intheminorkey replied to your post: Silverlight is making me want to throw my beautiful computer out the fucking window.

This world IS bullshit! Silverlight is fucking up my shit too.

I feel less alone now. I think they are trying to fix it, because Netflix is buggy all over right now. Either that, or everyone trying to watch Arrested Development at the same time is making shit wacky. 

Weirdly, it kept giving me problems until I decided to watch Jesus Christ Superstar. It decided that was okay. Silverlight is either a Christian or a theater kid, I surmise.

intheminorkey replied to your post: Premarin Mares & Foals

They may be doing a better job at choosing breeding stock, but when you think about the price of breeding to a good quality stallion, it’s unlikely they are able to really be selective. Unlike most breeding operations, the goal is urine, not quality.


And dairy cattle are bred for milk, what do you think happens to all their calves?

The only difference is that PMU farms produce far fewer unwanted animals than dairy farms.

Unwanted horses end up as meat, just like unwanted cows. I don’t see a problem with that. The only issue I have is when slaughter houses are blatantly inhumane towards the animals they are processing.

As the demand for Premarin goes down there will be less and less need for PMU farms, but for now it’s something that we have to live with.