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Concept: When They Dance

Angels are graceful, they move with a purpose. It puts prima ballerinas to shame. They flow like liquid, feet en pointe, eyes forward. Legs stretched taut with concentration and their bodies arched with the posture of a soldier.

Fae become one with the music, and this isn’t a fairytale fae circle either. Celtic melodies ring out and they flow faster than a river. There is no such thing as the dance being too feminine, all take part in it.

Demons are odd, mocking the angels in their own twisted way. Actions similar to those of heavenly divinity but dirtier, filthier. Their hips rotate in dirty circles, eyes hooded. Seduction in their gazes, lips curled into smirks.

This is how they dance apart, but when they are together, it becomes a sycophantic mess. They become inticing, especially to the eyes of those who’ve never witnessed such a thing, mortal or not. They weave into one another, sinful grace, eloquence, and thousands of years of ritual all tied in one. It becomes hazardously beautiful.

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Are you gonna stop watching Supergirl if karamel end up just as friends?

If they split up and remain friends no, I won’t. I will, though, if they take Chris out of the series altogether. I stoped watching the show last season, I wasn’t feeling at all, everything sounded weird, the relantionships were weird (except for Kara’s and Alex’s one). 

To be honest I completly forgot about the show, for me it was like it didn’t exist (and that’s never a good sign for a tv show). One day I heard about Tyler being casted as Superman and I was super excited because I saw him as Derek and I knew how he got better as a actor, I was very happy for him and decided to give it a go. When heTyler left Mon-El was still asleep if I’m not mistaken, and I’ve stoped again because I once again lost interest on the story until a friend of mine mentioned the tumblr madness (not joking she took prints of the chaos here, because you know you this fandom has a bad fame), and I was like: Hum, interesting. I new that if people were so over the edge about a character CW must have done something right. So I’ve binge-watched until the episode they had that far (I think it was Medusa’s one? Or later I don’t recall now), and I as amazed. A show that I didn’t even remembered existing took me over because of him. I didn’t know Chris before this role and yet I thought this season was better than season 1 for so many reasons, that being the bigger one. 

Season 1 of the show was not inticing to me, I felt the characters revolved around Kara way to much, and she was too perfect for my liking. (I tend not to like characters that have nothing to evolve on, to get better at). Chris was one of the main things that got me to stay watching the show. He brings this new light to it, this joyfull thing and the madness that it was lacking. All this hate/love is actually a good thing. The worst thing CW could want is indifference. People either love him or hate him, and that’s exactly what they need. If people are indifferent to a character, they would have done something way wrong. And the raitings are there to prove my point. I know a lot of people that started to watch the show just because of the craziness that’s been going around him, so yeah I can assure CW must be like: muhahaha, we did it.

So, no, I won’t stop to watch if they break up but I will if they take him out of the show. I don’t think they can keep this pace without Chris, he became a huge part of the show in my point of view, it would be a huge waste to get rid of such an amazing character, and a shame really.


psince i’ve reached my next hundred (which is fucking amazing) i think i’ll do some blog recs! not only that but tomorrow i’ll be bringing out a cheeky fic i’ve been writing and i’ll post it! (it’ll be p late though, busy day tomorrow) 

anyways, here are some blog recs!

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and everyone that follows me or that happens to see this post! i recommend all of your blogs because they’re as amazing as you! you’re all beautiful and wonderful and you make me happy! 


Rewatching Fantastic Beasts and witnessing that glorious mating dance of Newt’s for the Erumpet

I’m suddenly imagining him teaching it to Credence
(why, I don’t know, don’t ask me questions)
Credence see’s him practicing it or doing it, and finds it entertaining and funny and one day asks to see it again, in full, only for Newt to agree only if Credence would try to learn it.
And so the two of them are in his case, finding a nice open spot, and Newt is executing the dance with grace and an inticing flare
And Credence is laughing his ass off trying, falling over half the time, barely able to do any of it. The snorts becoming laughter that gets choked into coughing, the leaps leaving him on his hands and knees shaking, and the roll just ends with him on his back, arms and legs spread as he’s near tears laughing at this point.


Erumpet dance is a gift, lets expand on it.


  • ennui, the feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction caused by lack of things to do or interest in what surrounds you or what is happening around you (antonyms: excitement, enthusiasm, interest)

Муж всегда́ в го́роде и возвраща́ется то́лько но́чью, да и то не ка́ждый день, и у меня́, призна́ться, така́я ску́ка, что про́сто смерть. 
My husband is always in town and comes back only at night, and not even every night, and I have to admit that I feel so dull that it’s simply deadly.

  • lack of fun somewhere, dull atmosphere (antonyms: fun, joy)

Ну, тепе́рь тишина́ у вас в до́ме воцари́тся. Ах, кака́я ску́ка! Хоть бы де́ти чьи́-нибудь!
Well, now, peace reigns in your house! Ah, the dreariness. If only there were someone’s children!


  • to be bored, to feel listless because of lack of occupation or excitement

Когда́ пришли́ го́сти и на́чали говори́ть о поли́тике, Са́ша заскуча́л.
When guests arrived and started talking about politics, Sasha began to feel bored.

  • to miss someone (по + dative case)

Я скуча́ю по вам.
I miss you.

NB some people may use this verb with other prepositions and cases, such as
Я скуча́ю по вас (по + prepositional case [with 1st and 2nd person plural personal pronouns])
Я скуча́ю за ва́ми (за + instrumental case)


  • dull, boring, tedious, tiresome (inciting boredom) 

Он име́л привы́чку засыпа́ть на ску́чных ле́кциях.
He had a habit of falling asleep during boring lectures.


  • tediously, boringly, in a tedious manner

Он расска́зывал о свое́й жи́зни до́лго и ску́чно.
He was talking about his life for a long time and in a boring way.

  • (predicative) to be bored

Мне ску́чно, на́до бы пойти́ прогуля́ться.
I’m bored, I should go for a walk.

  • (predicative) to intice boredom, to make people feel bored, to be boring (about a place, its atmosphere etc)

С наступле́нием о́сени ску́чно ста́ло в этом па́рке.
WIth the beginning of autumn this park became boring.

NB st. petersburg pronounces чн as [чн] whereas moscow pronounces it as [шн]. 

I lack the verbosity to intice a higher curiosity 
Should i depict new monstrosities, maybe go back to half assed prophecies
squeeze my secondhand knowledge for what it’s worth

smoldering pages scattered by the hearth
It should’ve been me and not you
I consumed your passages, your foreign languages
now my sanity hangs on a frayed hinge

forgotten orange under my desk 
now the universe is speaking to boot
quit snickering, you’re just personified rotten fruit
the root of my problem

Hug it Out

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You and Bucky take on new identities for the night for a mission. Things end with a bit of a twist.

Pairing: Reader X Bucky
Warnings: A little racy at parts.

You always enjoyed going undercover. You found it fun to take on a new personality, to change into someone completely different. Tonight your mission was in Paris. Erik Triggs was a young personal advisor who was is in charge of the financials of some of the biggest criminals operating out in plain sight. But if you could get your hand on his flash drive, you would finally have enough evidence to put some of these criminals away.

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Okay so... As a recent Fleurmione shipper I started looking more into Clemence Poesy’s (actress who plays Fleur Delacour) career and I found out she is in this show called The Tunnel...

The second thing I found out was that her character in The Tunnel is in love with another woman which to me is like the strongest magnet to make me watch a show xp

So, then I watched a few videos of the scenes between Elise and Eryka and not only do I love that relationship because of the actual layers it has (and I only watched their scenes so I can only imagine its even more complicated when watching the entire show) but I also fell in love with Elise’s character.

I will watch that show for the simple fact that Elise’s character, in the short scenes I watched is probably the most compelling character I have watched on screen specially her being a woman. We don’t see roleswith those characteristics for women, the closes I have seen is Sameen Shaw from Person of Interest but they still differ quite a bit and for a character to be that unique in today’s media only intices me to want to watch this show more.

Which I have to say, if I had only gone by the synopsis or even the looks of the show (with the dark lights and all that, I am very picky it is really annoying) I would not have watched it. The relationship between Ery ka and Elise started out as the main ctalystfor me to even search for those videos but what will really make me watch the show is Clemence’s character, Elise.

If you don’t know the show, I definitely think you should take a look

@pastsentiments  mind still boggled at the idea of his step-sister admitting her virginity, landon couldn’t help but feel himself twitch at the idea of being the one to change that. to be the first to stretch out her virgin cunt and watch her face as he filled her with his cum. he would be lying if he said this wasn’t something he had gotten off to before but it was even more inticing now that it was within its reach. “come on” landon cooed towards the girl with a small smile “let me be your first, look, you know i’ll take care of you and make you feel good, and it’s so much better when it’s someone you’re comfortable with.” the boy explained in a silky voice as he snaked his hands up and down the girl’s thigh. “and plus, you’ll get the whole thing over with and you don’t have to be all flustered if anyone else asks” he continued attempting to convince the girl of his plans.

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You have some really nice gear! I love the content of this blog. Some of the pictures have a really inticing angle, to show off all the rubbery goodness <3 Keep pleasing us with your great work :D

Hi..thanks…very kind of you…i;m in love with my fetish and have no plans or needs to give it up…and since i also have a bit of exhibitionism in me i will continue to out up pics..thanks again for friendly words..

Potions Master

Character: Jacob Kowalski

A/n: Funny story this originally started as a Newt imagine but I got carried away.

Also lemme know if I made Jacob OoC or anything, I’m not too confident in the way I write him yet.

“Wait what’s this one do?” Jacob asked, picking up a tall vile with green liquid.

You looked over at it, observering it carefully. “Oh, that one’s called befuddlement draught.”

“So what? Does it make the peson confused or somethig?” He asked, holding it closer to the light.

You smiled. “Exactly. Though if you look hard enough you’ll find several potions that do similar things but just have different names.” You said, taking it out of his hands and giving him a small inticate glass vile from your case of potions. “This is what we call Felix Felicis, it gives the drinker good luck.”

“This one’s pretty looking.” He said, admiring the molten gold appearance the liquid gave.

You smiled. “Course it only lasts for a certain period of time, but until then it can be great fun.”

Jacob looked over at you. “So tell me, how many potions are there?”

Whenever Jacob found out you were a potions master, he asked you to show him all the ones you had and tell him what you knew. He said that potion making reminded him the most of baking, so it was something he could relate to.

Now that you had some down time, you busted out your potions case and decided to give them grand tour.

“Well, potions can be created all the time but as of now, there are about well over a 100.”

Jacob’s eyebrows shot upward. “That’s…a lot of potions.”

You laughed. “A lot of them are pretty unnecessary, like there’s one called Sleekeasy’s Hair Potion, and all it does it make your hair easier to manage.”

Jacob smiled. “Really? So it’s not all wormwood and deadly nightshade?”

You shook your head. “Quite the contrary.”

“So what made you get into potions?”

You exhailed, tilting your head at the memory. “Well I originally wanted to be a healer, and part of qualifying was being able to mix potions. Then as time went on I found more fun in creating my own than following a book.”

Jacob nodded. “I can understand that, that’s part of the reason that I got into baking. I could make whatever I wanted so long as I knew the basic stuff, and see I don’t really got the brains to follow after real complex recipes and guidelines, so I started to bake whatever came to me.”

“Well then, I guess we’re more alike then we originally thought.” You said, smiling at him.

“Oh yeah, here.” He said, handing you back the vile of Felix Felicis, but you shook your head, pushing his hand back.

“No, you can keep it. I got others.” You said, pulling out another bottle. “Shall we continue?”

Jacob smiled, carefully putting the elixir in coat pocket before turning his attention back to you.

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To wake up. Fingers already poised on your sides. Your ribs. Locked tight in an embrace. The haze of sleep begins to fade as the sensation of touch becomes ever clearer. Gentle at first. Rousing you awake slowly then halting once you come to. With each passing second it becomes more real. Dream states fall away and you realise this is life. Waking up next to me. Turning over you see it. My smug grin shining down at you. Words spoken softly as daybreak’s light illuminates only portions of the room through drawn curtains. Shapes in the darkness. Outlines of colour.
“Good morning, my darling”
Even in the dimly lit setting you know the face that accompanies that tone. The tone that has just the right inflections to suggest something’s coming. Vowels spoken just a little longer. A chuckle mixed in at the end, as if I couldn’t even contain my obvious joy at what I know will occur. You shift, all to aware of what this means. But every time you move you’re so quickly reminded of the position of my digits. Perfectly placed on the muscles between your ribs. So carefully layed on the very edge of your side. Your eyes widen. A starting gun.
The fingers begin their orchestrations. Tips pressing against your skin send chills up your spine as they move delicately. Still sleepy, you can’t fight the smile. It spreads wide across your face as you try to curl up into a ball. All you succeed in doing it curling up further into me. Our knees interlocked, your tired squirming gets you nowhere. The giggles bubble up as you protest through bouts of laughter. You almost can’t believe it. To be woken up to this, such soft teasing. Whispering fingers. Ghostly touches. Hushed words. The half-light of the room matches the ambiance perfectly of what you once only dreamed could come to pass.
“Isn’t this the best way to start the day, my ticklish little girl? Well don’t worry, it’s Sunday. Which means we have all day to do… well, whatever we want. And right now, I want… to tickle
The sentences drip with hunger freshly woken. The inticing idea of your sensitive body being teased for hours on end to the point of delightful exhaustion. Your cheeks burn at the thought. You look up to me and nod ever so shyly, a slight smile tensed.  Who knows whether it’s my size, my shoulders, my voice, my demeanor, or even the way I look at you with such compassion that makes you safe? At home? But as you hug into me, and the fingers set about their task of drawing from the well of angelic laughter that resides within you, you don’t really care. Here, in this glow, we are who we know we can be. Who we really are. More than just a lee and ler. More than a tickle monster set to torment you and a ticklish form craving to be shown affection through the caressing of her skin. We are simply us. Expressing ourselves and our connection as only we can.
A new day brings new promise.

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Other hyungs teasing jimin(BTS) about his crush on the reader until he confesses. Major fluff please


“Jimin clean your room!” “Aw, but _y/n_ is over!” Jimin whined. He closed his eyes and threw his head back as he tried to convince Jin not to make him clean up the tower of clothing he had accumulated in his bed room. “Maybe she can help you.” You noticed the wink Rapmon threw at the end, but dismissed it, knowing how perverted he could be at times. “I don’t care if the president is over! Go clean your room!” Jin yelled back from the kitchen. 

Based solely on the delectable scents invading your nose, you could tell whatever he was cooking was going to be delicious. You felt Jimin’s hand wrap around your wrist as he began dragging you in the direction of his room. “I thought we couldn’t bring girl’s back there-” The maknae’s voice was muffled as Suga placed a hand over his mouth and began speaking himself. “Do you want me to go get J-Hope and V out for you?” He smirked. “No…?” Jimin seemed to be just as confused as you were. “Besides it’s their room too, which means they needs to help me clean it.“ 

It wasn’t your first time being in Jimin’s room, but you almost couldn’t tell. Before you could at least see the floor, now the entire space was packed with miscellaneous objects and mismatched clothing articles. Taehyung and Hoseok both cheered your name as you entered the room. After a few minutes of searching behind the multiple mountains of clothing you were able to spot them sitting down and reading manga. "Mom says that we have to clean up.” “Aw.” Taehyung sulked and you wondered when Jin said anything about we. “And you guys have to help me.” Before V could whine again Jhope shot up, an old sock springing from the floor as well, and began singing an old tune from a kids show about how important cleaning was. “That’s the spirit Hobie!”

You were folding clothes with V, while Hoseok and Jimin were busy separating the clean from the dirty through the use of the all too trustworthy “smell check.” “This one!” Taehyung sang as he placed the hoodie over your head without warning. It was Jimin’s and you could tell by the smell that was still on it. “I do that too sometimes.” V stated, he had a pair of jeans over his head and a shirt on that wasn’t his, as he watched you snuggle your face into the fabric. You laughed at him, before turning your attention to Jimin. “Can I have this?” You asked as you reached up to touch the hoodie around your neck “No.” He didn’t even look at you when he said it. Your eyes caught on J-Hope who was preoccupied using facial expressions instead of words to describe how each article of the boys’ clothing smelled. 

“Come on Jiminie you never wear it.” You whined with persistence, and a hint of that special aegyo he could never resist. “Fine.” He said defeated but smiled as you cheered in victory, snuggling further into the warm cloth. His smile stretched to his eyes, turning them into crescent shaped lines of endearment as he watched you. “Tae Tae you’re supposed to be cleaning.” Your gaze shifted to the boy who was currently tying a T-shirt around his neck to look like a cape. “Im superman!” He chimed. “Ya! You should stop playing around.” J-Hope’s voice came out more scripted than usual like he was plotting something. “I’m not good with this job, why don’t Jimin and I switch?” V’s deep voice was equally as deliberate as he pulled Jimin down next to you before getting up and stealing his seat next to Hoseok. You watched Jimin’s cheeks flush at your proximity. You yourself felt heat rising up your cheeks as you noticed how his eyes hadn’t left yours since he sat down. You also noticed how quiet the room had gotten and how fast your heart had started beating. Jimin’s gaze was inticing. You two were just friends but looking at him right then and there made you want more. It made you want everything.

“Jimin are you going to do something or are you going to just sit there?” Namjoon called from his new position at the doorway. You hadn’t even noticed he was there, looming over the both of you.
“I am doing something!” Jimin declared as he folded one of his T-shirts into a sloppy square.
“I don’t think your laundry is what he was talking about doing.” Yoongi says also from the doorway.
“Hyungnim!” Jimin yelled as all of the other boys in the room began to laugh.
“Come eat!” Jin called to the seven of you.

You just wanted to sit and stare at Jimin, and you did so as all of the other boys ran past you and towards the source of the food, stampeding past clothes and ruffling your hair slightly. “_y/n_?” Jimin whispered. You wanted to run your fingers through his orange hair, the peach highlights that danced around whenever he moved his head. You wanted to caress his jaw, feel the sharp curve against your fingertips. So you did. And Jimin watched you the entire time. Something flashed in his eyes before he finally reacted, lunging forward to capture your lips in his. You didn’t care that he was your best friend. You didn’t care that the guys were just outside. The feel of his lips and the intoxicating scent of his hoodie were all that you cared about. “I” he breathed against your lips before kissing you again. “Like” another kiss, this one slightly sloppier but equally as passionate. “You.” He ended with a peck against your lips before pressing his forehead against yours. His eyelashes brushed yours as they fluttered open. You watched as he expectantly stared into your eyes, waiting for your response. “I like you too-” “AWWWWWW.” The collective sound startled both you and Jimin and he ended up almost falling on top of you. “Did you see that?” “Of course I did I was right next to you the entire time.” Suga spoke in a bored voice towards the alien next to him. Beside V was Hoseok, then Namjoon, Jin and Jungkook, all watching you and Jimin with amused eyes. “I knew it!” The maknae said as he held out a hand to J-Hope who rewarded it with a high-five instead of the money that you knew he owed him. “I ship it.” Jimin groaned and rolled his eyes as he fell back on his elbows. “Me too.” Jin said in agreeance with the leader. “Can you all just get out please?” Jimin whined. You thought it was pretty cute that he had the support from all of his members, even if they were kind of loud and annoying. You knew they meant well. They groaned and cheered as they began walking away and Namjoon was even kind enough to close the door, but not before yelling “Y'all look good together!” You pushed your reddened face deeper into Jimin’s hoodie. “Hey.” He said as he ran his fingers through his hair, something he did that drove you wild. Not that you’d ever admit to it though. He sat up, coming even closer to you than he had been when you were kissing. He snaked his arms around your waist as he spoke into your ear. “Don’t worry about them.” His hoodie was pushed aside as he snuggled his face into your neck. “Now where were we?”

This makes me extremely happy (: dont mind the snapchat text lol last night simba was very eager to eat lots of yummy superworms off the tongs. The last few days I’ve been mixing carnivore care powered food, which he loves, in with his insects to get him some extra nutrients, but tonight he ate the worms without any inticing. I’m so happy that he is starting to get a good appetite and eating better food. He also had his first semi solid poop last night which is quite a relief after two weeks of diarrhea. He’s definitely made lots of progress (: now to just keep working on the weight loss kaijutegu and theslinkylizard, thanks for the advice you guys gave me


Brooke Candy by Alis Pelleschi

Brooke Candy (aka The Freaky Princess, aka The Queen of Italy) is one of the hottest talents to have emerged from the netherworlds of LA’s underground scene over the last couple of years.

We first met her at LA’s infamous Freak City, a vintage store by day that by night opens its doors to become a multi-storey party venu, playing host to some of the city’s wildest and most notorious parties. Brooke was there to perform for a special event and also to film the Uzi directed video for her track ‘Freaky Princess’ (which features cameos from Style Profile’s photographer Alis Pelleschi).

What sets Brooke apart from her peers, aside from her natural charisma and Murda Mami rap flow, is her unmistakeable personal style. Many of the iconic designs worn in her solo videos and features with artists such as Grimes are created by friend and fagmob general Seth Pratt, whos unique and inticately constructed garments look like they are only appearing on this world thanks to a glitch in the Y3K millenium bug. For the shoot, we headed to Seth’s hillside appartment which provided the backdrop to the shoot, with many of the looks worn coming straight off the cutting board while we shot.