Intimate, indispensible GIF: My Grandfather died at the end of January this year. One of my fondest memories is he would take me rock hunting, he would always keep the rocks and no one really ever thought to ask why. After he passed away we found out what he was doing with them. He had made them into little statues and painted them. They were all labeled for each of the grandchildren. These are the two he made for me, with them were a note: “Don’t forget to laugh”. I keep them close and when I am missing Grandpa I will sit and talk with them. I love them.


Watching this week’s Art Assignment, I immediately knew what I wanted to do. To me, intimacy is something that is best found naturally. Luckily for me, I’ve been capturing tons of video footage of my friends over the past year or so, so I have tons of footage of some of my favorite moments with them. They are very much indispensable to me. Hopefully these gifs help show that. 

Top Left: My best friend playing the cowbell at pep band. Sam was practically born a drummer, and there’s nothing quite like seeing somebody in their zone doing what they do. 

Top Right: Ever since I started vlogging over the summer, my friends have become more and more accustomed to the camera. This captures that. 

Middle Left: The pep band has a tradition of singing bohemian rhapsody on the bus back from games. Here’s everyone mid-belting. 

Middle Right: One of the more memorable nights of my life - here’s Hana and Rose on the drums and Andrew screaming on vocals letting off steam after a long week. We all jammed out for a good while after that. 

Bottom Left: Our Christmas party. Rose gave Ray a little toy bus. I’ve never seen a happier kid. 

Bottom Right: Hana and I laughing about who knows what on New Years. Another memorable night to me. I think shared laughter is more intimate than we give it credit for. 


In case you don’t follow The Art Assignment yet (and you should, you really should), here is our most recent episode with Toyin Odutola. 

Currently mulling over what my own GIF is going to be. Watch the video, and then make your own and post it online using #theartassignment!

Intimate Indispensable Gif - The Art Assignment #3

This is a very late response to an old assignment, which was to articulate something intimate and indispensable as a gif.

I recently made a portrait of John Green, and I took pictures of some of the intermediate steps while reaching the finished drawing, which are now a gif.

Just to be clear, it’s not John Green, who is intimate/indispensable for me (though I really do like him). It’s my passion for drawing. :) It gives me a feeling of accomplishment that nothing else does. I love making drawings, and I love looking at the drawings that I make, and it’s something I’m sure I’ll do all my life.

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Intimate, Indispensable GIF

I’ve had these pictures taken for months and then the photoshop I had was too outdated to be able to make gifs and then the end of my semester, but now, behold! My first gif! Done for The Art Assignment’s third assignment.

I don’t get to play my bass as much as I’d like to anymore, but it’s still absolutely indispensable to me. I love music and I love bass and I barely have any words to describe what it means to me. Following music also lead me to the path I’m on now. A path that I am incredibly excited about. When taking these pictures I wanted to be certain that they would all be from my perspective, what I see when I play.


It’s Intimate, Indispensable GIF day! Here are some highlights from the many fantastic GIFs that have come in so far. 

And we’ll be featuring more on tumblr today. 

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Toyin Odutola’s Art Assignment episode, you should watch that first!

This is my Intimate, Indispensable gif. I chose pictures from my summer at a sleep over camp as a counsellor. It’s pretty clear from the photos who was most important to me and I am so pleased that I shared a summer with them.

Finally I got this to work. Took me so long to pick these pictures and get them in gif form. Relatively pleased with how it turned out.

Thanks to The Art Assignment for giving me a reason to look back at my past summer and reminisce about the phenomenal times I had. 


You created these incredible GIFs to capture what was intimate and indispensable to you. They were the first GIFs many of you had ever made, and they turned out fantastic: 

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