Rewatching Fantastic Beasts and witnessing that glorious mating dance of Newt’s for the Erumpet

I’m suddenly imagining him teaching it to Credence
(why, I don’t know, don’t ask me questions)
Credence see’s him practicing it or doing it, and finds it entertaining and funny and one day asks to see it again, in full, only for Newt to agree only if Credence would try to learn it.
And so the two of them are in his case, finding a nice open spot, and Newt is executing the dance with grace and an inticing flare
And Credence is laughing his ass off trying, falling over half the time, barely able to do any of it. The snorts becoming laughter that gets choked into coughing, the leaps leaving him on his hands and knees shaking, and the roll just ends with him on his back, arms and legs spread as he’s near tears laughing at this point.


Erumpet dance is a gift, lets expand on it.

She stands in the shadows, && for a moment, he doesn’t believe that he’s seen her. she shouldn’t be here, she should be safe elsewhere. they were never supposed to look each other in the eye ever again, but there she stands, umbrella shielding her from the regular london downpour. ( is he going crazy enough that he’s hallucinating? )

as he advances, she doesn’t move. she stands there, under the awning, bloodred lips bared in what could be called a smile. his mobile sighs in his pocket, though he didn’t see her hands move from where they’re clutched around the base of the black umbrella. ( oh, ever inticing, she is. he simply can’t resist a good mystery. )

he knows the words before she says them, so he beats her to them first.

“—let’s have dinner.”

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