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buckybarnes-in-gallifrey  asked:

Could you please continue the World War II spies fic!!! It is sooooo good :)

(you can read the first part here)

“It’s your fault,” Rose hissed.

“I know,” the Doctor admitted.

“You just had to play the hero,” she grumbled.

“It worked before!” He complained.

“You were working alone before!” She snapped, before abruptly falling silent as one of Hitler’s generals entered. 

“Everything is ready, sir, madam,” he said, and bowed. “If you will follow me.”

Rose lifted her head and the hem of her dress, ignoring the Doctor with all the scorn she could muster. The Doctor followed meekly along.

When Rose had agreed to help him, she had imagined a quick job, maybe a nice dinner and some wine before being dropped back off at the pub. She never imagined the Doctor grabbing the wrong papers and Rose being named as his fiancee instead, and a very drunk Fuhrer declaring that they should be married to bless the war effort. Everyone had unanimously agreed, and though Rose was livid at the Doctor she had played along for the sake of their covers.

And since Hitler had declared he had the right to marry them, this marriage would be, to all intents and purposes, legal.

Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress, had somehow procured a white dress and the Doctor kept his current tux. The foyer had been transformed into a very rough wedding aisle while Rose changed and fixed her hair, and thirty minutes later she was at one side of the aisle and the Doctor was at the other.

Hitler was still drinking a glass of wine as he recited the marriage vows, and if anyone noticed the bride and groom were a bit too stiff for a couple supposedly deep in love, no one said anything. When it came time for them to kiss, Hitler toppled, and in the rush of people caring for him she and the Doctor were able to avoid scrutiny.

“At least we get to spend the night,” Rose muttered as the Fuhrer batted away the helping hands and declare them husband and wife. There was a cheer and the alcohol was once more flowing.

Eva showed them to a room about an hour later, giving them a wink before disappearing back downstairs. “I am getting out of this dress, and will play lookout as you go through his documents. But after that we’re getting a divorce.”

He grinned at her. “Oh come now, surely I’m not that bad a choice for a husband?”

Rose sighed as she looked him over. He did have gorgeous blue eyes and rather great hair that curled artistically, and Rose would be lying if she said she hadn’t wondered about what type of body was hidden under his layers. But they had only known each other for a week, and while he was a brilliant man and Rose felt comfortable around him, she didn’t love him.

“You’re a magnificent choice for a husband,” she finally said. “But I always thought I would marry because I was in love. Not… not because of a war,” she finished softly.

He smiled sadly and pulled her into a hug. “I’m sorry, Rose,” he said softly. “The war has taken things from me, too. The most we can do is find a way to finish it so we don’t lose anything more.”

Rose blinked back her tears, hugging him tighter for a second before relaxing. “Right. Might as well start preparing ourselves. We have a theft to carry out while not arousing suspicion.”

He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “After which we can divorce and you can return to your mum in England.”

“And you to the manor house on the beach,” Rose said, smiling. “Where you can ‘stargaze until the universe reveals it’s deepest mysteries.’”

The Doctor chuckled. “Don’t damn it until you experience it.”

She pulled away and was heading to the en suite when the Doctor called after her. She looked at him in curiosity. “If I were to ever marry, it would be to you,” he said, and quietly slipped out the door.

Rose was left shaking at the deep honesty and regret in his voice, wondering just when a simple undercover mission had become so personal.