as his rules on that are very strict. And one of his rules is this: If you get blocked, the whole pack will know and the reason why. Screenshots will be provided with proof. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Now that that nasty business is over, I welcome you to my blog!! I apologize, I am usually not this forward but these rules needed to be created to put up some much needed boundaries. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I am more than happy to answer anything you have. As for the pack rules, you are free to look at @alpha-natalia-romanova’s blog if you wish to join. She has the rules posted. Thank you!!

chapter one of ages of earth

It was the last day of school senior year. What was an ordinary ice-cream outing turned into a life-changing spiritual experience. But of course, this isn’t even remotely the beginning of the story. But for the sake of this making any sense to you at all, I thought I’d start it here.

Narrator’s Note:

This isn’t my story. This isn’t about me.

My name is Ellen. Ellen Marshall. I’m a wizard. My Earth age is seventeen. My Gūdhal age is over seven thousand.

I was tasked by my Empress to tell her story. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense by the end. Promise.

It was late spring/early summer, last day of senior year. Should be easy for this senior, Tatianna Forrest, who had a severe case of Senioritis. Besides, there wasn’t really anything left to do in school. There were things that mattered. Like the track team, and getting her pilot’s license, and keeping up with friends.

She ran into the morning meeting late. As student body president, a few of the members glared at her but she took her place at the head of the table anyway. Just about every Wednesday, they had these meetings, and today was no exception. Even though it was the end of the year and there wasn’t much to talk about.

“Sorry, I’m sorry everybody.” She set her bag next to her and caught her breath. “I had to bring Alex to school today, my mom’s car broke down.”

“It’s fine, really. Sit.” Nasir, the vice-president, set his hand over Tatianna’s reassuringly and she breathed a sigh of relief. Nasir was an attractive bronze-skinned junior, whom many of Tatianna’s friends had crushes on. He was kind and honest and also (sadly for Tatianna’s friends) very attracted to men.

Tatianna sat and leaned back in the plastic chair. “So what are we even talking about today?”

There was a bit of contemplative silence. “It’s the last meeting,” Nasir pointed out, and the seven of them nodded in acknowledgment. “We don’t really have any plans.” Another pause. “I got into Boston U.”

Catherine shifted in her chair. “I got into Dartmouth.”

Daniel added, “I’m going to MIT,” and Amy tacked on, “I’m goin’ to UMass Amherst.”

The four looked at the three left. Daisha decided to speak up first. “I got accepted to Harvard.”

“Yale.” Mickey sent a smirk.

They all looked to Tatianna. Uneasy in her seat, she pursed her lips and looked down. Her thumbs twiddled in her lap, a nervous habit. “I’m… I’ve got no plans for now.”

“What?” Nasir sat up immediately. “You’re not going to college? Didn’t you get into UVM?”

“Yeah, I got into all the schools I applied for.” She huffed and looked up. Still, she couldn’t meet anyone’s eyes. “I can’t go to college right now. It’s been rough lately, and my family… I have to save up money for college myself. Mom took an extra shift at the diner and Alex got a job at the movie theater just to pay rent, so I don’t exactly have money for it.” She let out a laugh. “Geez. I sound depressing. I’m not sad I can’t go right now,” She finally looked around the table, able to catch the sorrowed gazes of her peers. “It’s amazing you guys all got into those colleges, though. I wish you all the best of luck.”

“Oh, Tat…” Daisha put a hand on the president’s shoulder. “You should’ve told us, we’d’ve started a GoFundMe or something. It could’ve been our senior project!” At this particular school, all the seniors had to publish some sort of community service article, whether it be starting a charity or raising awareness for something or simply volunteering at a local shelter was up to the student. Each member of this student body did a great charity, and together they volunteered at a shelter in Boston.

“Nah, it’s fine. Didn’t want to put you to any trouble.” She passed a reassuring smile around, which always seemed to calm the group. “What’re you guys doing for the summer?”

For the remaining ten minutes of the last meeting, they shared plans of camping and waterskiing and boating and even going on retreats. Tatianna planned on staying home and spending her days flying and (finally) getting that pilot’s license.

The bell rung for the first block, and before they left the seven gathered in a mound of a group hug, all promising to keep in touch and sending well wishes. And then they were gone. The door shut with a final end behind them.

Nasir walked with Tatianna to physics, their first class. It was a day so sunny Tatianna wondered how long it’d take for a teacher of theirs to suggest going outside. She pictured herself on the stone bench just beyond the front entryway, roasting like a reptile under the barrage of the sun.

“You have soccer practice today?” Tatianna questioned, glancing at her friend with a smile.

“No, but I am refereeing one of Alex’s.” He smiled at his feet. “I can’t imagine I won’t be playing some later, though. It’s beautiful out.”

It wasn’t Tatianna who answered. “Yes, truly the epitome of weather, a ray of happiness drifting down upon us.”

It was Délia, the sarcastic, small-chested mousy friend of the two already walking to class. She’s completely unassuming, small and unnoticeable in a crowd but vulgar and loud in private. She-

Narrator’s Note:

I’m going to stop now. She’s looking over my shoulder at this moment and I don’t want to get in more trouble than I probably already will.

“Oh stop that.” Tatianna roughed up her short black hair and turned to corner to the wooden door in front of them, reading Alfred Lehrer. “Gotta go Dee. See you later.”

Délia waved goodbye and they parted ways. Tatianna and Nasir took their places in the front of the room, as Nasir had bad eyesight and did not have a pair of glasses yet. The teacher sat at his desk on this laptop, not even bothering to look up.

“Laptops are on the cart. Do whatever the hell you want, just don’t get me in trouble.” He gestured to the black cart next to his desk and continued on whatever he was working on. So the class got up and each grabbed their own MacBook, sitting back down in their seats and moving chairs to giggle with friends and chat about summer and graduation.

The whole day went like that. Tatianna was right about one thing, and that was that the history teacher let them chill outside for the hour class. No one bothered to actually do anything in class. It was perfect.

Tatianna met Délia outside the school that day, to drive around town and get ice cream. They piled into Tatianna’s old car, creaking in the wind, and turned the aux up as loud as it would go.

“Who’s excited to get out of this hellhole?” Délia leaned out the window as they drove off, raising her arms with a victory, “Whoo!”

“Get down, Dee!” Tatianna grabbed her waist and pulled her back down, turning the steering wheel as she went and almost flinging Délia out of the window. “Down!” She shouted again and finally, her friend sat in her seat. “You give me aneurysms, Dee, you know that?”

“Chill, I’m just having a good time!” She turned the dial on the dash, but the volume wouldn’t go any higher. “Mm mm come on now follow my lead mm mm!” She danced in place as Shape of You continued on, blasting out the speakers and into the thick summer air. “Hey Tat, I’m in love with the shape of you.”

Tatianna let out a massive laugh. “Miss me with that gay shit,” She managed through giggles.

Hit me with that gay shit!” Délia countered. “Punch me with that gay shit! Murder me with that gay shit!”

Tatianna had no answer for that, so she just chuckled the whole way to the ice cream parlor. The whole five minutes. Cars drove up next to them just to sing and laugh and drive away, a speck or intimate happiness between strangers. The sun hid behind tufts of cotton-ball clouds, and children screamed in delight with something that could only be described as summertime euphoria. Black and white soccer balls sailed through the air, red and white jerseys darted like curving missiles, weaving through each other and creating a beautiful pulsing mass.

“We’re here,” Tatianna announced, punching Délia playfully on the arm and rolling up the windows. “Get out. Time for ice cream.”

“YES!” The smaller one pumped her fists to the sky and tripped over the car door as she got out, laughing some more and standing straight. This was the moment Tatianna felt a premonition; for a moment time dissipated and she saw Délia trip onto the sidewalk and skin her knee. For the fraction of a second she was gone, Tatianna for the first time heard a voice.

“Vitswèth,” It drawled out, a deep feminine voice with something ethereal and angelic hidden within it. “You’ve returned.”

But then it was gone. Time reformed and Dèlia jumped onto the sidewalk, stumbling over her own feet. Faster than she realized Tatianna scooped her up and avoided the accident, saving her knee from utter demise. “Be careful,” She scolded, but her voice was creaky and quickly she cleared her throat. “Come on, let’s get ice cream before you hurt yourself more.”

They entered the shop with more excitement. Tatianna tried to ignore the fact that some had just spoken in her head (and whoever the hell Vitswèth was), and instead stepped up to order. Surprisingly the shop wasn’t all that crowded, and Tatianna was thankful for that. As much as she enjoyed company, she was hoping to just chill with Dèlia.

But again she stopped short, this time for a vastly different reason. She was struck by the woman at the counter. She was small and buxom, with wildly large black hair pulled tightly into what was maybe a bun? The volume of it made it look more like a giant puffball glued onto her head. Two thick, dense braids trailed down over her full chest and cuffs and rings and a necklace of shining silver accentuated her golden skin, riddled without space with freckles. Her nose resembled a button, her lips ample and slicked with vaseline. Her eyes shone like stars in her head, bright blue and purple and black and white all cracked together in a supernova. Everything she wore was black and loose.

That’s me. Ellen Marshall.

Narrator’s Note:

I’m not vain. I don’t brag. I have insecurities just like everybody else.

But I’m beautiful.

It was Délia who spoke, unaffected by me. “I’ll have a large, double chocolate caramel swirl with rainbow sprinkles. Tat?” And she turned to Tatianna as I began to scoop out the ice cream.

“Uhh…” Her tongue had turned to sand. “Medium vanilla soft serve, please…”

“Coming right up,” I said, sending a smile and a wink at the both of them. Though I’m sure it meant something drastically different to each. Tatianna flushed bright red, and Délia winked back. The shop was silent for a half a minute, all but the hum of the freezer and the one other group of three who chittered in the back corner. Why was it so empty?

“It’s the last day for seniors, right?” I spoke up when no one else would. “At the private school down the street,” I added, for clarification.

“Yeah,” Délia spoke since Tatianna couldn’t. “Are you a senior? You look our age.”

“I haven’t seen you at our school.” Tatianna managed. Délia smirked a knowing smirk.

“No, I’m a junior.” I handed Délia’s cone over and turned around to the soft serve machine, unable to talk for the twenty seconds it took to ooze out the vanilla. “Any toppings?” I asked as I turned around.

“Uh- chocolate jimmies?” She stared at the ground. I smiled and dunked the cup in a good amount of chocolate sprinkles and handed it over the counter. The red spread to her ears when our fingers touched.

“I’m surprised I haven’t seen you around.” Délia couldn’t wipe that smirk off her face, and at this point neither could I. “What’s your name?”

“Ellen. Marshall. Yours?” I stepped to the cash register and paused to face them. Desperately I wanted Tatianna to say something to me, anything.

“Uh- Tatianna Forrest.”

“Délia Iwayama.”

“I’m surprised I don’t know you either.” Tatianna began again, speaking through her spoonful of vanilla soft serve. “You’re- very pretty.”

I smiled a beaming smile. “Thank you, you too. It’ll be eleven seventy-seven, please.”

Délia covered for Tatianna and handed over the cash. “Thanks, Ellen. Have a nice day.”

“Have a nice day!” I waved as the two of them left, and Tatianna waved back with an impressively retained blush. The two of them sat at one of the many picnic tables outside, and it took a long while before Tatianna managed to speak again. That was also because of the ice cream being shoveled into her mouth.

“She was pretty,” Tatianna managed to squeak out finally. Already she had completely forgotten about the voice in her head.

“She’s alright.” Délia rolled her eyes, fortunately not caught by her friend. “But I saw you were very… Entranced.”

“Oh, shut up.” She curled her lip, in good fun. “Did you see her? How could I have never seen her in school? She’s got one of the most recognizable faces I’ve ever seen!”

“Yeah, she’s freckly.”

“Freckly? Her face is like a constellation of stars!”

At that Délia went blank and continued especially determined on her treat. “We should go to your place after this.”

Tatianna got the vibe that Délia wasn’t all too fond of the starry woman and took a lick of ice cream. “I got GTA finally.”

“Oh, lit. There are my evening plans.”

They sat there until they finished their ice cream, the sun still beating down on them as time wore on. Cars raced by, mere strips of color, and inside I watched the two carefully. Slowly, without me to distract her, Tatianna remembered and pondered the voice and the Vitswèth. Délia tried not to suspect all that much and instead used her skill in gossip to keep the conversation going.

No one could stop it from happening. Délia knew what my appearance meant. She just didn’t particularly like it.

“You done?” Délia sat up, finished with her cone and waiting on Tatianna. She was feeling awfully impatient, more than usual. She didn’t want to hang around that area any longer than she had to.

“Yeah,” Tatianna handed over her empty cup with one last scrape and stood. “Why’re you so acting so weird? Like not yourself. Too quiet.”

“Maybe it was the ice cream.” She grumbled. “I forgot to take Lactaid pills today, that could do it.”

“That would do it.” Tatianna swung her keys around her finger and stepped towards the car. “Why do you do this? You know you get sick from dairy, why do you eat it?”

“‘Cause sometimes it’s worth it. Like ice cream. And Doritos.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

The car started up with a shudder, and again they turned on the stereo max volume. Délia acted normal (her own normal), leaning out the window like a dog and yelling the lyrics to every song that came on and dancing (thrashing) in her seat. Tatianna was back to normal too, scolding her friend for giving her a heart attack every time she leaned out the window too far and laughing anyway. It was the start of summer and the last summer with all her friends at home. She had to hold onto this as long as she could.

It was all bad timing.

Driving home, Tatianna saw yet another premonition. Usually, the visions were at least a few days apart, more likely weeks, and never had she had more than one in a single day. While turning a corner, time and reality evaporated and she saw; A black truck whipped around the other corner, her blindspot, and crashed right into her driver-side door. And again, she heard the voice.

“Vitswèth.” That same female voice, long and urgent like a flatline. “Be aware.”

It was gone again before she could reply. Time reformed and Tatianna slammed on the brakes, and that truck flew past. Her chest heaved unsteady, trembling breaths and her heart pounded in her ribcage like it never had before.

“FUCK!” Délia screamed and grabbed onto the windowsill before she could go flying. “What the hell was that?”

Tatianna was frozen in her seat. What was going on? Two premonitions, two of the same voice in her head, in her head-

“Tat, what the hell was-” Délia sat back in her seat, turned down the dial and looked to her friend. She saw the paleness on her face, the fear, and confusion and she knew something was wrong. “Tat, Tat look at me dude- Are you okay? What happened?”

A few seconds passed. Lightly as a leaf drifting through the air, Tatianna pressed her foot to the gas pedal and started down the road. Her house was only a few minutes away.

“I’m freaking out, Dee.” She managed finally, with a cough. “You know those- visions I told you about? The premonitions?”

“Mm. Yeah.”

“I’ve had two today.” She glanced at Délia and sighed. “Not only that, but I heard a voice. The same voice both times. You don’t think I’m crazy, do you?”

“No, no I don’t think you’re crazy.” She soothed immediately. “I told you, premonitions aren’t that uncommon, it’s not a crazy thing.”

“No no, but the voice. I heard a voice. It was a woman.”

Délia looked around. The coast was clear. “What’d she say?”

“She called me Vitswèth. Twice. The first time she said 'you’ve returned’ or something like that, and just now she said 'be aware’. What the hell does that mean?”

Délia tapped her foot anxiously and shook her head. “Maybe it was just your conscience, telling you to be aware - you did just almost get hit by a truck.”

“No. No that’s wasn’t it.” She turned into her little side street. “Because that wouldn’t explain the you’ve returned, and that name she was calling me.” She hit the steering wheel with her hand and swore. “I’m freaking out. What the hell is going on?”

“Hey, it’s okay. Calm down, really, I’m here.” Délia shifted in her seat and turned her head on the headrest to face Tatianna. “We’re almost home. What about this-” She sat up quite suddenly, the seat lurching underneath her. “You can’t get premonitions like that if nothing wrong is supposed to happen, right? So let’s just stay in all night! I can sleepover if that’s all good with Candace.”

Candace was Tatianna’s mother. “Of course it’s all right. She’ll be home late because of work. But sure. That’s an interesting plan.”

Outside, the evening had melted away that sense of euphoria and replaced it with a careful sleepiness. Darkness lazily dripped into the sky, painting it a beautiful array of blues and oranges and yellows. The winding side streets were boarded by full blooming trees, adding yet more color to the mix.

Délia unbuckled her seatbelt before they even pulled into the driveway, and leapt out of the car. Tatianna rolled her eyes and followed her, unlocking the door and letting both of them in. Immediately they were met with loud, needy screeches from the cage in the back.

“Oh, geez-” Tatianna kicked her flip-flops off and ran down the hall, into the living room where her cockatoo resided. He flapped his wings and puffed himself up and chewed on the cage. Hastily Tatianna opened it, extended a hand and the bird crawled up her arm to rest on her shoulder like a pirate.

“I’m sorry dear, we stopped for ice cream after school.” She apologized, petting his head and walking back to where Délia was throwing her backpack down, at the bottom of the stairs.

“Hey Fajro,” She greeted the bird, who purred and leaned into her hand like a cat. “Come on, I wanna see that new game.”

Together they bounded up the stairs, anxious to just sit and distract themselves from either the premonitions or the impending change. Tatianna set up the game, Fajro the bird pecked around the room, and Délia sat back and clicked her tongue.

There was nothing really to talk about that night. Alex was sleeping over a friend’s house too, and Tatianna’s mother was out late. So they blasted Délia’s rap playlist on Spotify and aggressively played GTA all night. Once or twice Tatianna left to grab snacks - popcorn, potato chips, and big walnuts for Fajro. Fajro was an interesting bird. He’s a large Major’s Mitchell’s cockatoo, almost reddish in color with white accents on his head and chest. Tatianna had had him for as long as she could remember, and spent all her time at home with him.

“Hey, Dee,” She only glanced at her friend and laughed when her car went off a rail and flipped. “What do you think that voice was?”

“I don’t know- oh-” She hissed as her stolen motorcycle skimmed a truck. “Close one. I don’t know, Tat. You can interpret it your own way.”

Downstairs, the front door clicked and opened. The two of them hadn’t heard Candace’s car pull in since the music was so loud, but turned it down as the door slammed shut. Candace slid off her flats and untied her hair before the girl’s voices reached her.

“Hey, mom!” Tatianna shouted, pausing their game and standing, stretching. Fajro hopped onto her shoulder and nuzzled her as they descended. “Dee is staying over.”

“Okay.” She met her daughter with a hug. Fajro transferred onto her shoulder. “Hello, Fajro. Hello, girls. Have you eaten dinner? How was your day? Sorry I got home so late.”

“Oh, it’s fine,” Délia answered. “I’ve been keeping her out of trouble.”

“Good.” Candace chuckled and handed the bird back with a final itch of the neck feathers. “You’ve eaten?”

“Yes, we’ve eaten.” They hadn’t really eaten. At least, not dinner. They’d eaten chips and popcorn and nothing humanly sustainable.

“What time is it?”

Délia checked her watch. “Eleven thirty.”

“Oh, dear. You two should be going to bed.” Candace glanced towards them and frowned. “Please get to bed soon. You two need rest.”

“We’re seventeen, mom.” Tatianna chuckled. “We’ll go to bed, though. I’m exhausted.”

Délia opened her mouth to make a sarcastic comment, but her nerves got the better of her and she clammed up. A hand slid through her chestnut brown hair and she bit her lip. Tatianna, on the other hand, seemed all too relaxed as she yawned and scratched her wrist. Her eyes drooped under so much strain in front of the tv, and her muscles ached from sitting so long. The lights flickered in the ceiling. Délia flinched.

“Do you mind if we go to bed now, ma?” Tatianna sniffed and stepped down the short hall, moving Fajro from her shoulder to her hand and settling him back into his cage. With a last smile and a kissy noise, she swept the green cover over his cage and looked to her mom. Candace opened a package of chocolate trail mix and shook her head.

“Not at all, honey. Do you or Délia want some tea?” She spun on her heel, opened the cabinet, and looked to her daughter before she grabbed mugs.

“Dee, you want tea?” She called back to where she resided at the stairs. A, “Nah,” echoed back and Tatianna added, “Me neither. Night mom.”

“Love you, honey!”

“Love you.”

The two girls bounded up the stairs with some residing energy. Délia saved and turned off the game while Tatianna set up an air mattress next to her bed. The windows were dark, pitch black and ominous. Tatianna shut the drapes. She hates the dark. Outside, bats shot across the sky like little winged bullets, their black fur glistening momentarily under the moon’s light. There were distant clinks of dishware being moved downstairs, Candace unloading the dishwasher. Tatianna tied her long blond hair up in a loose bun, splashed cold water on her face, and brushed her teeth. Over and over she thought, “everything’s fine, everything’s fine…”

Narrator’s Note:

You probably have no idea what Tatianna looks like, do you? Picture peace, living peace;

A waterfall of naturally bleach-blond hair, falling like pale liquid gold over her shoulders. Lightly tanned skin, devoid of freckles or acne or any blemishes at all, perfectly shaped eyebrows and shapely lips. Her eyes were windows into her soul, green like a newly born leaf, a healthy, pure green that filled you with serenity when you looked upon them. And she was tall, the kind of tall that accentuated her thin, muscular legs, a lean abdomen and long arms. She moved like a queen. And she held herself like a goddess.

Tatianna and Délia laid in their beds silently, staring at the ceiling. Tatianna thought about the voice, the voice, while Délia thought about her mission, the change, and trying to figure out what was possibly wrong. Neither of them knew what the other thought. Even thought they were connected.

Tatianna found herself sifting through thoughts, old dusty files she hadn’t dug up for years. It brought her deeper and deeper into a sleep, and in that sleep, dreams opened up.

It was nothing like she’d ever seen before. This was no dream, no hidden message, but rather a smoky riddle, brought to her by one she didn’t even remember. It was feeling, raw feeling; she could feel the wind and the rain on her skin, the moistness of the air and whipping of her hair around her head. And it was smell, the musky smell of a rainy day, and it was taste, the sticky, phlegmy taste of an unwatered throat. And it was sight.

All around her were people. Her people. They were tall, all of them, at least six and a half feet, and wore nothing but one cloth wrapped around their waists and chests, though they varied in color and intricacy. Hair was the color of gold and silver and shades of deep chestnut and black, and even some a natural navy or red, or a dark green or purple. And there were voices, too. So many voices. Weaving through each other, entering and exiting her thoughts in moments much too short, incessant in their urgency and turning to shouts in her ear as time wore on.

There was something in the sky. It was darker than the word could ever describe, and a darkness so powerful it would bring a grown human to their knees. The inky shadow of it looming over the world carried something close to a cataclysm, stifling any thought of escaping or fighting.

And there was a flood. This flood held the same asphyxiating puissance in it - if the sight of waves taller than skyscrapers didn’t do you in first. Together the disaster tied Tatianna in fear, great fear, and her body paralyzed in place. Run, her brain screamed, run, RUN!, but there was no escaping.

“Where is it?” A voice rumbled the earth, deeper than any cavern and more powerful than any gun or bomb Earth possessed. “Where is it?”

Both the floodwater and the great darkness stopped directly in front of Tatianna, just before she started to scream. The people were all gone. They had vanished or were sucked up by some unknown force, and now it was just Tatianna that stood frozen as stone. And slowly, angrily, the black cloud formed into something human. No, not human- by Tatianna’s standards she would call it an elf because she had pointed ears and that would be the only thing she would know how to describe her by. And the floodwaters changed too, but Tatianna did not even know what to call this one because though it did not have pointed ears and in shape looked like a human, it was clear it was not. He, or she, or they, had green hair, long and wavy and down to their waist, and the fibers were excessively decked in shells, and seaweed, and pearls. Their skin was tinted aqua, too, and seemed to never settle as solid skin; instead, it shifted just beneath the surface in glowing rivers of blue and green.

But the woman, the darkness… She cannot be described by words in the English language. Suffocating was her presence, choking and airless as space. Her skin was pale, too pale to be living, like a vampire, and her eyes were as silver and glowing as moons. Her hair was long and straight and black as obsidian. She wore a long cloak of black that dragged and on the ground behind her, ragged and stained.

“Vitswéth.” She said, her voice shaking the earth. “You have it. Give it to me.”

She stepped forward a bit, after receiving no answer, and at that little bit of movement Tatianna broke from her daze and stepped back. “Get away from me! What are you talking about? What’s going on? Where am I?”

The green one chuckled and bared sharpened teeth. “Funny girl.”

“I will not answer these questions.” The woman crawled closer and closer, her cloak grasping at the ground like mangled fingers. “Where is it? Answer me, girl!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Tatianna barked and stumbled back against the cobblestone, falling backward and hitting her elbow. With a groan, she edged back farther, as far away as she could from those silver eyes.

In an instant, the sky flashed a bright blinding white. Everything evaporated around Tatianna, all but the stone beneath her and the pain in her elbow. The woman in black screamed and turned to dust, the green one snarling and following suit. Tatianna was trembling as she sat up. Never had she had a dream like this. Never had she felt such real pain, such raw sight and feeling and smell and taste in her sleep.

“Vitswéth,” The voice said, the same voice from before, echoing like a bell through the empty courtyard. “Vitswéth, oh Vitswéth.”

Her jaw shook as she spoke. “Who- who are you?”

A pause. That simple pause resonated such a mournful sorrow, such a deep regret, that Tatianna sunk deeper into the stone. “I suppose… You should not remember. Not yet. They say I am not allowed to show my face yet, either. My dear,” Her pace picked up considerably as if she remembered something she was supposed to say. “My dear, Vitswéth, be aware. Be aware and be well. You will return to me soon.”

Tatianna woke in a cold sweat. So many thoughts raced through her mind that she thought she’d have a heart attack, but there was one that stuck out so much more than the others:

Her elbow hurt.