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Ok so that OMGCP/TW crossover is hard for me to imagine EXCEPT if it's just an underscore of how different the realities/tenor of the story is. SMH being like WOO NATIONALS AND COMING OUT and being all bright colored and stiles and Scott just looking at them across the street being like "it must be great not worrying about monsters constantly. Ain't that the life, those fuckers." And maybe Whiskey is actually a were.

I am not writing a CP/TW crossover, but I do really like considering how the different characters would react to the other’s problems.

Like, Scott, probably sits on the steps next to Bitty one night and just listens to why Bitty is worried about telling his parents (even though he is pretty sure they will be fine with it, he is pretty sure they must at least suspect, he doesn’t know why he is being such a wimp and he should just do it and–) and Scott doesn’t even really consider talking about how actually he is sitting on the step because he is waiting for his stomach to knit itself back together because he had been attacked by some sort of demon earlier that night. Instead, Scott just sits and listens and assures Bitty that his feelings are valid and there isn’t any rush and the whole time he is worrying that he is saying the wrong things because, goodness, for all his problems, he has never had to worry about something as stupid as homophobia in Beacon Hills!

As they are winding down, Stiles probably bursts out and “Scott, I have something,” he says gruffly and he looks exhausted because he has been researching all night and he is back inside before Bitty can give him so much as a “how do you do?” but Scott takes the time to tell Bitty that he can talk whenever he wants and Danny on their team is gay and oh! his mom is a nurse and also, like, the best mom ever so Bitty can call her too, if he wants and– “Scott, seriously,” Stiles calls from the house. And then Scott has to leave. 

Bitty doesn’t see the lax bros for a few days after that but soon after, they find Stiles (or more accurately, Stiles fails to make it all the way to the lax house because he is limping and bleeding from a head wound) and Bitty is worried sick because Stiles is bleeding and had already soaked through one kitchen towel and he wants to help but Scott, who had seemed so friendly before, firmly pushes Bitty out of the lax house and tells him not to worry about it. 

Stiles knocks on the door a few days later, eye complete black and surrounded by an open cut and he looks.. uncomfortable standing there, especially when it’s not Bitty who opens the door. It’s Holster and Ransom who are glaring because they know a lax bro when they see one but then they see his face and the careful way he is holding himself and–

“Uh, is Bitty here?” Stiles asks. He does not seem at all concerned with the two giants standing over him. 

“Yeah,” Ransom says. And then frowns suspiciously because the lax bros are weird this year. Like… dangerous weird. “Why?”

“Scott says– just giving him his towel back,” Stiles says. “Uh, he– I got it a little dirty the other night. But we washed it. Twice.”

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The Speed of Falling by Wish (Ao3)

Professor Castiel Novak has trained his entire life to earn his current academic position as the youngest professor in a century to earn tenure, so he’s not sure why the victory feels so hollow. Dean Winchester owns an autoshop with his dad’s best friend, has a giant for a brother, and might have a secret that could change the world. When they meet over a ticking car, neither of them expect a lesson on ambition, desire, and honesty, upending their usual method of sacrificing everything as a means to an end.

What happens when an academic losing his purpose and a mechanic that is more than he seems start to fall in love?


(for inthebackoftheimpala, because her AU is adorable and has food and angst and French professor Cas and genius mechanic Dean!)

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Drunk prompt: pack vacation and stiles and Derek end up rooming together & sexy times happen (Isaac wins the bet and everyone is glad they got their shit together FINALLY)

“Look, our reservation for the scuba diving class starts in ten minutes,” Lydia says. “Stiles was the one who signed us up all for it, I can’t believe he’s not awake yet.” 

Scott frowns, rapping on the bedroom door. The vacation was a fun idea, but much more hectic than he thought; Derek had sprung for a roomy bungalow at a posh Caribbean resort for the pack to have a well-deserved break. In between hiking and swimming and snorkeling and trying so much food, Stiles was usually up at the crack of dawn trying to get everyone to go to a new activity.

And yet. 

There’s no answer. Scott finally just opens the door, stepping inside. “Stiles? Derek? Are you ready–”

He springs back, having stepped on what looks alarmingly like a pair of boxers, and then spots more discarded clothes scattered around the room haphazardly. The room is a mess, despite Derek’s neat tendencies; pillows are strewn on the floor, the duvet is halfway off the bed, a bedside lamp is broken. It looks like a hurricane has been through here. 

“Shhh,” Lydia says, a slight grin on her face, pulling Scott back by the shoulder before he can say anything. “They’re asleep.” 

Not quite covered by a (ripped?!) sheet, Derek and Stiles are tangled up in each other, sleeping soundly, miles of bare skin on display. Stiles’ head is resting on Derek’s chest, Derek’s arm is curled possessively around Stiles’ waist. 

“Fuck,” Scott whispers. “They couldn’t have done this last week?”

“Or next week,” Lydia says. “What’s that pool up to now? A thousand? Had my eye on these Jimmy Choos.” 

“Who’s ready for SCUBA DIVING?!” Isaac yells, striding into the living room, already dressed in his swimsuit, streaks of sunscreen still in white blobs on his face and chest. 

“Shh!” Scott and Lydia both say at the same time, but it’s too late. 

“Whaa? Oh, hey,” Stiles says, blinking sleepily at them. 

“Dude! You guys finally got together!” Isaac exclaims, pumping a fist into the air. “AND YES I CALLED IT!” 

Derek opens one eye, frowning at them through the open door. “What pool?”

“When you two would finally stop the pining and go for it,” Lydia says. “Unfortunately I must have miscalculated, I thought the tension wouldn’t break until next week but clearly–” she raises an eyebrow at the broken lamp – “I was wrong.”

“I was right,” Isaac says. “Everyone is gonna pay up because I said this week and–”

“You do realize Derek and I have been dating for like, months, right?” Stiles says, rolling his eyes. 


“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“No wonder you didn’t want to go hiking that day, you two were– OH MY GOD, NOT IN THE KITCHEN–”

Lydia sighs. “Well, I guess if nobody wins the pool, whatever. Do you still want to go scuba diving? Allison would rather we go windsurfing, and Boyd and Erica kinda wanted to zipline but we do have this reservation and we need everyone to be there to claim it, so.”

Derek gets out of the bed, sheet falling and striding nakedly forward, ignoring the lurid and pleased wolf whistle from Stiles, admiring behind him. “I think we have other plans for today,” he says, shutting the door. 

Stiles perks up from the bed and calls out, “Hey, does this mean we technically win the pool?”

‘my computer crashed and you’re the student worker at the IT centre’ au. Prompt by @inthebackoftheimpala via @dailyau

A/N: don’t argue the technicalities with me because i don’t know wtf a student worker does at an IT centre.

“Oh my god, Lily. You are the luckiest person ever.” With those words, Marlene McKinnon has singlehandedly started the Apocalypse.

They had been in the cafeteria when Lily got the last slice of pizza. And thus Marlene jinxed Lily with just ten words.

The next day morning, Lily’s electric kettle short circuited. Of course, that wasn’t enough so it promptly burst into flames, setting off the fire alarm. The whole building gave Lily nasty looks as they filed out in various states of undress.

As a result of the kettle fiasco, Lily was an hour late to her first lecture and Professor McGonagall was less then pleased. Blushing, Lily walked to find a seat in the back trying to ignore the judgmental stares of the hundred or so students seated in the lecture hall.

She booted her laptop to begin taking notes. Half an hour later, the screen froze, then proceeded to do the cha cha slide and all was black and still.

“What the buggering shit?!” Lily’s curse caught the eyes of the students around her and she swore McGonagall briefly glared at her. She sunk further into her seat in an attempt to divert the attention from her.

At long last McGonagall ended her lecture. Lily slipped out of the hall and went back to her room to begin Slughorn’s paper which was due tomorrow. In front of the door, after patting the pockets of her jeans and dumping everything inside her bag on the floor, Lily came to the realization that she didn’t have her key.

Lily phoned Marlene three times before remembering that she was attending her term paper and then would have to wait till her viva was finished.

Sighing, Lily decided to go to the student centre to do her work. She trudged all the way across campus, halfheartedly waving back at those who waved at her.

She settled in front a computer from the Jurassic age. The wheezing and whirring from the machine was doing nothing to soothe the headache this day had given her. Steeling herself, she tucked into her work and had written a good three pages of her essay and things were finally finally starting to look up again. Lily should have known it was too good to be true. Curse her optimistic outlook.

The computer suddenly decided it did not want to work anymore. It chose to take the nap Lily was pining after.

Lily hit her head against the keyboard, various keys imprinting on her forehead.

“Why, Universe? Why?”

The student sitting next to her shot her a nasty look.

“What? You’ve never seen someone being shat on by the universe?” Lily snapped.

The student quickly looked away as though Lily was Medusa.

Lily decided to go to the basement which was supposed to the “IT Centre”. Remus, a good friend of hers, worked there.

She made her way down the steps, wrapping her jacket tighter aroung her shoulders to shield herself from the cold draughts.

“Remus!” she hollered. “I’m having a shit day and the computer just crashed.” She walked over to the desk where she could find Remus reading yet another Shakespeare drama.

Remus was not there.

Instead a very fit bloke with a crooked grin and a jawline that probably stabbed Caesar was regarding her curiously.

“You’re not Remus.”

“I am not Remus,” Jaw affirmed.

“Then who the fuck are you?”

Jaw’s mouth twitched. “I’ve been asking myself that for years.”

Lily bit back an amused smile. “That’s great. Could I please have Remus?”

Jaw cocked his head to the side and he looked at her, really looked at her. “I’m afraid you’re not his type. He’s gay, you see. But I’d be happy to help.” And then he winked. Then grimaced. Then screwed up his face. “That sounded a lot smoother in my head. I’m sorry. Remus is sick. How can I help you? I mean-”

Lily laughed and cut him off. “I know what you mean. My computer crashed.”

“Did you try turning it off and on?”


“Oh.” Jaw seemed stumped. “I suppose there must be a problem with the motherboard of the circuit board. The hard drive must have froze and the screen must have fried and -”

Lily arched a dark red eyebrow. “You don’t have a single clue, do you?”

“Excuse me” Jaw seemed affronted. “Just what are you implying there, miss? I am but an honest man trying to earn an honest living with my honest skills to honestly support my honest family.”

Lily giggled.“You know, two ‘honest’s less and I just might have believed you.”

Jaw laughed. Lily noted that he was the kind to laugh with his whole body. His chest rose and fell, his shoulders shook, his eyes screwed behind his lopsided glasses and his smiling mouth took up a good half of his face. Lily thought it attractive and adorable.

“I knew it was long shot. But I made you laugh, didn’t I? Made your shit day a bit better?”

“My knight in shining armour.” Lily rolled her eyes. But she was smiling softly. His words were oddly touching and somehow just what she wanted to hear.

“I can do one better. I can lend you my laptop to finish your work.”

Lily was giddy with relief. “Oh could you? My knight in shining armour.” There was not a trace of sarcasm in her words.

Jaw reached for his laptop as he said, “I’m James by the way.”

“I’m Lily.”

When he had booted his laptop Lily saw that his screensaver was a picture of three boys making silly faces at the camera and one very exasperated Remus.

Two weeks later it became a picture of Lily and James kissing in the quad.

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I love the idea of TFW running a hunters training school. Sam cataloging and archiving and teaching some--especially the bits of how to use law and law enforcement structure to your advantage. Dean talking gear and strategy and obscure lore. Cas teaching mediation & cultural awareness & how to kill anything with just one small blade or your fist.

This is actually what happens, tho.

Starting the conversation was like getting pulled into little pieces. Dean had no idea how he was supposed to tell Cas to leave, not after he was finally here. After he was finally home, where he belonged. With Dean and with Sam, with his family.

But Ezekiel said that it was the only way that he would stay, so it was a conversation that had to be had, no matter that Cas was happily eating a burrito, completely oblivious to the fact that Dean was about to kick him out.

And he wouldn’t even be able to tell him why, not without telling him that an angel was riding around in his brother.

So he steeled himself, went over, and sat on the table to tell Cas that he had to–

“But Cas doesn’t go, right?”

Dean blinks at the interruption and looks over. “What?”

“Dean doesn’t make Cas leave, does he?” Emily is asking from where she’s seated cross-legged on the carpet.

“Dean loves Cas. Please say Dean doesn’t make Cas leave,” Simon chimes in.

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team free will, bread castle

“Cas,” Dean’s voice bursts over the phone with such energy that, at first, he thinks something must really be wrong, “Wing your ass over here, you’ve gotta see this, Sam got cursed and it’s fucking amazing.”

Cas does zap over to their motel du jour and is actually not at all disappointed: the cramped confines of the room have been tastefully redecorated with mounds and mounds of pastries and bread and a boule has even had the center chewed out and the crusty outer ring placed atop Sam’s head in the style of a crown.

“He’s king of bread castle,” Dean whispers as Cas stares in complete amazement, “he maxed out one of our fake cards at Whole Foods and bought all their bread and I’m not sure if I wanna gank the witch who did this to him or buy her a drink,” he cackles.

All I Want for Christmas (ao3)

inthebackoftheimpala (Wishme) (1,798; PG)

Summary: Dean Winchester is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Sandover and his best friend and tech-guru Charlie drags him into the company Secret Santa exchange. He may or may not have a crush on a certain guy from accounting and his friends may or may not conspire to make this crush a reality

Comments: Cute Christmas fic.

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omg, best. I’ve never heard of ketchup chips either, but I do know what to do with a chip—shove it in my face! lol

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This is the first time I have seen these idk how to feel

All you people who’ve never heard of them, you’ve lived such unfulfilled lives, I am so sorry!  rexchester replied to your post:rexchester replied to your post:Since it’s come to…

do u eat your ketchup chips with bagged milk

Eww gross you uncultured goose bagged milk is only to be drunk with the best 100% maple syrup (none of that betty crocker shit) or added to Kraft Dinner to give it that perfect Canadian creaminess

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I…think i need further clarification

All I’m hearing is “The instructions weren’t clear enough. I got my dick stuck in the ceiling fan.”

I can’t join in the convos because I’m still in the street with my mom after jumping in to help with her classes but!!

Guu!! Wish!! Sharing a sofa!! Braiding and brushing Guu’s mermaid hair!! Collective appreciation for Wish’s cute voice and amazing tattoo!! Lis wowing us with her insightful opinions about politics and spirituality and fanfic!! Liann having the cutest laugh and beautiful hands and!! And!!! Long group convos about how Dean and Cas would laugh through make out sessions and kiss over morning coffee and tea!!