intimacy versus isolation

Erik Erikson’s stages

So what Erik Erikson’s stages are how we develop as people starting from birth all the way up to death. I will be talking about up to stage six which is Intimacy versus Isolation since I am only 18. 

The first stage is trust versus mistrust. This is where children and infants learn to trust who their care givers are. It helps build their confidence and helps the child feel secure even when in danger. For me i was raised by my parents and I’d say they did a damn fine job. I obviously feel safe and loved around them and can say they treated me great as an infant.

The second stage is autonomy versus shame and doubt. This is the stage when toddlers start to walk and talk. They start making independent choices of what they want to do. For me I am not really sure how I was growing up during this stage. I can’t say i recall just getting up to play or walking away from my parents. I am sure I did something of the some sort but alas I was a very young lad indeed,

The third stage is Initiative versus guilt. When the child begins to assert themselves and do more independent things. This I definitely remember. As a kid I had this one friend in preschool who I still talk to do this, where I would always want to hang out with him. I would always ask to have sleep overs and play video games. He was basically my side kick. we did everything together as i lead him on fun little journeys. i showed him how to play games and I was one of the people who helped him learn how to ride a bike!

The fourth stage is Industry versus inferiority. When a child begins to feel accomplished and develop pride. Middle school to better put it. For me in middle school it felt kind of hellish. I knew i was smart, I was just lazy. I was an ace at math but because I was lazy I didn’t move to the “higher” math even though it was exactly the same just like a section faster. I was more of the I will get it done then wait till the day before and do it at midnight which in hindsight wasn’t a good idea for someone my age.

The fifth stage is Identity versus role confusion. The time when most people think about their future, what they want to do, or just think about where they wanna be. Everyone in their life has had to think about their future, and I am sure everyone has had the same thought. No one knows exactly what they want to do in the future right away, and if you do I am sure that thought changed or never stuck. I am right there with you. I always thought i wanted to get into computers growing up, but I am realizing I am not really into that whole idea.

The final stage I will be talking about is intimacy versus isolation. This is when we start thinking that little crush is more than a crush. Boy do I relate. Hasn’t worked out super well but I did have a relationship where I felt it could go all the way. The mom loved me like I was her own, her siblings trusted me so much I was able to drive them home from school. I was living it. But sometimes what seems to be perfect can easily be ruined with just a tiny scratch. But one broken record should’t stop you from browsing what the whole store has to offer.