King of the Saplings Ch:1 Return of the King

A man was walking in a forest his hair as blonde as the sun and his smile that is like a ray of sunshine itself. He only wore a green shirt with a darker green S shaped swirl on it, old blue shorts, worn out brown sandals and a black bandana around his forehead. He was traveling like most men at his age if they wanted to find adventures. His name was Marytn Littlewood. He emerged from the thick leaves and was standing at the gates of kingdom. The walls were made of black stone and the castle was made of pure white marble. The flag though had a burnt shrub on it.

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King of the Saplings Ch: 4 Dream

Toby got his sword out and Zekkyou got his out that Martyn gave him awhile back, a long blade with a red grip and a birch handle. The only one however didn’t get his sword out, was Martyn. Somehow every step he got closer to this mysterious person, he felt warm and worried for them. Finally they got to the tree and there laid a girl, unconscious. She looked about in her 20’s, and she wore a panda hat on her reddish, pink hair, with a white and black tee shirt, black jeans, and brown boots.

“Who is she?” asked Toby.

“I don’t know.” Martyn replied back as he kneeled down onto the ground to get a better look at this female. He noticed a mark on her right arm, no not a mark; a wound that looked freshly cut and was bleeding rapidly. It said “C.Z”. The initials of Count Zekkif, once again he was trying to kill an innocent person.

“Guys let’s set up camp,” he said as her picked her up, and cradled her gently in his arms.

Quickly everyone set up a place to sleep. Martyn laid her on a bedding of grass and started to work on the wound. He cleaned away the blood, and wrapped the wound with a long piece of cloth. Toby started a fire and Zekkyou went off to find food. Martyn say next to the female and waited for her to wake. He didn’t know why, but he felt he had a connection to her.  She started to move and started to mumble something, it sounded a lot like, “I don’t know who he is, don’t kill me.”

He eye opened, sat up and stretched. She looked around and saw Martyn, and he smiled and waved a bit.

“Looks like you finally awakened,” Toby said in the background.

“Do, I know you?” she asked still looking at Martyn.

“I’m sorry, I’m Martyn, that’s Toby and Zekkyou should be back any moment.”

At that second Zekkyou walked in the camp, “I got some chicken we can probably cook” he looked over and saw the girl and chuckled a bit, “Well it looks like someone’s up.”

She quickly grabbed a dagger that was hidden in her boot and pointed it toward Zekkyou “Don’t try to play any tricks on me Zekkif! I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

Once again Zekkyou laughed the same laugh when Martyn thought he was Count Zekkif, “No Zekkyou, his brother. If you notice I’m a whole hell of a lot taller and younger than him.”

She glanced over to Martyn for reassurement, he just smiled and nodded.

“So what’s your name?” Martyn finally asked her.

“Kaeyi, Kaeyi Dream.” She said as she put the dagger back into her boot.

“That’s… a pretty name.” Martyn said as his face got a tiny bit warm and his heart began to race.

 She smiled and giggled which made him do the same thing.

“Well it seems those two are like the same person,” Toby whispered over to Zekkyou.

“That’s why Zekkif targeted her, sure he kills innocent people, but he knew if she died a slow death, so will half of Martyn’s soul.” He crossed his arms and watched the two, just laughing.

“Should we tell them?”

“No, let’s make them figure it out on their own.”

Later on they ate the chicken that Zekkyou caught and exchange story, then fell asleep. As the mourning rose, Martyn was awaken to some leaves brushing his face, like they were warning or tell him something, then he smelled smoke. He opened his eyes and saw the most tragic thing. The forest was burning. He yelled for everyone to get up and everyone jumped to their feet. Before anyone knew it they were running out of the forest, quickly. Finally they reached to the end of the forest and as Martyn looked back he felt tears coming out of his eyes, but then his sadness was replaced by anger.

“Everyone, stand back.” He said and everyone did exactly that. “No one follow me in.”

“Wait! What do you mean? Are you insane?” Toby yelled.

“Trust me,” Martyn glanced back

Then someone grabbed his hand, before he could walk in. He turned around and saw Kaeyi.

“Don’t go in.” She said calmly.

He nodded, but instead of going inside the forest, he slipped his hand out of Kaeyi’s and stood there watching the trees burn. Martyn felt a power in his stomach, not anger or sadness, a different type of power. Something in his head was telling him to make a hand gesture and he did. At that instant rain began to fall making everyone soaked but forcing the flames to die, then the trees that were burnt began to regrow again. The rain stopped and he turned around.  Everyone was staring there in awe,

“How?” Kaeyi asked

 “I don’t know….” Martyn replied back.

“Well, everyone meet the King of the Forest.” Zekkyou said. “Come on, let’s get going.”

They all started walking again, still soaked to the bone, searching for more companions to help them to the fight to come. As they walked Martyn couldn’t stop thinking of who Kaeyi was talking about when she was pointing that dagger towards Zekkyou.

Then he remembered “Count Zekkif soul’s purpose is to find and kill you, but why would he try to kill and get information from a person you just met?”

King of the Saplings C:6 Welcome to Yogscamp!

They made their way through the forest, which really wasn’t much of a hassle, because Martyn was making paths with his powers.

“It’s like the trees want us to pass through!” Lewis exclaimed.

“Seems interesting,” Martyn chuckled.

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