8th House: Intimacy

Aries in the 8th House: Tends to dive into physical intimacy with passion but the physical is usually the only intimacy they are use to. Emotional intimacy is something they may be uncomfortable with, lashing out at it with anger, frustration, or impatience. Their instinct can help guide them towards better intimate bonds but might fight against any instinct that they view as soft, weak, or unacceptable. Emotional understanding and acceptance must be learned to find real intimacy with others. Aries in the 8th House could have a conquering view towards intimacy, seeing the closer they get to someone, usually physically as a win. The leadership trait can manifest in intimacy by always trying to take the lead on how close they or others can get in their relationships.

Taurus in the 8th House: This sign does have a physical and material approach towards intimacy. They might really need and speak physical touch + gifts as a love language. There is something primal in how they approach intimacy. They might not be what say a heavy Air influence is looking for, mental and emotional intimacy will be slow to develop and connect with. But trust and passion might actually be needed to unlock their more deeper and ardent side. There is a possessiveness in this position and will likely easily become possessive over anyone they are intimate with.

Gemini in the 8th House: Intimacy is something this person might not be familiar with and when faced with it can be scared. Through intimacy this person can discover a LOT about themselves. Intimacy opens their mind to a new world. A mental understanding or stimulation must be partnered with emotional openness or else a connection can’t be sustained for too long. Change, acceptance, support, and feelings of fellowship are themes in this person’s intimate bonds or approach to intimacy.

Cancer in the 8th House: Despite the watery, emotional, and sensitive vibes of this combo, this indicates someone who is heavily guarded towards intimacy. Emotions can be put through denial when one is going through heavy transformations or getting incredibly close to another. Intimacy forces them through introspective and at times healing. A compassionate and sensitive side will emerge in intimacy and like many other tropes with Cancer they fear this vulnerable side of them being exposed to others. There is an association with their mother/a source of early nurturing that could have been turbulent and/OR determines how they get close to others and what they prefer in intimacy. 

Leo in the 8th House: Before they get intimate with another this person or relationship must align with their identity, what they stand for, and maybe their ego.  One could see emotional intimacy and maybe physical as a threat to their individuality, pride, or some form of authority that is trying to take them over. Those who admire them, bring out the childlike generosity and love in them tend to help them overcome these fears and blocks. With the passion of Leo and the emotional intensity of the 8th House, one could use intimacy as a way of gaining power over others, especially physical.

Virgo in the 8th House: Over practicality, analyzation, desire for physical/material satisfaction, high standards, and blockage to passion can get in the way of intimacy for this person. Physical intimacy holds a special connection in either great desires or disgust, or both. Devotion, dependability, and no judgment is what they seek in intimate relationships but balancing tolerance with discernment is going to be a task they must learn as they show more and more of themselves to others. Body and mind are what they want to see and show the most.

Libra in the 8th House: They welcome romantic feelings but have a fear of true emotional intimacy, especially when it comes to uncovering weaknesses and flaws. They don’t want anyone, especially loved ones to “look under the rug”. Acceptance and self-discovery is really needed here. Some with this can hide in their independence and desire for space from intimacy, hoping no one gets too close or see’s their blemishes. But partnerships are something they crave. They may see romantic relationships as the only space to show and have intimacy.

Scorpio in the 8th House: This person really has no fear of intimacy, understanding great risk = great reward. But there is a deepness that can seem endless and consuming that is attractive to others but heavy and at times stressful for the individual. Intimacy on many levels is not only a need but a fear and a way of life. There is a strong emotional understanding overall with Scorpio in the 8th House. Obsession, panic, paranoia, and possessiveness or control can get in their way of forming healthy intimate bonds. Here intimacy can easily turn toxic. But with positive and healthy intimacy there is so much power here.

Sagittarius in the 8th House: This person can be passionate, open, and honest with others but is slow to dive into the deepness, rawness, and especially commitment involved in true intimacy. They will show their inner fire but can lack in dependability in closer bonds. There is optimism towards close bonds and intimacy may be a tool this person will use to navigate self-discovery and emotional advancement. Having faith in a partner or a partner believing in them is important to finding real intimacy. Honesty and dishonesty are themes among intimacy here. This person may likely see rawness and true closeness as a blessing or curse. Becoming intimate with someone can tap into an instinct of theirs that they never even saw/knew.

Capricorn in the 8th House: People with this can fear intimacy but ultimately crave it. They fear losing their lover or friend. They only become intimate with those they know will be around, will be devoted, and they can give their devotion to. Those with this placement need stability, without it they become cold, distant, and refuse to become intimate. There is an association with intimacy being viewed as a burden or responsibility. They could also view intimacy in a superficial or materialistic way or see it as something messy and undesirable. They can give tenderness, understanding, protection, and strength to loved ones but only after they essentially surrender to intimate bonds.

Aquarius in the 8th House: To be blunt, this tends to be associated with fears of intimacy and intimacy issues/disorders. Independence, detachment, unrealistic or unusual standards, unconventional views, and even a fixed approach to relationships keeps them out of deep intimacy. Someone who respects their space and views can be helpful however this individual needs to push themselves into becoming intimate with others and really, maybe intimate with themselves on a mental/emotional/spiritual plane. Aquarius is usually not comfortable in this House that is heavy with depth and emotional ups and downs. What can be key for this individual is self expression and allowing/indulging in the natural change of relationships. By learning to express themselves more freely in close bonds and finding and allowing relationships to change and grow can lead them into knowing intimacy.

Pisces in the 8th House: This person can get deeply involved with others quickly. They take on loved one’s pains, fears, and joys. But unrealistic expectations or views of reality can keep this person disconnected with the realness involved in intimacy. They can reach emotional intimacy but must be careful of seeing their loved ones as an extension of themselves, a oneness that can create disappointment and mistrust. Who they become intimate with is like a mirror but they paint on it, not seeing the whole image or lesson. Many Pisces placements need to be careful of being used, this is true in the 8th House. By wiping away the paint from the “mirror” someone with this House is imaginative, compassionate, healing, and ever flowing in their intimate connections.

Planets in 8th House: Intimacy

Sun in the 8th House: “Show me what makes you, YOU. Quirks, interests, dislikes, what is the thread of your personality, I want to recognize it like a favorite color.”

Moon in the 8th House: “Let’s create an emotional bond, let’s feel each other, but know you won’t experience my intensity and love until I let you into the home that is my heart.”

Mars in the 8th House: “I only want my twin flame to burn with me. Passion uncovers intimacy for me. Fight for me and I’ll fight for you, feed off your energy, we will drown, explode, conquer, and exist together.”

Mercury in the 8th House: “I want to memorize your thoughts, appreciate your details, and taste your words. Give me intimacy in words and the sharing of ideas. Let’s investigate each other and float on fascination.”

Venus in the 8th House: “I want to know your ticks, I want to complete you, intimacy is being your other half or partner, let me be the one you turn to for understanding and love. Let our relationship be an imprint.”

Jupiter in the 8th House: “Teach me, expand me, let me show you a whole new world, let us be two souls following the same path, let us campaign together, let us learn together.”

Saturn in the 8th House: “You have always been there, you are my person. You challenge me, you change me, you know me. You reflect something I need or want in myself, show me the way.”

Uranus in the 8th House: “Are we kindred spirits? With you I am no longer alone or feel alone. Our intimacy is acceptance, tolerance, and showing each other our mismatch shapes.”

Neptune in the 8th House: “If we can become one, we will become one. Transcend with me, let’s get lost in each other’s fantasies. Let us heal each other, let me see your wounds and pain. Let us be each other’s inspiration.”

Pluto in the 8th House: “I want to know every inch of your body, I want to be able to read your mind, our communication will be unspoken. We will rise out of the ashes together, but know I don’t take any prisoners.”