Ну не удержалась, психанула… 🍜 #yarnporn #yarn #intheloop
Это то, что мне понравилось на ощупь и по цене))) как буду пихать в чемодан - не знаю 🙈 (в In The Loop)

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[001] POP ‘n FRESH [open]

The cold floor was nothing to him, it was just another place to sleep. Although, getting sleep’s difficult when an unfamiliar voice suddenly starts speaking, echoing and bouncing off the walls only to resound even louder in your ears because of some stupid headache.
Eun Yun whined, then covered his ears. He wasn’t ready yet and never will be. Ready for anything - everything - but school.

Not patient enough to wait until the end of the short announcement, he hopped up onto his feet, teetering to the side. He shook his head around. Surely, that would get rid of the headache! How long was he out for? More importantly, where was he?
He dug his hands into his pockets, scrunching his nose. It looked like a school but it wasn’t one he’d attended before. Noticing some students still lingering around, he blinked at them, debating against himself whether to approach them or not.

Aigo… I’m hungry.”

Nope. He came before everyone else, after all. Well, everyone has their own priorities.
After taking the freebie, otherwise known as an Electronic Handbook, for the sole reason of being free, Eun Yun stuffed it into his pocket, completely disregarding using the map. Not happening. He didn’t need help, he was the Yu Eun Yun.

He stopped, admiring the fountain for a bit. He sure was taking his time for someone who’s in a kidnapping-like situation. There isn’t anything to worry about. A full 360 and a bit later, Eun Yun found himself in the complete opposite direction of the cafeteria. A classroom wasn’t what he was searching for… but where there’s a classroom, there must be a nerd who’s lunch money was begging to be taken. Perfect.

Daebak! Someone’s an artist!”

Greeted by an amazing illustration on the blackboard, Eun Yun was impressed. Look at that detail! Of course, he was going to be the better artist. He started rummaging through the desks, searching the cabinets for a single piece of chalk… without checking the blackboard shelf itself. Smart move.

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[002] TENSION! [open]

He expected many many things from Hope’s Peak Academy (Heck, he had a list!) but none of this was included. Who could have predicted this? No one, not even the neuro-whatty who was a supposed classmate, according to his fanbase. Not a very reliable source but he liked them enough.
Eun Yun was not speechless, just short on words. Was there even a word to describe such a weird situation? It was like a scenario right out of a game! An anime, even. Not that he watched many…

A training regime though. It sounded like something that would only happen in military schools… and in the actual military. He dazed off in between Monokuma’s words, usually trying to recall what his brother told him, the basics, the Dos and Don’ts, all that jazz. Unfortunately, he didn’t listen to him either. He had missed a splendid introduction to the school year while trying to recall some dumb explanation.

Falling unconscious and waking with missing memories wasn’t exactly the best exercise, he thought. Then again, Eun Yun was no general or anything. He was just a student. Kind of, being in not school environment. He was sick of school, middle school at least, and he did not like the sound of schedules, training, and tests all in a minute.

Aigo, I hate hate strict schedules. Tests ‘re no better, yo! I don’t want this!”

And that was all he had to say on the matter.
Murder schmurder, no way that was real. He liked a good prank himself but this was poorly done! It would have been more believable if an actual human being told them the same exact thing. Plus, pigs are way cuter than bears. Why believe a bear when you can trust an adorable pig?

Once he heard two words, his mood instantly brightened. He almost screamed, honestly. The only thing holding him back was the yo-yo in his pocket he gripped onto tightly. He wasn’t that desperate.

“Fun game!? Game! I wanna play a gaaaame!! Oii oiiii, aren’t you excited!? We’re playin’ a game!”


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This week, LA-based Colombian tech-house DJ/producer Lupe Fuentes and her label mate Jack Cousteau showcased the best from her imprint, 'In The Loop’.

Lupe first discovered her love for house music many years ago whilst living in Madrid. In 2010, she finally jump-started her career. She’s been getting major nods from big dogs like Roger Sanchez and Junior Sanchez who recognize her undeniable skill-set and passion for making music. She also runs her own label called In The Loop and her latest record, '1,000 Watts’, is set to be released on December 4, so expect some new ones in The Lab.

Joining Lupe for some back-to-back action is the newest addition to In The Loop records, Jack Cousteau. His debut release 'Ghetto Code’ has been getting play from Gorgon City and Amine Edge & Dance.

On opening duties will be Francis Kasibante, the Philadelphia-based DJ who has his own pumping house cuts also out on 'In The Loop’.

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