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Brooke Candy by Alis Pelleschi

Brooke Candy (aka The Freaky Princess, aka The Queen of Italy) is one of the hottest talents to have emerged from the netherworlds of LA’s underground scene over the last couple of years.

We first met her at LA’s infamous Freak City, a vintage store by day that by night opens its doors to become a multi-storey party venu, playing host to some of the city’s wildest and most notorious parties. Brooke was there to perform for a special event and also to film the Uzi directed video for her track ‘Freaky Princess’ (which features cameos from Style Profile’s photographer Alis Pelleschi).

What sets Brooke apart from her peers, aside from her natural charisma and Murda Mami rap flow, is her unmistakeable personal style. Many of the iconic designs worn in her solo videos and features with artists such as Grimes are created by friend and fagmob general Seth Pratt, whos unique and inticately constructed garments look like they are only appearing on this world thanks to a glitch in the Y3K millenium bug. For the shoot, we headed to Seth’s hillside appartment which provided the backdrop to the shoot, with many of the looks worn coming straight off the cutting board while we shot.


Kings ans queens I wasn’t sure what to write, so i will just tell you who i am. I go by the name JasmineNichole… im a queen whose grown up in a world with people who did not look like me racially. Not knowing my history or its worth o learned later in life about the gold from which my roots throve from. Soul searcher, thats me. I can tell from the exact moment if we connect. A social butterfly that can flitter about in any setting. I love high energy and good vibrations. You might say it’s the artist thing. I can feed off of those delicious vibes it inticing my own natural highs. A straight edge girl with a hippie soul i beat to my own drum. No hallucinoges, influences or mind blowing substances have ever touched this vessel, nor will it ever cause I’m above the influence. My love for art and expression knows no bounds. I have the ability to transform words into works of physical art. Give me a feeling and i can work out a masterpiece a talent that ive perfected all on my own. Fashion is my life and art is my calling. I wear symbols on ny face as a daily reminder for inner peace, self love and tranquility. I walk this earth only wanting everyone to be confident and live freely and passionately. Some people choose to live through my free spirit and i warms my heart. I live for love and only want to share it.


Gebo/Gifu (Gift = partnership) Opal, Air, Female and Male, Elm tree, Heartsease (plant), Odin/Freya/Elves, Lovers (tarot), Pisces. Freya’s Aettir. APPRECIATION.

Gifu is the rune of “god”. That is, the eminent unconscious magical force present in Gunnungagap prior to the formation of the worlds. The holy mystery of two in one and it’s abundance is held within the forging of two as one. 

Generosity is the word most often associated with this rune as it is the giver, the given and that which is given to (receiver). The subject, the verb, the direct and indirect object of the multiverse. The gift given here, may not nesscisarily be the one asked for, but the one much needed. It is humilty to accept such an unwanted gift with gractious appreciation.

Gifu is often related to exchange including contracts, love, marriage and sexual congress. Gifu is said to be a gift to gladden the heart, if not intice the mind and body. As it has no reverse position, Gifu serves always in a positive fashion as it is a collision with alignment in it’s simplist nature. It is indicative of  partnerships that herald important development in self awareness and authenticty. Gifu asks we retain our whole beingness, our self love and individual seperateness, collapsing not into union with obession and polarity (a domination of personal truth and self worth), but embracing a merger in unity (two equals holding hands). The winds of heaven herein, dance between. 

Gifu promises balance and equality. Harmony between the spiritual and physical needs, thus the contemplation of sacrifice and generosity. 

Gifu is also a rune of ecxtasy, containing the secrets of physical and spiritual union and creative magicks born of sexual power. Gifu is the rune of sex magic. Alternatively, it is also the rune of brotherly/sisterly love and is the psychosexual force exchanged between two poles of power; Human-human, divine-divine.

Gifu is also implicative of a partnership with the Higher Self. No matter the gift, it is divine in manifestation. Encouraging an open flowing channel between the self and the self, Gifu embarks on the multiversal contract to experience creation through mind, body and soul. It is the freedom from which all gifts flow. A symbol of relief, Gifu speaks of a time of peace and contentment.
Shitehead Revisited. - springburn - The Thick of It (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Malcolm and Sam are on holiday…….


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everyone kinkshame lanny

Lanfear is still grinning at him. Toothily. Rafad made a maybe-mistake in touching her - she’s warm, that warmth shooting up through his arm. It probably feels really good. She lets herself be pushed away - but just a little. She keeps that contact.

“I wonder if you can contaminate something already tainted,” she says thoughtfully. She maintains Thalassian well. Her tone softens - but it’s not inticing. It’s a sort of… sad-soft. “Take care in what you pursue here, Adal. Do remember what I am.”

“What thou art is a … a gorgeous woman, far beyond mine station, m’lady, and I w-” His voice cracks. Wow. “-I would not forgive mineself for sharing this curse with thee. I … can’t.” He says this as though it physically pains him to do so, slipping out from beneath her too-warm, too-inviting presence in order to back away towards the door.

“Mine affliction bothers thee not, as thine is of little consequence to me in this … particular exchange, but.” An exasperated, breathy chuckle, “It appears we are far too concerned for eachother’s health.”

"Possibly,” Lan agrees. She gets to her feet, presumably to show him out - the polite thing to do, after all. She’s towering over him again, not that it’s something she can help, with her height. She just does it a little too well.

“Go with the Light, Adal,” she says. She stoops just a little and gives him a small kiss on the forehead. Light and simple, but damn that shooting warmth and nice smell. “And please remember that actions have consequences.”

Rafad remains very still for this parting gift - as though she were a fickle predatory spider who would strike at him if he dared to move. For all he knew, this was entirely the case. His eyes are resolutely screwed shut, and he makes a soft, tortured little noise that catches in his chest and hisses out of him like a plea for death. ‘Don’t do this. Don’t do this to me.’ It says.

The moment is too short. He can feel the residual warmth of her touch oozing from the point of contact to the rest of his face - like a flush of blood. He feels dizzy. Overwhelmed.

“I would hope that thou would'st remember the same.“ He whispers hoarsely, taking a stiff step backwards towards the door. “Light preserve thee, lady Lanfear.”

And with that - he’s gone.