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Nathan stared DAGGERS vicious enough to bore HOLES; Did this kid and his cocky fucking PIE HOLE ever STOP? He squeezes the phone in his hand just SECONDS away from inticing the screen to CRACK down its middle. ❝You wanna say that again, Gayham? Now? When I have THIS against you? I’ll beat you to a PULP, and nobody is around to witness it. You’re toast.

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"Ouch, your husband gave you a measly eleven while he slobbers a sleazy twenty for another woman." A chuckle resonated from his throat. "Don't fret my dear, I happen to find you rather inticing." A groan followed; tongue gliding across his bottom lip. "A Lady such as you I wouldn't hesitate to offer." Pausing he slid a letter across the table, bound by a black seal of a three-eyed crow. "A invitation my my dear, I'd hope you to be so kind as to grace me with your presence tomorrow evening."

Essence quirked a thin brow as the man made his comment, a soft sigh seeped through her crimson lips. “He can do whatever the fel he pleases, what his tastes are and what attracts him is not something I can change.” She groaned as her right hand reached forward, a single finger tapping lightly atop the seal. “You’ve quite the luck, your words have seemed to peak my interest.” Her hand slid back, gliding the letter across the table and pinching it between two fingers. “I’ll think on it for the night and return your mail come morning. Admittedly, my curiosity is just chewing away at whom is speaking so boldly.” Her lips tugged back into a toothy grin, a soft laugh followed before she had lifted her left. “Now leave me be.” She spoke calmly, shooing him away.

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i think im going insane. the bleach bottle looks inticing. Ive loked myself in my room after I threw away my blades because the kitchen knives and scissors call me. Im like glue to my family because Im scared what I'll do if I'm left alone. I just dont know what I should be thinking anymore. - LockedUp

Have you talked to then and told then this? And you are not going crazy. Just going through a really big rough patch right now. That means soon it’ll end and everything will be okay again. I know that advice sounds shallow when Shit like that’s going on, but trust me. Its temporary and it will fade. Whats happening is you threw out your blades, which is amazing, but you probably went hyper anxiety because you no longer had your blades. It happens. And if you can over come this it’ll get better. But if you feel like you really need to and are having issues, go to a hospital. Please. I know it’d hard and it’s scary but it is for the best. You’ll regret any choices made in this moment. And of course we are both always here for you ~music

now i don’t rallly like nobody
i dont really like myself
i just sit in  these dark room and rap  ether to myself
i said im crazy, a disabled baby demon
im hazy,
beleive me
i seen what i seen and i dont need     change
be what you seem to think i am  I think you dumb
i am to but i know know dude
you got tude i dont like it
my psyche inticing i will punch you mike tyson
when i m wriing these rhymes its absurd
the things he upchuck and hurl make
you vomit

you love it

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“Oh Frost, you attempts at preventing Mori from being with the one she loves is…adorable.”

‘he had to admit seeing Frost like this was inticing. He always enjoyed teasing females who he saw had issues’

“I think it would be wise to let Mori decide, but please if I’m wrong and you’re not trying to get her for yourself then by all means prove me wrong”

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One Man Poster Party.

Hi again, Civcraft!Despite the rain, I decided to go around Ottawa putting up the posters that I “laminated” with Tape. Please note: It’s harder than it looks.So anywho, I went to Staples and got myself the supplies necessary for the jerb. It was raining out pretty steadily so I took the opportunity to laminate some of my posters… poorly.I thought I’d ride out the rain and hang my posters tomorrow (today technically) however /u/geohash made an inticing offer to post in Vancouver. So I did it live in the rain. Knowing that the rain would reduce the effectiveness of my ShittyTapetm , I brought some hand towels to dry my targetted poles as much as possible. It was super effective.So, with my biznuz case in hand, I set to work around the area.Tour of Ottawa:Before I sent out my posters, I performed some reconnaissance of the area in order to determine the optimal locations. Being that this server is political in nature, here are some pictures I just took around Ottawa!A preparatory, traditional Canadian menu of Poutine served with Canada Dry Ginger Ale.This is a statue representing First Nations (aboriginal) Veterans of Canada. The striking eagle made me immediately think of SPQR.Around the Court House, there is this monument More than anything else in Ottawa, I feel that this best reflects the Spirit of Mount Augusta. Even in Canada, Freedom Fries are on the menu.Right in the middle of the largest intersection in downtown Ottawa is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.Finally, I’m sure that you can guess what this is.The Postering:I only had four laminated posters, so I looked to place them in spots where there would be high traffic.Three of these posters were placed at various intersections on Elgin St, the busiest street for foot traffic with poles for postering. (I forgot to photograph one of them - oops).I saved the last one for a slightly more symbolic location.P.S. A shout out to our beloved neighbours!British Embassy :P American Embassy

Gaming the Hunger


“Bah,” Tahm Kench grumbled to himself, even as he crunched down on the back of some poor forest creature barely large enough to be considered a snack. He waddled purposely through the woods near Bandle City, his heavy gait preternaturally silent: even the noise of branches snapping underfoot was muted. “But I do say, those malodorous fluffballs are the most unobliging sort of game.” The River King, then, was on the prowl for that most elusive prey: a lone Yordle, separated from its friends.

As he approached the inner edge of the forest Tahm brought himself to a meandering stop, pausing briefly to turn his head toward a lesser-used path in the brush. He inhaled twice, deeply, and rumbled in something near delight. “Now what is that inticing Aroma?” With a crooked grin, he walked onto the path in search of a rather….Whimsical scent. Overtaken by the aire of the scent, he began to sing to himself of the exploits of a Demacian mime who worked in Noxus.

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