Story Idea

Werewolves as an alien race that have intigrated into human society. Using a glamour to pass as human. They normally can hold the glamour without problems. But on clear nights, when they are the most home sick. The glamour fails and their real visage is revealed. They howl at the moon in grief as it reminds then of their barren long lost home.

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How are Gryffindor doctors in St. Mungo? What do they usually do in your opinion? :D

-Some of the most famous doctors where Gryffindors!
-They work best with Ravenclaws, the combination making a bit of a crazy genius vibe
-you have to be… creative… to work at St. Mungos
-and very brave
-you never know what’s going to come through those doors
-but none of the challenges deterred the Gryff from their dream
-even before they knew they were magical they had wanted to be a doctor- they had wanted to save lives
-they where absolutely ecstatic when they found out there was a magical hospital
-they would follow Madam Pomfrey around in their first year, with a clip board and everything
-Eventually, they would become so renound that patients would even ask for them by name
-They took on the craziest of patients that no one else was willing to
-they even intigrated some muggle practices- and saved lives!
-But their career ended when they where caught sneaking life saving elixirs into a muggle hospital near St. Mungos. They said that they never once regretted it, because after all, they saved lives, and that’s the very reason they had wanted to be a doctor.


I’ve started waking up and writing. Writing whatever comes to mind no matter the subject or tone. Just to let it out. To start practicing and being easier on myself. Not holding onto pieces until every line was good enough. They’re all good enough. So I’m just writing it all out, simple or not.
(plus some repeating visuals never hurt)

Flowers for ‘15


If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?

Heaven is empty all I see are familiar faces
IIl will only speaks through the teeth of traitors in traces
Flipping paces, but what’s a queen to all these aces?
Lacking in looking glasses I can’t stand to wait with patience

Daft fluent behavior is slipping in current saviors
I’m just the flame to the cig not the nicotine trying to save her
So just savor the bit that you can quench on
Holding on to this bottle for life with nothing to clench on

Now two shades nasty clouds raining over tops of them
Throwing it was nothing, bluffing only I’m when writing hymns
Pulse pounding, steady punting lions out the den
Counting every second cause these minutes won’t come round again

A flake father made me who I am
Wired with no integrity I intigrate among the land
Rum in hand singing, “Make it rain on these hoes.”
99 problems and they’re questions on where to go

So I slow up
Blessed to have the Sunshine State let me grow up
Glo’d up, poured up, lit and ecchi porn up
Black and milds murmur few whispers in the summer

Cause man it’s so immaculate
Immune to doing bad cause all of this right here is passionate
I’m pummeling the peasants you can’t manage all the hits
I bury rivals in rowdy pits after lighting ‘em up like arsonists

Those crit hits, digits reading trip 6
Mandle ‘em barehanded if the glove doesn’t fit
I slice and slick, que lyrical sludge and ick
Behead a succubus trick after she finish sucking my dick

Now tell me are you really into this?
Speaking on the issues but drawing blanks when you reminisces
Leave no remnants, wipe out all the subtle shit
Fuck a bitch like fuck boys wearing ‘preme meninist

Now I walk along with the violets
Taking the higher road is paved with vivid violence
Hue so fucking vibrant, blinding eyes are hiding
Mining for gold in the minds of those who don’t mind it

Let it emanate, ether egos either way
Looking at my wrist bitch, Lil B taught me to bake
You can really get it, watch the paradigm is shifting
All my peaks come in twins and my lodge is soaked in crimson

YDH, oh for hell’s sake
Stomaching the current meta rappers serpents and drakes
Hold on, hold on, 813 to so on
Watch me get more on, talking shop with morons

At my core I’m fucking Korra with the shit
Elements are elementary I mold mortals at will with this, bitch

Never once

Never once did I say I wasn’t gonna come back for you

Never once did I say that you didn’t matter

Well, I’m right here

I’m right here and I’m doing work for you, I hope that you see it

I never left, 
I was, I was just two step away, two steps behind 

But I’m right here

Go on, go on grab my hand

I’m right here

And I’ve always been right here




Waiting for the right time

Well, the right time is now

The right time is now

The right time is now

It’s right


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Glee, Klaine and me

I just want to take a moment to make this post and express how I personaly feel regarding some things.

And let me just say that, regarding how the queer characters were treated in the second half of this season, I’m pretty disgusted.

Now, I will always be the first to admit and acknowledge that Kurt and Blaine were finally treated like an actual couple. And that their relationship got, both focus and screentime.

However, that is in no way any sort of justification for the blatant homophobia that exists in between the lines of how this show presents it’s characters.

Going into the second half of this season, we skipped over 5/6 months and apparently Kurt and Blaine were living together and everything was fine. They were sharing a living space and finding success in their own lives. First episode back and the number one storyline we get is how Blaine needs to move out because they just “can’t” live together and it’s “mature”. What’s the storyline of the following episode?? Mercedes and Sam move in together!!

Kurt and Blaine spent THE ENTIRE SEASON living seperately. Now we get to the end, and literally they move in together and live ALONE but… it’s all happening OFF SCREEN. The “resolution” for these characters is a conversation that solves none of their problems, but rather puts everything exactly where it was when the midseason started, because there was no problem to begin with. They were seperated just… cause.

Kurt and Blaine are together. They’re living alone. The season is over. You won’t ever get to see any of the “ups”. Congratulations on being so “progressive”!

And this is without even going into how they just throw in the “We’re going to have sex now” at the end of literally EVERY conversation they have. As if to distract us from how little they give a fuck about this relationship, that it’s just a “put a bandaid on it”; a “this will shut them up”. It’s been 3 years, and they STILL see us as “horny fans who just want naked make outs” THAT is what those “we’re gonna have sex” lines meen. They still don’t see the problem.

Like I said, Kurt and Blaine have gotten to talk, sing and interact, but the problem doesn’t lie on the surface, it’s the very sublte homophobia that is just… an intigrated part of how glee does things.

Now fandom can view things wichever way they want.

Writer stans can think it’s a masterpiece, Klainers can flail over the good and bad and all else in between. But I, as a gay man (tho my opinion is simply my own) can say this is show is far from the progressive masterpiece it and it’s audience believe it to be.

Because even with all these improvements, this show still treats people differently based on their sexuality. And I’m sorry, but I don’t have any other word for it other than homophobia and discrimination.

And I haven’t even gone into the complete erasure of Britanny and Santana.

Whatever happens, you know, to each his own. But I would just like to ask and beg of the people on this website and in this fandom: Don’t be a dick and don’t act like you know more or understand more than others on this issue, simply cause you “like it” or “care”.


There are plenty of other shows that do a much better service to queer characters. And trust me, putting glee side by side with them only makes it look worse.

I’m not going to judge or shame anyone for still caring about these characers and these relationships. All I’m asking is that you remember that THERE IS A PROBLEM. The double standards were not “fixed”. “NY GLEE” is not the “magical solution” that made everything ok. And that if the writers of this show continue to argue that the reason this show failed was anything other than their own fault, remember that is simply their way of excusing their own bigotry that they, very self-indulgently, inserted into their show.