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I hope this is alright to ask — I’m personally in a happily monogamous relationship, but I desperately want to include more polyamory in my fiction. Not having any personal experience with it, and being in a community where it’s pretty unlikely to ever be acknowledged, I’m pretty scared of screwing it up. I can only trust internet based research to take me so far, so do you have any advice or guidelines that one might follow? Thank you!

First of all, thank you. Seeing more polyamory being intigrated into fiction is a wonderful thing, particularly written by people who are not in polyam relationships themselves!

Personally, I lack experience in relationships (my previous ones have been monogamous), however I have been in the polyam community on this site for a few months now, and my own work has a triad included.

The key pointers that I have found are as follows:

  • Always, always communicate.

Polyamory is not “glorified cheating” and thus all partners must be in communication and be honest with one another at all times. This doesn’t mean that person A needs to tell person B, C and D that they are going on trips out of town, every time they do, but it does mean that if person D decides to settle into a triad rather than having multiple partners in a looser form, they must tell the others.

  • Polyamory is a romantic orientation, a lifestyle and a relationship status.

This is the hardest bit to wrap your head around. Someone could identify as polyamourus romantically, as in they can feel attraction in equal amounts to multiple people.Others meanwhile live polyamourusly, in a traid or with multiple partners, or try it as an experiment and find that the life fits them. It’s as flexible as the human capacity to for love, which is surprisingly large and fluid.

  • Therefore, it exists in almost every form you can think of

The baseline for polyamory is multiple people involved romantically, communicating with honesty and trust, wherein everyone is aware of everyone else’s participation. You could have a triad, where three people are involved at once; you could have a couple who invite a third into their relationship on an on-and-off basis; you could have a V, whereby person A is with person B and person C is with person B, but C and A are not together; or, one person could have multiple partners; or… well, whatever you think of, as long as it fits the baseline, it is probably being done somewhere out there.

  • which means time management is important

So your characters are going to have a poly relationship, which is amazing, but if you’re going for basically anything they have to manage their time. Time management means spreading out the affection and time spent with each person equally, not favouring one over the others- (unless something happens, like person B’s father dies and they need all the support they can get)- because the best part of polyamory is the equality of it. (or, it should be). If one character comandeers all the time in the relationship, they should be shown to be doing the wrong thing, as this would drag down the relationship for everyone else involved.

  • and finally: life must still exist outside polyamory.

your characters in the polyam relationship must have friendships, commitments and other things outside of it. Their partners cannot consume all of their time, just as neither partner in a monogamous relationship should hog the time of the other. Just because polyamory involves more people, it does not become an all-consuming trap.

These are the core things, and if anyone has any more input feel free to add

Best wishes with your writing and hope all goes well \ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/

the sveimunir

The sveimunir all live on one large island located to the east,named “Kal’Sveid” in their tongue. However, most other know it as “the Roost”. It is an island consisting of mountain peaks, almost like a valley, split in the middle, seawater flowing between the two halves. The sveimunir are some of the only who have decided to settle down in the area, living  in buildings intigrated into the mountains, long, hanging bridges crossing from one area to another.

The most prevalent traits of the sveimunir are their avian like features, having sexual dimorphism in their species not unlike actual birds. Males have noticeably brighter and plentiful plumeage, ranging in all colours. They also tend to wear much more colourful clothing, to display themselves to others. Females, however, have duller colours and less plumeage, but grow more “regular” hair than males, which they often braid. 

They are very well known for their skill in weaponcrafting, specializing in bows in particular. due to their molting, they also create an abundance of arrows with their leftover feathers. These arrows are said to fly faster and much more silent through the air than arrows made without the feathers, and they sell quite well on the market. The sveimunir also are very prevalent breeders of flyghests, often breeding many different colours and variations of the animal,found nowhere else. 

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Dream Daddy headcanons!! Go!!

Yo wait what? I’ll just do first impressions as headcanons k?

Brian - Large man loves his food, is a great cook and prefers to avoid conflict so not to be a bad role model for his daughter. Doesn’t understand a lot about what his daughter finds interesting but he supports her anyway.

Mat - Chill guy that definitely enjoys his music, can definitely play acoustic guitar and is maybe a bit of a singer though is shy about it. His daughter listens to all his old albums and has helped him come up with many names for his coffee shop.

Hugo - Seems pretty uptight in a social setting but when he’s home he relaxes with a cup of black coffee and a good book. At his wits end with his son but wishes he could understand him more so he could help him. Hugo wasn’t rebellious as a child and was far more introverted hence his struggle.

Craig - Seems chill but is secretly internally screaming 90% of the time. Uses his workouts to calm him down and since he’s managed to intigrate his children into his fit lifestyle it has made things a hell of a lot easier. Favourite pass-time is sitting with the twins and the baby and showing him his old yearbooks and telling stories of the shenanigans he used to get into.

Damian - Well presented gentleman and appears confident in his ways but secretly he does worry about what new people may think of him. Loves his son more than life and while their relationship seems rocky he is always available for Lucien to approach should he want to speak about his feelings. Uses a lot of hair products and has his own personal spa day at the end of the week including face masks and footbaths.

Robert - Self-destructive man who drinks too much. Thinks very little of himself or his appearance but he’ll be damned if you ever know about it or you’ll be damned if you even mention it. Is passionate about few things, VERY passionate. Do not insult any of these passions. Voted most likely to kiss you then punch you straight after.

Joseph - Suspiscious. Way too perfect for his own good and seems to have very little emotional connection with his family, especially his children. Given the names of his children I’m driven to think that he might take his faith a little too seriously. Manipulative psychopath. Isn’t perfect but successfully makes everyone think he is.

NOTE: I’ve only done Damian’s route so these headcanons are really based on the little interactions I had with each Dad.

open starter

Oliver had been missing from meetings and such for the past few weeks. It wasn’t an issue; he had never been intigral to the meetings to begin with and they could carry on as usual. It was noticible that he wasn’t there, though, and even more noticiable that he was rarely seen around the building either. 

Some of the egos had tried to check on him during this time, lightly tapping on the door to his room. It was always kept locked. They sometimes left tea or something to eat. These disappeared and were left in the kitchen the following morning. Faint static could be heard from the room occasionally. The yellow androids’ behaviours worried some; what was wrong with him to be acting like this, without saying a word to anyone?

Story Idea

Werewolves as an alien race that have intigrated into human society. Using a glamour to pass as human. They normally can hold the glamour without problems. But on clear nights, when they are the most home sick. The glamour fails and their real visage is revealed. They howl at the moon in grief as it reminds then of their barren long lost home.

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How are Gryffindor doctors in St. Mungo? What do they usually do in your opinion? :D

-Some of the most famous doctors where Gryffindors!
-They work best with Ravenclaws, the combination making a bit of a crazy genius vibe
-you have to be… creative… to work at St. Mungos
-and very brave
-you never know what’s going to come through those doors
-but none of the challenges deterred the Gryff from their dream
-even before they knew they were magical they had wanted to be a doctor- they had wanted to save lives
-they where absolutely ecstatic when they found out there was a magical hospital
-they would follow Madam Pomfrey around in their first year, with a clip board and everything
-Eventually, they would become so renound that patients would even ask for them by name
-They took on the craziest of patients that no one else was willing to
-they even intigrated some muggle practices- and saved lives!
-But their career ended when they where caught sneaking life saving elixirs into a muggle hospital near St. Mungos. They said that they never once regretted it, because after all, they saved lives, and that’s the very reason they had wanted to be a doctor.


I’ve started waking up and writing. Writing whatever comes to mind no matter the subject or tone. Just to let it out. To start practicing and being easier on myself. Not holding onto pieces until every line was good enough. They’re all good enough. So I’m just writing it all out, simple or not.
(plus some repeating visuals never hurt)

Flowers for ‘15


If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?

Heaven is empty all I see are familiar faces
IIl will only speaks through the teeth of traitors in traces
Flipping paces, but what’s a queen to all these aces?
Lacking in looking glasses I can’t stand to wait with patience

Daft fluent behavior is slipping in current saviors
I’m just the flame to the cig not the nicotine trying to save her
So just savor the bit that you can quench on
Holding on to this bottle for life with nothing to clench on

Now two shades nasty clouds raining over tops of them
Throwing it was nothing, bluffing only I’m when writing hymns
Pulse pounding, steady punting lions out the den
Counting every second cause these minutes won’t come round again

A flake father made me who I am
Wired with no integrity I intigrate among the land
Rum in hand singing, “Make it rain on these hoes.”
99 problems and they’re questions on where to go

So I slow up
Blessed to have the Sunshine State let me grow up
Glo’d up, poured up, lit and ecchi porn up
Black and milds murmur few whispers in the summer

Cause man it’s so immaculate
Immune to doing bad cause all of this right here is passionate
I’m pummeling the peasants you can’t manage all the hits
I bury rivals in rowdy pits after lighting ‘em up like arsonists

Those crit hits, digits reading trip 6
Mandle ‘em barehanded if the glove doesn’t fit
I slice and slick, que lyrical sludge and ick
Behead a succubus trick after she finish sucking my dick

Now tell me are you really into this?
Speaking on the issues but drawing blanks when you reminisces
Leave no remnants, wipe out all the subtle shit
Fuck a bitch like fuck boys wearing ‘preme meninist

Now I walk along with the violets
Taking the higher road is paved with vivid violence
Hue so fucking vibrant, blinding eyes are hiding
Mining for gold in the minds of those who don’t mind it

Let it emanate, ether egos either way
Looking at my wrist bitch, Lil B taught me to bake
You can really get it, watch the paradigm is shifting
All my peaks come in twins and my lodge is soaked in crimson

YDH, oh for hell’s sake
Stomaching the current meta rappers serpents and drakes
Hold on, hold on, 813 to so on
Watch me get more on, talking shop with morons

At my core I’m fucking Korra with the shit
Elements are elementary I mold mortals at will with this, bitch

Never once

Never once did I say I wasn’t gonna come back for you

Never once did I say that you didn’t matter

Well, I’m right here

I’m right here and I’m doing work for you, I hope that you see it

I never left, 
I was, I was just two step away, two steps behind 

But I’m right here

Go on, go on grab my hand

I’m right here

And I’ve always been right here




Waiting for the right time

Well, the right time is now

The right time is now

The right time is now

It’s right


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