Concept: When They Dance

Angels are graceful, they move with a purpose. It puts prima ballerinas to shame. They flow like liquid, feet en pointe, eyes forward. Legs stretched taut with concentration and their bodies arched with the posture of a soldier.

Fae become one with the music, and this isn’t a fairytale fae circle either. Celtic melodies ring out and they flow faster than a river. There is no such thing as the dance being too feminine, all take part in it.

Demons are odd, mocking the angels in their own twisted way. Actions similar to those of heavenly divinity but dirtier, filthier. Their hips rotate in dirty circles, eyes hooded. Seduction in their gazes, lips curled into smirks.

This is how they dance apart, but when they are together, it becomes a sycophantic mess. They become inticing, especially to the eyes of those who’ve never witnessed such a thing, mortal or not. They weave into one another, sinful grace, eloquence, and thousands of years of ritual all tied in one. It becomes hazardously beautiful.

Asked to be anon…

Mommy’s little girl

I’m a widow of a Veteran , and he left me with a beautiful 3yo daughter with long brown hair and the makings of a model! Her soft skin and amazing eyes are gonna be the envy of all who desire her. I notice men in the grocery store look at her and her lil bubble butt with bad intensions in there heart. I love when I catch them staring at her , they quickly look away not knowing that it actually turns me on! I dress her normally most of the time , but sometimes I dress her a little bit provacativly just to intice men to stare! She’s 3 and I would say 9 out of 10 men look at her with lust in there eyes! I have no steady bf but I have brought a man or two home that I have met in the grocery store. I purposely leave her panties on the bathroom floor when they come over to see what there reaction is! When they come out of the bathroom with a hard on it drives me wild! I have thoughts of her licking there cocks and them cumming on her! Nothing makes me cum harder than these thoughts. I have been really good so far but all I need is the right man to come along and I promise this will happen ! Bye for now I have a date next weekend so I will be back to let everyone know how it went! My codename will be PervyMom! Till then chow!

The first Thanksgiving after the disaster that was Colombia

OK so the first Thanksgiving after Colombia is utter chaos. The Foxes are all there, plus the freshmen. And come on, the thing with Drake was highly publicised, so the freshmen all know just how important / horrific Thanksgiving and the weeekend before it are for the Foxes. This is what happens:

14 days before:

No one is really bothered yet. Yes they know it’s coming but at the same time, no one is really keeping track on a calander. But Andrew gets more tempramental at practice, and tenser behind the dorm door. Everyone notices, but no one joins the dots up yet. Except Neil, who may as well be keeping track on a calander. But he knows Andrew well enough to know not to ask him about it…yet.

10 days before:

Neil gets snappy and sassier at practice - to the point Kevin pulls him aside and pulls him up on it. But Neil doesn’t say what the problem is; how could Kevin not realise? He was there the year before, he knows how fucked up Thanksgiving and the weekend before it are! But it’s Kevin so he remains oblivious. Aaron starts to join the dots though, and when he realises why Andrew is aiming balls at everyone’s ankles and why Neil is ripping everyone’s throats out, he isn’t a happy bunny. He may or may not pick a fight with a freshman, and if he does, it’s got nothing to do with his  brother’s recently empting gaze, and if he storms off court or throws his helmet against the wall, Andrew doesn’t care at all, no way…

8 days before:

The freshmen have put the dots together now. Not all of them, but enough. In other words: Jack. Jack is a piece of work, and is a twisted little fucker so of course he puts it together. And when he does, it’s hilarious to him. Neil being so protective and sensitive over his boyfriend who’s gaze has been gettting hollower and hollower and who’s attitude has been getting worse and worse over the past week. By now, Andrew is glaring at everyone and throwing his wracket on the ground in the foyer and has been ignoring everyone and basically been mute to everyone except Neil. The rest of the Foxes still haven’t put it together, but they’re noticing. Dan asks Matt who shrugs and says “Maybe they’re having relationship problems?” becuse of course Matt is a sweetheart who wants the best for his best bro Neil so would assume Neil’s recent increase in his attitude problem would be from a fight with his darling boyfriend. Reneee knows though - but of course she keeps her mouth shut because it’s not her trauma to relive or her secret to tell or her issues to come to grips with.

7 days before AKA the aniversary of Drake:

This time, the date of Drake-Colombbia falls on a Friday, so it’s a game day.  Kevin and Aaron and the rest of the Foxes are all at morning gym, but Neil and Andrew aren’t. Nicky sugggests they’re running late, having gotten caught up in bed that morning (inticing a gagging noise from Aaron, who’s homophobia has only increased the past few days). But half an hour later and still no sign of the two. That’s when Dan asks around, and due to pure Fox bad luck, she asks Jack if he’s got any idea (OK she was addressing the room, but it was Jack who answered). (Wymack walks into the room at the exact same time Dan starts speaking.)
“Where could those two be -?”
“Where the hell are Josten and Minyard -?”
“Don’t you mean Wesninski and Spear?” Jack remarks, and that’s when it clicks for Wymack. His face freezes, and Jack only smirks. Dan hasn’t clicked yet though.
“Jack, don’t start. That’s really getting old.”
“I’m just saying, sweetcheeks,” Jack continues with a sneer, “Wesninski is probably fucking Spear to death in that bed of theirs.”
“Jack, I said quit with those names,” Dan snaps.
“Yeah that all happened a year ago; get over it already,” Allison says. The Foxes go quiet - well, the Monsters, anyway. Because that’s when it clicks. A year ago. To. the. day.
“Shit,” Nicky mumbles.
“What?” Dan asks with a glance at him.
“A year ago…” Nicky gulps and shakes his head before looking at Dan. “It’s a  week before Thanksgivng, Dan.”
Dan blinks, before she clicks. “Fuck!”
“Yeah, Spear probably said that too,” Jack sneers.
Matt punches Jack.  Jack goes down and the rest of the team just stare.
“He asked for it,” is all Matt says. Aaron agrees with a curt nod.
“Do you think they’ll be OK for the game tongiht?” Allison asks because she clicked too. Dan and Matt look at each other, as do the rest of the Foxes.
“What were they like when you left?” Dan asks Kevin and Nicky, since they share the dorm with Andrew and Neil.
“I didn’t see them.” Nicky sounds so fucking close to tears, but he keeps talking. “I mean, I don’t usually - Neil is almost always out on his run when I get up, and Andrew’s Andrew - he always sleeps in or stays in the room until Neil gets back. I didn’t even think….”
“Kevin?”Because Kevin shares the room with them.
“They weren’ even in the room when I got up,” he says. “They left before I woke up - I just tought Neil had actually convinced Andrew to go on a run wit him.”
“Kevin when the fuck does that ever happen!“
“I don’t know I just assumed-!”
“Oh like that’s new!”
“Cut it out!” Wymack goes between Kevin and Allison before they can maim each other. “No fighting, not today.”
The room goes silent, save for Jack making demented noises because Matt totally could’ve broke his jaw.
“Shit. Hemmick, Minyard, go back to the dorm and look for them.”
Nicky and Aaron look at each other, but head off anyway. “The rest of you, I don’t want to hear nother word about any of this. Not to me, not to the team, and NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES to Minyard or Josten. Got it?”
“Yes Coach.”
He walks out the room, throwing “And someone get him to Abby!” over his shoulder. After a few seconds, one of the other fresmen helps Jack up and they head down to Abby’s office.

When Nicky and Aaron get back to the dorm, it’s still empty. But Andrew’s car is still in the lot, and Neil’s trainers and bag are still there, so those two haven’t gone far. They check Matt’s dorm since Aaron has they key but that’s empty too. They search everywhere they can think of - the library, the cafe, even empty classes and shower rooms,  but they’re nowhere to be found.
That is until Nicky and Aaron are standing outside the Tower and an empty bottle of vodka smashes onto the pavement a few feet from them. When they look up, they see two pairs of feet clad in fluffy socks hanging off the roof.
“Of bloody couse,” Aaron mutters, and the two hurry up the stairs until they get to the door to the roof and after a few failed attempts they manage to get it open. They walk out and sure enough Neil and Andrew are sitting on the edge, not talking or even visably looking at each other, just sitting there, cigarettes in hand-and-mouth, Andrew now without a bottle of vodka.
“You know you almost hit us with that, right?”
“But we didn’t.” Neil’s tone is flat and cold, enough so that it could give Andrew’s usual tone a run for it’s money.
Nicky and Aaron start walking over to the pair.
“Don’t.” It’s the only thing Andrew has said to either of them in days, and they both stop. Nicky flinches all over when he realises why Andrew said it, and Aaron just freezes.
“You seriously think -”
“It doesn’t matter what I think. It’s all fucked up in here,” Andrew monotones with a gesture to his temple - the same temple which was cut and smeared crimson a year before, and Aaron knows that and knows Andrew knows he knows.
The four of them are silent for a few minutes, just looking at the view and pointedly not each other.
“Will you two be OK to play tonight?” Nicky asks.
Andrew’s barked laugh is sarastic and low and hoarse and in no way manic, but it still sends shivers up Aaron’s spine and makes him unable to see anything but the grinning bloody face staring at him a year ago.
“Junkies,” is all his twin says this time as he takes a drag from his cigarette.
“We can play,” Neil adds a few seconds later. “Just don’t expect us to play nice.”
“Are you sure? You don’t have to if–”
“Yes.” Andrew’s voice is sharp. He doesn’t say anything else, but nothing else needs to be said. That ‘yes’ is all that matters in that moment, and they all know it.
After another few minutes of silnce, Nicky and Aaron walk back down the stairs and Andrew lights up another cigarette.

That night it’s an away game. The Foxes get on the bus, and Wymack breathes a sigh of relief when he sees Andrew and Neil on that back seat.

When they get there, the team get into the foyer half an hour early. Jack’s jaw wasn’t broken, only severely bruised and his mouth lost a tooth. So unfortunately he could still speak.
He’s talking with the other freshmen when he notices Andrew and Neil sitting silently on the floor across the room. He cuts off the conversation and walks over to them, getting the attention of the room and creating complete silnce.
“Hey can you two settle a bet for me please,” he starts. When he sees Andrew’s already blank face completely shut down at that last word, he smirks.
“Jack,” Dan cuts in but he ignores her, looking at the redhead and blonde in front of him.
“What is it?” Neil asks, knowing Andrew wont answer.
“Which of you is the top and which is the bottom? We can’t decide.”
Again he ignores the shout, this one from Dan and Nicky, still staring intently at the two men in front of him.
“See, if Josten is the bottom, I lose $300,” he goes on. “But if Josten is the top, I get $600.”
“Just shut up, Jack,” Andrew says, voice dangerously even. “You’re not winning or losing any bets tonight.”
But Jack only grins.
“Oh but you just settled one right now,” he says. “Spear.”
“The fuck-!”
Andrew lunges at Jack and the pair land with a loud thud on the floor. It’s all a blur as they punch and kick at each other and soon enough there’s blood being spit out by both parties. At some point, Wymack storms in shouting “What the hell is going on?”
Soon after this, Matt hauls Andrew off and quickly lets him go, before dragging Jack up and keeping hold of him. Neil’s just put his arm out in front of Andrew, knowing better than to touch him when he’s like this; instead he knows simply putting his hand where Andrew can focus on it is enough to keep the blonde at his side.
Wymack looks between the pair and then around the room, before pinching the bridge of his nose.
“I don’t want to know. Boyd, did either of them break anything?”
“Just the obvious, Coach,” Matt says quietly, because both boys have split lips and Jack has a broken nose.
“Right. Jack, you’re benched for the whole game tonight, and you’re running a fucking marathon.”
“What?” Of course Jack argues back. “But Coach, he attacked me-”
“Because you fucking coaxed him into it,” Wymack snaps back.
On Wymack’s word, one of the freshmen takes Jack to Abby or the second time that day.
“Minyard?” Wymack looks to Andrew, who’s breathing only slightly heavier than normal and staring into space. When Andrew doesn’t answer, Wymack clicks his fingers. Andrew’s eyes dart to him.
“Can you play tonight?”
The entire room is silent for a few seconds, until Andrew says flatly “Yes.”
“Right. Get changed, the lot of you. And Minyard,” he adds and the blonde stares at him. “Two.”
Andrew nods, and the Foxes all head off to the changing rooms.

That night, the Foxes win, a whoppping 9-2, and when they get back onto the bus Matt makes sure Jack sits at the front while Andrew and Neil head to their usual seat at the back.
When they get back to Fox Tower, they all head off to Matt’s dorm with Wymack’s celebratory whiskey, save for Andrew and Neil, who have disapeared again. But this time, Andrew’s car disappears with them. Because this time, Neil caught the keys Andrew threw at him and started driving.
“Where to?”
"Home,” was all Andrew said betweeen his cigarette and fresh bottle of vodka. And so Neil drove them home to Andrew’s house in Colombia.
When they get there, Andrew locks and double locks all the doors and windows while Neil simply watches, before Andrew leads him upstairs and into his room.
“Do you want me to stay or go in another room?” Neil asks. Andrew just looks at him.
“Stay,” is all he says.
Andrew locks the bedroom door despite it only being the two of them in the house, and then climbs over Neil to his preferred side against the wall.
When the two settle down to sleep, Andrew asks a quiet “Yes or no” to which Neil replies “Yes,” and Andrew runs his fingers over Neil’s scars, grounding himself. No one else felt like Neil, and so this was the only reason he could bare sharing a bed with the man tonight. When Neil starts drifting off to sleep, Andrew keeps tracing his scars.
“Stay,” he whispers again. But whether it’s to the sleeping redhead beside him, or to his own mind and focus, he doesn’t know.

6 days before AKA the next day:

At Fox Tower, Nicky and Kevin realise the pair are still AWOL. When they look around they realise the car is gone - Nicky skips morning practice and begs Matt into letting him borrow the keys to the pick-up truck, which Matt hands over with a "Don’t wrap her around a tree,” and Nicky all but runs off. He’s not the smartest in the world but he knows his cousin and friend, and so knows the only place Andrew would feel close to 100% sage would be the house in Colombia.

Meanwhile in said house, Neil has already woke up due to his internal alarm clock, but Andrew is still asleep. Neil watches the blonde beside him, doing his best to keep his breathing even and body still in order to not startle him. In his sleep, Andrew’s hands tighten on one of Neil’s arms, fingers digging into the scars there.
A few minutes later, Neil’s heart breaks as Andrew frowns in his sleep and a broken, terrified whimper escapes from him.
Neil keeps his tone flat and emotionless, knowing it’s what Andrew needs. But the blonde only flinches in his sleep, one of his hands helplessly squeezing tighter at Neil’s arm.
“Andrew wake up!”
Andrew’s eyes dart open, and Neil tries not to flinch at the far away look in them, or the lack of recognition for what feels like ages but is probably less than two seconds.
“You’re at your house. It’s just me. The doors are all locked. It’s only us here,” Neil says flatly, watching his boyfriend’s face carefully. “It’s only us. They can’t hurt you here and they won’t hurt you ever again.”
It takes a few seconds, but recognition flickers in Andrew’s eyes and he glances at Neil.
“Yes or no?” Andrew asks and Neil watches his face as it carefully begins to return to the almost unreadable blank canvas.
Andrew runs his fingers and hands over Neil’s scars - over the burns, over the cuts, over the iron smack again and again and again, each round trip bringing with it a little more presence in the blonde man’s gaze.
“Talk,” he says, and Neil does. Neil talks about anything and everything - about what he was thinking of making for breakfast, of what he hoped the weather would be like, of broken folk stories he learned across Europe and shit talk he makes up on his feet (or back, rather). And when he runs out of that, he talks about movies he saw with the other Foxes, of the time Renee let him braid her hair because she thought he would be able to get it tight enough, and together they discovered he was shit at braiding hair. And then he talks about people he met while on the run, of what he thought their lives were like. Neither men know how much time passes while they’re like this and niether tries to keep track.
After a while, Andrew is lying with his chin on Neil’s shoulder, his palm flat against Neil’s scarred stomach. Neil has gone quiet and the two are simply lying there.
“Are you making breakfast or not.” Andrew’s tone is flat again and Neil suppresses a smile.
“Sure.” He slowly sits up, Andrew moving with him and keeping one hand on him at all times. Together they give downstairs and Neil sets about making breakfast with Andrew attached to his side. They eat it in the living room curled up together on the couch.
It’s only when Neil’s moving to put his plate through in the sink that someone knocks on the door. Andrew goes completely still for a second before blinking at Neil and beginning to move off the couch, hand back to Neil’s arm.
Naturally it’s only when Andrew unlocks the door that Neil realises they’re both still in their sweats, but he a second later he doesn’t care because he sees Matt’s truck out front behind the Maserati and Nicky standing awkwardly on the front step.
“I just wanted to check you two were OK.”
“You could’ve called.”
“You two never answer your phones.”
Neither argue because Nicky’s right of course. “Can I come in?”
It’s directed at the two of them, but nicky only looks at Andrew, who nods after a few seconds and walks away from the door, pulling Neil along with him.
Nicky comes in and sits on the other end of the sofa and together the three of them watch morning trash tv, Andrew and Neil semi-cuddling on one end and Nicky on the other.

A few hours later, Nicky leaves and returns to Fox Tower.
“Are they OK?” Matt asks when Nicky returns the keys.
“I think so,” is all he says but that’s enough to get a smile from Matt.
The pair don’t show up to afternoon practice but no one expected them too.
Nicky and Kevin are talking on the couch when Wymack stalks into the room and presses a pamphlet into Jack’s hands.
“No way! Fuck Coach I thought that was just a j-”
“Joke?” Wymack’s tone was flat and he stormed back out the room.
“What is it?”
In answer, Jack held up the bit of paper and Matt choked on a laugh. Wymack had signed him up for a marathon.
“You deserve it,” was all the tall man said. The rest of the Foxes agreed with curt nods.

4 days before:

Andrew and Neil get back to Fox Tower on Monday morning in time for practice. The Foxes all notice the marks on both boys’ necks but they all value their lives and none of them want to join Jack on the marathon so they all keep their mouths shut.
Andrew doesn’t aim balls at ankles and Neil doesn’t rip people to shreds so the Foxes relax.


It happens at Abby’s house. Even though it’s a Friday, there are no games since it was canceled due to the holiday. All the Foxes are there and there are over 30 dishes on the table. It’s loud and boisterous and plenty of empty threats are made and arms smacked and food thrown across the table. It’s exactly what they all need.
It’s a family Thanksgiving on the truest way.

H E L L O B I T C H E S 

Okay, not really. You guys probably have heard of me. The name is CL, but call me Chaerin. I’m not exactly new here…I’ve actually been here for a while. More like coming back from a break and sorta starting again, so I need more people to follow and interact with. Here, you aren’t gonna see what most expect from me. Forget what you see on stage, or what you heard, ‘cause that ain’t the real me. Inticed yet?

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psince i’ve reached my next hundred (which is fucking amazing) i think i’ll do some blog recs! not only that but tomorrow i’ll be bringing out a cheeky fic i’ve been writing and i’ll post it! (it’ll be p late though, busy day tomorrow) 

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Trick or treat

Originally posted by dragon-princess

Mazikeen x reader 

a/n: roughly based off 2x06

“Come on Maze, Chloe’s stuck at work and somebody needs to take Trixie trick or treating,” you begged your girlfriend.

“Can’t she just take herself?” Mazikeen replied rolling her eyes.

“She’s eight years old.”


You leaned in close to whisper in her ear, "If you do this we can have our own private after party when Trixie goes to bed," 

Mazikeen smirked, inticed by the offer, "Fine, we can take Chloe’s offspring for a walk.”

“She’s not a dog, but great,” you smiled, quickly kissing her and hurrying off to help Trixie get into the costume Chloe got her.

Trixie walked out of her room in the pink princess dress, not looking as thrilled as kids about to get free candy usually did on Halloween.

“What’s wrong? You look nice,” you asked Trixie.

“I told mommy that I wanted to be a princess last year,” she sighed. 

“Well what do you want to be?” Mazikeen said leaning over the kitchen counter.

Trixie smiled wide as she new exactly what she wanted to be.

That afternoon you and Mazikeen took Trixie out in her new costume, a makeshift space suit you quickly threw together and began your trek around the neighborhood.

Trixie rang the doorbell of the first house and a man dressed as a pirate answered the door, bowl full of candy in hand.

“Trick or treat,” Trixie stated. 

"Oh, what are you supposed to be?” he asked slightly confused.

“She’s the president of mars, duh,” Mazikeen said scowling at him. 

Trixie held out her bag and the man put a few pieces of candy inside. 

Mazikeen gave him one of her infamous glares and he put a handfull of extra candy in the bag. 

Her gaze didn’t falter so he pulled out his wallet, grabbing a wad of cash and handing it over to Trixie. 

Finally Mazikeen let up and you continued your journey to the next house. 

Trixie excitedly ran up the driveway, leaving you and Mazikeen behind.

“Maybe this time you can lay off on the third degree,” you teased.

“What, not my fault that guy was being stingy on the candy, ” she retorted.

Hours later Chloe returned home to find candy wrappers scattered across the floor.

She was ready to go off on you and Mazikeen for letting Trixie have so much candy but she stepped into the living room to find a tame scary movie playing on the tv, both Trixie and Mazikeen fast asleep on each other.

Neither you or Chloe had the heart to wake them so you got up and threw a blanket over them.

“Thank you for doing this for Trixie,” Chloe told you quietly to not wake the sleeping pair back on the couch.

“Of course Decker, Maze likes the kid more than she’d admit,” you chuckled before heading off to your own apartment to turn in for the night.

The next morning you woke up to feeling a shift in your mattress.

You turned over to see Mazikeen climbing on top of you.

“Good morning,” you laughed.

“I believe you promised me a private after party last night,” she grinned, settling in your lap.

“Hey, it’s not my fault you fell asleep, you and Trixie were too adorable to wake up,” you said running your hands up her arms and around her neck.

“Shut up and kiss me,” she smirked before leaning down and redeeming her payoff. 

The manifestation of a sickness called hate
sweeps across this nation that holds no fate
A reference to Independence is Silenced by foes
choking while smoking away losing the ebb and flow
systematically shutting down the life-support machine
gasping grasping Fighting For Life Death is a fiend
scream young child that your voice be heard
Saintly while fainting this world is a victim of murder
whiplash the Splish Splash no games to be played
these bastards and whores just want to get laid
teacher be not Hasty your students will not learn
no hunger for knowledge no fire to burn
Quail the storm that destroys my fate 
wipe away the death and dismay there’s no time to wait
words drip from the pages of ancient books
sin dangles inticing deals from its Sinister hooks
the contemplation of Deeds undone
Loom over the heads of Heroes unsung
folktales enthrall naive young minds
until those Tales become real
no happy ending is there to find

Keep Your Eyes On Me (I)

Originally posted by taecula

genre: slight angst (in future chapters), romantic, workplace relationship
summary: bambam is your boss at your new secretary job and you can’t keep your eyes off of him
a/n: because i could see bambam being a young & rich boss. as seen on my ao3

“Welcome!” The pretty receptionist brightly greeted. She eyed you up and down as you approached her desk. “How may I help you?”

“I’m here for the secretary position,” you said, your grip on your portfolio tightening.

“Ah, yes, you must be _____. He’s interviewing a few more people before you, so I’ll call you when he’s ready.”

You sat impatiently in the waiting room, eager for the receptionist to call your name. As you looked at the other women waiting with you to be interviewed, you could feel the sleeves on your blouse tightening. There was no way you’d get the job over them! Besides, he’s probably considering appearance as a factor, also. Each woman that exited his office gave you and the others waiting a sly smirk, thinking they had already locked in the position. You could already feel your stomach sink.

It had been nearly two hours until your name was finally called. Two hours after the time you originally scheduled the interview. “_____? He’s ready to see you,” the receptionist called.

You sighed, your heart much calmer and your mind pretty settled. Not only did you think you wouldn’t get the position, you don’t even know if you wanted it anymore! What kind of boss interviews only sexy women only to keep you waiting for two hours!? But you set your pride aside, put on the biggest fake smile you had, and knocked. You needed this job.

“Hello?” you called.

“Come in.”

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Winter 2017-18 Story Drought

Planeswalker’s Guide to Ixalan, Part 1

PRAISE THE SUN! We get some worldbuilding from our Wizard overlords! Huzzah! Let’s get some good shit!

History of Ixalan

  • Yes, good! Merfolk first! No seriously, Merfolk were around before humans. Not sure how that works, but evolution’s a mechanic, so let’s just roll with it.
    • Also Merfolk don’t know where humans came from. “They just followed us home. Can we keep them?”
  • Very notable, Itlimoc was made during the time when the River Heralds and Sun Empire were friends. It was a bipartisan venture.
  • Actually it’s a bit too soon to call them the Sun Empire. They were several city-states, and Orazca rose to be the biggest and the best.
  • Chacanto Intli, ruler of Orazca, was friends with the merfolk, and wasn’t expansionist. Hers was an empire built on trade – and yes, it’s technically the Sun Emprie now.
  • Okay this next part’s really sad: the merfolk used to build villages, but no longer do so. I’m just imagining the merfolk like homeless river druids, hanging out in some cave or hollow tree, and it makes me sad.
    • The only surviving city was around the Deeproot Tree, and while no longer a city, it’s still a place of reverence.
  • Then, everything changed when Emperor Apatzec got the Immortal Sun. Of note, it specifically mentions him wielding it “without any wisdom or restraint,” which to me implies you need those traits to wield it properly.
  • It mentions on how the Immortal Sun was taken away and gifted to the River Heralds. Wonder how that was managed…
  • The Sun Empire consists of three cities, though I don’t know if that includes Pachatupa the capital.
  • Naturally, Apatzec Intli III, namesake of the original person who screwed everyone over with the Immortal Sun, seeks to reclaim it.
    • Also why does it mention the pirates here? Surely the Legion of Dusk would be more expansionist…

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Rewatching Fantastic Beasts and witnessing that glorious mating dance of Newt’s for the Erumpet

I’m suddenly imagining him teaching it to Credence
(why, I don’t know, don’t ask me questions)
Credence see’s him practicing it or doing it, and finds it entertaining and funny and one day asks to see it again, in full, only for Newt to agree only if Credence would try to learn it.
And so the two of them are in his case, finding a nice open spot, and Newt is executing the dance with grace and an inticing flare
And Credence is laughing his ass off trying, falling over half the time, barely able to do any of it. The snorts becoming laughter that gets choked into coughing, the leaps leaving him on his hands and knees shaking, and the roll just ends with him on his back, arms and legs spread as he’s near tears laughing at this point.


Erumpet dance is a gift, lets expand on it.

Hug it Out

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

You and Bucky take on new identities for the night for a mission. Things end with a bit of a twist.

Pairing: Reader X Bucky
Warnings: A little racy at parts.

You always enjoyed going undercover. You found it fun to take on a new personality, to change into someone completely different. Tonight your mission was in Paris. Erik Triggs was a young personal advisor who was is in charge of the financials of some of the biggest criminals operating out in plain sight. But if you could get your hand on his flash drive, you would finally have enough evidence to put some of these criminals away.

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Okay so... As a recent Fleurmione shipper I started looking more into Clemence Poesy’s (actress who plays Fleur Delacour) career and I found out she is in this show called The Tunnel...

The second thing I found out was that her character in The Tunnel is in love with another woman which to me is like the strongest magnet to make me watch a show xp

So, then I watched a few videos of the scenes between Elise and Eryka and not only do I love that relationship because of the actual layers it has (and I only watched their scenes so I can only imagine its even more complicated when watching the entire show) but I also fell in love with Elise’s character.

I will watch that show for the simple fact that Elise’s character, in the short scenes I watched is probably the most compelling character I have watched on screen specially her being a woman. We don’t see roleswith those characteristics for women, the closes I have seen is Sameen Shaw from Person of Interest but they still differ quite a bit and for a character to be that unique in today’s media only intices me to want to watch this show more.

Which I have to say, if I had only gone by the synopsis or even the looks of the show (with the dark lights and all that, I am very picky it is really annoying) I would not have watched it. The relationship between Ery ka and Elise started out as the main ctalystfor me to even search for those videos but what will really make me watch the show is Clemence’s character, Elise.

If you don’t know the show, I definitely think you should take a look

katiedoesnothing  asked:

I would honestly read a comic about your OCs if you decide to make one. Your style is so inticing and refreshing 👀👀👀

ty…..sadly i dont think my ocs have a story w a concrete definite end (theyre my comfort characters! they live as i do! age as i age etc!), so it’d be pointless to try and make smthng Linear with Plot for an audience to enjoy as a story…i thnk all i’ll ever do are one shots like the one i did, or smthng

thank yu!


  • ennui, the feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction caused by lack of things to do or interest in what surrounds you or what is happening around you (antonyms: excitement, enthusiasm, interest)

Муж всегда́ в го́роде и возвраща́ется то́лько но́чью, да и то не ка́ждый день, и у меня́, призна́ться, така́я ску́ка, что про́сто смерть. 
My husband is always in town and comes back only at night, and not even every night, and I have to admit that I feel so dull that it’s simply deadly.

  • lack of fun somewhere, dull atmosphere (antonyms: fun, joy)

Ну, тепе́рь тишина́ у вас в до́ме воцари́тся. Ах, кака́я ску́ка! Хоть бы де́ти чьи́-нибудь!
Well, now, peace reigns in your house! Ah, the dreariness. If only there were someone’s children!


  • to be bored, to feel listless because of lack of occupation or excitement

Когда́ пришли́ го́сти и на́чали говори́ть о поли́тике, Са́ша заскуча́л.
When guests arrived and started talking about politics, Sasha began to feel bored.

  • to miss someone (по + dative case)

Я скуча́ю по вам.
I miss you.

NB some people may use this verb with other prepositions and cases, such as
Я скуча́ю по вас (по + prepositional case [with 1st and 2nd person plural personal pronouns])
Я скуча́ю за ва́ми (за + instrumental case)


  • dull, boring, tedious, tiresome (inciting boredom) 

Он име́л привы́чку засыпа́ть на ску́чных ле́кциях.
He had a habit of falling asleep during boring lectures.


  • tediously, boringly, in a tedious manner

Он расска́зывал о свое́й жи́зни до́лго и ску́чно.
He was talking about his life for a long time and in a boring way.

  • (predicative) to be bored

Мне ску́чно, на́до бы пойти́ прогуля́ться.
I’m bored, I should go for a walk.

  • (predicative) to intice boredom, to make people feel bored, to be boring (about a place, its atmosphere etc)

С наступле́нием о́сени ску́чно ста́ло в этом па́рке.
WIth the beginning of autumn this park became boring.

NB st. petersburg pronounces чн as [чн] whereas moscow pronounces it as [шн]. 

tomorrow sadly i have my bio SAT….wish me luck….BUT i will also be on my way to freaking LONDON AND PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

ill make sure to post lots of pics of sketches and doods (ill probably draw…every…person…there) and embarrassing selfies with my dad


(EDIT LMFAO: ill be posting updates on the SIGNS comic every now and then, ill be really busy with all the tests and trips and such!)


Brooke Candy by Alis Pelleschi

Brooke Candy (aka The Freaky Princess, aka The Queen of Italy) is one of the hottest talents to have emerged from the netherworlds of LA’s underground scene over the last couple of years.

We first met her at LA’s infamous Freak City, a vintage store by day that by night opens its doors to become a multi-storey party venu, playing host to some of the city’s wildest and most notorious parties. Brooke was there to perform for a special event and also to film the Uzi directed video for her track ‘Freaky Princess’ (which features cameos from Style Profile’s photographer Alis Pelleschi).

What sets Brooke apart from her peers, aside from her natural charisma and Murda Mami rap flow, is her unmistakeable personal style. Many of the iconic designs worn in her solo videos and features with artists such as Grimes are created by friend and fagmob general Seth Pratt, whos unique and inticately constructed garments look like they are only appearing on this world thanks to a glitch in the Y3K millenium bug. For the shoot, we headed to Seth’s hillside appartment which provided the backdrop to the shoot, with many of the looks worn coming straight off the cutting board while we shot.