Very minor edits, made his jaw less wide, edited the height of his eyes, and make his ears a tad smaller. 
He has Kal’s skin (but a little more tan) and eye color, her ears and nose too. He’s got Milo’s eye shape and mouth and jaw. Because he got the random brown hair, I gave him Milo’s hair color (matches those lovely green eyes, yeah?)

just look at that FACE
he’s chubby and adorable and his NOSE is PERFECT

“haha youre dumb for pickin’ up this popular phrase from a show/movie/book/comic!!!”

?? most of my vocabulary was taught to me by sound and readin’ and when i read/hear a word enough it intigrates into my head and because part of my vocabulary

i dont get why this is so dumb to you

anonymous asked:

Using AAVE. And if you don't know what that is look it up

just looked it up; i dont do this consciously. this isn’t a conscious decision i made. this is how the people in florida speak, i grew up with this and it intigrated itself into my speech pattern. im sorry if it’s offensive to anyone but i dont believe it’s doing any harm. it’s just how everyone down here speaks

EDIT: from wikipedia: “ While it is clear that there is a strong relationship between AAVE and Southern U.S. dialects, the unique characteristics of AAVE are not fully understood and its origins are still a matter of debate.” Also, “ Many features of AAVE are shared with English dialects spoken in the American South. While these are mostly regionalisms (i.e. originating from the dialect commonly spoken in the area, regardless of color), a number of them—such as the deletion of is—are used much more frequently by black speakers” source: (x)