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1/1001 - In The Wee Small Hours, by Frank Sinatra

I must admit I was shocked when I listened to THIS Frank Sinatra. All I remembered was a happy, intriguing gentleman, with snappy songs and melodies, and this album is the complete opposite: it’s an all-melancholy-and-heartbreak record. Dimery points out that it was released shortly after the end of Sinatra’s relationship with Ava Gardner.

It’s an amazing, cohered album, but anyone would enjoy it most after a break up, by the fireplace on a rainy day. Very slow, intense, but very relaxing music, that starts with In The Wee Small Hours. Sinatra reveals himself as a needy but respectful heartbroken lover with I’ll Be Around and I See Your Face Before Me

I deeply enjoyed What is this thing called loved, that could fit in any Woody Allen movie, and I Get Along With You Very Well, which reminded me to the soundtrack of black and white movies from the 30s, with those strings in the back supporting Sinatra’s voice.

The record ends with I’ll Never Be The Same and This Love of Mine, both of which I recommend listening to last (they’re there for some reason, right?).

Dimery defines In The Wee Small Hours as “one of the greatest heartbreak records of all time”. What do you think?

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#0001 - In The Wee Small Hours

Disco: In The Wee Small Hours
Cantor: Frank Sinatra
Ano de Lançamento: 1955
Gravadora: Capitol
Melhor música: Can’t we be friends? (Sim, até ele temia ficar na friendzone.)

O primeiro de muitos, com certeza. Conhecia bem pouco sobre essa enorme lenda da música, Frank Sinatra. É um disco que foge totalmente do estilo de música que ouço, mas que me instigou a procurar mais obras do Frankie. Um álbum que exala romance e mostra que o “Olhos Azuis” é muito mais do que somente New York, New York. Pelo menos para mim, ele era só isso.

Meu sentimento: Quem diria? Gosto de um romance bem feito.

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